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Do you think some people are not meant to have friends? I was always pretty much alone. I never had any close friends but I try really hard to be nice to people and I am in different groups of people hoping that someday it would click with someone but maybe I am the problem. Maybe I am not meant to have any friends. Did you ever felt this way or had you always been loved by many? How do you make so many good friends (on here)? Can you please let me in on your secret? I wish you a happy day

(( OOC: Alright, I’m going to share my opinion on this. Keep in mind that this is based off of my personal experiences, and is strictly an opinion.  

I receive a lot of messages from people saying things like “I really want to be friends with you, but I don’t think you’ll like me” or “I want to make friends but I’m too annoying” or some other variation of the same sentiment. 

No one is going to like me because I’m not good enough. 

You’re right.

The people you approach with that mentality are not going to like you… and do you know why? 

Because you’ve already made it clear, within yourself, that they aren’t going to like you. If you approach a friendship with the idea that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worth someone’s time and love and energy, then you have already written the outcome of your story. 

This is called self sabotage. 

I’ll give you a personal example. My best friend of two years, someone that I lived with and spent most of my time with, also happened to be the most self-destructive person I’d ever met.

She put up a good front for most people. She was happy and bubbly and fun, but in private she would constantly say things like “No one loves me” “I’m a good person… why do I always end up with people that treat me like dirt?” etc.

It was painful to listen to her. I was right there… and I like to think that I was a good friend. 

I had to sit there and watch her carry out self-destructive actions, knowing full well that she was acting based on her underlying insecurities and lack of self love.

She would end up investing her time into people that would take without giving back, because she wanted to “fix” them, but this was just a way to distract her from having to heal herself. 

She didn’t trust good relationships to last. She didn’t have faith in herself or other people.

Unfortunately, after dealing with this for two years I realized the relationship was one-sided. It was too toxic for me to remain apart of. I started having anxiety attacks when I thought of her (I’m not an anxiety prone person), and I began to lose confidence in myself… because I was trying to help someone that didn’t want to help herself. I ended the relationship. 

If someone is putting their time and energy out and not receiving that affection in return… if the other person takes and takes because they don’t know how to love themselves and satisfy those needs on their own… then the relationship will either destroy both of them, or it will end. 

Friends are not going to fix you or make you feel whole. Friendship is not one-sided. 

The only person who can love you the way you want and need to be loved is yourself

You are the only one in your head, you are the only one who knows exactly how you need to be loved. No one else can do that, because no one else is you. Your friends are coming from different backgrounds, different needs, different love languages. They can compliment you, they can add to your happiness, but they cannot complete you.

It’s easy to love other people, it’s hard to love yourself. But in order to create lasting, healthy relationships, you need to. 

If you believe you aren’t worthy of love… then you’re right… not because anyone else feels that way… but because the only person who can decide if you’re worthy of love is yourself. 

Others can try and show you, others can try and tell you, but the only one who needs to be convinced is you. )) 


Oh yeah, forgot to give my thoughts on the last few Andi Mack episodes. Bex being excited over Andi calling her “mom” literally made MY mom and I cry, omg. It was so sweet.

Also, I LOVED when Andi stood up for herself to Jonah. I was genuinely dramatically snapping like I was at a poetry reading like “yaaaaaassss, child!”

I cannot believe there’s only 1 episode left this season, what the heck?! Can’t wait for Season 2. I can already tell there’s gonna be multiple cliffhangers. Clearly Jonah must like Andi, and he better break up with Amber. (That “do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?!“ comment from her made me gag omg) But I seriously doubt Andi would go out with him so soon after the “were we ever?” remark.

Bex and Bowie were slow dancing??? If they got back together that’d be cute.

Buffy and Marty are gonna continue to be a thing I guess.

And what’s up with Cyrus saying “I didn’t think this was possible?” 👀👀👀 when is he gonna realize he likes Jonah? Like, come on. If it wasn’t already blatantly obvious, Episode 10 really drove it home.


dtappreciationweek day 3 favourite non-DW role - The Peterson twins in Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger.

Because he’s in it twice.

Datability of Twin Peaks men

Dale Cooper: Obvious choice.  Dashing, kindhearted, intelligent, troubled soul.  Has lots of issues as explored in his own book, so treat him kindly.  Only problem is you’d feel like a jerk if you ever fought with him.

Deputy Hawk: Hottest guy on the show, writes touching love poems, probably singlehandedly propping up the entire police department with his competence.  Likes over-educated Jewish girls, a plus for me.  Has aged really well in the revival teaser pictures.

Harry Truman: Not my type, but a real sweetie.  Would be your BFF if it didn’t work out.

Big Ed: He needs some time on his own without being in a relationship right now.  Let him recover.

Deputy Andy: A nice guy, but come on, what would you do on a date with him?  He’s constantly one accident away from fracturing something.

Ben Horne: Literally the only good thing about him is that his actor played Tony in West Side Story.  You can find someone else who can sing Sondheim without running a sleaze empire.

Dr. Jacoby: Hahahaha.

Dick Tremayne: Only seems like an option because the Twin Peaks dating pool is so small.  Ugh.

Hank Jennings: If you squint he kind of looks like Patrick Swayze, if that’s worth it to you.

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“Mm…you’re warm….” with our fave barry allen pls and thank u<3

Winter. One of the coldest seasons of all – and you were stuck in the middle of it.

Of course, everyone was stuck in it, but you just felt as though it was worse for you as opposed to your boyfriend who was known as the Scarlet Speedster “The Flash”.

