the one and only time i wish i was an american

Just finished watching Obama’s farewell speech, and I am so emotional. It was a great speech, both poignant and forward-looking with an undertone of warning. A reminder that democracy is only strong if we want to make it strong and respect every American, regardless of who they are and what they believe.

We must also not give into fear. America is headed into uncharted territory, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow the ship to sink. Instead, we must keep calm and ride out the storm. And, maybe then, we’ll find a rainbow at the end.

So proud to have voted for Barack Obama as a first-time voter in 2012. I think one day we’ll look back at his years in office as some of the best years of an America embracing a new age of technology, globalism, and understanding.

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Why doesn't this blog ever talk about universal basic income and automation? This blog talks alot about creating jobs, but what about long term outlook? Bernie won't even say the word automation even though it's one of Obama's biggest concerns.

I guess we haven’t lately, we wrote an article about it like 6 months ago and we’ve talked about UBI a lot in the past. 

Bernie is definitely from a time before Universal Basic Income was a popular idea outside of small circles of economists. He can’t be perfect. I wish it was an issue that got more discussion in modern American politics. Especially because in the long term, it seems like it is the only real option if we want to maintain some semblance of a middle class. 

Also, it might be one of Obama’s biggest concerns, but he hasn’t done a whole lot to implement it or even lay the policy groundwork. In my opinion Universal Basic Income will be the most necessary policy in American history, in about 20 or so years. In my honest opinion, if we were smart, we would start figuring it out now.

There are lots of different versions of a UBI, from conservative economist Milton Friedman’s “negative income tax” to more Scandinavian style social systems like Finland is experimenting with. So whenever we do make the switch it’s going to take some time, which is why if we were smart we’d start now, but we won’t.

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[I realize Voyager’s crew is a little light on the diversity of species, but I really wish we dedicated more time to celebrating the human racial diversity present. The senior staff includes four people of color - one Black, one Asian, one Native American, and one Latina. That they’re all captained by a woman, and that there’s only one white man to be seen, is icing on the cake. That’s always really impressed me.]
American pen pal wanted :P

So im a 18 year old boy from the UK and id be really interested in chatting to someone from the USA. 
Im a massive fan of america, been there a few times (mainly florida and NYC once) 
I think it would be cool to get to know someone and be able to send little packages with “english stuff” and “american stuff” in them to each other. So basically the sort of things americans cant get as they only sell them in england and vice versa!! 

My hobbies are football (soccer) and music. Im open to most types of music, apart from rap. I tend to just listen to anything that suits my mood at the time :)
I am really into LGBT things and i am one of the most understanding and acceptable guys. I will accept you and not treat you any differently because of your sexuality or gender. People are people. No one person is better than anyone else and i wish the whole world could understand this. 

Im currently a full time student in college, so i will be going to university in September to study psychology. 

Drop me a message on here if you would be interested. 

Really hope to hear from people soon :D


6 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by the fabulous @elinesama thanks doll!

1. I have candy stashed in my nightstand whenever I wake up hungry(it’s the only thing that doesn’t go bad right away haha and most of the time I forget it’s in there)

2. I dance in my room every single day. Idk why I picked up that habit but I have been doing it since I was 13.

3. I’m semi-fluent in American Sign Language.

4. I feel uncomfortable when I’m not the one driving. Guess I’m a control freak haha. I hate being in the passenger seat now. Used to love it.

5. I move my mouth in weird positions when I’m concentrating preferably when I study. I didn’t know this until a friend pointed it out.

6. Wish I had the guts to dye my hair in weird colors but I’m too chicken.


dang i wish we put a “u” in the title one for my british friends. was thinking of the secret order kids, the fobrock messageboard kids, lj kids, the ones from the very beginning on this one… my favorites always feel a bit off and out of place- maybe thats why i love you so.


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This is definitely a work in progress - at the moment only holding 54 of my favorite faceclaims - but, in time, I wish to have between 500 and 1000 ethnically diverse faceclaims in this list. In order to accomplish that I’ll be adding more and more faceclaims per day. 

Now comes you guys. Please, if you see any mistakes made in this list message me (just be polite about it, remember nobody’s perfect)! I’ll appreciate your help - this is a long, hard process and not all of the information regarding these faces may be correct. If so, tell me and I’ll change it as soon as possible.

If you would like one, two or multiple of your favorite faceclaims added, message me (on anon or not) the following information: their name, gender identity, ethnicity (relating to one in my list - caucasian, black, latinx, biracial, middle eastern, indian, native american, pacific islander or asian), hair color and eye color. I’ll make sure to add these faces as soon as I can.

And, altogether, feel free to use and enjoy the fc directory. It exists to help find unique faces that may match your character more than a cliche one (not that I’m banning cliches from here entirely, I love me some Zayn Malik). 

Thanks, Margo.


Just found three fraudulent charges on my debit card. 

I’ve called the bank, which, adorably, praised me for catching them so quickly and calling in immediately (like I was gonna wait? Sam’s rent gotta be paid, yo, these guys pulled $1400 out of my bank account). They’ve cancelled the payments, probably in time to stop the goods even being shipped, but of course they had to close my debit card and are sending me a new one, which means it’s time to do the Dance Of Changing My Card Number On Every Website Where I Shop.

Having been an early devotee of AJ Raffles, Jim DiGriz, and the various rogues of O. Henry, I don’t begrudge whoever managed to get my card and buy themselves a hundred bucks’ worth of American Eagle merchandise, a Roomba, and what I can only presume is a new laptop, even if I deplore their taste in clothing. I do wish there was a way to spare myself the annoyance of having to memorize a new debit card number, though. I’d just managed to get the old one into my muscle memory. 

Protip, kids: if your bank has the capacity, set them up to text you if you ever charge more than $200 on your debit or credit card. It’s worth the occasional “Yeah I know, I was buying an airline ticket” annoyance to catch a fraud literally within minutes of it happening.

Sorry you’re not gonna get that Roomba, guys. 

Day 20:
“My mom is Puerto Rican and Chinese. My dad is Black and Japanese. I haven’t seen or spoken to my father since I was 4. Throughout my childhood, kids would think I was lying when I said I was anything other than black. Your skin is too dark to be Asian. You don’t speak Spanish or look Latina, why should I believe you? It was hard to find my own identity within so many cultures that I’m comprised of, while it felt like the world was shutting me out of them. At times I almost wished I was only one thing so I wouldn’t have to be part of this confusing conversation. But now, I own who I am. As an Afro-Latina and as an Asian American. The truth is, the Asian community is incredibly diverse. Just as much as any other community. And that is what makes any group of people stronger, intriguing, and more unique is both the differences and similarities that we all share. I used to be afraid to show people what I’m made of. Not anymore. I do my best to own who I am, fully, every day. My art and the work I create is a reminder to be fearless, no matter what anyone says.”