the one good thing that came out of watching hemlock grove

Tear You Apart

Requested: No

Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Reader

Warning: Swearing, smut, tw: blood

A/N: This is my first song based work and im proud of how it turned out!! also i really recommend Hemlock Grove on Netflix!! Even if you’re not into vampires and werewolves(thats basically what its about) it still has a good plot with well developed characters!!

   Walking down the hall you caught sight of Shelly Godfrey. You grinned and said hi. She have you a soft smiled.

   "Hey.“ She typed out. You felt eyes burning into the back of your head and turned to see Roman watching you from across the hall. You waved and said goodbye the Shelly. Roman came over to his sister and gave her a quick hug.

   "I’ll be back.” He said digging in his pocket.

   "Where are you going?“ She asked.

   "For a smoke. See you later.”

And you leave to have a cigarette, your knees get weak
An escape is just a nod and a casual wave
Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days

   You walked down the path watching as the burnt orange and fiery red leaves fell silently to the ground. The faint sounds of a soccer coah yelling to his team mingled with the sound of the leaves crunching beneath you. You held onto your backpack straps tightly as you looked around at the quaint houses and yards. You like Hemlock Grove because of this. Everyone and everything here is peaceful. You continued to walk until you came to the opening of the alleyway you usually go through to get home. You felt your heart fall when you noticed the squeaky clean Jaguar XK150 parked to the side. You looked down the street to your left, wondering if the extra two miles were worth it.

   "Nope.“ You said sighing and taking a deep breath. You began walking forward and clenched your teeth when you heard the moaning coming from within the car.

   "Oh god Roman!” The girl screamed. You the closer you got the more you could hear. As you passed by you heard a horrible tearing sound as the bottom of your backpack ripped and everything fell to the floor. You groaned in frustration both at that and the fact that while you gathered your things you’d have to listen to them. You bent down and began picking up your things when their moans died down and girl stumbled out of the car with some cash in her hand and her shirt halfway on. She looked at you and scoffed.

   "We’re you listening to us? Freak.“ She said fixing her clothes. You looked over and made direct eye contact.

   "You’re going to walk away. Now.” You said looking back at your stuff. You watched her walk away out of the corner of your eye and quickly looked down where you heard the drivers door open and close.

   "Y/N?“ You heard Roman ask. You looked over to see him place a cigarette in his mouth and put on his shirt. His gaze flickered to your upper lip back up as he approached you. You whipped under your nose and pulled away your hand to see blood. He found himself looking at you often. Since you’d met, your beauty and fiesty personality had caught his eye. He didn’t want to call it a crush, but he knew thats what it was.

It’s only just a crush, it’ll go away
It’s just like all the others it’ll go away
Or maybe this is danger and he just don’t know
You pray it all away but it continues to grow

   You sighed. Not enough practice. Using your abilities was new to you. Being an Upir seemed more difficult than it was worth. You stood up.

   "Got any napkins or something?” You asked avoiding his predatory gaze.

   "Yeah. In the glove box.“ He said watching you as you got in the passenger seat and opened the glove box. You looked in the side mirror and began whipping away the blood. You were surprised Roman wasn’t alarmed. Even if he didn’t know he was Upir, it should raise a red flag that someone had similar issues. The driver door opened and Roman put your things in the small back area. You looked over at him in confusion.

   "What are you doing?” You asked throwing the tissues on the ground.

   "Taking you home.“ He said closing his door.

   "Since when?” You asked reaching to get her things. He grabbed your arm and stopped you

   "You know most people would say thank you and except the ride.“ He said pushing your arm away. You crossed your arms and glared at him.

   "Well I’m not like most people.” You spat. He groaned.

   "Are you gonna get out then? Or are you gonna close the door and shut up?“ He said waiting impatiently. You rolled your eyes and closed the door.

   "Don’t ask me to get in your car and tell me to shut up Roman.” You growled. He looked over and you and chuckled.

   "You know most girls would love for me to give them a ride.“ He said. You snorted.

   "Well most girls would also get on their knees for you anywhere.” You said feeling your anger towards him bubble up. He was so arrogant. You hated that you liked him. You didn’t want to be used by him. Not like everyone else. You deserved more than that. He quirked an eyebrow.

   "And you wouldn’t?“ He said leaning in closer. You could feel his agitation flowing from him as he challenged you. You met him halfway until you were inches apart.

   "No.” You said simply. He crashed his lips to yours angerly. And much to his surprise, you didn’t pull away.

But their lips met, and reservations started to pass
Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last
Either way he wanted her and this was bad
He wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like

   You ran your hand through his hair and tugged eliciting a groan from him. As a fellow Upir you knew exact what he wanted, what he was missing from the sex he’d been having. He guided you onto his lap and moved from your lips to your neck. You planted your hands on his shoulders and threw your head back to give him better access. He gripped your hips tightly as he sucked on your neck. You could feel the hunger radiating from his touch. You grinded against the growing tent in his pants drawing out a groan from him. You felt him bite your neck, hard. You winced and smiled as you felt blood spread. Roman pulled away and looked up at you. He serched your face for a sign of distress. You looked over his blood covered mouth and grinned down at him.

   “Well don’t stop.” You teased bending down to kiss him again. You moaned at the taste of your blood on his tongue.

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

  You pulled away and removed your top. Romans eyes darted to the freshly exposed skin. You wached him expectantly and he got the hint. He threw off his t-shirt and began unbuckling his belt. You kicked off your pants and underwear and turned your attention back to Roman. He grabbed your hips and helped lower you onto his throbbing length. You adjusted for a second and then began bouncing. He met you half way and thrusted harshly. You cried out and he reached around  to unhook your bra and it fell to the floor. He rubbed one nipple between his fingers and used his other hand to rub your clit. You placed one hand on the window as you rode him to keep you steady. He bit his lip as he watched you and you watched as blood began to dribble down his chin. You felt something inside of you twitch and you heard your pulse pounding in your ears. You hungrily licked and suck at his neck and chin, tasting every drop. You moved back up to his lips and shuttered as your blood and his mixed. His tounge explored the inside of your mouth as his hands explored your body. He angled his hips slightly and brushed your g-spot. A moan tore from the back of your throat. You placed your hand on his shoulder and pulled away to draw a breath. He tilted his head back and you made quick work of nipping at his neck. The first taste of blood made you hungry. This taste made you starving. You couldnt help but whine as he pressed harder on your clit.

I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I wanna fucking tear you apart

   “Your cunts tighter than I thought babe.” He groaned pulling your hips down and bottoming out. He held you still as you squirmed against him. He began pounding into you relentlessly and your moans became screams. Your body grew hot and you clenched around him. You came screaming his name. He shuddered and came inside of you, slowing down and riding out his orgasm. You slipped off of him and he watched as his seed spilled out of you and down your thighs. He looked up at you.

   “That was hot. But shouldn’t we-”

   “On the pill.” You said cutting him off and getting off his lap and back into the passenger seat. He nodded. You picked up your panties and he snatched them from you. “Hey!” You said reaching to grab them back. He tssked at you and chuckled.

   “These are mine now.” He said smugly putting them in his pocket and zipping up his jeans.

   “Now why is that?” You asked crossing your arms. He looked over at your chest as he did his belt.

   “Don’t cross your arms. I like looking at your perfect tits.“ He said making you laugh.

   "Never have been good at compliments. And if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re avoiding my question.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on. He looked down as he grabbed his shirt.

   "I’m not.“ You smirked.

