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dtappreciationweek day 3 favourite non-DW role - The Peterson twins in Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger.

Because he’s in it twice.

the  LASSO OF TRUTH  is a fictional weapon wielded by wonder woman. originally named the magic lasso of aphrodite, it is usually referred to as the magic lasso or golden lasso and forces anyone it captures to  OBEY  and tell the truth. originally, it was created by william moulton marston as an allegory for feminine charm and compelled its captives to obey the wielder of the lasso.

diana’s main tool is her lasso, always carried on her right hip, it is the first thing she reaches for, both for a fight and for a communication. but that lasso is not just about forcing people to tell  THE TRUTH  it is more about stripping everything else away until the truth is the only thing left. the lasso enhances diana’s  EMPATHY  – diana’s ability to feel other people’s emotions.

when the lasso is out around an individual, diana is able to look into their soul, gaining a greater understanding of their feelings and emotions. this breaks away lies and illusions, allowing nothing but the truth to survive. at this deep level, nothing is left a secret. as seen in  WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3 #15  where she looks into the soul of one of her enemies. during that time, diana comments that it is impossible not to feel empathy, even for him. 

by looking into the soul of an individual, diana is able to find the truth, no matter how deep it is hidden. the lasso can also clear the mind and dispel illusions. it dispels illusions because it is designed to be the  ULTIMATE  truth, truth in its purest form. because of this, no illusion can stand against it. it is known to break through both spells and mind control.

she also uses it when she requires someone to swear fealty to her, evidenced in  WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3 #14  where she gets the lead gorilla to kiss the lasso after he swears an oath. 

as stated, the lasso  BREAKS BARRIERS  including language barriers. truth is a universal concept and with the golden perfect diana is able to use to understand her friends in  WONDER WOMAN REBIRTH #10  and to also understand, to some extent, how steve feels about her.

there, however, if a  DOWNSIDE  to diana’s possession of the lasso. the lasso doesn’t just effect those she captures with it. since diana is always wearing it on her hip, she must always stick to the truth as well. diana must always remain steadfast in her beliefs and never deny the truth, if she doesn’t do this, the lasso while break – – the only thing that can break it. this first happens in  JLA #62 – 64  wherein diana denies the truth put in front of her. because of her denial, the lasso breaks, causing all of the truth of earth to break along with it. this also happened in  JUSTICE LEAGUE 2.0 #20  because, when diana killed lady wonder woman, she left her values behind, and become  UNWORTHY  of the lasso. unlike in the jla series, she was not able to repair it.

overall, diana can be just as much a victim to lasso as others. though the lasso is not necessarily a bad thing. exposing the truth has helped diana immensely, and for diana,  THE TRUTH  is considered  PURE  and the base for everything. in the end, the truth, and the peace that can come from that is what she strives for.


How to draw hands

Now its time to learn every artists nightmare… HANDS

You want to learn the basic anatomy of a hand first. You see how I have mine set up, its like a box in a way.

Hands are one of those things you need to constantly practice to become really good at. Its very hard to explain how I do hands so I hope this tutorial isnt to obscure.