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honestly after chapter 146 I really want it to be a running joke that Rappa will just seek Fatgum and Kirishima out to have a fight at the most random times. Like the two will be out on patrol and all of a sudden Rappa is blocking their path and says “FATTY! RED! LETS HAVE A MATCH!!!” and the two of them are just like “Didn’t we fight last month? How do you keep escaping prison???” Like he hasn’t joined another organization or anything he just does underground fights and then when he’s in the mood he’s like time to challenge my two favorite people!! Like it gets to the point that he is more of an expected nuisance than a surprise threat. The two of them are just like oh Rappa is back lets see if we can convince him to fight us on another day. Most conversations kind of just end up being like this:

“Lets fight!!!!!!”

“Rappa its the end of patrol we’re tired.”

“Who cares!”

“You wanna go at us when we’re 100% dontchya?”


“You aren’t the kind of guy that wants his opponents to be fighting him with a handicap right?”


“Then lets rumble some other day ‘kay?”

“hm… ALRIGHT! I’ll see you two another day! Then we’ll see who lives!”

“Bye Rappa”

“Bye-Bye Rappa-kun!”

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Karen notices Peter's been searching for things related to binders/packers & obviously just asks 'Would you like me to readjust your suit to your liking?' basically i just want Karen to be Peter's robotic mentor about gender & sexuality

karen’s an AI and is totally unbiased, so he finds himself sometimes laying in bed at night with his mask on just asking her questions. it isn’t that he feels like he can’t ask may about these things, it’s just awkward sometimes. she’s basically his mom, sometimes he doesn’t wanna ask her about all these things about his body.

“hey, karen, can i ask you one more question about how the testosterone is effecting my junk?” peter whispers into the darkness of his bedroom.

“you have asked me 27 questions in the past two hours about your ‘junk’ and otherwise, peter, you are welcome to ask me as many more as you would like.”

“cool it with the sarcasm, karen.

“i am incapable of being sarcastic, peter.

“she said, sarcastically.”

I guess I’m…. getting a phone today.




Just for the night pt. 2

Sorry for the wait, but here’s the second part of Just for the night, requested by @givemeanorigami. This is looking to be around 4 or 5 parts. This one is 1313 words of a little confusion but mostly fluff. I promise the next parts will be better.  Part one


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I led Thor through the various hallways on the way to his new room, his hand still firmly grasping mine. “This is my room right here.” I said pointing with my free hand towards the closed door on our left. “Your’s is three doors down and on the right.” We stopped in front of the open door. White walls, a bathroom, a bed and a closet was all the room contained. Thor released my hand as he stepped inside. “I know it’s not much, but it’s only for a while.” I said sheepishly.“It is wonderful. Thank you (Y/n)” He said gracing me with a smile that made the room feel a little less dreary. I reached up to undo the cape’s knot and pulled the velvet material from around my shoulders. I felt like the temperature had dropped 20 degrees. I suppressed the urge to start shivering again. “Thanks for your cape” I said walking over to the bed Thor had taken a seat on. “You’re welcome.” he smiled. “Breakfast is whatever’s in the kitchen and If you need anything else I’m just three doors down.”

I walked out the door, letting Thor have a little time to process the night’s events. Closing the door softly behind me, I immediately bumped into my dad. “Ahhh! Oh, its just you.” I said breathing a sigh of relief. Tony’s face was arranged in a stern frown; brown eyes dark and arms crossed. He nodded his head towards him bedroom, a gesture for me to follow him. I tilted my head, silently questioning him but he didn’t answer. He carefully shut the door to his room and turned to face me. I lifted my eyebrows in anticipation, waiting for him to make the first move. “Im just curious (Y/n). How do you run out on the deck, in the pouring rain, see a giant man with a big ass cape and invite him inside?” I snorted, and threw my dad’s question back at him. It was always the safe bet for when I didn’t know his mood.

“How do you run out on the deck, in the pouring rain, see a giant man with a big ass cape and not invite him in?” Tony let out a huff of air, ran his hands through his hair, and took a seat on the edge of his bed. “Im serious! You could have been killed!” I felt my face soften as I leaned into his side. “I would never do anything to put myself In danger dad.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. “I know you would never intentionally do anything, I just worry.” I hugged his ribs and listened to the sound of his heart. “It just freaked me out, seeing how you interacted with him. You just met the guy and you were wearing his cape.” A soft smile arose at the memory of Thor’s dark blue eyes staring into mine after tying the cape around my neck. “It suits you” He had said. I sucked in my lips, trying to keep myself from grinning. “I just think he felt bad for making me run out in the rain. Its a very warm heavy cape you know.” My dad blew another huff of air out of his nose, but he had a grin on his face. “I love you (Y/n)” He said the creases in his forehead gone. “I love you too dad.” I smiled. We fell asleep to the sounds of gentle rain drops on on our window.

