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The Signs as freaking Once-ler quotes
  • Aries: "You... I'd gladly pound you!!"
  • Taurus: "Knitting isn't unmanly at all, no sir!"
  • Gemini: "How bad can I possibly be?"
  • Cancer: "...It's because of me!!"
  • Leo: "break dancing"
  • Virgo: "Then make them care!"
  • Libra: "My family was right... I really am a failure!"
  • Scorpio: "Bad? No, I'm the good guy! ...Right?"
  • Sagittarius: "Do you want a tree or not"
  • Capricorn: "And nothing is going to stop me!!"
  • Aquarius: "Aww, you missed me"
  • Pisces: "How'd my bed get in the river?"
Shout Out

To the lers who aren’t way too eager to tickle.

To the lers who clearly WANT to tickle you, but drag out the suspense for the purpose of torment.

To the lers who don’t dive right in, full force, leaving nothing to climax to.

To the lers who live in the anticipation, watching their lee’s reaction, knowing that each moment we’re swooning even harder.

To the lers who start slow, and actually enjoy what they’re doing.

To the lers who actually care about the lee’s reaction, rather than just trying to get in a tickle fix.

To the lers who are absolute meanies in the best way possible.

Y'all are special, precious, cherished and appreciated. The biggest assholes I know. Love y'all 😘


I’ve gotten tons of asks requesting more of this guy’s face. So here’s some of the finest pictures of the finest Once-ler cosplayer at AX!
I consider him my greatest gift and contribution to the fandom heheh ;3

Cosplayer is thetraingoat
Cosplay made by me 

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21 with (platonic) sans and papyrus for the ficlets please?

Now accepting drabbles!

“SANS! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?” Papyrus raised a brow-bone at his brother and sneered, almost concerned at what the answer might be.

Sans chuckled to himself and wiped away the moisture from his eyes. “Aw man, bro, just this killer joke I thought of. Wanna hear?”


Ignoring his brothers dramatic declarations, Sans interrupted. “Whaddaya call a snobbish criminal going down the stairs?” Cut short, Papyrus narrowed his eyes at his brother, tapping his foot impatiently against the floor. Sans smirked and delivered the punchline: “A condescending con descending.”


“Aw, c’mon. It’s funny. You’re smiling.”


Sans rolled his eyes. “Fine then. I’ll make you smile.”

“AND JUST HOW DO YOU PLAN TO–ACK!” There was a rattling of bones as Sans lurched forward and tackled his brother to the floor. A short scuffle ensued as Papyrus tried and failed to free himself, ultimately ending up with his legs pinned firmly down by the weight of Sans’ body. “SANS! THE GREAT PAPYRUS CANNOT BE DEFEATED BY SOMEONE WHO TELLS HORRIBLE JOKES ALL THE TIME.”

“My jokes are great. Admit it.”


Sans flashed a feral grin. “All right, you’ve forced my hand. Or rather, both of them…” He raised both his hands and wiggled his phalanges menacingly at his brother. Before Papyrus had time to offer even the slightest plea for mercy, Sans dug his fingers into the taller skeleton’s rib cage, occasionally moving to wiggle a few fingers into the curvature of his spine.

“NYEHE! S-SAHANS! STAHAHAHAP!” Papyrus’ smile stretched ear-to-nonexistent-ear as Sans’ devious fingers drew loud laughter and snorts from him. “AS THE FUTURE HEAD OF THE ROYAL GUARD, I- NYEHEHE, NOT THEHEHERE! I ORDER YOU TO STOP THIHIHIS!”

“If you want it to stop so bad, just admit my jokes are great,” Sans teased, leaning forward and blowing a dry raspberry on each of Papyrus’ lowest rib bones.

“NYEHEHEHE! ALL RIHIHIHIGHT! YOUR JOKES AHAHARE T-TOHOHOLERABLE!” Papyrus gulped in air as his brother withdrew his hands and shot Sans a glare without a single ounce of venom behind it. “I WILL BE GETTING YOU BACK FOR THIS, YOU KNOW.”

