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1, 2, 3, 4 + 7 for bakugou?

1. Their physical weak spots

He prides himself on not having any weak spots. He likes to think he could take any hit anywhere. Unfortunately this is his weak spot. It may not be physical but his arrogance has gotten his ass handed to him on more than one occasion.

2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

His ego is sky high, it compromises his emotional maturity/processing and often his morality. He see’s no problem in how he treated Deku, sure over time he is improving but I think it would be a cold day in hell where he would bow his head in apology. He does have one huge emotional weak spot and that was the memory of his encounter with the sludge villain. It’s something he refuses to talk or think about, it’s something that affects him when he least expects it and then suddenly he can’t breathe for the memory of it. 

3. Scars or painful spots

Like his mom he has great skin, most of his scars will benefit from this and fade very well. Something that he hated as a kid because he wanted to flaunt his battle scars.

4. Best places to kiss on their body

The lips. It’s simple and he is one that enjoys kisses all over but there’s something about just kissing that makes his soul happy.

7. Their tickle spots

Intentionally tickle him and he will murder you before you can start cooing. If you graze him so so lightly by accident then he has to recoil and shake it off. You must swear to him that it never happened.

Break up

Requested by: sammyxdeanxberry
Jude and Connor have broken up which leaves them devastated. Jude decides to move on and start dating while Connor remains single. The relationship doesn’t work but it manages to make Connor jealous, which eventually leads to a steamy moment.


So this is the first request I’ve written, if you feel like sending me some that’d be cool. Fair warning, there is a slight smutty scene, nothing serious, just making out.
The ending is very cliche but idgaf xD…

Hope you guys like it !

Break up

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