the one he had forgotten

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Imagine Steve borrowing Bucky's laptop and accidentally switching the keyboard to Russian/Cyrillic, which Bucky uses to chat with Natasha, and either being immediately lost or trying everything but failing to switch it back. Bonus points if he's home alone for added hopelessness.

Steve was so screwed.  He had a report to file and his laptop had suffered an unfortunate ending so Bucky had leant Steve his.  


Steve was a quick study and technology wasn’t the pain point for him that Tony acted like it was.  Let it never be said his current predicament was because he didn’t ‘Know How to Internet’ as Tony liked to say.   

But he wasn’t incredible and some things escaped him.  Case in point: he had somehow switched the keyboard to Russian letters, and he had no idea how he did it, or where to find the button to change it back. 

Bucky wouldn’t be back until the next day, kept overnight for debrief and observation after the latest mission and subsequent exposure to an unknown gas.  

So Steve was on his own.  And he was screwed.  Agent May was frightening anyway but when you didn’t have your reports on time – no one terrified him more than May.  (And he was determined to ask her out, goddamnit.  One day when there was time and they both weren’t hurting so much.)

Three hours later and he’d tried everything he could think of and had resigned himself to submitting his report late while he glared sullenly at the laptop from across the room.  

“Whoa big guy, what’s wrong?”  Clint was rummaging through the fridge, just back from a mission of his own, one shoe still on and his kit still slung across his back.

“I changed the language on Bucky’s keyboard and I can’t figure out how to fix it.”  Steve grumbled.

Barton furrowed his eyebrows.  “Hey, JARVIS?”

Yes, Agent Barton?”

“Can you help Steve?”

Certainly, sir.”

And just like that, the keyboard was switched back to English.

“But – why-“ Steve sputtered.

My apologies, Captain Rogers.  I didn’t mean to frustrate you; you’d asked previously that I allow you to puzzle through technological issues until you requested my assistance.”

Steve thunked his head against the coffee table.  “Neither of you are allowed to tell Bucky –or Tony- about this.”

Of course not, sir.”

Barton just smiled.

Humans are weird

Again, I had a thought.

So, Human protectiveness. Sure, we can be aggressive when protecting our friends but not always. We can have different levels of it.

If some nasty Alien is disrespecting your crew member Nala by telling bad jokes and stabbing at her species you just grab Nala’s slim form and turn her around.
“Ignore that idiot, you and I are having Ice Cream with Netflix. Did I tell you your tentacles look sooo shiny today?”
Like, we make them forget the bad and remind them they have nice friends anyways.

Then we have verbal abuse. Very clever and mean ways to break spirit.
“What did you say to our Captain? You with your [insert word] and your [insert word] are so awful you should never have left home you [bleeep] [bleep]! Don’t even get me started on that tail.”
Our crew is silent because they never thought we had that vocabulary. That we could nail down another creatures faults and flaws and ultimately break someone’s spirit. The other Aliens leave with their tail behind their legs, devastated.

But don’t threaten us. Because there is no turning back from a human who has been disrespected and threatened.

War'lac had known it was a bad idea to bring two humans along to the negotiation. But the Pleets had insisted, wanting to see what the humans were like up close. The Pleets, fat and gross beings with four black eyes and bio blades along their forearms, enjoyed war and pillage. The humans had declined working with their kind and for good reason.
Human Jenna had been calm the entire meeting but Human Becca had silently been fuming as the Pleets stated their requests.
“You have entered a zone that we conquered 6 clicks ago. Comply or perish.” The Pleet leader said and Wer'lac shrunk back.
“We won’t last to the next solar system without our rations! And we only have a defensive weapon to use against stray asteroids. To pick it apart and hand it over…”
They laughed and Wer'lac knew it was useless. Their own crew were not species of fighting or war. They were explorers and scientists.
“And also, if you do not comply quickly, we will start by taking your humans.” Their leader said and pointed at Jenna with a green finger. Human Jenna looked genuinely surprised and Human Becca… she had that infamous stare in her eyes.
“What?” Human Becca asked, her voice ice cold. Wer'lac flinched and tried to calm their human.
“We’ll grab the cute one, and destroy her before your very eyes. Skin her alive and tie her up agains the cockpit glass. ”
The Pleets laughed and Wer'lac looked at them with horror. He glanced at Human Jenna, who was barely breathing. No, she was staring just as Human Becca was. Human Becca stood slowly and leaned across the table on her hands. Her voice lowered without breaking the stare.
“What did you say?” She asked, a calm wrath in her voice. Wer'lac looked between them, helplessly.
“Don’t worry, we can do the same to you too.” The Pleets leader said, showing teeth. That was the last thing he said.
Human Jenna and Human Becca never shared at word or look but still sprung at the same time. Across the table they jumped one Pleet each and then chaos broke loose.
Bones were broken. Skin was torn open by scratching. It was a dance of legs and arms inflicting damage with every hit. Eyes were dug out of their skulls with clawed fingers.

Wer'lac had assumed that Human Jenna had sharpened her finger nails that morning for aesthetic purposes. That’s what she had told him. Now he felt uncertain of it.

Human Becca had dislocated an arm and torn it from its owners body. She inspected it closely and then dumped it on the floor. Three were dead, two moaned in pain and the last one limped away. Human Jenna looked after him but shrugged.
“Let him tell the others. They’ll learn to not cross us again.” She said. Human Becca looked at her stained clothes and sniffed the blood.
“It smells spicy. You think we can eat them?” She asked. Jenna shrugged.
“Only one way to find out.”

Wer'lac sat frozen in his seat. He had forgotten the tales of human encounters and the warnings they came with. The humans in his crew had been so nice and docile and protective he had forgotten their true nature.
Apex omnivorous predators. Stalkers and killers. Intelligent and creative.
He was happy to have them on his side and not the other way around.

I Think I’m Yours

Request: “Eye colour Soulmate AU (where people are born with heterochromatic eyes, and they only revert to their genetically inherited colour when they interact with their soulmate.)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1028

Warnings: None

Originally posted by crazy-vibes-under-the-moon

Newt sifted through his writing, letting out a long, tired sigh as he looked for a certain paragraph that he had forgotten to edit. His eyes, one blue and one green, flitted across the pages lazily, only half-heartedly putting effort into the search.  

“Newt!” A voice called. “Order for Newt!”

He jumped to his feet, running a hand over his face in an attempt to push away the creeping tiredness. Editing his manuscript was such a monotonous job that even now, in the early hours of the afternoon, he longed for his bed. He came before the little lady who held out the paper bag containing his lunch and a cup of coffee. She looked up to him, doing a double take as she spotted his eyes. Then she cast a sorry gaze upon him, a sad smile tugging at her lips. Newt took the meal, ashamedly hanging his head lower as he walked back to his table. Not many people noticed, but once up close many could tell the slight significance in the hue of his eyes.

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Old Friends [j.j]

Originally posted by alinok

Title: Old Friends
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Jughead Jones x reader, Archie Andrews, mentions of Betty Cooper, mentions of Veronica Lodge, mentions of Jason Blossom
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2,237
Requested: Yes, by anonymous.
Short Description: After an argument regarding all the time Jughead spends on his writing, you want nothing more than to go to your ex-best friend Archie for advice.
A/N: Thanks for your request! I’m glad you enjoy my other story and hope that you like this one too x

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name
[Y/F/M] = your favourite movie

The first time that Jughead brought his laptop to your Pop’s date, you didn’t object. Jughead was, in his own way, an artist. He had a visible impulse to create, which you could undoubtedly understand. So when the both of you ordered your food, you were okay with Jughead typing away on his laptop, humming in agreement every few minutes as you talked. It was evident that he wasn’t paying attention; that he was enticed by his own thoughts as he attempted to put them to paper. And that was tolerable.

But it had been a few weeks since Jason Blossom went missing at Sweetwater River on July 4th, and Jughead had yet to spend some real time with you. Everywhere he went, that laptop was beside him and he whipped it out whenever he could sit down.

“Hey Jug,” you instigated as you were both sitting in the projection booth of the Twilight Drive-In. It was your one year anniversary with Jughead and you had resolved that you were equipped to tell him that you were in love with him. Of course, it was somewhat noticeable to anybody who knew you that you were completely smitten with Jughead. But the both of you were still young and so saying those three words could theoretically alarm Jughead. So, you had picked out your loveliest dress and styled your hair in neat, loose waves for the special occasion, letting Betty and Veronica help you with your choices, and put your big girl attitude on. You could do this. But your confidence had completely wavered when you arrived at the drive-in, only to see Jughead already on that laptop of his. “Why don’t you pick another movie if you don’t like this one?” you suggested, as he had devoted the entire time writing instead of watching Y/F/M with you.