“Heh. Sure, bro. Just make sure the pun-ishment fits the crime.”

It was all Papyrus could do not to scream out of frustration.

people joke about the once-ler fandom now but like… i was there my dudes

i wasn’t a part of the fandom - i’ve never even seen the movie - but selfcest has always been appealing to me and even if i wasn’t vaguely interested, it was literally everywhere.

chances were at least - at least! - one person you followed would become a part of the once-ler fandom. likely more than that. and from them would come the tide of fanart, ask blogs, headcanons, amvs, playlists, and everything else

because no one in the once-ler fandom was low-key. everything was a high-octane nightmare built around one solitary dude. and when they talk about the AUs? lord, you can’t even imagine.

they became their own characters with their own names. i followed the steam-ler ask blog because the art was amazing and i like steampunk. there was a cannibal one, one-ler i think? my friend fisk had his own that became so much his own character that he was eventually redesigned into a completely original OC. it was the epitome of stretching a character thin because they’re the only “interesting” one.

and then it ended.

there was no big drama explosion; nothing new came out that was similar enough to drag the entire fandom away. it just… ended. the ask blogs went quiet. the fanart stopped. the fandom went peacefully in its sleep and exists only as a ghost of a memory now, something we have to explain to new tumblr users because there are no remaining dregs for them to glean the story from. 

the once-ler fandom was a shooting star, lighting up the sky with billions of selfcest pairings before vanishing over the horizon.

hello again! I wanted to tell you that I am planning on making little fan drawings of your blessing in disguise fic because i love it so much. but first i want to show you one piece first so you can see what it looks like! 

I just love your fic so dang much. It’s more sketchy than anything I’m not very good at digital art but I thought I’d give it a shot! I hope you like it, let me know if you do :) (also because I’m new at digital it takes me a while to make the drawings even if they are simple but I don’t really care I had so much fun making this one! I’d love to make many more)

ADJKAS;NDFLJ I AM L I V I N G. OH MY GOD. And no, shush, this is perfect! I love it!!! 

(this was drawn by @ging-ler​, by the way. i was so excited when i was posting it that i forgot it wouldn’t show who submitted it if it was reblogged i’m so sorry.)

Deserving of a Smile

Written for @golden-honeyhoney and based on her prompt: “Cheer up tickles for Virgil, with one or more ler!” I feel like I could have written this better. Once again, its a longer drabble. I get too carried away with story elements, but I hope you all still enjoy it.

I apologize for lateness. I had some set backs, but I still feel like it came out ok.

Please enjoy:

Deserving of a Smile

(Ships): Can be taken as Moxiety, doesn’t have to be.

Words ~ 1,273 ~

It was about 2:00 pm and the mind palace was strangely quiet. With Logan and Roman working in the real world on one of Thomas’s personal projects, it left the whole place to the remaining two aspects. This was one of the only instances where Virgil could listen to music in the living room without being disrupted or humiliated by the other two traits. Patton never bothered Virgil while he was in his ‘zone’ unless he had a good reason too, which the darker aspect was extremely thankful for. However, it was at this particular moment that he kind of wanted to be bothered.

Virgil had been depressed lately and he really didn’t know why. Granted his dark and brooding music wasn’t really helping, but at least it drowned out his negative thoughts. Patton must have noticed his dreary mood, because whenever the happy aspect would pass by him, he would linger in the same room as him for a considerable amount of time.

Virgil caught on pretty quick to Patton’s antics. He had tolerated it for a couple hours before hand until he had had enough and wanted to know what was on his ‘dad’s’ mind. At the moment, Patton was in the living room with him very slowly organizing some misplaced objects that the other sides had left scattered about earlier. While still looking like he was listening to music, Virgil kept a watchful eye out waiting for him to leave the room. Once Patton did, the darker aspect took it as an opportunity to confront him.

He rose from his spot, stopped his music, and rounded the corner into the hallway he saw the parental trait walk into. He suddenly stood still when he noticed that Patton was nowhere in sight. Virgil scratched his head thoughtfully. He couldn’t have just disappeared…could he?