   "Roman Godfrey! You have a crush on me!” You said. He shook his head.

   "You sound ridiculous and juvenile you know that?“ He said pulling a cig from the box in between the seats. You grinned.

   "No I can tell! You haven’t kicked me out! You make every other girl leave right after. And I’m still here.” You said snagging uo your panties he’d left in his lap. You put them on and looked over at him.

   "I’m giving you a ride home.“ He argued. You rolled your eyes.

   "Yeah but why?” You continued, slipping on your pants. He just shook his head and lit his cigarette. He started the car and you basked in your smugness. Knowing you had cornered him. He began out of the alley and towards your house. The car ride was fast amd quiet. You gathered your things and got out of the car. You leaned through the open window.

   "Thanks for the ride and stuff.“ You said. He smiled at you.

   "Anytime y/n. And maybe you’re right. I do like you.” He said driving away quickly. You watched the small red car drive away with a smiled plastered to your face.

Come On Closer [One-Shot // Roman Godfrey x Reader Imagine]

Originally posted by okeaanoos

Warnings: Adult Language, Minor Blood-Play, Tiny Hints of Domination / Submission Play, Sexual Themes / Smut. 

(Also, please ignore any and all spelling or grammar mistakes. I’ll probably spot most of them after I post as I usually do and fix them later.)

Author’s Note: Whoops… My hand slipped. *Shrugs innocently* It slipped and created way more than I had originally planned to create, to be honest. However, I’m hoping you’ll like this just as much as the original version I planned to create; since the premise is still the same regardless of the end result lol.

[This one-shot was inspired by this imagine scenario, which you can view here.]

Musical Inspiration: Come On Closer by: Jem [Side note: I’ve always loved this song for years – and now it has finally came in handy.]


I had been his friend for years, and while that never bothered me, I also wished a part of him would see me differently. Nothing he said or did, ever surprised me at this point in our lives. That is, until one night when we had been drinking and he confessed something to me that would cause me to accidentally alter the course of our friendship forever…

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The Heart - Roman Godfrey

(Nerd!Reader X Roman Godfrey)

You tutor Roman Godfrey in Anatomy, the Cardiovascular System to be exact.

A/N : This is one of my first tries when writing for Roman so I’m going to say sorry in advance! Give me some time to master writing for him! Enjoy!

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Hemlock Grove High School was unwelcoming to say the least. Despite having lived in the sleepy town for all of your life, you couldn’t help but feel apart from your peers. While they gossiped, you were studying. While they went out with their friends, you were home alone. One thing that came from this was your good grades. You were soon recommended to be a tutor.

Hardly anyone ever came up to the Peer Tutoring lab. If they did, they would seek help from someone more affable, approachable instead of yourself. It didn’t matter how smart you were, your personality off put so many people, they refused to get the help they truly needed. Part of you liked it that way; you had grown used to the cold shoulders after a few years. However, deep down, it hurt you.

It hurt that no one wanted to talk to you, ask you a question about the Algebra homework or number forty-five on that History assignment. It hurt that, while you sat alone at a table, all the other tutors were explaining to their friends what the difference between a covalent and an ionic bond were. So, instead of thinking about how much it hurt, you busied yourself with a book.

You were already in deep within the pages when the rapping of knuckles against the table frightened you. You looked up and your eyes locked with none other than Roman Godfrey. You had known him since grade school, liked him since grade six. So of course it was him that came up to you. The boy offered you a soft smile, as if in apology; but Roman never apologizes.

“I need help with something,” he said coldly, “you’re a tutor right?” You nodded, peering at him as you closed your book.

“You care about your grades?” You countered, without missing a beat. Roman actually smiled, taking the seat next to you at your empty table.

“I need to pass,” he said, “my mom’s been riding my ass all week about it.” He reached down into his bag, pulling out a binder. His lips were pursed as he moved, his jaw tight with agitation. He flopped the binder on the table with a smacking sound that drew the attention of people in the room.

“Anatomy,” you said, opening the binder. “You’re covering the body systems…” Roman only nodded, watching you as you looked over his notes. You suppressed a smile as your eyes skimmed over his handwriting. It was fanciful, not the childish font most males scribbled in. Little sketches also caught your attention. A wolf’s face and a few snakes littered the margins on his notebook.

“We have a test soon,” Roman said, bringing your eyes to meet his own. “On the Cardiovascular system, I think. I’m not good with-”

“The heart? Does blood make you queasy?” You asked, leaning over the binder. Roman scoffed at your words, rolling his eyes. You noticed the quirking of his lips a little, making your heart flutter. He looked good when he smiled.

“You ask a lot of questions,” he said blatantly. While his original annoyance lingered in his expression, mischief glimmered in his eyes too.  

“I don’t see many people asking me for help,” you explained.

“Maybe ‘cause you ask so many questions,” Roman said, the hints of a grin forming on his lips. You had heard about those lips. Girls of Hemlock High raved about the magic Roman Godfrey could work. You yourself had wondered, but never dared to entertain the thoughts of him any further. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to focus.

“I can help you,” you said, flipping through his notebook to find the notes on the heart. When you found the pages, you looked back up at Roman whose gaze was glued on you. You swallowed hard under his gaze, shifting in your seat. It wasn’t just his lips, it was his eyes. You felt your heartbeat start to quicken as you mentally cursed yourself.  

“So-uh, where should we begin? The circulatory system?” You asked, clearing your throat. When Roman didn’t respond, you looked up at him.

“I was thinking, maybe the inner workings of the heart.” You nearly melted at the tone of his voice. The heart, of course. His green eyes were bright, a full grin on his face now. He knew exactly what he was doing. You felt a red-hot blush creep onto your features and you knew it would be a long study session.

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Bill Skarsgård x Reader Headcannons

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Bill headcannons

Warning: None

Note: I finished before 9 I’m happy. Enjoy! :D!

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Originally posted by abasketofgifs

-The first time you met with Bill was when you were an extra in Hemlock Grove

-You had a scene together where he’d bump into your purposely and spill the books everywhere only your stupid feet betrayed you and you tripped and hit your head on a locker

-You felt really embarrassed about it but Bill was with you the entire time in the infermey

-You had to get stitches so he had to hold your hand as they did it

-It wasn’t painful you were just nervous

-You contiued to see and talk to eachother randomkly after that until you finally became friends

-You once got drunk during a party and Bill drove you to his place

-For some reason you kept pawing at the windows like a cat

- When he arrived to his house you were  surprised that it a nice looking house in the suburbs

- When he was checking the house out he found you munching zombie-like on snacks

-He had to fight you to get into bed. Like legit you’d run from him and he’d have to grab you and pull you back

- You were shouting the entire time you needed to find Batman to save the army of frogs with purple nails

-Do frogs even have nails?

-Eventually he had came to an agreement with you and laid on the bed with you

-You wouldn’t stop snuggling to him

-In the middle of the night you said you loved him in your sleep and he just smiled and said he loved you back

-He meant to get out of bed and go to his own room but he ended up sleeping there for the rest of the night

-When you woke up with a slamming hangover had left a couple advils and a glass of water

-Bill was making breakfast which was sooo good

- He makes good waffles =P!

-When you had to leave he finally talked about what you had said and asked you if it was true

-You said yes and he kissed you

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Requested By Anon

Warnings: Threesome, masturbation, watching, swearing

“Peter.” You called out as you finished the trek from Roman’s house to Peter’s. The boy swung open the door to his trailer and hopped down the steps to sweep you into a bear hug.