Jughead neglected to glance up from his screen as he replied. “No, this is fine.” You frowned at how nonchalant he was being. He clearly didn’t care at all that the occasion seemed special to you.

 “Fine,” you echoed inaudibly to yourself. “I’m glad that it’s… fine.” Of course, Jughead neglected to hear you mumbling to yourself so he just hummed in agreement before going back to typing, eyes narrowed at the laptop in front of him.

So, you sought to converge on the movie. Y/F/M was a film that could continually put you in a good mood, but it seemed that its charm had worn off, as your enthusiastic mood was reduced to ashes. You glanced down at the bucket of popcorn that had been utterly untouched between you and Jughead, hoping that it might interest you now, but the buttery goodness still didn’t feel very appetising. “Jughead, we really don’t have to watch a movie.” You tried, feeling terribly secluded despite how romantic and intimate the setting was. Your boyfriend said nothing, so you shifted your body to face him and placed your hand on his shoulder. 

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Hi! Can I get a HC with the RFA+Saeran's reaction to MC's ex who broke her heart so badly when they broke up and after MC seeing the ex, she sort of feels scared about RFA+Saeran leaving her like the way her ex did? Thank you!

Sorry this took so long! Hope you like it though~


  • He took you to a restaurant for a date
  • Everything was great until your waiter came around
  • Zen saw you got really tense as soon as the waiter introduced himself
  • He asked you once you were alone, and you explained that he was your ex
  • What hit you worse is that he didn’t even recognize you
  • Zen could see that you were really shaken
  • He asked if you wanted a new waiter, but you told him it was fine
  • You told him how your ex dumped you over text after a year of dating
  • It was really abrupt and it crushed your heart because he said you were too clingy
  • There’s a short pause before you ask if he thinks that’s true
  • Of course he shuts the idea down immediately
  • But now Zen is fuming, because how could someone make you feel that way about yourself
  • When the waiter comes back around, he looks at Zen and says, “Hey! Aren’t you that popular singer online? Can I have your autograph?”
  • Zen smirks at you before agreeing
  • He writes on the napkin, “An autograph for the biggest ^*)&$ on this %^$&*%^ planet ^&#% you *dolphin noise*
  • You watch in horror as your ex reads it
  • When it’s a time to order, a new waiter comes


  • You were out for a walk in the park when someone lost their dog
  • Why does that always happen with Yoosung???
  • A beautiful woman jogs up to you to claim the dog and thank you both
  • She goes back to a man who you recognize and gasp
  • “That’s my ex,” you inform Yoosung
  • You tell him that your ex cheated on you and when you caught him, he just said you weren’t beautiful enough for him
  • “I guess he found the right girl,” you mutter
  • You grow quieter as the walk goes on, and Yoosung can tell what you’re thinking
  • “If you think you’re not good enough, or I’m going to leave you, just stop. I saved my shoulder for 21 years!”
  • You just tackle him in a hug and say how he’s the best
  • You also notice his compliments increase tenfold today


  • You were helping Jaehee with some grocery shopping
  • You two were just standing in line when a guy with flowers stands in the line behind you
  • “MC? Is that you?” he asks. He glances at Jaehee “Guess you’re not so lonely anymore.”
  • Normally, Jaehee would’ve brushed it off, but the way he rolled his eyes ticked her off
  • Seeing how uncomfortable you were, she said she forgot something and dragged you to another aisle
  • She asks who it was and why you seemed so shaken up
  • You explain it was your ex from a few years back who had dumped you because you confronted him about spending more time with his friends than with you
  • You had felt lonely, and it made it worse when you found he had cheated several times
  • Jaehee just narrows her eyes, “Do you need me to judo flip him?”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • “Because I can flip him.”
  • “Please don’t…”
  • “Warn someone that there’s going to be a clean up on aisle three.”


  • It was one of those annual office parties in Jumin’s department
  • But, he had forgotten something at the penthouse, so you decide to run it over
  • While you’re there, he introduces you to his small department
  • Before you’re about to leave, a man saunters up to you
  • “So, dating the CEO now, huh? Guess you’re climbing up the ladder, gold digger.”
  • You would’ve slapped him if Jumin hadn’t intervened and called you to the side
  • He saw the situation, but wanted to ask you what happened first
  • That employee happened to be your ex who you broke up with due to his lack of care for you
  • You worked constantly in order to help him financially, but he only slacked off at home and spent most of his time drinking instead of with you
  • To make it worse, he accused you of being too ambitious
  • Jumin somehow managed to calm you down, but he was wearing a small smile on his face
  • “Coincidentally, we’re making cuts in the department and your ex happens to be the one to be let go due to his lack of work ethic.”
  • Still, your ex’s comments are starting to get to you and you ask Jumin if he thinks they could have some truth
  • He just sighs and pulls you into a hug, reassuring you that he knows you were never in it for the money, and your hard-working nature is one of the things he loves about you


  • You both had taken a rare trip to the mall, and after hours of shopping around, you take a break on one of the benches and just people watch for a little
  • Seven just taps your shoulder and points to this couple making out on the other side of the area
  • “Is he a vampire or something? Yikes.”
  • He says it at a joke, but you abruptly stand up and start walking in the other direction
  • He’s worried so he goes after you
  • You tell him that the “vampire” was your ex who had randomly said he wasn’t into you after three years of dating
  • Later you found out he was cheating…with the very same girl he was with now
  • You start rambling on about how it was probably because of you
  • You start naming your own insecurities
  • Seven is patiently listening, assuming your venting
  • But when you say, “You probably want to leave me too because of how I am.” 
  • He snaps
  • He scolds you for a really long time for thinking of yourself like that and how he would never ever leave you
  • …he doesn’t stop until you hug him and thank him


  • You guys are eating peacefully at a froyo place when a loud, obnoxious couple walked in
  • Saeran gets worried when you say you suddenly want to leave
  • But he doesn’t argue and walks out onto the patio with you
  • You apologize and explain that the couple was your ex and your old best friend
  • Your ex had dumped you years ago only to start dating your closest friend a few weeks later
  • You think he would be fuming, but he just starts talking about how the past is the past and that you needed to look ahead to a bright future together
  • Just as you’re starting to say you’re worried that he might find someone better, he just shuts you down and claims you’re stuck with him
  • “Wow…you’re a lot calmer than I expected,” you admit.
  • He just smiles before announcing that he wants to get more toppings
  • You watch from the window
  • You notice he mutters something to your ex
  • You don’t know what it was, but your ex collects his girlfriend and leaves the place
  • Saeran still wouldn’t tell you what he said, but you couldn’t help laughing 

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memory found || stiles stilinski (part two)

word count: 5288

warnings: season 6A finale spoilers, brief mention of sex

prompt: part two of this imagine

author’s note: i recieved many requests for a part two of memory found, so here is the next part. i got very carried away with this, it’s literally over 5k words. i got emotional at the end bc the music i was listening to. i am so in love with these two parts. also, one of the many authors i like on tumblr replied to the first part. so shoutout to @minhosmeanhoe (not my gifs)


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Jamilton 147

““Mr. Jefferson it would mean a great deal to me…” George sat on his bed, illness taking him hostage for a few days, “if you kept an eye on Alexander.” 

How dare the president wave his authority like that? Washington and Jefferson had a professional history. Jefferson was his choice to be appointed as a member of his cabinet not to babysit his heated, loud mouthed orphan George had allowed to run rampant through the halls. Thomas had half the mind to tell Washington he wouldn’t stand for this sort of insult on his behalf…However, he was ill. The man barely took time for his health, if it wasn’t the country he was worrying about it was the people he cared about. Hamilton included. 

No harm would come if Thomas glanced at Alexander’s office once or twice, just to be sure he was still (sadly) moving along with his outrageous proposals. So he did, the first day early in the morning he stopped by Alexander’s desk and found him with two other men holding papers for him as he read through them like a mad man. 

Strange, he was hectic even in his own office, his own domain he was wild. There was no ceasing to his flame. Nevertheless he was alive and Thomas did his part. Day two rolled around he did the same and just as before he found Alex acting strange in his own office. He was pacing, rocking on his heels as he twisted and fiddled with his fingers in mid air. Counting? No he was calculating, as if solving an invisible equation in midair. He looked so studious in this light. Fresh in the morning and already sporting his reading glasses and twitching like a high strung professor. 

“What do you want, Jefferson?” Alex sneered having caught the man not so subtly watching. “See something you like? Perhaps a man with a real grasp on this nation’s necessities?”

