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Hello, my lovely friends, I’m back with another one-shot courtesy of an anonymous prompt submitted by one you beautiful people. Since my birthday is coming up and I’m a bit selfish I decided to finally write this. And here starts the apology for this being so late. I believe this prompt was sent to me a little bit before my hiatus so if the author of this prompt is reading this I hope I did it justice and I’m terribly sorry that it is so late and I do hope you enjoy!

Prompt: Can I have a request where it’s the readers birthday, and for some reason her ex thinks its okay for him to show up with a new girl, the avengers are pissed, reader is upset, and Steve comforts her while the others deal with her ex? Smooches! xx 

Word Count: 2,372

A single knock rap against the door of your small apartment, however, it goes unnoticed by you as you sluggishly begin to craft a basic breakfast. You start by cracking a couple of eggs in a small purple bowl quickly mixing the yokes with the egg whites. Placing the mixed eggs in a large saucepan, you set out to make your favorite cheese and bacon omelet.

“You know you really ought to keep your doors lock, Brooklyn can be a scary place.” Your closest friend Steve chuckles from behind you. “Wouldn’t want the birthday girl to be robbed on her very special day.”

“Steve, we talked about this…”

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Only one had been maintained. The marble headstone on that one was shiny and moss-free, the turf was clipped, the stone border was sparkling.
Moss had grown over the wooden markers of the other six, but it had been scraped off the central one, revealing the name:


And carved underneath, by someone who had taken some pains, was:

How Do They Rise Up

A huge wreath of lilac flowers, bound with purple ribbon, had been placed on the grave. on top of it, tied round with another piece of purple ribbon, was an egg.

– a headstone | Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

the scriddler aesthetic: everything is messy. everything. eddie has spent 5 hours making an honest to god shack out of books in jon’s library. it has multiple rooms. jon hasn’t seen him in days. their kitchen cabinet has a shelf dedicated to green food coloring, with the occasional purple. jon is going to lose it if he has to eat green eggs and ham one more time. it wasn’t funny the first time. eddie carries around green apple hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick and a nail file. jon’s best hygiene comes from eddie being bored. selina keeps buying eddie bath bombs. jon keeps hiding them. eddie keeps finding them. the bathtub is permanently purple. eddie vacuums 10 times a day. he says it’s because there’s straw on the floor. jon sees none. coincidentally, eddie only vacuums when jon stops paying attention to him. jon sings country songs in the shower. all of the recordings eddie takes are mysteriously deleted.


For Thinking Tree Spirits, our goal was to create an interactive packaging experience with the playful exuberance of storybooks and Rococo scrollwork, all evocative of the lush bounty of Oregon.

We designed the Thinking Tree brandmark for flexibility, personifying the brand as a contemplative woman collared and crowned with ornamental branches that either gently germinate or grow wild to fill the canvas, be it the small circular icon on the cap, or front and centre on the hangtag.

For the illustrations, we were inspired by Late Baroque mirrors to create highly dimensional packaging, using the main label for deep background artwork, and layering over it a hangtag of duplexed cardstock with a pop of purple foil and, finally, a colourful ornate frame raised to its highest relief with sculptured embossment. Hidden throughout are local and mythological life, from Odin’s ravens (‘thought’ and ‘memory’), to the polyphemus moth (whose eyespots are named after Homer’s cyclops) and its caterpillars, down to the great horned owl, whose face is composed of oak leaves.

On the hangtag’s verso, the linework is reproduced by a letterpress, whose raised ink, along with the purple string that ties tag to neck, all add to the rich tactile experience. Here, one is invited to be creative, whether scribbling thoughts or verse, notes on a new infusion, or a kind gift-letter to a friend.

Beneath the hangtag is a fable of our composition that sets down the brand’s folktale roots:

Once, there was a forester who planted a seed in the earth. When the seed grew into a great tree, the forester placed an egg at the top of the highest branch. When the egg hatched into a great owl, the forester returned with gifts. “I have the gift of speech,” said the forester, “and the gift of thought.” The tree and the owl listened. “I can give only one gift each, and each gift only once,” the forester said. “First, one of you will receive the gift of speech.” Growing impatient, the owl asked “who?” And the Thinking Tree shook her leaves knowingly.

misc. Spyro 1 headcanons:

Spyro is half Artisans/half Peace Keepers, but lives in the former realm. he grows Peace Keeper spots as he gets older.

his Artisan skill is that he can carve and paint skateboards and surfboards bc he’s radical.

