the one armed swordsman

Donnie Yen Autobiography  “All About Donnie  (問丹心)” Translation Ch.1(pt 1-3)

Guess what… I have translated more of the content of Donnie’s autobiography. I’m planning to translate the first two chapters of his book, which are about his childhood and his experiences when he was early into the show business. 

There are 5 parts in the first chapter “My Personal Development” and 4 parts in the second chapter “Into the Show Business”. 

The previous post I made I had translated part 2 of chapter 2. 

Once again, BIG THANK YOU to my dear beta Dream @evocating for her generosity and patience. My work looks legible because of you. Also thank my real life friend Asura for helping me to clear my mind and translating a few but important sentences for me. 

Crappy photos of the original text taken by me are attached with this post below for reference. Baby Donnie is ADORABLE OKAY!???

Reminder: This post is so damn long with words and pictures. 

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Sheith Feudal Japan AU

Shiro is explicitly Japanese (his full name is Shirogane Takashi) and Keith (who Lance has called Samurai) is most likely half Japanese like his GoLion counterpart, Kogane Akira. Because of those factors, these two characters lend themselves well to a Feudal Japan AU.

Shiro would be a samurai, the Legendary One-Armed Swordsman, and go on cool adventures with Keith, a ronin (masterless samurai).

Keep the fantasy elements from VLD. Have Keith’s sword light on fire. Let them fight Japanese demons. I can’t resist fantasy elements, sorry not sorry.

You can have the other members of Team Voltron appear, too. You can use their GoLion names as their real names, and their Voltron names as nicknames (Kurogane Isamu for Lance, for example).

Just. This Sheith AU, man.

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homeless guy does anything for coin collection



he came with extra swords though so i gave them to komaeda

he is lurking in the shadows and i am afraid

Blue’s very early Sunday tweets.

 +。:.゚━━╋⊂(・ω・)彡 バットー(ブルー)

Good evening, GoRA Blue here.

 Today’s character talk is about Zenjou Gouki. A new character from Scepter-4…well, not really new, but rather someone from the novel Side:Blue who makes his debut in the anime. Also known as ‘Demon Zenjou’ or perhaps the last and strongest member, ‘Blue side character Z’.

 Since I was allowed to write Zenjou however I wanted in my novel S:B, he ended up as a character with an extremely rich background - ‘One-armed big old man with a scarred face. Previously a master of iai called ‘The Demon’, killed his King in the past.’

〆 Nonetheless, this was obviously not written just like that, but also with the intention of presenting one of the concepts of K’s world in my own way. One of the initial plans was ‘a tense relationship between lord and retainer influenced by life and death, about following the master in death and the retainer replacing his lord’. 

So, this was alluded to when S:B was published, but it was part of Kuroh’s initial concept as well, showing up like a Terminator with the words ‘I will work for you, but I’ll kill you eventually’.

As Kuroh’s character draft was getting polished, his boyish inexperience and inherent goodness stood out and he became a lovable character, easily taken advantage of by those around him; Zenjou, on the other hand, can still be called ‘basically a good person’, but he retains the trait of ‘unrestrained aggressiveness’.

Having said that, Zenjou is not just a simple group member, but was created as ‘a man with great martial ability, but also someone dangerous who might kill his King’. Making him stand in the back is also an example of Munakata displaying his strange sense of influence.

Anyway, I was told by those around me that he should finally appear in the second season (although I was the one at the base of it all), but at first I figured he’d just make a cameo, since there were other important characters to show.

I was very surprised however when director Suzuki later showed us the first PV and it had Zenjou in an active role, so I went ahead and gave him some highlights in the show as well, establishing him as a completely new character for the second season.

Also, now that he appears in the second season, his character design has been refined, bringing him closer to a rather neat good-looking guy. He used to look half wild before, but now that he’s on TV, he should at least…shave his sideburns, right!

I still have a lot of things to talk about, but I am going to stop here for the moment. Say hello to Zenjou ‘Z’ Gouki, the devilish one-armed swordsman kept by the King, but continuously sharpening his fangs!

Today’s character talk comes to an end, but our usual Sunday tweets will continue. See you next week!

(the rest of the talk is about the August number of G Fantasy with three K manga and the new mini visuals which only appear on weekends or national holidays if you click on the usual image)

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Since you have your collection in front of you what movies in your collection would you insist someone with the same movie taste as you to watch?

Alright, then this list will consist of Horror/Exploitation, Anime, Action, etc
1. Project A-ko
2. Riding Bean
3. Robot Carnival
4. New Cutey Honey
5. Violence Jack
6. Plastic Little
7. Venus Wars
8. Pretty Maids all in a Row
9. Trancers
10. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
11. Them!
12. Killer Condom
13. Kung fu Killer
14. The adventures of baron munchausen
15. Road Games
16. Hell of the living dead
17. Nightmare city
18. Weasels Rip my Flesh
19. Who can kill a child?
20. Super inframan
21. Possession
22. Bikini car wash company
23. The Warriors
24. Singing in the rain
25. Super dimensional fortress macross (show/movie)
26. Metamorphosis the alien factor
27. Waxwork/2
28. Hard to Die
29. Rats: night of terror
30. Ticks
31. A Goofy Movie
32. Late Phases
33. Mad monster party
34. The secret of Kells
35. Terror Firmer
36. The Centerfold Girls
37. Casablanca
38. Redneck Zombies
39. There’s nothing out there
40. Future Boy Conan
41. Evil Toons
42. Creepozoids
43. Scream Queen Hot Tub Party
44. Combat Shock
45. Video Violence
46. The Suckling
47. Every Godzilla Movie
48. The 90’s Gamera Trilogy
49. Legend of the Overfiend
50. Children shouldn’t play with dead things
51. Hong Kong Godfather
52. The one-armed swordsman
53. New police story
54. The man from nowhere
55. Alien 2: on earth
56. The 5 deadly venoms
57. Shriek of the mutilated
58. Forbidden World
59. Galaxy of terror
60. Hard Times
61. The Deadly Spawn
62. The raid/2
63. Entrails of a virgin
64. The Rift
65. Microwave Massacre
66. Gun Woman
67. 8 diagram pole fighter
68. Highschool dxd
69. Giant robo: the animation
70. El-Hazard
71. Paranoia Agent
72. Everything Lupin the Third
73. Dragon half
74. Golden Boy
75. Tenchi muyo original 3 Ovas
76. War on Geminar
77. Space adventure cobra
78. Society
79. Your vice is a locked room an only I have the key
80. The Book of life
81. Great teacher onizuka
82. Wicked city
83. Toradora
84. Ninja Scroll
85. Summer wars
86. Raw Force
87. Prince of darkness
88. Night train to terror
89. Night of the demons
90. Robot jox
91. Bone tomahawk
92. Biohazard
93. Demons/2
94. 13 assassins
95. Phantasm
96. No blade of grass
97. Day of the animals
98. The Quiet Earth
99. Ernest and Celestine
100. Rigor Morris
These are 100 movies/anime that I consider GOOD not BAD. I could make a bad list if you want.