Never mind that then, Thomas shook his head and banished all soft thoughts of a handsome Hamilton. He was nothing but a rat of a man, a vermin living in an office and left nothing but the stench of dead ambitions and crooked schemes. 

The third day came and Thomas had arrived a bit too early, no one had seemed to be around. He had nearly forgotten to peek into Alex’s room merely because he figured no man would be at work at this hour. His glance turned into a stare when he found Alex hunched over his desk. Hands pressed against the surface as he leaned in, hair a brown mess that waved down passed his shoulders and dangled as he struggled to read. Thomas could see from afar his arms were shaking. It was only a matter of time until– 

“Shit…” Alex muttered the moment his arms gave out and three days worth of no sleeping and staying at his office bit him in the ass. Alex prepared himself for the impact of his body hitting the ground but instead he was leaned up against a sturdy and warm object. Soft velvet and the faint smell of lavender invaded his senses. He tired to shift his weight so he could look up but was hushed by a worried, Southern voice. 

“Careful now, ya’ hear?” Thomas whispered with a foreign nurturing voice. The same voice he used for his girls whenever they needed a touch of kindness. “How long have you been at this?” 

Still dazed from all that was happening and the lack of sleep, “three days…maybe four…” Alex yawned and slowly started to pull away. “Unhand me Jefferson.”

“Four…days?” Thomas repeated his arms still held out and slightly ghosting over Alex’s uneasy frame. “Are you telling me you haven’t gone home? Eaten? Bathed?” 

“I will when I have this document done, it must be done by the time George returns to office.” Hamilton pressed, “Not like you care for hard work. Some of us take pride in what we do because Washington trusts me.” 

“Tch” Thomas sucked his teeth in annoyance. “Does he? Is that way he asked me to check up on you? Because he trusts you’ll act like a responsible adult? Oh how you’ve disappointed yet another father figure” Jefferson aimed low and to his surprise was not met with a comeback. Hamilton’s eyes softened. 

“Washington asked…for you to check up on me?” 


“And you complied?” 

“He is my president why wouldn’t I?” In that moment they both shared the same thought. Thomas could have pretended. He could have lied and ignored Alex, then told George all was fine. Instead, Thomas stayed true to his word, he watched Alex in the morning just as George would have wanted. “He cares about you, I suppose someone must if you’re hell bent on ending your career early like this.” 

“I don’t need to be watched like some child.” Alex bit back, now the anger began to build. “I can take care of myself just fine.” 

“Is that why I caught you before that brilliant mind of yours took a hit to the peripheral cortex?” Thomas challenged back, realizing he had called him brilliant. Or rather his mind, yes his mind was a separate thing. Alexander was the salt of the earth but at least he had a mind head of his time. He was educated…dedicated…Thomas could see why Washington protected hims so. 

“I suppose I should get some tea at the very least…and sit…” 

“I suppose that is a good of a choice as any though the shower would have been preferred.” He smirked in a teasing fashion. “Come, I believe we can spot some tea in the next gathering room” Thomas motioned for Alexander to follow. 

Alexander did, with a chuckle and no less backtalk. “Careful there Jefferson, I might take you up on the offer and let you bathe me~” 


“What was that about tea?” Alex interrupted, for one morning, Thomas and Alexander shared nothing but soft laughter by a burning kettle. 

here you are you horny fucks


“Are we s-supposed to be doing this?” Dan stuttered, letting Phil tug his shirt off over his head, tilting his head back to let Phil suck at his throat.

“Probably not.” Phil smirked, chuckling softly. “Do you care?”

“N-Not really.”


This… probably wasn’t the best idea. Not the best lapse of judgement on his part. But he wanted him, so fucking bad. His mouth felt so good against his throat, his brain was going fuzzy.

‘Take control of me’, he thought. Take it, take all of me.

Phil could clearly read minds, because he had Dan turned in seconds, bent over his apartment kitchen counter. That was as far as they had gotten; embarrassing, Dan knew. But did he care? No, not really.

He especially didn’t care when Phil’s cold hands were tugging at his belt, dropping his jeans. Dan let out a small whimper at Phil’s fingers brushing his skin, and Phil slapped his ass.

“No whining, slut,” he growled, leaning forward so he could whisper against Dan’s ear, grabbing a handful of his hair and tugging roughly. Dan moaned.

“S-Sorry, sir,” he choked, and Phil nodded in approval.

“Good boy. Now, are you gonna let me take care of you, sweetheart?”

Dan nodded quickly, incredibly turned on at this point. Because, fuck, how could you not be?

Dan took a shaky breath, feeling his arms being bent behind his back at an uncomfortable angle, and pinned there by Phil’s firm grip. Phil’s erection rubbed against his ass, and he gasped.

“Phil-” he breathed, pushing back, desperate for as much of the man as possible. Phil chuckled, kneading his ass with one hand, digging his nails in.

“Don’t be a needy whore, Dan. You know better than that.” He hummed, tugging down Dan’s boxers and leaning over to kiss the slightly red skin. “Want me to fuck you?” He laughed, like he already knew the answer. Of course he did.

“Yes,” Dan whined, shifting desperately. “Please, Phil, fuck me, fuck me so hard I can’t think, please-!”

Phil didn’t answer, but Dan felt the grip on his hands loosen, and a rustling. Before he could even think he felt something slick press against his entrance; Phil’s fingers.

He started with one, pushing it in slowly, making Dan whimper. He pumped it slowly, resting his other hand on Dan’s lower back, pinning his wrists.

Dan let out a soft gasp as Phil added another, twisting them. Phil smacked his ass again.

“You’re a loud one, aren’t you?” He mumbled. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But I have half a mind to gag you, your screams would sound so pretty muffled.”

Dan bit his lip to keep from moaning just from that, his eyes gently rolling back in his head. Fuck, that was so hot.

Phil’s fingers grazed his prostate, and Dan’s hips bucked forward automatically, and he whined loudly.

“Fuck, Phil, please,” he gasped.

He heard Phil chuckle breathily, scissoring his fingers for a second before pulling them out.

“Alright, baby,” he muttered, his voice low. “Whatever you need.”

Dan only had to wait a moment before Phil was pressing against him, pushing in.

Fucking hell, he was big.

“Fuck,” Dan moaned, stretching the word out. He instinctively tried to move his hands, but Phil tightened his grip.

He bottomed out seconds later, filling him up completely and holding still for a second. Dan squirmed, and Phil reached up to tangle his fingers in Dan’s hair, tugging. Slowly, he pulled most of the way out, pushing back in and drawing a loud noise out of Dan.

Dan was overwhelmed; completely hypnotized by the feeling of Phil’s cock pushing in and out of him, practically drooling.

Soon Phil was snapping his hips roughly, thrusting into him hard, making Dan scream. Every breath came with continuous moans, and Phil’s name, over and over again. He was fairly certain he had never been fucked like this before.

Dan came pretty quickly, probably quicker than he should have, but Phil kept fucking into him; chasing his own high. The feeling was overwhelming, and Dan’s noises got gradually louder and higher pitched as Phil overstimulated him.

Phil groaned, digging his nails into Dan’s hip. He pulled out finally, stroking himself so he could come over Dan’s lower back.

The first time Dan regretted it was the next day, right before the game.

That morning he had to change into a turtleneck, a black, wool one that was sure to be too hot, because he had forgotten about the hickeys.

They were everywhere. Even in places he didn’t even remember Phil’s mouth being.

But he truly started to regret it when he realized Phil was going to use this against him.

The game started pretty slow, and Phil’s team was ahead. Dan only glanced over at Phil, who was watching them intently, running his fingers through his messy hair.

Fuck, he was attractive.

But as he turned back to the game, he caught one of Phil’s players shoving the goalie. He blew his whistle, calling a foul.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Phil motioning him over. He quickly called a time out, jogging over.

“What’s up,” he muttered, and Phil smirked, leaning closer.

For a split second, Dan thought he was going to kiss him, but then he went to his ear instead.

Dan cursed his heart for beating faster.

“Dan, sweetheart,” Phil whispered, his voice sickly sweet, and Dan’s blood froze. “You know what I’ll do to you if I lose this game, right?”

Dan swallowed, pulling back slightly. “Is t-that a threat?”

A light smirk tugged at the corner of Phil’s mouth.

“Kind of,” he breathed. “But I think you like it anyways.”

“Excuse me?” Dan’s head was foggy. Christ, get it together, Howell.

“Dan, I swear to god, I’ll fuck you so hard you lose your voice from screaming my name.” Before Dan could react, Phil leaned even closer, his lips grazing Dan’s ear. “If I don’t win, I’ll make sure you can’t walk for weeks. Want you all bruised and pretty for me, fucking ruined.”