He was about to venture further down the hallway when his question was answered by two arms swiftly hugging him from behind, and wrapping themselves around his midriff. Anxiety gasped in surprise. “What the-” But he was cut off as the pair of arms hoisted him into the air and carried Virgil back to the couch he was just sitting at. Now he was sitting again, but not on the couch. He looked down. Patton had just literally pulled Anxiety onto his lap.

“Patton! Wha-” Virgil was silenced by a single finger being pressed to his lips, his free arm still holding firm around Virgil’s tummy.

“Hey kiddo. I know you don’t want to be bothered right now, but a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do. And what this dad’s gotta do is making sure that your alright! And what better way to cheer you up than with a nice hug!” Patton removed his finger from his lips and pulled the darker trait into a big snuggly hug.

It was at this moment Virgil’s demeanor broke. He couldn’t say anything. He felt tears, but held them back, because he wanted to enjoy Patton’s hug. Slowly but surely, Virgil returned Patton’s gesture. He could feel the parental trait’s eyes sparkling with pride as the two finally let go and looked each other.

“Thanks…dad.” Virgil tried to avoid eye contact and the tiny grin on creeping on his face.

“Your welcome Virge! But we aren’t done yet! Do you know what goes well with hugs?” The mischievous smile on Patton’s face gave the answer away.

Virgil’s face turned to one of terror. “Oh god please no.” He scrambled to get away, but to no avail was pulled back onto Patton’s lap.

Morality giggled. “Tickles!” He gingerly slid his hands into Virgil’s armpits and began tickling the sensitive skin that resided there.

Virgil did all he could to keep the giggles threatening to surface inside of him. “Patton!! No! I don’t want it!”

“Sorry kiddo! But, I’m not letting up until I’ve tickled all the depression out of you! After all, I hate seeing you so sad all the time. You deserve to smile every once and awhile too!”

Patton’s hands tickled their way down to Virgil’s sides, squeezing the bits of loose skin the parental trait could find.

“No no no nohohohohoho!!! Patton Stahhhhahahahp!!” The darker trait’s chuckles progressively bubbled out of his mouth as Patton’s hands neared his most sensitive spots.

“Awww…you have such cute laughter Virge! Why don’t you let it out more? Tickle tickle tickle!!” Patton cooed as he scratched at the bottom of Virgil’s ribs. Anxiety was weakening fast, but continued trying to pry Patton’s hands away from his sides. Still it seemed that the parental side had the upper hand of the situation.

The two were too busy caught up in their situation that they didn’t notice Roman and Logan had materialized into the mind palace right in front of them. They did a double take on the situation before Logan coughed into his hand, announcing their arrival.

Virgil’s eyes shifted to the two aspects and his face flushed red. Patton slowed the tickling slightly so that Virgil could still talk if he wanted to.

“Hey guys! Wanna help? Virgil’s been sad lately, so I’m cheering him up.” Patton was now scribbling his fingers over the darker traits belly.

“Hehehehehehehehelp Meheheheheh!!!!” Anxiety called out to the two other sides in vain.

Roman had a hand over his mouth the entire time trying to stop squealing from cuteness. “Oh my goodness!! Yes I shall help you Virgil! Let’s cheer up this emo together!” He walked over and knelt beside Virgil’s flailing legs. With one swift move he grabbed both of them and trapped them in a headlock maneuver. Princey then began to strip Virgil of his socks and shoes.

“Princey nohohoho!!! That’s not what Ihihihilhih meant by hehehehehehlp!!!” Anxiety began to laugh considerably louder as Patton’s hands slipped under his shirt and tickled the bare skin there.

Logan pushed up his glasses and walked away from the interesting sight. “I see no reason to take part in your endeavors.”

“Awww come on Logan! Don’t be a debby downer.” But Logan had already walked to his room and shut the door, turning a deaf ear to the three ‘lunatics’ in the living room, or so he called them.

Roman was now tickling Virgil’s bare feet, wiggling his fingers along the bottoms of Virgil’s toes. Their victim was cackling his head off, red in the face, and unable to fight back against the two stronger sides.