Golden rays of light streamed across my face, urging my eyes to open. I opened them slowly, allowing them time to adjust to the bright light. My dad was already gone, probably in the lab working. It was a lucky night If he even got 4 hours of sleep.  I stretched and cracked my knuckles, beginning my morning routine for the day. Throwing off the covers, I made a bee line for my room. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I took off my giant Iron Man night shirt and pulled on leggings and a sports bra. “Lady (Y/n)” Thor said as he walking into my room. I turned to find the giant man blushing and frantically looking away. “My deepest apologies.” He said to the wall. “For what?” I asked tilting my head to the side. “I did not know you were getting dressed. Your door was open.” Thor said, his blush getting redder by the second. “It’s okay. This is what women on earth wear to work out.” I said comfortingly. “So it is okay If I look at you then?” he asked. “Yes.” I said. He turned and determinedly met my eyes. “I wanted to ask you about the people I met last night.” “Sure.”  I said. “What do you want to know.”

Thor shifted where he stood, unsure of where else he could look. “One second.” I said ducking into my closet and pulling a loose shirt over my top half. “Okay what do you want to know?” I asked taking a seat on the edge of my bed, and motioning for Thor to do the same. I noticed his blush was almost gone as he spoke, “This team of people in the tower, why are they a team? Why not be independent?” “The team is made up of talented people who work to make the world a better place. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but we’re more powerful together, so we work together.” I explained, meeting Thor’s eyes. “How do you help to make the world a better place?” He asked. “If a group of people are causing trouble, we try to peacefully calm everything down, but If that doesn’t work we will fight to ensure peace for others.” Some of the lines around Thor’s eyes seemed to decrease.

“So the team helps to keep your planet peaceful.” He asked. “Yeah basically.” I shrugged. Thor gave me a blinding grin and stood. “I think your team would be prefect to help find my brother.” I raised my eyebrows and tilted my head. “Why do you  say that.” “I believe he came to earth to enslave the human race and become king of your planet.” He stated calmly. “What?! What the heck, Why would he, I- Thor why didn’t you say anything sooner?” I half yelled, jumping off my bed. I ran to my nightside table and pulled out a knife holster, strapping around my thigh and inserting a throwing knife. Thor just stood in the middle of my room stunned. “Well he hasn’t done anything yet. Besides, when he does make a move, everyone will know.” “How could you possibly know that.” I glared. “He likes to put on a show. Make statements. Be flashy. His first move will be public.” Obviously this did absolutely nothing to calm me down. A half god from another planet cane to enslave the human race and was planning to do it in a huge public, flashy way. Nice job (Y/n), you just got yourself and the team involved in something literally so crazy it was out of this world. I ran around the room collecting my various weapons and strapping them onto myself. “Do you mind telling the rest of the team exactly what you’ve told me so I don’t sound crazy?” I asked, stopping in front of Thor. He nodded and smiled oblivious to the amount of panic I was in.

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Hey first of all I like your blog :)! I am trying to make new friends and mamybe looking for a lover. Which mbti personality suits the most with a female entp? All my friends are infp but I often feel disappointed by them for a reason...Is this normal for entp?

Hey! Thanks!

SO, The best match for ENTPs are either INFJs or INTJs. Just straight up. However, I’ve read a bit about it, (and I think I reblogged it recently, I need to find it), but I’ve heard a few times that female ENTPs may be better off overall with male INTJs if you’re into dudes. 

Long story short, the male being the more sensitive one in the relationship bumps some socially ingrained sexist elbows. I know I’ve had this problem, personally. But as an ENTP female, I’m competitive, argumentative, (and I’m also an engineer to poop on my life a little bit more), so I’ve personally stepped on some cute INFJs toes by not fitting that female mold that the world so kindly 3D printed for us. (It’s not an obvious sexism thing or anything like that, it’s just… more difficult, and kind of hard to explain. I’ll see if I can look up one of those other posts. It was more concise than the words.)

Both types are good, but for female ENTPs, given the rational female conundrum, it’ll probably be easier to go for the INTJ.