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I wish you would write a fic where one half of Everlark has to grovel...

I wrote this pretty quickly and edited it myself, so please forgive any typos. Also, does this count as groveling? Not sure. I hope you like it anon! I appreciate the prompt :)

Katniss leaned back against the kitchen counter, twisting the cap of her water bottle, but failing to take a sip. The pounding in her head made it impossible to think, but she had to say something. She had to fix this.

“What happened last night?” Peeta asked.

Katniss glanced up in surprise. “She didn’t tell you?”

“She sent a text. She said you ruined her bachelorette party, that she’d been right about you this entire time, and she needed some time to think about our future.”

Katniss rubbed her forehead, no longer able to look at her best friend. She hadn’t wanted to go to the stupid party. She would have rather endured a weekend getaway with that asshole Madge had insisted on setting her up with last year than spend ten minutes with the bride-to-be and her eight bridesmaids.

Let alone six hours bar hopping in a skintight black dress.

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Loads of Love Around [Cassian Andor x Reader]

Author’s Note: I bought a Cassian Andor Funko Pop today which made me want to write for him lol. And then I got this idea in particular because I saw someone had made a typo that read “rouge one” instead of “rogue one.” I have another idea for Cassian that’s a bit more fleshed out and whatever, which I think I’ll write next. Just didn’t really have the capacity to focus on it today as I’ve been itching to draw. Hope you enjoyyy.

Word Count: 1,594

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