Due to his super speed, that somehow made him always a few degrees higher in temperature than other people (one theory was that, since his atoms were constantly moving, that made him become kind of like his own heater) – and that warmth that constantly radiated off of him was good for one thing in particular during this season.

“Mm…you’re warm…” you said a smile on your lips as you snuggled up closer to him. He squeezed you just a little bit tighter, the smile still obvious on his lips as he pressed a kiss to your temple.

“And you’re freezing,” he replied.

“Shut up,” you huffed, closing your eyes. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is.”

How to draw hands

Now its time to learn every artists nightmare… HANDS

You want to learn the basic anatomy of a hand first. You see how I have mine set up, its like a box in a way.

Hands are one of those things you need to constantly practice to become really good at. Its very hard to explain how I do hands so I hope this tutorial isnt to obscure.

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So, monsters express themselves via magic, yeah? So we get Alphys, who has serious trouble expressing herself honestly because she's so afraid. Thus, I kind of think that Alphys can't really use magic, except when she's working on machines, which can't reject her or when under great distress like when she had to protect Frisk from Flowey's attacks. This would be another source of embarrassment for her, but once she gets the love and support she needs, her magic would also begin to improve.

Iiiii love this! Alphys is the only of the monsters Frisk befriends who almost never uses her own magic- I think her setting up all the puzzles to solve for Frisk and setting up the Mettaton fight was her way of trying to make up for this, because she couldn’t impress them with a cool battle the way Undyne and Papyrus did. Magic is definitely tied to monster emotions, so I think it makes absolutely perfect sense that she’d be unable to use it without her confidence and comfort being high enough.
 I can see her and Undyne actually being polar opposites in this area. Undyne actually probably has a really hard time turning her magic off- she throws spears all the time when she gets too distressed or vocal because she doesn’t hold back her emotions. I can see her and Alphys balancing each other out- Alphys starts to improve at using magic, and Undyne isn’t constantly breaking things with hers. 

Perceived Betrayal (Closed Starter for thefriskyhuman)

Fuck, they were so screwed. It wasn’t like Chara had planned or wanted anything like this to happen, it just sorta…did. And now Frisk was there, and they were crying.

Chara worked at a small local art store with two or there other people, and they’d come to know essentially everyone who came in, though they weren’t necessarily friends with most of them, aside from this one guy in there.

This guy had been one of their friends. Chara talked about Frisk with him constantly, all good things aside from the occasional bathing, just like anyone else in a relationship. He knew that they were committed to Frisk, knew how long they’d been together.

And then he’d gone and done that. He decided that surprising Chara by kissing them while they were attempting to restock the TomBow markers would be a brilliant idea.

The stupidest part was that Chara, without thinking, kissed him back. They’d only ever kissed two people in their life. Asriel, which was just a stupid thing they tried and soon agreed that it was gross and weird because they were siblings, and Frisk. 

Of course, like a scene straight out of Hollywood, that was the one day that Frisk decided to surprise them at work. Frisk had run away before Chara could explain themselves to them. Stunned and angry with themselves for being so damn week, they chased after Frisk straight out of the store.

“Frisk, wait!”

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In the meantime can you give us doting grandpa Cain headcanons? If it's not a bother or anything.


Well, if you’re asking me, then I think Cain would pester Dean into marrying Cas. You know… gently but constantly. Because marriage is good, it’s stability. It’s one of the things that kept him grounded. And once he sees the ring on either Cas or Dean’s finger he’ll tell Dean “I knew you had it in you.” He’d be so proud.

Cain would also insist that they came to his farm for tea often. Because the Bunker? No fresh air, no sunlight! (Also too many devil’s traps. He can’t get inside.) 

He also doesn’t think that Dean feeds Cas right so he wants to cook for him once a week. It’s a perfect excuse to meet his grandchild until he learns that Dean is actually a great cook.

Cain takes the baby whenever the Wincheters are on a hunt, happy to be a babysitter. He’ll tell the baby lots of fantastic (but either very bloody or sappy romantic) stories.

Cain and Cas share a love for bees. Lots of the baby’s stuff is bee themed. Also some corn motifs. (Dean wonders about that but he has no veto right when it gets to presents from grandpa Cain because Cas likes everything. But Cas has no taste).

Cain buys a stroller, so that he can drive the baby around the neighbourhood. It’s such a pretty baby after all.

Cain takes a lot of pictures of pretty baby. He and Dean have some sort of contest who can take the best baby pics. They exchange them and hang them up. The baby’s pic gets a special place on the mantlepiece next to the old pic of Colette.

Cain also gets to meet Claire since she’s kinda Dean and Cas’ adopted kid. He likes her a lot.

Well, that’s a couple of ideas :D

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Ok so this is one thing I find incredibly revealing about this whole thing: josh calling her baby, almost holding hands, signing I love you to each other because they couldn't say it, her friggin saying "oh my god, I really do love him!" in the middle of an inte, jen and josh f'ing know about the shipping and that to a majority of the thg fandom they are known as joshifer and didn't deny it with the good ole brother and yet the only people who seem to even notice it is us . ~newbiejoshiferanon

That whole concept truly baffles me as well lol. Like, here we have an extremely obvious relationship, one that is close, beautiful, and genuine. We have these two dorks who are constantly acting affectionate towards one another, and giving the media perfectly good things to work with.

And yet, no one seems to bat an eye? And they instead start rumors about things with seemingly no proof…?

I mean, frankly, I’d rather not have the media poison Joshifer and mess it all up with false rumors and such. But even still, it’s just so strange that they fly under the radar most of the time.