A shiver ran through Dan’s body, and he flinched. He could feel his pants tightening. Fuck, he didn’t want to go out there will a boner.

“And if I win?” Phil shrugged, stepping back casually. “Maybe we could get dinner or something, beautiful. Maybe I’ll let you ride me.”

Dan stared at him, gathering his thoughts and shaking off the arousal.

He called off the foul, despite several angry shouts from the crowd.

Phil did it three more times, every time his team fucked up. Dan was sweating, ruined by the end of the game.

Needless to say, Phil’s team won.

The Persistence of Memory (NSFW)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut

A/N: This was surprisingly difficult to write. Sorry for how long this is, I was originally going to just do smut, then it turned into just fluff then it turned back into smut. Also, all the art talk was self indulgent as fuck, sorry, I’m just an art nerd.

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MatsuHanaIwaOi headcanons

Photographer Mattsun

I have this huge headcanon that Matsukawa absolutely loves photography, his favorite thing in the world being candid shots of people in their daily lives. Such photos are hard to capture, because everybody instantly poses or plasters on a fake smile whenever they see a camera pointed at them, but he’s mastered being able to get photos without his friends noticing.

- he almost always has his camera with him. Whether in school, in practice, at home, or walking around town. He always makes sure to have it on hand in case of a great opportunity.

- He never really told anybody about his passion. He alway felt as though people would think it was weird, or stupid. The other boys on the team only learned about it when they visited his house, and saw countless photos plastered all over his walls.

- They accepted him - of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? - and asked to see some of his own photos. He didn’t put his own up on his wall because he didn’t like others being able to see it so freely. It felt like they were invading his brain.

- After some much needed convincing, he reached under his bed and pulled out a stack of photo albums, each supposedly organized by year.

- the other third years were shocked to see how many amazing photos he had taken, and even more surprised when they began to see photos of themselves. Their team alone took up almost two books.

- after the four of them started dating during college, he began taking even more photos of them. He’d never been as passionate about volleyball as Iwaizumi and Oikawa, so no longer playing gave him the time he needed.

- He was at the coffee shop Iwaizumi worked at - Visiting as usual - when he got side tracked, and ended up dropping one of his folders. He didn’t realize he’d done so, and he’d ended up leaving it behind when he went to his own job.

- later in the day, a customer went up to Iwaizumi with the folder and asked about it. He recognized it as Matsukawa’s instantly, and explained that it belonged to his boyfriend. The customer introduced themselves as the owner of a local gallery, showcasing artists and photographers in the area. He gave Iwaizumi his number for the gallery, and said that Matsukawa should call him if he ever wants to sell his photos.

- Of course, as soon as his next break came, Iwaizumi called Issei, telling him what happened. When the four of them were home in the apartment that night, they all assured him that he should call the gallery owner.

- Eventually he did so, and was told that the gallery wanted to buy his photos and put them up in a show. He was shocked, as nobody had offered to buy his photos before. Eventually, he made a deal with the gallery owner, who supposedly wanted photos from the folder he had seen in the coffee shop.

- He went through the folder to see what he would be willing to sell, and embarrassedly realized that said folder was full of nothing more than photos of him and his boyfriends.

- Oikawa and Hanamaki in their Pajamas, curled up together on the couch watching a movie.

- Iwaizumi and Hanamaki working together to make dinner, more or less. Hanamaki had his arms around Iwaizumi’s waist with his chin resting on his shoulder as he watched him cut vegetables.

- Oikawa mid serve, the back of his body towards the camera, with the light shining in front of him.

- Iwaizumi leaning against Mastukawa’s shoulder, half asleep. His eyes drooped shut, and his usually furrowed eyebrows were relaxed, as he looked up at Matsukawa with a lazy smile.

- Hanamaki standing at his easel, a paint brush in hand as he stared intently at whatever he was painting. His cheek had a smear of blue paint on it, which he had forgotten about until the next morning.

- for Matsukawa, a lot of these photos were really personal; glimpses into his life with his boyfriend; parts of his life that he wanted nobody else to see.

- He eventually decided to sell the few photos that he had copies of. One of Oikawa lying on Hanamakis chest, smiling up at him as he runs his hands through his unnaturally pink hair. Another was of Iwaizumi, pressing a soft kiss to Oikawas injured knee, as he helps him remove his brace. The third was Oikawa, Hanamaki, and Iwaizumi lying together on their shared bed. Both Iwaizumi and Hanamaki were asleep, but Oikawas eyes were sligtly open, and he was staring at Matsukawa with pure love and adoration in his eyes, as if he didn’t realize the camera existed.

- The photos were hard for him - emotionally - to sell. He felt as if he was selling secret pieces of his relationship; pieces that even his older sisters (another headcanon) had never even seen. With the others encouragement, he managed it.

- He was a bit shocks when he received quite a bit more money than he thought he would for the photos. He hadn’t expected so much, based on the initial price they had told him. The first day of the gallery presenting his photos, he found out why he had gotten so much.

- his section had been titled ‘Matsukawa Issei - Everlasting Love’ and featured more than just the photos he had chosen to sell. There were more that contained him; ones that he thought had been thrown in his desk drawer and forgotten about; he had never liked seeing pictures of himself. There was also photos from when the four of them were younger. Some in highschool, and even middle school. It showed them playing volleyball together, watching movies together, even studying together.

- there was at least twenty extra photos. Some were blown up to be larger than others, and some remained the same size as they had been in his folders.

- he was just about to turn and ask the gallery owner how he’d gotten the extra photos, when he noticed that the other three were smiling at him. He then realized that they had probably gone through his photos, and looked for ones that they thought should’ve been in the show, and sent them to the owner. He wanted to feel angry about it, but he couldn’t. He knew they had meant to do it to make him happy, so he accepted it.

- as the show went on, people continuously came up to them. Some said that their relationship was wrong; that it was a sin, or it was cheating or being greedy and selfish. Others said they loved the way he presented each of his boyfriends differently, showing the way he pictures them in his head. By the end of the show, he had three more galleries wanting to purchase his photos.

Somebody please take my phone away from me. I should not be allowed to write things like this. I have even more headcanons about photographer Mattsun, but I’m not going to add anymore right now.

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Harry sits on the ground, fanning himself as he drank his water, his eyes on the girl sitting across from him. Y/N held the child in her arms, he was no more than five months old. He could see the tears in her eyes as she held on to him, shielding him from the sun. She was singing to him, it was soft, and her voice was a disaster, but it seemed to work, and Harry liked it.

Another kid sat next to Y/N, his forehead rested on her lap as he listened to her sing. Harry had noticed how the little boy had taken a liking to her, following her around, eating with her, hanging around near her, and he thought it was cute. He wished he could be attached at the hip to Y/N without freaking her out.

“How long have you been working here?” Harry asked once the infant fell asleep.

Y/N looks away from him, “not long, when I was in high school every year I would fly out here and volunteer and when I finished medical school I knew what I wanted. I didn’t want to work in a hospital, at least not now, I wanted to come back here and help take care of them, build more homes,” she smiled at him, “did you actually want to come here or did your managers make you?”

His managers had made him, but Harry didn’t put up the fight because he didn’t want to work, it’s just the work upset him. Seeing the sick kids, the heat in Africa was insane, and the suffering he had to witness made him upset. The worst part was the kids would get attached and he knew he would have to leave soon, leave them, leave her.

“I’ve been here before,” Harry says, sipping his water, “it just upsets me.”

“I love them,” Y/N whispered, placing a kiss on the infant’s forehead and gently rubbing the back of the other child, her eyes watering, “my plan was to be here for two years, but I don’t think I can go, I don’t think I can do that to them.”

The weeks Harry had spent here he had spent them alongside Y/N, and they had gotten close. Kisses where shared, cuddles, they shared their bed at night. Harry liked Y/N, in the three years she had been here she had forgotten about One Direction, about Harry, and he was so happy to meet someone who didn’t judge him, who didn’t know him. Y/N loved spending her time with Harry, so when he asked her, no when he begged her, to come back with him she said yes, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t up root her life for a boy.

“But don’t you miss everything?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, shaking her head, “they need me here Harry, I can’t leave unless I know they’re in good hands, there are hardly any doctors who will come here and live in this condition, accept the pay I get, and love these kids.”

Harry looks at his lap, “I get it,” he says, “I do.”

“I love you too,” she promised, “I do.”

Harry stands, wiping the sweat off his forehead, “I should go pack,” he whispered, ignoring her confession, “my plane leaves in the mornin’.”

And he left, leaving a heartbroken Y/N on the ground.