“Thought you were hanging out with your friends?” Peter asked as he shook a beer that he’d been drinking before you arrived and slumped into his hammock, offering you a spot next to him.

“Nope and Roman wasn’t in so I came to see you.” You hummed and he chuckled.

“Oi Peter you in?” You both looked over to see the lanky boy stroll into the garden, smirking when he set eyes on you. “So the twins say you don’t want to hang out because you’ve never been to a sleepover.”

“Shut up Roman.” You huffed blushing and turning away from him only for Peter to see you flushed face.

“Wait you’ve never had a sleep over?” Peter asked with a laugh.

“Urgh no ok, why is it so weird?” You huffed.

“I guess it’s not you don’t really have many other friends.” Roman muttered, grinning when you pouted.

“You can sleepover at mine.” Peter offered.

“Or we could all sleep in my huge house.” Roman huffed quickly as he glared at Peter.

“Ok.” You muttered quietly.


You were perched on the edge of Roman’s huge bed, your pyjama shorts leaving enough of your legs bare to appreciate the expensive sheets underneath you.

“Pick a movie.” Roman grunted as he headed into the bathroom and chuckled you the remote.

You were flicking through tv channels when Peter arrived, making your eyes widen when your friend stripped down to his boxers and slid in opposite Roman’s side of the bed. Roman emerged wearing joggers and sunk into his bed, moving you until he was comfortable, grabbing the controller and changing the channel.

“This movie sucks.” Peter grumbled as his hand landed heavily in your lap. You were lent against Roman’s chest while your legs were slung over Peter’s, the three of you taking up the entirety of Roman’s bed.

You’d been slowly falling asleep when warm fingertips played with the hem of your shorts, your eyes snapped open and you looked over to Peter whose eyes were on his hand as he continued to tease your thighs with gentle squeezes and glanced up at you with a wide Wolfe grin.

Roman noticed you fidgeting and glanced over at the two of you, pushing the thin straps of you top down until it fell down and tugged you down across his lap, kissing down to your chest.

“Shit Roman, I was just going to play with her a bit!” Peter chuckled as Roman’s tongue trails around a hardening nipple.

He smirked at Peter when you whimpered and wriggled due to both boys teasing your body but neither actually touching where you wanted them. Roman pulled away and watched your face as Peter slowly circled your clit, before dragging his fingers through your folds and slide two fingers inside you.

Roman swallowed and began kissing you desperately when deep throaty moans began pouring from your lips, one hand tangled into your hair and the other thumbed your breasts making you whimper between moans.

“One of us should fuck her.” Peter said when he felt your walls beginning to clench around his fingers.

“Who’d you want princess?” Roman asked you as he ran his nose up your neck.

“Um… I urgh.” You couldn’t finish your sentence as Peter pulled your orgasm from you. He spread your legs and glanced at Roman who ran a long finger through your folds and sucked them clean before Peter lifted your hips and buried his face between your thighs.

“How about both of us?” Roman hummed while pressing sharp kisses to your throat. You’d slept with both Roman and Peter before but never in the same room, the idea had your body tingling.

“Yes please.” You gasped as you tried to concentrate on him.

The next thing you knew you were being flipped over as Peter kissed your thighs and rubbed his cock through you wet folds. Roman gently tugged your hair so he could look at your face as Peter side into you, your moan catching in your throat as Peter pushed the whole of his length inside you before pulling out and ramming back in.

“God (Y/N), so wet and tight… such a good girl for take me all.” Peter grunted as he found a steady pace and soon had your eyes rolling.

Roman licked his lips and pumped his length as he watched Peter rut into you roughly. When you kissed his tip he groaned but pulled you away as he continued to pump up and down.

Almost as soon as Peter had come Roman was jealously tugging you into his lap so you could ride him. He lovingly watched you moved up and down on him, his hands on your hips, helping you keep a steady pace and yours on his shoulders.

Peter lay on his back as he watched you ride his friend, resisting the urge to join in as your eyes began to roll. Roman’s touch was unusually gentle like he was trying to make up for the bruising touches that Peter had left on you.

You whimpered, both boys knowing that you were close. They both chuckled when you found it impossible to continue and Roman began thrusting up into you, both of you panting and moaning, Peter smiled when he caught your eye and sat up, kissing your breast and lapping his tongue against your nipple as his hand played with the other.

A few rolls of your clit between Roman’s fingers had you coming hard and Roman followed quickly. You flopped down onto Roman’s chest while Peter kissed your back, gently massaging as he went.

“I think I like sleepovers.” You mumbled and both boys burst into laughter.

The Lady and The Monster Chapter One

Summary: A historical AU. You have lived a lonely life, the daughter of the richest man in your village. One day, you beside to see the legendary Monster who lives by the lake, only to find yourself pleasantly surprised. 

Words: 2771

Paring: Roman Godfrey x Reader

Warnings: I think one swear word. Mentions of sexual activity and seduction. Rude Roman. Angst. No smut in this chapter but chapters two and three are going to be SMUTASTIC. 

My first AU and my first Roman fic. I originally wrote this for Bill but decided Roman would be a better fit. If there is any interest in the Bill version, let me know and I will post it. There will be two more parts after this, with quite a bit of smut. There is a lot of angst in this part but I swear chapters 2 and 3 will be ridiculously fluffy and happy. 

I’m dedicating this series to the wonderful @supersoldierslover, literally one of my favorite people on the planet. She has inspired and encouraged me so much, she is just the best! Thank you for helping inspire all my fics! 

The Lady and The Monster Masterlist

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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 4

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“I’m fucking exhausted.” Bill groaned, throwing his head back against the black leather seat, gripping onto the steering wheel tightly as we drove back to his place.

I yawned in agreement, checking the time on the dashboard to see it was 7:30pm. It wasn’t late but it felt it, we’d been up since the crack of dawn.

“Hey, Mya. I’m sorry about earlier, getting interrupted and all that.” Bill apologised, and I shrugged.

“It was probably for the best to be honest, maybe we shouldn’t do anything beyond the point of our places. The last thing we want is people to start reading between the lines, I really want to keep my name out of the press and I’m sure you don’t need the hassle.” I motioned to Bill, who let out a dry laugh.

“You make it sound like people thinking we’re dating is the worst thing in the world, you need to relax. So what if the rumours start, I’m sure it’d be fine.”

“Yeah, but we’re not dating, Bill. We’re super close, yeah, but sleeping together is already asking for trouble and doing it in public is adding fuel to the fire.” I pointed out and he groaned in response.

“It didn’t even count as sleeping together today, I barely got in before Roger was knocking on the door.” He complained, turning off the junction and heading up through a secluded road that was surrounded by large trees.

Bill’s driveway had a trail of small lights that illuminated the way, so it was always easy to find the house.

He pulled up in front of the large, glass house and cut the engine with another yawn.

“Let’s go.”

I hopped on out of the car, as did Bill. I didn’t bother removing my kit from the car, as it’d have to be used again soon.

It was a relief to enter the house and have the door shut behind us, it was comforting being in a place that was so familiar to me.

Bill had automatic lights that came on whenever there was movement within the building, it was an added security measure too.

We both kicked off our shoes and hung up our jackets, I watched sympathetically as Bill rubbed his clean, shaven face.

“Want me to order pizza while you get changed?” He offered, and I nodded eagerly, practically galloping up the wooden stairs to the second level of his house.