Patton noticed Virgil’s growing exhaustion and motioned to Roman to give him a break. The fanciful trait did as he was told, stood back up, and sat next to Virgil on the couch. Most of Morality’s fingers stilled as well, except a pointer which was now circling his navel leaving a trail of giggles stringing from Anxiety’s mouth.

“So…has the emo been officially cheered up?” Roman teased him, flashing his iconic, pearly-white smile.

“Yeeehehehehehs!!! Just stahahahap already pleahahahahaseee!!!”

Patton did as Anxiety asked by taking his hand out of his shirt and wrapping him once again in a nice hug. “Good to hear, Virge!”

Roman took this opportunity to hug Virgil too. “Virgil sandwich!!”

“Virgil sandwich!” Patton echoed out as the darker aspect was now smushed between his fellow sides.

“I hate you both so much…” Anxiety grumbled as he regained the breath he had lost from the others’ tickle attack.

Patton booped his nose. “Awww… you don’t mean that.”

Virgil let a last, tiny chuckle escape his lips. “Hehe…you’re right…I don’t.” For five more minutes, the three aspects cuddled on the couch. Though Virgil would never admit it, he enjoyed every second of time spent with those two buffoons.


If anyone has any prompts feel free to send them in. I’m always looking for new ideas! :)

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What was the onceler fandom?

Buckle up and let me take you on a journey of meta, madness, and things going very very strangely as best as I can recall.

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Do you have any headcanons for BakuTodoMido (idek if that's the ship name lol) with some lee Bakugou ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- bakugou didnt initially think about how the dynamics of the relationship was gonna go. todoroki and midoriya were dating first, and they brought bakugou in when they both discovered they had a crush on him

- bakugou also did not expect todoroki and midoriya to be such…. dominant boyfriends?? like, especially midoriya. and as an observer, todoroki and midoriya were definitely a power couple. bakugou only feels a little intimidated

- midoriya is the first one to tickle bakugou. it’s a few weeks after they all three get together, and bakugou and midoriya are just chilling on the couch while todoroki was out doing stuff, and bakugou has midoriya curled against his chest. bakugou was being stubborn abt what to watch on TV so midoriya just. tickled at his sides gently (testing the waters basically)

- bakugou gasped and scrambled to the other end of the couch and midoriya smirked before attacking and bakugou was helpless ok. midoriya is much stronger than he remembers (i live for Swole!deku ok) and it was so easy to just pin bakugou down and claw at his stomach until he was wheezing

- midoriya texted a simple ‘katsuki’s ticklish btw’ to todoroki and from that day on bakugou lived his life on constant edge LMAO because he has not only one, but two demonic ler bf’s who just. thrive on tickling him until hes crying

- it was always especially bad when both of them got involved, especially when midoriya pinned bakugou’s arms above his head while todoroki crawled in between his legs and tickled up his ribs, right into the hollows of his underarms and bakugou is never wearing a tank top again thanks

- sometimes it’s softer, of course. todoroki likes to be the big spoon, so he’ll wrap around bakugou from behind while midoriya cuddles up in the front, and todoroki will scratch gently at the hollows of bakugou’s hips, slipping his fingers into bakugou’s sweat pants while midoriya smooths his rough palms up bakugou’s sides, and bakugou shivers and melts in between them god he is so. damn cute okay.

Tickle Game

this is an idea i just had for a tickle game ajsjkdkdmdk okay okay so

basically there’s two lers and two lees. each ler partners with each lee.
and the objective is basically that the lers are the ones competing, trying to prove that their lee is more ticklish than the other.

for example, one of the lers may challenge that their lee has more ticklish ribs, and the two lers tickle the lees ribs looking for the best reaction and proving that their lee has the more ticklish ribs.
or the ler could say that their lee is more likely to snort first, and the lers must compete to try and get their lee to snort first.

it’s basically the lers competing and just using the lees as their tools but i think it would be really cute, especially if there was some teasing and trash talking involved.