Harry had never been the same since that day, and people saw it. His family saw it, but he didn’t want to talk about Y/N. He didn’t want people to know about her, because that meant he had to share her, and he wasn’t ready for that.

It had been three years, Harry had now turned 26 and he was tired. He was tired of not being able to find the same thing he felt with Y/N with someone else. He was tired of not being able to think about her, he was mad. He was mad he had left without saying how he really felt, he was mad he never returned, he was mad he had lost her.

“How much did you donate again?” Nick asked as he sipped his drink, looking around the dinner.

“About eight million,” Harry says, scratching the back of his neck, “I put it under her name though.”

“You’re still hung up on that girl?” Nick asked, raising an eyebrow.

Harry rolled his eyes, grabbing a glass of wine. He wasn’t really in the mood to attend tonight’s benefit, but he had donated so much and they insisted on having him. Harry sighed, looking around the room, and then his heart stopped. He wasn’t sure if it was the wine or real life, but he could’ve sworn he saw her, Y/N.

She stands, smiling, as she talks to someone. Her hair isn’t in the usual bun or braids, but instead it’s long, longer than Harry remembered, and in curls. Her hair seemed to flow, stopping just below her chest, her smile bright, her hand gripping a glass with water in it.

“Excuse me,” Harry whispered, making his way over, “Y/N?” Harry asked, hope building inside him.

Y/N turns, her eyes widening, “Harry!” she giggled, hugging him.

Harry wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. She doesn’t smell the same, she smells like coconut and vanilla, but it suites her. Harry holds her as tight as possible, remembering the feeling of her, remembering her gentle touch.

“Hi,” she smiled, pulling away, her cheeks pink, “how have you been?”

“Good, what about you? what are you doing here? Are you back for good? Where are you staying? Why-when-what?” Harry rambles, holding on her arms.

Y/N laughs, the same flutter in his stomach appears, “I’m good, I’m good,” Y/N smiled, “I moved out to LA about five months ago? I got a job at the hospital, I’m back for good yeah, I actually-“

“Mommy!” A smaller voice says, running over, the boy stands in a little suit, and Harry recognized him instantly, he was the same infant that would settle in Y/N’s arm every day.

Y/N bends down, picking him up, “what’s up love bug?” she asked, kissing his cheek.

“Ayo t-took my toy,” he frowns.

Soon enough Harry sees the same boy that would follow Y/N around appear, a truck in his hand, “Ayo,” Y/N says, her voice gentle, “please, can you just share with your brother, I promise that we will be out in one hour,” she pleads.

“Can we get ice cream? Please?” Ayo asked, his brown eyes wide and full of hope.

“If you behave,” Y/N compromises.

“Deal,” Ayo smiled.

“Okay Daniel, go sit with your brother at the table, I’ll be there soon,” Y/N smiled, kissing both of their cheeks and watching them run off.

She turns back to Harry, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “sorry about that, but what where we talking about?” she asked.

“You, I mean-and now you have-you’re a mum-and-you’re here,” Harry breathed out.

“I couldn’t leave them. The organization got a great donation and more doctors came, but I couldn’t leave my boys behind, it was a process to adopt and get them here, but it was worth it,” Y/N smiled, looking at the kids in adoration, “but what about you? I had a chance to listen to your music and it’s great Harry, the boys love it to, Sweet Creature is their favorite, knocks them right out at night.”

Harry chuckled, imagining her terrible voice singing to the two boys at night. Harry wasn’t sure if he stopped smiling, but he knew he couldn’t look away from her, “I’m good-I just-wow, I can’t believe you’re here,” Harry whispered, reaching up to cup her cheek, she blushed, but a smile remained on her lips.

“I missed you,” she says.

“Oh baby,” Harry sighed, “I missed you so much, you have no idea. Oh, Y/N, I can’t-I still can’t believe that you’re here.”

“I am,” she giggled, reaching up to grab his hand, “I’m here.”

“Woah,” Y/N says, stepping back as the kids run past her in the living room, she grips the plate tighter, trying to make sure it doesn’t fall.

“Kids be careful,” a voice yelled from the top of the stairs, it wasn’t harsh, but it was loud enough so the two kids could hear.

“Sorry daddy,” Daniel says, jumping on to the couch as he waited for Harry to come down the stairs.

Harry chuckled, grabbing the tray from Y/N and kissing her cheek. She smiled, placing a hand on her hip, “the snacks are done, the chicken is in the oven, and dessert in the fridge,” she says, as Harry sets the tray on the table.

Daniel lean over, grabbing some crackers, “save some room for when Nana comes over,” Harry says, leaning over and picking up Daniel.

“Where’s your brother?” Y/N asked, fixing Daniel’s shirt, Harry sets the four year old down on the ground.

Daniel shrugs, “playing video games,” he answered.

“I’ll get him-“

“No I will! Ayoooooo,” Daniel yelled, running up the stairs.

Harry chuckled, turning to Y/N. She leaned against the stair ways, a smile on her face as she looked back at him. It came as a shock to her, that Harry didn’t mind her having the kids, it came as a bigger shock when they started calling him daddy and Harry didn’t care. But Y/N was more than happy to have him around, and Harry was excited to have her back in his life.

“They have too much energy,” Harry chuckled, leaning down and pressing a gentle kiss to her lips.

“I love them so much, a little too much maybe, I cried this morning when I had to drop them off at school,” Y/N stated, her hands fixing the buttons on Harry’s shirt.

Harry laughed, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ears, “it’s true,” she giggled.

“What about having one of our own?” Harry asked, his eyes hopeful, “a little me and you.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow, “a third child?”

“I love them so much Y/N, but I want a little girl, one that we’ve made, and I’ll love her just as much as Daniel and Ayo.”

“We will discuss it later,” Y/N promised, kissing his cheek, “but right now your mother is waiting to be buzzed in.”

Harry watched her walk to the security pad, buzzing Anne in. He wasn’t sure how he got so lucky, but he knew he couldn’t let her go.

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Found this awesome otp prompt list, so I chose this prompt: “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?” Post RTTE season 4 (because I know we’re all dying for season 5 :P) K+

Just Me and You

Hiccup woke with a jolt at the harsh rapping that occurred on his door. He yelped and sat up quickly, but instantly lost his balance due to his missing prosthetic, therefore collapsing onto the floor and nearly falling off the loft in the process. 

He lay there for a moment, rather stunned before the soft creaking of a door and a quiet whisper brought him back to the present. With a grunt he rolled over and crawled to the edge of the loft, squinting through the darkness to catch sight of Astrid’s silhouette standing in his open doorway.

“Astrid?” He called back in a loud whisper. “Wh-what’re you… you doin’ here?” He cleared his throat, realizing with a bit embarrassment how his voice was still thick from sleep, sounding a bit deeper and nasally then normal. “Is… is somethin’ wrong?”

Astrid took a step further in, revealing that she was dressed in just a long green tunic- which he realized with surprise that the tunic happened to be one of his old ones. How did she get a hold of that?

“No.” She whispered. “I…” she paused and slumped a bit. “Um… it’s stupid really. But I wanted a cuddle.”

Hiccup blinked, rather… shocked that she woke so early in the morning, got up, and walked to his hut for a cuddle.

“You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning, to cuddle?” he whispered in astonishment- and with a bit of disbelief.

She fisted her hands into her tunic, giving a little laugh of embarrassment. “I-I’m sorry… I’ll go to my hut now. G’night…” She began to turn around, but Hiccup scrambled to the stairs in hurry to stop her, the sound he made instantly halting her movements.

“No- no…” Hiccup stuttered, practically falling down the stairs in his quick attempts to reach her- a difficult feat seeing as how he only had one leg, and he’d forgotten to strap on his prosthetic. 

He stumbled forward and fell against her, but it was effective in keeping her from leaving. Astrid giggles slightly before wrapping Hiccup’s arm around her shoulders and leading him towards the low burning fireplace against the wall, where she slid to the ground on the thick hide rug, dragging Hiccup with her.

“Don’t go.” Hiccup smiled with a little tilt of his head.

“You’re tired.” Astrid laughed, “And I clearly disturbed you.” She lifted a hand and ruffled his messy hair, his locks even unrulier then ever given to sleep.

He bit his lip while trying to hide a smile, drowsily lifting his hand to attempt to tidy his hair. “Hm, sleep does that.” 

“It’s always messy.” She pointed out.

Hiccup dropped his hand and leaned towards her, hoping for a kiss but was interrupted with a sharp tug on his head.

“Ouch!” Hiccup yelped, pulling back reflexively but realized Astrid had his hair in tight grip. “Hey! What-what you doing?”

“Hush, snarky, I’m just braiding your hair. You’re gonna wake up the whole base with that racket.”