It was no secret that Bill’s success had paid well, and his house just mirrored that.

It was a five bedroom place with two levels, a gorgeous lounge, luxurious kitchen with marble counters and a back yard with a hot tub and dark decking.

I made my way into Bill’s room, we always shared it when I stayed over, even though he had four other rooms.

I searched through his walk in wardrobe, looking for one of his soft, cotton t-shirts that I could borrow since I had no interest in wearing one of my own that I kept here.

Satisfied once I’d found a pristine, white one, I removed my own top and bra, pulling the soft material over my head.

I unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them off, relieved to be out of the constricting material.

I shoved all of my clothes into the wash hamper that was located in the corner of his dark room, leaving them for him to wash since I really didn’t feel like doing it myself.

I glanced at myself in the mirror, tilting my head to the side.

It was no secret that I had insecurities, I mean, who doesn’t?

I admired my false, blonde hair, delicately tugging on the end of it.

My skin was quite fair, although I still had a slight bit of colour left from the summer. The white t-shirt made my pathetic excuse of a tan stand out more, and I didn’t mind how I looked tonight.

Even in Bill’s long t-shirt that you could quite clearly see through, as my black thong and nipple piercings were pretty prominent.

My legs were long and quite toned, even though I was definitely not the skinniest girl around.

My finger nails were a deep red, they matched my gel pedicure also.

The only thing that made me insecure within that moment was the mark that Bill had left on my neck at lunch, if anything it had gotten more visible throughout the day.

I sighed and mumbled a curse as I rubbed my neck, turning Bill’s bedroom light off and making my way back downstairs.

Since Bill’s house was also open plan downstairs, I could see him sat on his couch with his arms folded, the television on and playing Friends.

I took a gentle seat next to him and he turned to face me slightly, cocking an eyebrow up.

“Is that my t-shirt?”

“Nope.” I replied quickly, pulling the blanket off the back of his large, black couch and using it to cover my bare legs.

“I’ve ordered pizza, got your usual, the app says it should be here in about twenty minutes.”

“Thank you.” I whispered, feeling his hands go under the blanket and to my legs where he rubbed them gently.

I leant one arm on the back of the couch so my body was slightly twisted and rested my head on my hand, Bill copied me.

“You know, you’re one of the most amazing people i’ve ever met.” He expressed, giving my ankle a squeeze.

“Well, you’re pretty cool yourself. It’s weird, I never thought I’d ever make any friends when I moved from New Jersey to LA, yet my first day on the set of Hemlock Grove and I met you.” I chuckled, remembering the day as if it was yesterday.

“I remember, you were my make up artist for the day and I was freaking out, thinking you were gonna put lipstick on me or some shit.” He laughed.

“That was so funny, I was trying so hard to hold myself together and be professional.” I giggled, briefly brushing my hair from my eyes.

“I recall seeing you come onto set, you were wearing that Motley Cruë raglan and ripped jeans, I thought you looked amazing.”

I rolled my eyes at his compliment, slightly impressed that he’d remembered such specific details like that, looking down towards the fabric of the blanket, I began picking at it between my fingers.

I felt his hand leave my leg and Bill was soon grasping my chin between his long fingers, urging me to look up.

Our eyes connected and there was a weird feeling of suspense surrounding us, I could see his green eyes flickering between my eyes and lips.

We both started moving closer together, our lips millimetres apart.

Just as they were about to touch, the sound of the doorbell ringing made us jump apart.

Bill looked at me for a second with wide eyes, before hopping over the back of the couch to answer the door.

I was left stunned, replaying the moment in my head.

Were we about to kiss? Like… properly?

I know we kissed whenever we were having sex or doing stuff, but this was different, there was no sexual tension or hunger, it just felt normal and just thinking about it left butterflies in my stomach.

I was distracted from my thoughts when Bill came back over to the couch, pizza boxes in his hands.

He was staring at me intently, like he was analysing me for a sign that I was freaking out about what almost just happened.

I could tell he was tense and I didn’t want him to be, he had no need to be tense. So, I offered him a small grin and almost instantly I saw his demeanour change.

He grinned back and sat back down, also pulling the blanket over his lap as he gave me a pizza box.

“This smells so good, I’m starving. I haven’t even had the chance to have a snack today, when Roger interrupted us I just went back to work.” I moaned, taking a bite of the pizza which had all of my favourite toppings on.

“Same, but it wasn’t food I was hungry for.” He winked, chewing the food in his mouth.

“You’re a creep.” I giggled, shoving him playfully.

“You love it.”

We sat and ate our pizza on his couch and when we were finished, we cuddled up close under the blanket.

“I can’t imagine life without you.” I mumbled, taking his hand and playing with his fingers.

“You don’t have to, I’m right here, I always will be.” He murmered, wrapping an arm around my shoulder and pulling me close to his side and resting his chin upon my head.

I tucked in close to him, enveloping in his warmth and protection, and with that, my eyes began to drift shut from exhaustion and from just feeling so safe in Bills arms.

My life wouldn’t be worth living without him.


-Hey everyone, just an ending note. I decided to include more depth into feelings, explore the back story too. What does everyone think? I hope you enjoy, the next part will be uploaded tomorrow!

Protective Dad Mode ~Bill Skarsgard Imagine~


Summary: You’re James McAvoy’s daughter and is dating Bill Skarsgard. When you’re in the same movie as your father and boyfriend, things get interesting. It gets more interesting when the IT premiere comes and James talks about your relationship with Bill.

Author’s Note: High key almost forgot who James was. I’m sorry. Also Haven’t seen Atomic Blonde since I’m still underage and my parents won’t let me watch it.

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James McAvoy had you when he was 18. However, you were raised well even though you had to bounce around between your dad and your mom. When your dad became an actor, you wanted to follow into his footsteps. 

Now, you’re one of the top actresses in Hollywood. You had been in many movies and shows. When you and your dad had gotten a deal on being in a movie called, Atomic Blonde, you both accepted. 

That’s where you met him. Bill Skarsgard. He was playing your love interest in the movie. As you both got to know each other to make the chemistry in the movie more realistic, you started to fall for each other. 

“I’ve noticed you’ve been getting close to that Bill Kid,” Your dad tells you.

“That Bill kid? Dad, he’s like 7 years older than me,” You tell him.

“You should be careful.”

“Dad, I know you’re being protective but it’s alright. Bill and I are just taking things slow right now,” You tell him.

“Okay, okay,” Your dad tells you.

When you got on set to film the next scene with Bill, it was a heated make out session before Charlie’s character comes in for your help. You were playing a smart girl who was the definition of a good girl. 

“Alright, guys. You ready for this scene?” Your director, David asked. 

“Yup,” You smile. 

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” Bill tells him.

“Great! Alright, places on set please!” David said before walking back. You both got into positions and you got ready. 

“And action!” 

Bill walked over to you as you took a sip of your martini. 

“I didn’t know you liked that kind of stuff,” Bill said. 

“Why? Not my style?” You asked him.


“I just need a little stress relief,” You tell him.

“I know what else can be a stress relief,” Bill tells you as he got closer. Your bodies were touching now.

“Like what?” You asked. Bill leaned in until your dad had stopped you both.

“Cut!” He yelled. Everyone started to laugh as his protective dad mode came on.

“Dad!” You laughed a little.

“It’s alright, James. It’s just one scene,” David tells him.

“Fine. Fine.”

After filiming, you and Bill had made it official that you were dating. The media went crazy especially after he had landed the role of Pennywise. At the IT premiere, your dad was invited. 