Hiccup sniffed indignantly, but smiled none the less as he felt Astrid’s fingers deftly wind two little braids behind his ear. Once finished, she dropped her hands to his shoulders before leaning forward and pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek and neck.

“There.” She murmured. “Perfect.”

There was a lull as Hiccup stared at her through have lidded eyes, while Astrid played a bit more with his hair. Finally, with a little sigh she got to her feet.

“I suppose I should go back-”

“You didn’t get your cuddle.”

Astrid smiled, then slipped back down beside him and allowing his arm to wrap around her shoulders as she snuggled against his chest. Hiccup smiled as she tucked her head under his chin, allowing him to rest his head against hers. 

“Mm…” Astrid hummed. “I wish we could do this more often without being interrupted by nosey friends.”

“Heh, yeah. This’s nice.” Hiccup agreed quietly, leaning back against the chair.

After a pause, he once again noticed with curiosity that she was indeed wearing one of his old green tunics he’d grown out of months ago. He tugged her sleeve, smiling as he asked. “Where’d you get this, huh?”

Even though her face was obscured from his view, he was certain she was blushing. “Um… eh- your…. your Dad..?”

“Dad?” Hiccup said with amusement.

“No… your right. Toothless did.” 

“Right. Toothless loves my shirts just as much as you do.”

“Who said I “loved” your shirts?”

“Your wearing one aren’t you? And you stole it. So you  must’ve been desperate.” Hiccup finished with a chuckle.

Astrid sniffed. “Maybe. It… it smells like you.”

“How long have you had that?”


Hiccup grinned. “Maybe it’s time for a new one?”

Astrid shifted in his embrace, before she lifted her head and smiled softly at him. “I’d like that.”

Hiccup pushed away slightly, before stumbling to a chest in the corner where he lifted the lid and withdrew several tunics, holding them up for her to see. 

“Green.” He nodded, while she quirked a brow in question. “It suits you.”

She smiled and took the offered tunic willingly. He leaned back, prepared for the kiss she planted on his lips before getting to her feet.

“G’night, Hiccup.”

“Night, Ast.”

With a smile and wave, she disappeared out the door.

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Lup and Taako designed Garyl together. Evidence: he has two horns and is twice as good as any other unicorn, thus made by two people. He only had one horn at first because Taako had forgotten her, but something just didn't feel right. Boom, binicorn.

fuck. fuck fuck fuck this is too accurate

Plain, White Shirt

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Prompt: #7 “Isn’t that mine?” (Hotch x Reader)

Originally posted by criminal-minds-fanatic

He didn’t notice it at first. It was subtle. Someone would have to really be looking to realise it.

He wore one of the many plain, white, button-down shirts he owned one Friday, not thinking too much about what he chose to wear in the morning. That day, after a mind-numbing afternoon of paperwork, he went to your apartment, after dropping Jack off with his aunt for a whole weekend, and spent it in its entirety with you.

It was the first time you had done something like that, spending so much time together ever since this romance had started a few months before. With the two of you being in the same office, along with a whole team of profilers, it meant discretion was of utmost importance.

However, you two excelled at the stoic-face act, although Aaron’s expression usually included his signature frown ninety percent of the time. You both managed to hide your feelings for each other. The only problem you had encountered thus far was not blurting out the other person’s first name, a natural change once your relationship progressed into something more.

The matter at hand here was that, in his haste to get home on Sunday due to Jack feeling slightly ill, he had forgotten that one particular shirt at your house. He didn’t think much of it. He didn’t even realise he had left it behind until he put his son to bed after giving him some medicine and checking his temperature. You would probably return it whenever you could, maybe during the weekend if the team didn’t get a case.

So, it was a bit of a surprise for him to see you with his shirt on Wednesday at the office. You had taken the precaution of putting on a baggy sweater on top of it, but he knew. He recognised it. He owned at least twenty of the same brand, in different colours.

He stiffened for a brief second before continuing back up the stairs to his office. You saw him and knew he had recognised it. You had debated with yourself whether it was a good idea to wear it to the office, which is why you waited a couple of days to do so. It was an indescribable feeling to be wearing something of his to work, even if it was just a shirt.

It reminded you of Friday’s activities, which had led to your burning the dinner you had been working on since you got home. Neither of you had cared in that moment, though. Now, every time you felt the fabric against your skin, you remembered how it felt under your hands when you grabbed onto Aaron’s shoulders to gain better leverage while on the couch.

It also made you giggle, thinking back to it; internally that is… someone would question your sudden laughter if you were to let it out. You had both felt like two teenagers who couldn’t control their hormones and had gotten down and dirty in the living room instead of moving to the bedroom.

So, yes. Your mind had kept on replaying that one moment, despite the fact that you had moved to the bedroom after having some Chinese takeout, and decided to put it on that morning out of impulse. Screw the professional and rational part of your brain. You wanted to show your boyfriend you were thinking of him, damn it. You just didn’t know how he was going to react.

You had an opportunity to find out about an hour later when you took the files you had been working on to his office. You knocked on the open door, and he asked you to close it, his tone normal. Once you sat down, you noticed that he had closed the blinds so no one in the bullpen could look into his office.

Interesting, you thought. What could he possibly be up to?

‘Thank you for the files, (Y/n),’ he said, to which you just rolled your eyes. Business first, as always. ‘I did, however, notice something peculiar about your choice of attire earlier…’

He trailed off with the ghost of a smile as he rounded his desk, perching himself on the edge of it, right in front of you. You smirked and decided to play dumb to humour him.

‘Oh, really? And here I thought I looked cute in this oversized sweater,’ you looked down and smoothed the non-existent wrinkles in said garment.

‘I wouldn’t necessarily call you cute in that,’ he commented, his voice low, as he grabbed you by the hand and brought you up to your feet, making you stand right in between his legs.

‘And why is that?’ you teased him by grabbing onto his shoulders and squeezing them, just like you had done on Friday. He put his head on your shoulder, and you heard him groan. You, once again, had to stop the giggle that was about to leave your mouth. ‘Aaron? You haven’t answered my question,’ you told him right next to his ear.

‘Isn’t that mine, (Y/n)?’ he mumbled, his lips moving down the length of your neck.

Well, I was not expecting this reaction, you thought as you allowed yourself to close your eyes momentarily and enjoyed the feeling of his mouth against your pulse point.

‘(Y/n)? You haven’t answered my question,’ he mimicked you, removing his head from the crook of your neck. You opened your eyes to find him smirking at you.

‘Was this the plan all along, you tease?’ you smiled despite the feeling of disappointment that settled on your stomach at not being able to continue what he had started.

‘Maybe,’ he looked at you from under his lashes and laughed lightly. ‘You should get down to the bullpen soon,’ he added regretfully.

Before he removed his hands from your waist, you grabbed him by the lapels on his suit jacket and kissed him. All tongues and not much finesse, but that was not what you were aiming for. That could wait until the weekend when you planned to tease him yourself.

‘Mmm,’ was all he said before you promptly smoothed the now-existing wrinkles in your sweater and exited his office, leaving the door open behind you.

That evening, while you were lounging lazily on your couch, still clad on your work clothes, with some home-made meal on your lap and an episode of the first comedy show you found on TV, you received a message from Aaron which read:

Jack is staying with his aunt tonight since he has to be at school early tomorrow for a trip and I can’t make it in time to take him myself.

Your heart jumped at the sudden change of plans but quickly messaged him back telling him to come over, already picking up the clothes you had left around the place from previous days and thinking of what you could wear that would look nice but not too over the top.

You had just put the clothes that had been thrown carelessly over different pieces of furniture a minute ago into your laundry basket, when the bell rang along with your cell phone. You picked up the phone first, hoping it wasn’t Garcia with a case and instead were surprised to find Aaron’s name on the screen.

You raised an eyebrow as you unblocked it and a flush came over your cheeks as you dropped the device on the coffee table, took off the sweater you had worn all day and almost tripped over your own feet trying to get to the door fast enough.

You were greeted by a smirking Aaron, who walked into your apartment and immediately started kissing you the same way you had done earlier in the afternoon. You didn’t even recall either of you closing your front door before he put his hands on your ass to hoist you up as you encircled his waist with your legs and he carried you into your bedroom, never breaking his kiss.

The message?

I want to see you in nothing but my shirt.

Yeap. Best decision ever.

Part 2: On

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Im love that last nurseydex fic w ace Dex and was wondering if maybe i could prompt smth where they talk about Dex's intrusive thoughts and he maybe gets help for them (if he has anxiety or anything say) and Nursey being supportive and Dex tryna thank him by being romantic? No pressure to write though!