“James, how do you feel about your daughter, Y/N, dating Bill?”

“He’s everywhere,” James joked. 

“So he’s like a son-in-law now?” The interviewer joked.

“Yeah. Y/N talks about him all the time and they’re always together. As a dad, I tend to get very protective. Especially with the 7 year age difference,” James tells them.

“But you are happy for her right?”

“Of course. She’s so happy and that’s all I want for my daughter,” James tells them.

When you and Bill had set up a dinner with your dad, Bill was nervous to say the least. 

“Why are you so nervous? He loves you,” You tell Bill. 

“I know. It’s just I want to keep giving him a good impression,” Bill tells you. 

“You already did,” You tell him before giving him a kiss.

 “Really, in front of me?” James joked. You pulled away to look at your dad. 

“Hi, dad,” You tell him before getting up and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hello, sir,” Bill said, shaking his hand. 

“Bill. Good to see you again.”

You all sat down at the table as you looked through your menu.

“How are you both?” Your dad asks. 

“We are doing great,” You tell him.

“Bill, have you been treating Y/N right?”

“Of course sir.”

“Sir? Very formal are we?” Your dad joked. 

“Oh… Well… I just-”

“I’m teasing you kid.”

You smile as you held Bill’s hand under the table. You had excused yourself from the table to use the restroom.

“Are you planning to ask Y/N to marry you?” James asked him.

“What? We’ve only been dating for a year. I think it’s best to wait for a few more years.”

“Bill, listen. I think you’re a good guy for Y/N. I can trust you on taking care of her. I only tease you because I like embarrassing Y/N’s boyfriends,” James tells Bill.

“Really?” Bill asked in relief. 

“Yeah. But again if you hurt her, I’ll call Y/N’s guy friends and we’ll get together to get you,” James tells him.

“I understand,” Bill smiled. 

“So what did I miss?” You ask, coming over to sit down. 

“Not much,” Your dad tells you.

“Oh good,” You smile. 

You looked at Bill and smiled. You held his hand again under the table before leaning against him. 

Within and Without

Prompt : Requested by @melaerica, “Can you please do a Bill Skarsgård imagine, where the reader is a famous actress ad she attends the IT movie premiere and Bill has a huge crush on her and does everything to get her attention. Thank you Xx”

Pairing: Bill x Reader 

Words: 1167 

Every single aspect of your life was under a microscope. Your agent always said the difference between a good actress and a movie star was press coverage. The whole year was spent trying to persuade innocent people to watch the Oscar-nominated movie you stared in with Armie Hammer. You were just happy to have the night off for the first time in a few weeks.

Not to mention, you were pretty excited to see the movie. You remembered reading IT when you were 14 years old sobbing over the death of Eddie at two in the morning. You were so happy that even when your glam team brought a rack of tight and expensive golden dresses, it didn’t get you down. You rather of went to the premiere in an over-sized sweater and yoga pants, you were honestly that done.

You rolled down the windows in your limo to ease your car sickness. The idea of standing in front of cameras while photographers shouted orders at you always made you sick. You wondered what Daisy Buchanan would think of all this. She would probably think of all of it romantically.

You could hear the roar of screaming from a mile away and felt a familiar tightness in your gut. Rather than truth give me money and fame.

There were red balloons everywhere and the crowd was huge. You smiled gracefully at the cameras and demanding reporters, only doing basic red carpet poses. At big Hollywood premieres like this one, you usually sat with your friends and family but you came alone.

You saw that there was an empty spot by Derek Hough you shrugged and whispered excuse me’s to the people already sitting.

“ You look wonderful Y/N,” he whispered.

“ As do you,” you replied. You’ve only seen Dancing With the Stars once with your grandma. He was much prettier in person though.

After fifteen minutes the previews began to play. You began to feel lonely and restless. You should’ve come with Shailene or something she was a very tolerable person. You made small talk with Derek about the Trump presidency, but that made you nauseous.

You remembered the emergency cigarette pack you put in your clutch. How was that for Hermès glamour?

“ I’m going to get fresh air,” you whispered to Derek. He nodded and waved you goodbye, which was weird. You apologized to everyone you pass by. The movie was probably starting soon.

It was dark outside and the noise of Hollywood traffic felt familiar.

“ Sneaking away?” you jumped at the sound of the voice. You dropped your clutch on the pavement and scrambled to pick it up.

He was extremely tall and slender. He was blowing smoke from his cigarette out into the night air. He ruffled through his brown hair with his free hand.

“ What are you doing out here?” you inquired. He smiled and put the cigarette back into his mouth.

“ The movie starts in a half hour. They’re waiting for all the people to come in, the non-famous kind,” he exclaimed. You rolled your eyes.

You dug into your purse and pulled out your pack of Marlboro’s. The guy kept glancing at you, trying to be as smooth as possible.

“ Can I help you?” you asked impatiently.

“ I saw that movie you did with Armie Hammer, The Virtuous.” You nodded, that movie was not the best you’ve been in.

“ Wasn’t it horrible?” you asked.

He laughed, “ That movie you were in with Nicole Kidman was good.” Your eyebrows made a v shape. That movie was from ten years ago, you were literally 14.

“ I remember having the biggest crush on you when I was younger,” you started to blush. He threw his cigarette on the ground and put it out with his foot. His green eyes burned into yours making you turn away.

“ I don’t really know your name,” you confessed. You recognized his face from somewhere but you didn’t really read up on the cast before coming.

“ It’s Bill, I’m in the film,” he explained. He outstretched his hand and you took it.

“ Who are you in the-?” You racked your brain for the character list.

“ Pennywise the dancing clown,” he answered.

You nodded, “ Could’ve guessed that.”

“ My brothers are actors too,” he explained. “ And my father Stellan is as well.” You slapped your forehead, you’ve watched Good Will Hunting too many times not to recognize that name.

“ Oh, Skarsgård,” you whispered. He smiled and stared at the night sky.

“ Your brother Alexander can get it,”you said. You saw him in Big Little Lies and have been dreaming about him ever since.

Bill’s shoulders shook with laughter,
“ You’ve got the wrong brother Y/N”.

“ I hope the audience recognizes the essence of personal growth in children,” you sighed. He nodded in agreement. You both listened to the sounds of nightlife together.

“ The movie with Armie Hammer wasn’t bad,” he said.

“ Thanks.” Talking with Bill was probably the highlight of your whole year. He had a very calming relaxing aura around him.

“ I like acting, but I hate being famous,” you were shocked you even admitted that. He was a total stranger.

“ I understand you’re holding up well, with the exception of the mental breakdown you had after your breakup with Taron Egerton,” he explained. You rolled your eyes, he read the tabloids of course.

“ Would’ve had it with or without him,” you said blandly.

“ I’m sorry to say this, but you’re much more attractive in person and my obsession with you growing every day,” you began to blush.

“ You sound like a teenage boy,” you retorted.

“ I’ve seen every movie you’ve been in since I was a kid,” he said. “This is an honor really.” You wanted to kiss him, that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to you.

“ That makes me very happy Bill,” you sighed. There were tears in your eyes but you couldn’t figure out why you were crying.

“ Hey, after the film meet me here.
“Would you like to get coffee with me?” he continued.

You nodded,“ Sounds amazing.”

“ And I understand you Y/N, you get used to living your life within and without,” he explained.

“ You really made me feel happy today,” you confessed.

“ You deserve happiness and try to enjoy the film, okay?” You realized you were still holding on to the pack of cigarettes. You put them back in your clutch, you should quit anyway.

“ Can’t believe my celebrity crush was right in front of me wearing a golden Louis Vuitton dress!” he exclaimed.

“It’s Hermès,” you corrected. But he was already inside the theater when you said it.

Prompt: Reader introduces Bill to her family and she’s nervous and stuff

Warning: Nonetheless 

Note: I have another fanfic similar to this called “Home Bill Skarsgård x Reader” but this time it’s the reader introducing Bill to her family. Enjoy! =3!

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You were so stressed out as you drove Bill down to your mother’s house where most of your family was waiting. You had already called her the night before telling her not to freak out like when you told her you were dating a hot Swedish actor that is from a family of well known famous actors.

When you told her that she freaked out like as if you just told her you were pregnant with twins.

Which you weren’t!

That was also another thing you had to remind her, no mentioning children. Apparently your older sister having a baby wasn’t enough for her.

“Babe, calm down, your going to break the steering wheel.” Your boyfriend said placing his hand on your knee.

“I know I’m just…stressing out a little.”


“You know why. My mom is crazy and she’s probably gonna be constantly asking about children and our life and-”

“(Name), it’s alright,” Bill chuckled, “My mother was the same way but she behaved and was nice.”

“Yeah but your mom and family weren’t huge fans of me since I’m not famous.” You sighed heavily.

“Calm down, everything’s going to be okay. Okay?”

You nodded biting your lip and Bill squeezed your knee. You gave him a murderous look and he smirked but pulled his hand away. At least that helped ease your nerves a bit to let it out that you were incredibly scared and nervous af.

You saw your mother’s house and pulled into the driveway biting your lip to the point where you were sure you could taste blood. Bill casually stepped out and you followed him over to the door.

He took your shaking hand and entertained your fingers with his giving you an assuring smile. You knocked on the door in a certain pattern you used to use as a child and sure enough it opened to reveal your mother.

Instead of the wide smile and nearly popping eyeballs you were expecting she had a gentle, timid, sort of motherly like smile that seemed true.

“Oh thank god my baby’s back home.” Your mother cooed pulling you into a desthcrushing hug.

You squeaked in surprise and blushed as she rubbed her cheek against yours and gushed about how she had missed you so much. Bill mean while looked like he was trying really hard not to laugh making you glare at him.

Eventually your mother pulled away from you and noticed your guest in your room, “Uh, mom, this is my boyfriend Bill.

“My, I’ve heard many wonderful thing about you.” Your mother commented holding her hand out.

He accepted it and shook her hand wincing at how tight and stern her handshakes always were which made you smirk a little. Bill pulled back his hand and tucked it into his pocket before any bruises could show.

“Come in, come in.” She called.

You stepped in and took your shoes off at the door knowing how your mom threw a fit about getting dirt in her house. Bill followed and kicked off his elegant dress shoes matching his equally elegant dress suit.

You thought it was a little bit of overkill but hey, you wanted to leave a good impression. You lead him into the living room and sat down on the couch with Bill following your lead.

Your mother set down a plate of cheese, crackers, and pepperoni with grapes. You quickly reached over and took off a grape well Bill looked unsure what to do wether this was a test or not.

He decided to eat anyways and stacked a cracker, a slice of pepperoni, and then the cheese slice before taking a bite.

“So, how’s your life going?” Your mother asked aiming more towards your boyfriend.

The air was tense as Bill slowly stiffened before saying, “Uh…well we aren’t in debt and we both love each other dearly.”

“That’s good.” Your mother chuckled.

It looked like he past the first question.

“So any thoughts of children yet or…”

“Moooom, you already have 3 grandchildren!” You whined.

“I know but…well you go me there. So you both love each other?”

You both nodded.

“Risk your lives for one another?”

Bill nodded but you replied back, “Weeeeeeell….”

He gave you a shocked look and you chuckled and replied, “Nah, I love you too much Bill.”

The man smiled and turned his attention back to your mother. That was how it was for the rest of the day. Just tests from both of you making dinner and answering questions correctly.

It seemed mom loved you both together.

As a probably final test you and Bill slept together in your old room that still had all your possessions inside. He had his arm wrapped around your waist as you slept not making much if any noise really.

Your mother was standing in the doorway watching you both sleep with a smile on her face, “Yep. They’re perfect for each other…

…Now I just convince them to have kids.”

Epilogue: Sorry if it seems rushed I went to the mall with my grandfather and when we came back home i was once again blind sided when he said that his friends were going to come over to see me so I wasn’t able to be alone to type for hours and I was so exhausted. Thanx for reading now I’m going to bed ;3!

Drawn Together [Chapter 4]

“Sometimes, change is what we need.” || Masterlist || Playlist

Summary: Madeleine has just moved to Hemlock Grove along with her father. From the beginning she feels a strange connection with Roman. At first they think it is a simple attraction but they discover there is something stronger between them and they don’t understand why. Along with the series of attacks and the feelings Roman awakes in her she also has to deal with her own family secrets.
Pairing: Roman Godfrey x OC (Roman Godfrey x Madeleine)
Warnings: nothing I think, but we are getting closer *wink wink*
Word count: 4,422
Tags: @eringva @frozenhuntress67@frappylou
A/N: I thought I would finish this chapter before but I couldn’t lol! But here it is! From now on I will choose a day of the week to post the new chapters, I’ll let you know which day will be. Once again, english is not my first language (and it’s 2:30 AM lmao) so I’m sorry if there are some mistakes. If someone wants to be tagged just send me an ask. Thanks for reading! :)

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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter Nine

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I can’t explain to you how excited I was to finally be able to go and get a Christmas tree, I was practically bursting with anticipation of picking out a first tree together.

Bill didn’t care to share my enthusiasm because he knew that he’d be the one who had to cut it down and get it in the car, he’d also be the one who had to go into his loft and get all the decorations down.

“I can’t wait.” I grinned, my legs bopping away and my feet tapping against the soft mats in his car.

“I can’t believe we had to bring my car, there’s gonna be pine needles everywhere. Why couldn’t we just have gone and got a fake one?” Bill groaned, his head tipping back against the leather headrest.

“Shut up, Scrooge. You have just take your car to be valeted, after you’ve got all the decorations out of the attic first though obviously.” I smirked and he narrowed his eyes at me, pinching my thigh playfully.

“I’ve suddenly decided that I fucking hate Christmas.” He grumbled, flicking the radio station over from one that was playing the biggest hits to another that was blasting out Christmas songs.

He groaned louder and went to change the station again but I grabbed his hand in protest before he had the chance to, I pouted hard at him and he merely sighed and continued to drive, leaving me with a triumphant grin.

I’d always loved looking for a tree.

It was a childhood tradition, we’d all go out and hand pick a tree, we’d watch my Dad struggle to manoeuvre it into his estate car, and then we’d all drink cocoa while we decorated it.

I’d had a pretty decent childhood for being an only child and even though I was now estranged from my family, I couldn’t help but think of them at this time of year. Did they miss me? Did they think of me? Would we ever fix our broken bond?

I can’t deny that I missed them, I missed having a family unit. But I guess that Bill is my family now and that’s has basically been the case for the last year or so.

I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer and all but threw myself out of the car once we had arrived at the farm, the smell of the pine needles hit you almost immediately and I breathed in the scent of nostalgia.