Okay, for the record, obviously you don’t have to be sex averse to be ace. In my head, Dex isn’t. it’s a conversation he and Nursey will have at a later date. Cut for length and not content

“Jesus, Poindexter, how long are you gonna be in there? I though-”

Nursey’s voice trailed off as he pushed his way into their shared bathroom. The second Dex heard the door squeak open, he grabbed for the first thing he could reach to cover himself, which ended up being the dirty shirt he took off before his shower.

Dex knew how it looked, he fucking knew. Naked and still dripping, alone in the bathroom, flushed in embarrassment, ashamed and hiding. It looked like…

“Were you masturbating?” Nursey looked horrified, but Dex couldn’t really tell if it was because he spoke without thinking or because of the way his voice cracked in the middle.

That. It looked like fucking that.

Dex tightened his grip on the shirt in front of his junk. “No! No, i wasn’t fucking… masturbating.”

“It’s chill if you were,” Nursey hastened. “We never really talked about, y’know… that. And if you do, that’s fine. Good even! I’m not really one to talk, because I do it a lot. Regularly, even.”

Nursey was rambling. Which was just fucking weird for Dex to hear. He had never seen his boyfriend so awkward and… nervous. It made something nasty twist inside Dex. He had caused that; it was his fault.

“Nursey. Please stop talking. I wasn’t, okay.”

Dex could tell Nursey didn’t believe him. He sighed and scrubbed his free hand down his face, wiping away stray water droplets that had rolled down from his hair. He didn’t really want to talk about it, but he would do a lot of things for Nursey that he didn’t want to do. Hell, he would probably chop off his own fucking leg if Nursey asked.

“Look, you know how I’ve been going to that study group early Thursday mornings? Well, I’ve actually been… going to the counselling center, okay? And the counsellor person thought that I should do this stupid self love affirmation crap. Look in a mirror and tell myself nice shit. That’s what i was doing, okay?”

Nursey’s face flashed from confused to hurt before it finally settled on neutral. Somehow, the neutral almost hurt worse than anything else. It had been months since Nursey defaulted to that stupid fake chill bullshit with him.

“That’s cool, Will. It’s really awesome that you’re going to the counselling center.” His voice was just as blank as his face.

Dex wanted to explain that he hadn’t told Nursey because he didn’t want to get his boyfriend’s hopes up that htis was something he was going to stick to. He made the first appointment without any plans of actually going, and the same for the second, and the third. By the time it was a regualr thing, he didn’t have an explaination as to why he hid it from Nursey in the first place.

He wanted to explain that he was doing this for Nursey, that he understood his anger and emotions were getting in between them. For maybe the first time ever, Dex would rather change himself than lose someone else, and he wanted Nursey to know just how important that made him.

He desperately wanted to explain that he loved Nursey so much it scared him, and that he would do anything in his power to never be the reason that Nursey was wearing that fake chill face and that tension in his shoulders. Even embarrassing shit that made him feel stupid.

With a sigh, he reached out and grabbed Nursey’s hand. “Why don’t you stay and watch?”

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I Wonder

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

 Pairing: Stiles x Reader


 A/N: Hello, this is sad. I can’t do happy. Sorry not sorry.

It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language.

Thanks for proofreading Piggie 🐷💖💕 @golddaggers


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His mouth felt dry, as if he hadn’t had water in decades. Although, oddly enough, his hands were sweating, and sweat was beading his forehead. 

He moved his right hand from his side, moving it up to his forehead, down to his stomach, to his left shoulder, then right.

“Bless me father, for I have sinned. My last confession was sometime ago, maybe a few months” Dean almost didn’t want to continue, fearing that somehow his confession would not stay confidential.

He didn’t want to turn his head towards the screen, to the priest who would have to hear his horrible confession, and his dark secret.

“Continue” the priest said, softly, as if he understood why Dean was hesitating.

Dean coughed, clearing his dry throat, scratching it even more in the process; he would kill for some water.

“I’m here, father, to confess a sin I have yet to commit, but I know I will act out on it” Dean said, vaguely. 

The priest’s expression stayed blank, no emotion or anything in his eyes, or anywhere. He was like a statue, and that, for some reason, gave Dean comfort.

“I’ve had disturbing thoughts about another man, who I have found myself falling for, fast” Dean nervously chuckled, playing with his thumbs, his eyes focusing on the dust in the air.

The priest shifted a bit, his body facing towards the screen, his face still the same; maybe he really was a statue.

“What type of disturbing thoughts?” The priest asked, his voice still soft as if he knew what Dean was going through.

Dean wanted to laugh at the priest, ask him if he truly understood where Dean was getting at. Yeah, having ‘disturbing thoughts’ about another man is one thing, but what Dean was getting at was in a whole other ball park.

“Sexual ones, mostly. They started off as us kissing, holding hands, stuff like that” Dean paused, he was no longer playing with his thumbs,”and then they got worse” Dean licked his lips, trying to keep them from becoming cracked.

“How did it get worse?” The Priest asked, his voice slightly cracking.

Dean turned his head, his green eyes focusing on the priest on the other side of the screen. The gentleman was probably not much older then himself.

“I started thinking of him and I having sex in different positions, with so many toys. I began thinking of all the ways I could get him to scream my name, and vice versa. I even though about having sex with in my car, letting people see and hear us, letting them know he was mine” Dean closed his eyes, his dirty thoughts coming back to him.

The Priest face didn’t show any emotion, but Dean could feel that he was slightly uncomfortable with the details he had given. 

“Why does this bother you so much?” The Priest asked, a tint of confusion lacing his question.

Dean wanted to laugh at the fact that he had forgotten the one detail that made his sin the worst of all. How could he have forgotten about that?

“You see, the guy I think about isn’t just any guy” Dean’s eyes met with the Priest’s eyes,”this guy is my baby brother”

confession 1/?

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OMGOMGOMG. Please, more of The Getaway! It's so cute and I can feel the fluffy angst coming our way. What happened to poor Claire?

anonymous asked:
The Getaway was fantastic!!! I absolutely LOVED it!!! Reminds me of my family holidays, the innocence of young love, and it makes me very nostalgic. Could you please continue it? It would warm my heart to see what happens next. Thank you, your work is always amazing!

The Getaway: Part 2.

Find part 1: HERE.

As the sun set on the end of their first week, Jamie sat alone in his room sipping on the cold beer his father had procured for him from the free bar. Placing the glass carefully on the coaster, he gathered up his reading book and lay back against his pillows, determined to get some rest in preparation for tomorrow’s planned activities.

All of the adults had gathered together for the evening to go out of the hotel and eat together. Jamie had coaxed Claire from her room on the promise of food and company, promising to return her early enough that she could relax for the rest of the night.

They’d had a good time. Claire had been talkative, in fact they had conversed more in one dinner time than they had all week.

After their first afternoon out, the pair had been wrapped up in the whirlwind of trips that their parents had planned for them all and neither had really had a moments peace.

Just as Jamie was reaching to turn off his nightlight, an almighty crash sounded from the room beside his.


His mind immediately raced with all manner of possibilities, but before he could consider the danger, he’d ripped the sheets from the bed and rushed from the room, forgetting to even put something on his feet as he began pounding on the Beauchamp’s combined rooms.

“Claire? Are ye alright?” He asked between knocks, trying to keep his voice low in order not to disturb any other guests, “Claire, please?”

The sound of a stifled sob made his ears prick as he leaned against the cool wood to try and hear her better. “Claire, can I come in?” He almost begged, his chest constricting painfully at the thought of her alone and upset.

Friends, he scoffed internally, hardly likely.

“It’s open…” a low voice spoke, hardly audible and from –possibly– deep inside the suite.

Twisting the knob, Jamie pushed lightly, causing the door to creak as he opened it and slid inside. Closing it to, he padded through the main lounge and into the tiny single room that Claire occupied.

At first he couldn’t spot her, sat as she was beside the best, but then he caught sight of her hair, the mass of curls spiking in all directions as she lay her head back against the mattress.

“What’s the matter?” Jamie whispered as he walked around the bed and knelt at her side.

He could see the fresh tear tracks that ran down her face, the thin moonlight filtering through the net curtains throwing a melancholy blue hue over her curled form.

“It’s nothing, honestly, Jamie,” she murmured back, her voice unsteady as she tried to show some strength.

“It isna nothing if it has ye on the floor in tears, Claire.” He returned, unwilling to accept that she was fine. She wasn’t, that was clear to see.

Her cheeks flushed as she viewed him –with some caution– out of the corner of her eye. “I just had a nightmare, that’s all. Don’t worry, really. I have them all the time. It was just waking up in a strange bed that startled me more than usual.”