It was crazy how just a certain smell could evoke different emotions and flash you back to being a child.

I swear Bill took purposely longer to get out of the car just to annoy me and I was almost jumping on the spot from where I was stood at the entrance, Bill casually strolled over to me and had his hand under his mustard coloured jumper, adjusting his grey t-shirt underneath and pulling his black jeans up. He’d also not long had a hair cut so it was slightly longer on the top and shorter on the sides, his sunglasses conveniently matched his whole attire too.

“Your zipper’s undone.” I pointed to his crotch and he immediately looked down, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“What? No it’s not.”

“Gotcha!” I grinned and he pursed his lips at me, shaking his head playfully before I grabbed his hand and basically dragged him through the entrance of the farm.

Bill released my hand and instead swung an arm around my shoulder, tightly pulling me into his side and pressing his lips to the side of my head.

“You’re kind of a dick.” He spoke against my skin and all I could do was let out a manic laugh, reaching up to lace my fingers through his as his hand relaxed against my shoulder.

There were hundreds of different lights covering the place, in an assortment of different colours and they also happened to be playing the classic Christmas hits, much to my boyfriend’s dismay.

My mouth was agape as I span around and took in my surroundings, taking in the beautiful sight of a variety of different sized trees and wreathes that they had for sale.

“I don’t know why we’re even bothering with a tree at my place when we’re going away, why couldn’t we just shove it in your apartment?” Bill asked, inspecting the needles on a tree.

“You’re gonna carry it up all those stairs then, yeah?” I replied, tilting my head to the side.

“No.” Bill spoke, pulling a sarcastic face at me.

“Well then, your place it is. And to answer your question, we’ll be back a couple of days before Christmas and it’ll be nice to have a tree. It’s our first Christmas as a couple, don’t you want it to be special?” I pouted, walking over to where he was stood and wrapping my arms around his waist, resting my chin on his chest.

“Of course I do, baby.” He said softly, leaning down to peck my nose.

I couldn’t help but gush internally at his use of pet names, I loved the way he spoke to me.

“Then we better get choosing the perfect one.”

We must have spent a good hour browsing through the vast amount of trees but there wasn’t one that I’d yet found that I knew was the one.

They were either too big or too small, too leafy or too sparse, to fat or too thin.

I’d almost given up hope and caved into Bill’s idea of just buying an artificial one, storing it in the loft for the next ten years and only bringing it out every December.

But, swamped in between the mass selection of tree was what could be described as, the chosen one

I knew we had to have it, it was perfect.

It was around six feet tall and the width was probably two feet, it was gorgeous, almost like it had been hand crafted.

“You sure this is the one?” Bill asked, looking it up and down.

I nodded enthusiastically and Bill chuckled at my childish behaviour.

“I’ll go let someone know then, keep guard and make sure nobody tries to steal it.” Bill joked, wondering off to go find a member of staff to cut our tree down and wrap it up in netting.

I know Bill was joking about protecting the tree but I wasn’t, I was going to defend that tree with my life and it was either coming home with us or goign home with nobody at all.

I glared at everyone who strolled past and glanced at the tree, I was essentially a bodyguard to an inanimate object.

I admit that I didn’t do a thing to help Bill get the tree in the car.

I merely watched on in amusement as he cussed away, dropping all the back seats in his Volvo to make space for the ginormous plant.

It was actually comical seeing him wrestle with the packaged tree, swearing under his breath once he’d managed to shove it in and close the trunk.

He scowled at me and all I could do in return was shoot him an innocent smile.

If I wasn’t amused before when he was loading the car, then I definitely was when he struggled to get it through his front door. It took both of us and once we finally got inside and to the lounge, it was a relief.

Bill helped me remove all the netting and get it into the mount, it was just about right for the space in the corner of Bill’s open lounge.

I think I owed it to Bill to help him get all the decorations out of the loft and it was actually a laugh to do so, we always managed to make any situation into a wacky one, even when it probably wasn’t appropriate.

But, one of the things that made us perfect for one another was definitely our sense our humour.

It took us a few hours to decorate the Christmas tree, between us just pratting around and taking the time to stop for dinner.

Once it was finished though, it was a sight to be seen. 

We’d stuck with a theme of classic colours, like green and red with accents of gold. To be truthful we had to stick with this theme as it was the only decorations Bill had, from where he’d celebrated Christmas before and picked them out himself.

Bill was fiddling with the remote that operated the lights, changing the settings of the white bulbs.

 I couldn’t help but tilt my head to the side with a frown, biting my lip.

“It’s wonky.” I stated, standing up straight and folding my arms across my chest.

Bill stopped messing with he remote, settling on a setting that made the lights twinkle ever so gently. He came and stood next to me, also crossing his arms.

“It’s not wonky.” He denied, pursing his lips.

“Bill, it’s literally tilting.”

“That’s just your eyes, I put that thing in the stand myself.” Bill said, draping his arm around my waist.

“That’s exactly why it’s wonky.” I mumbled.

“Yeah? Like you could have done a better job.” He scoffed, turning me to face him.

“I could have done such a better job.” I teased, rubbing my nose along his chiselled jawline.

“Hmmm, I bet.”

“I can’t believe we leave for New York in a week, I’m so excited.” I giggled, standing on my tip toes and reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck.

“It’s gonna be the best vacation ever, no disruptions or work.” He sighed, his green eyes fluttering shut.

“I can’t wait.”


- Just a very short one because I wanted to make sure there was something up for you guys since I haven’t posted an update in forever. Nothing too crazy as I just wanted something sweet after the intensity of the last chapter, hope you all enjoy!

Photos at the Movies Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: michelleloc17


Hi, I love your Bill Skarsgard x Reader stories. I was wondering if you can do one where Bill is at a premier of a movie of some sort and the reader is a photographer and they somehow end up TOGETHER! I’ll leave you to think of how the rest will continue because I trust it’ll be great! Thank you so much! :)

Warning: None

Note: Movie Theaters are awesome to work at cuz you get to enjoy free movies during your breaks. I was planning at working at one but then I decided not to cuz I’d rather not come home smelling like buttered popcorn thanx.

I mean I LOVE popcorn but to have that smell all over you but no popcorn is like torture cuz then you’d be constantly craving popcorn. Don’t think I’ve said popcorn enough.

“Because they pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” One of the most CUTEST scenes with Georgie’s giggle.

I’m sorry I love Georgie he’s just the cutest little thing ever X3!!! 

Okay enjoy! :D! 

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(OH MY GOSH THIS FOX GIF IS CUTE!!!! X3!!!!!!!!!) 

You were so excited as you started your job at the local movie theater in Hollywood, California. You worked at the local movie theater but you were also a photographer, a writer, and a little bit of an artist.

Well your boss had heard about your photography skills and how you had won 15 blue ribbons and at least 5 trophies due to your photography skills. You had a natural born talent for it from your grandmother who had first taught you how to take good photos at a young age when you used a small plastic camera.

Ever since then you gradually blossomed until you had won a ton of contests and trophies and prizes. Well a new movie called IT was such a highly anticipated movie that the theater was sold out on tickets for a whole week.

So your manager thought it was a brilliant idea to set up a 3D-cardboard scene with a life size cut out of Pennywise standing there with his pointed grin and a handful of bright red balloons.

He was standing in the sewers with Georgie just barely noticeable in the background. You had set up a tripod to take pictures with the incredibly life size and detailed cut out.

It was $5 for a picture and your manager said you’d get half of whatever the total amount was. Well you were sure you were going to be able to buy a yacht at the end. Crowds, upon crowds came in some dressed as clowns and even if they weren’t going to see the IT movie they still took pictures with the scene.

Eventually you heard cheering and screaming and your heart raced when you saw the main cast of IT including the directors were walking your way.

“Hey there.” Andi greeted, “Do you mind if we take a picture?”

“Uh. Yeah totally.” You replied.

You took a picture of the directors with the Pennywise, the Losers club with Georgie, the Bowers gang, and then the killer clown himself.

Bill Skarsgård.

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Kings Masterlist

Kings Part Eleven:

Klaus looked peaceful as he slept. It was an odd thing, seeing the hybrid who had hours before been furious and insecure. “Are you going to stare at me all morning?” He asked without opening his eyes.

“Yes, you’re very handsome.” You hummed sleepily as your stretched.

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Sidney Crosby - Smile

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“Now give me that smile” with Sidney Crosby pleaseeeeeeeeee.

Author’s Note: okay, so I started watching Hemlock Grove (not because Bill Skarsgård  but that is a perk. I’m a huge Penny Dreadful fan, and Hemlock Grove reminds me of Penny Dreadful) and in the show Roman is always telling his sister Shelley to smile and it melts my heart. So, this might be based a little off that.

They always said that you can’t choose who your family is, and to you that was the truest thing ever. You had a huge family, yet, you didn’t get along with any of them beside your younger sister. So, when you brought Sid to your family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner you weren’t really hoping for the best.

“It’s not too late we can just turn around and go back home.” You said once more as Sid turned down a long twist road. Country roads were the worst, but also fun.

“Y/N. It’s going to be fine.” Sid smiled as he kissed the back of your hand.

“Remember that statement at the end of the night.” You huffed.

Sid just laughed as he shook his head at you. With one more sharp turn you were outside your Aunt’s and Uncle’s house. It was the picture perfect country house. It sat on a good amount of land. You uncle added on to the house a lot throughout the years. It was big, and lots of windows for some reason country folks loved their windows. The barn was in the back of the house, which now held more junk than actually livestock. The kids play house was the first thing you noticed when you pulled up in the long drive way. Your aunt and uncle had a lot of kids, so the playhouse showed the love.

“It’s really nice out here.” Sid said as he parked the car and looked out the front window. “How far are the people next door?”

“About a mile.” You said looking out at the house that you shared may memories with.

“How long have they had this place?”

“Sheee, my first memory here is when I was five so, a while now.”

Sid, watched as your smile faded. He knew the stories of your time with your family. He knew that when you had the first chance to get out, you did. He never understood how a family could not get along. He had nothing but love for his family.

“Ready.” You said smiling as you looked over at him.

“Ready.” He smiled back.
You two walked hand in hand until you reached the door. Once you got to the door you opened it. Sid, grabbed your hand.

“Shouldn’t we knock.” He said clueless.

“Sid, it’s the south.” You laughed.


“No, one locks the door in the south.” You giggled making your way into the house.

“Maybe, that’s why there’s so many killings in the US.” He joked as he followed you in the house.

The house was even bigger inside, yet opened. You could tell a huge family lived there. You and Sid made your way into the first room which happened to be the kitchen.  You saw your aunt first, than more of the family after you got farther in.

“Y/N!” Your Aunt Monica said as she hugged you. You’re aunt was a huge hugger. She hugged everyone and everyone called her Aunt Monica.

Once you two went around and met everyone it was time for dinner. Dinner went and passed with nothing, it wasn’t until after dinner when things got choppy. You and Sid were sitting on the big red couch when your aunt came and sat down, along with a handful of cousin’s, You’re mom, younger sister and you’re uncle Carl and Tony.

“So, tell us about yourself Sidney.” Uncle Carl said. You could tell by the way he said Sidney that this wasn’t going to go good.

“Not to much to tell. I’m from Nova Scotia, I have one sister, and I play in the NHL.” He smiled.

“NHL, huh. So that means you travel a lot.” You’re mom said.

“Mom.” You warned knowing all too well were this was going.

“I do, I guess.” Sid said taking a sip from his glass.

“Do you have fun on “these” trips?” Uncle Tony said.

“Don’t do this guys.” You said feeling anger. Sid looked over at you, you could see that he finally understood what you meant from earlier.  

“Not, really. I tend to sleep or skate most of the trips. I miss this one like crazy.” Sid said placing a kiss on your cheek.

You heard a scoff from the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry do you have something to say, mom.” You said looking over towards her.

“We all know what’s really happening on those trips.”

“No, I don’t think I do mother. Why, don’t you tell me.”

“Y/N, honey we know what people like him do when they’re away from their girlfriends or wives and we don’t want to see you getting hurt.” Aunt Monica said.

“Come on Sid. I’m not going to sit here and let them do this. Not again.” You said pulling Sid up and towards the door.

You two got into the car with no words. He only knew of one thing that would help. He started the car and drove to the first ice cream store he saw.

“Sid.” You said looking at him as he handed you an ice cream cone.

“You were right.” He joked as he licked his ice cream. “You were right and now you have ice cream so, let me see that smile.” He grinned as you smiled up at him.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with-”

“I’m not.” He smiled as he started the car and began the long trip back to Pit.


Paradise Chapter Seven

Originally posted by hospitalheaven

A.N -  There is some bashing in this chapter. I have never met Alida, nor do I know what her personality is like. I have created her almost as if she is a fictional character.

September 26th - Stockholm, Sweden

Bill POV


I woke hearing people moving around the house. I checked the clock, it was 7:30. Megan would be up getting the boys ready for school and preschool. No doubt dad was up and seen my empty bed. Eva was still sound asleep, facing away from me. I managed to get out of bed without waking her. Ragnar followed me out of the room. I pulled longer trousers on and made my way downstairs. I made myself a coffee while Megan was making the boys breakfast. I found my father in the living room with his coffee. I sat on the sofa with Ragnar at my feet. He didn’t look at me, to begin with. From that, I knew he had seen my empty bed. He put his cup down and faced me.

“How long?”

“How long what? We’ve been together or sharing a bed.”


“We only really talked about how we felt yesterday. But we’ve uh… been sleeping together since Hemlock Grove. That’s where we met.”

Dad sat back in his chair staring at the ceiling. “And what about Alida?”

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Voices - Roman Godfrey Imagine

Authors Note: I thought I would finish this story, and post it on here, so I feel like someone have heard this story/memory, since it is very dear to me. It is partially inspired by real events.

WARNING: Talk of hearing voices, and delusions. The word fuck is also mentioned once or twice! Mild smut maybe…

June 1st 2016, 8am

She looked onto the bottle, feeling the cold of the kitchen floor under her feet. Just like she had done every morning for the past 6 months. On the bottle it said ‘Abilify’, she sighed as she stared at the label, and started scratching it off. Some of the other bottles in the cabinet in front of her read ‘Satraline”, and ‘Melatonin”, they all had half scratched off labels, and a dusty look to them, she thought.

“Y/N, have you taken your pills yet? Breakfast’s ready out here”, Roman, your boyfriend yelled from the garden. It was a sunny day outside, with only a few clouds on the sky. That you could see out of the kitchen window. Almost as if the bottle had send an electric shock through her fingers, she dropped it. Luckily none of the pills spilled out, and she quickly picked it up, and put it back into the cabinet. I can last another day not taking them, she thought to herself as she went out to eat her breakfast.

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