Jamie reached his hand forward to brush a wayward lock of hair from her damp brow, bringing his digits down lower afterwards to wipe away some of her tears.

“Does this happen every night?” He asked, softly, the need to acquire as much information about her overwhelming him.

“M-most,” she stuttered, sliding herself off the floor as she shift the twisted bedsheets, straightening them out as best she could, keeping her hands busy as she spoke, “but when I’m at home I’m not usually so…jumpy. Here, with the h-heat, and the strange room –and bed– I’m more hyper-aware, I think.”

“Do ye want to talk about it?” Jamie broached, his tone wary but open as he tried to offer his support.

Claire squeezed the cotton linens between her fingers tight, her knuckles going almost white as she licked her lips and shifted her feet against the cold tiles of the bedroom floor. Shaking her head, she glanced towards him once more, a beautiful pink glow lighting her high cheekbones.

“Would you just…stay with me, just for a little while?” Shrugging her shoulders, she let the much abused sheets go, watching as they fluttered slowly back onto the top of the bed, ruffling once more as they landed in a small heap.

Claire didn’t dare look up, lest he reject her.

He could feel her vibrating, her knees shaking as she waited for his response. She wanted to talk, of that he was sure, but she was also hesitant.

Jamie had yet to learn of the traumatic event that had her so subdued, but if she needed him to rest with her whilst she relaxed, he would do it.

“Aye, o’ course, Claire.” He replied, finally, making his way around to the other side of the bed and holding the sheets up for her to crawl under.

Wrapping her up to her waist in the flimsy fabric, he curled himself by her side, fitting himself neatly onto the queen sized mattress.

Claire closed her eyes and shimmied herself to his side, nuzzling her nose against the exposed skin of his collarbone as she snuck her arm around his waist.

As they settled, a sort of calm quiet rose up around them. Jamie was half convinced she’d fallen asleep in his arms. And, although he didn’t altogether mind (in fact, quite the opposite), he knew their parents would riot if they came home to find Jamie in Claire’s bed.

Just as he was about to reignite the conversation, Claire shifted ever so slightly. The gently waft of her breath blew over his sensitive skin, making him shudder at the contact. It wasn’t long before he felt her blink her eyes open once more as she mentally prepared herself.

“It all started back in September,” Claire began, a hint of hesitance lingering in her tone as she relayed her story.

“He c-came from another school, the boy. He’d failed his A Levels and had been forced to take them again. But his previous school hadn’t allowed him to do that there. It all seemed innocent to us, back then.”

Pausing, Claire took a deep breath and steadied herself, her hands curling around the bottom of Jamie’s shirt as she grounded herself in him.

“He seemed nice at first, friendly, just the sort who wanted to fit in, you know? But then, after we came back from Christmas holidays he became really –intense…” gulping back the saliva that had gathered in her mouth, she took another deep breath.

Jamie could feel the fear radiating from her and he began rubbing soothing circles against her back as she let her shoulders slacken with every sweeping motion he made.

“Did he hurt ye, Claire?” He broke in, his voice low but steady. He had wanted to stay silent and let her just tell him, but his impatience got the better of him.

“He asked me out, we had a Valentine’s Day dance coming up and he’d wanted to take me…but I said no. I didn’t mind him as my friend, but–” stopping, Claire’s heart began to pound.

Jamie sensed the story was coming to a conclusion and brought his lips to her forehead as his silent gesture bade her to continue –at her own pace.

Not ready to admit the main reason she hadn’t wanted to accompany another to the dance, Claire shimmied her hips closer before finishing, an inbuilt need for close comfort rising inside of her at Jamie’s close proximity.

“I could see it made him mad, but I didn’t think anything of it. After that I didn’t see him again until after half term. I didn’t go to the dance, I had exam prep and I really didn’t want to go anyway…” steeling herself, Claire prepared to skip to the end, eager for this to be over once more, “I was studying with my science teachers after school one day, t-they’d all left moments before and I just stayed to pack up my books. He waited for me there. Jumped out when I came out of the lab and t-threw me against the lockers…I don’t, well, I–” she sobbed, squeezing her eyes closed tight as the images of that fateful day exploded before her eyes.

“Oh, Claire,” Jamie sighed, his heart going out to her as he hushed her and rocked her shaking body as best he could, “I’m sae sorry, mo chridhe.”

“I was lucky,” she whispered, sorrow laced into every syllable. She didn’t sound particularly lucky. “One of the teachers had forgotten his books and came back. He saw it all and forced him off me…I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without him.”

“You would have fought, Claire,” Jamie interceded, trying to lend her as much emotional support as physical, “ye would have screamed and punched and kicked as best ye could.”

Laughing humorlessly, Claire shook her head. “But I didn’t. He had me by the throat, his knee between my legs…I couldn’t even move to defend myself.”

“That wa’ just the shock. You are so brave, Claire Beauchamp, braver than me. I truly believe ye would have plucked up the strength. As ye have done to continue on as ye have after it.”

Running her damp lips against him, Claire let her tongue taste the salty-sweetness of him, her hands quivering as she pulled herself flush against him.

Now, a small part of her tried to reason, when she was in a heightened state of awareness and anxiety, was not the time to be making advances. Especially not on her parent’s best friends son.

“I lied before,” she said, her voice clear now as she sniffled, the last of her tears shed on the matter.

“About what, Claire?” Jamie returned, a low sort of seduction in his tone as he battled with himself.

She was so very warm and pliant –and she wanted him.

“I don’t want to just be your friend, but I was scared…so I lied.

Swallowing audibly, Jamie ran his nose down her forehead to the bridge of her nose, his eyes hooded as he kissed the tip of it. The reverent gesture sent lightning bolts of pleasure down Claire’s spine as she rolled her hips away from his and then back again.

Ah Dhia, Claire,” he gasped, goosebumps rising over his arms in waves as he tried to remain calm. “I want ye too, but we canna…”

“Why not?” She interrupted, need seeping though every word.

“Because yer hurting now. Ye’ve relieved all those horrid memories from only a few short months ago. I willna take advantage of ye when yer morale is low. That wouldna be verra gentlemanly of me–”

“It isn’t taking advantage, Jamie, if I *want* you,” Claire cut in, her hands resting softly against his lower back as she spoke, “but if you don’t want to, then I understand.”

Something about re-telling her traumatic tale had set alight the previously stagnant embers, causing a roaring flame to spark within Claire as she smoothly scooched her head backwards. Opening her now glazed eyes, she viewed him with a sort of wonder. The idea of him, the same Jamie Fraser she’d seen grow from a boy into a man, loving her made her thighs tingle pleasantly.

“Claire; how could I *not* want to?” He replied, his heart running at a million miles a minute as part of him actively contemplated this new situation.

Could he?

“Then come to me, Jamie,” she whispered, her tone seductive as she tilted her head against the pillow and moved forward, her lips hovering so close to his in askance. “I want you Jamie Fraser…to be the first –the only– one to make love to me.”

Without waiting for him to respond, Claire closed the gap, letting her lips seal tightly against his in a searing kiss. Her hands tugged at his shorts as she tried to untangle her legs from beneath the blankets without much success.

“Please, Jamie,” she half-begged, half-coaxed, their mouths parting only briefly for her to say the words, “I want this, I really want this. *I love you*”

Running his hand through her hair, Jamie lightly pulled Claire away, his eyes meeting hers in a very serious gaze. She was serious, in this moment, as they were, she was completely serious about this.

“Bloody hell, Claire, ye arena making this easy,” he sighed, resigned, “but I want this too. I want ye.”

For the second time that evening, the weight left Claire’s shoulders and she slunk towards him, a small smile adorning her lips. She could feel the victory just in her grasp.

“But I have conditions first, aye?”

Glancing at him with a wary expression, Claire nodded, urging him to continue.

“If yer still sure o’ this tomorrow, I promise ye I’m yours, ken? But I want ye to sleep on it –and–,” he finished, noticing her irritation at his stalling tactics, “I’ll make sure I have protection. I dinna have any on my now, and I willna do it wi’out protecting ye –and me– first. Do ye agree?”

Sighing loudly, Claire swallowed and nodded.

“I won’t change my mind, Jamie. But you’re right.”

Snuggling down once more, she clenched her thighs together, willing the fervour that had built within her to at least lessen as she closed her eyes and let her head flop against the soft pillow.

“Just don’t leave me,” she added sleepily, yawning as she spoke, “stay with me, Jamie. For tonight, please?”

Wrapping the comforter around her shoulders, Jamie nodded, shutting his own eyes now as he began to relax.

“Aye, mo nighean donn. I’ll stay wi’ ye. Sleep now, Claire –I love ye.”