Spyro eventually reaches an age where he comes bipedal, but he stays tiny.

girl dragons explanation 1: there aren’t many/any females in the first game bc only males have hatched for the past couple Years due to a severe change in temperature. the dragons are like most real-world reptiles - they bury their eggs to incubate them and the surrounding temp affects the outcome of the embryo’s sex.

girl dragons explanation 2: there are actually a bunch of females in the first game. they just all have deep, booming voices bc they’re huge dragons.

the egg thieves are failed prototypes created by the Sorceress to retrieve eggs for her from the Dragon Realms.

the purple dragon that you rescue before Metalhead, Sadiki, is related to Spyro.

the dragons tend to raise their young as one family. the booklet’s backstory says that his egg hatched later (maybe even a whole Year of the Dragon or two later) because it had been stolen. that’s why there are no others around of a similar age and why all of the dragons know him so well personally, there’s only one kid to focus on right now.

Fic: Heart’s Companion (AO3 link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Mick Rory & Kara Danvers

Summary: In this world, people find the right Pokémon egg for them and hatch their very own pokédaemon, their most faithful companion, the one who reflects their soul. Touching another person’s daemon is like touching their soul itself, an honor reserved only for the closest of friends, family and lovers.

Leonard Snart and Mick Rory know this very well.

(Kara Danvers doesn’t because it’s not a thing on her Earth. Oops!)

A/N: I blame @oneiriad for this idea. Fusion with Pokémon and daemons (Golden Compass/Northern Lights).


Len’s always been good at getting into places he oughtn’t be.

His mother, before she died, used to tell stories of how he was no sooner home than crawling and no sooner crawling than in trouble. Her Ninetails, long and sleek and warm, quickly grew accustomed to being climbed upon by an eager toddler.

Len’s father had married her for her Ninetails. She made a much better mascot for his informal business - egg-smuggling - than his own daemon, a Muk with a snarling demeanor.

Egg-smuggling, of course, was incredibly illegal. Normal eggs were everywhere, of course, hatching perfectly regular Pokémon. But somewhere in the many eggs scattered around, each person was fated to meet the egg that their presence would cause to hatch, to meet their daemon - their heart’s companion - at the proper time, typically around puberty. It’s said that you get the Pokémon that reflects your soul, but everyone knows that people tend to hatch the eggs they see around them. A wooded area has Eevees and Caterpie by the dozens; a seaside village is filled with Psyducks and Tentacools; a mining quarry has more Geodudes and Diglets than they know what to do with. Scientists have long wondered: is it that people are affected by their surroundings? Or is it that the quantity of eggs laid in the surrounding area that makes it more likely that you’ll encounter an egg of a specific type?

The rich and powerful prefer the latter theory. See, the rich want something new and different, something uncommon and rare. And, well, if what matters is what you’re exposed to and all you ever handled were rare imported eggs, then eventually, that’s what would hatch for you - or so goes the theory.

And from that theory, there started the black market trade of egg-smuggling.

Len had been content with the idea of finding his own daemon the natural way, thank you; he preferred the warm, generous love shared between his mother and her Ninetails, which she’d hatched at twelve, than the coldly efficient alliance of interest between his father and his Muk, hatched when his father had been nineteen and already involved in the egg-smuggling trade.

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If The Basement Tapes were videos of Eric and Dylan crafting or baking: Easter Special
  • Dylan: *filming Eric*
  • Eric: it's April 3rd, 1999. what's so special about this day, V?
  • Dylan: tomorrow is our last Easter before NBK. our last chance to decorate godlike Easter eggs. our last chance to be in the Littleton Easter parade. we need to make it special.
  • Eric: we have so much shit planned and we're going to record it all to show the world how godlike we are. the world will not be ready to see these tapes.
  • Dylan: our Easter celebration will be better than NBK. people won't be able to handle Reb and VoDkA's Easter Eggstravaganza.
  • Dylan: *whispers* reb, can that be the name of the tape?
  • Eric: no
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *is filming inside of Walmart* we are at Walmart buying supplies
  • Eric: *looking at eggs* how many eggs should we get? two dozen?
  • Dylan: we need more than that. I'll get a shopping cart
  • Dylan: *goes to the front of the store and gets a shopping cart*
  • Dylan: *rides the shopping cart with his trench coat blowing in the airflow*
  • Eric: *sees Dylan riding the shopping cart towards him* V, what the fuck are you doing? are you 5?
  • Dylan: *reaches Eric* wheee!
  • Eric: omg I wanna try get off
  • Eric: *rides shopping cart back and forth down the aisle*
  • Dylan: *films Eric*
  • Customers: *staring at them like wtf are those weird kids doing*
  • *a few moments later*
  • Dylan: reb, get in the back of the shopping cart and I'll push you around
  • Eric: *says this is stupid but gets in anyway*
  • Dylan: *pushes the shopping cart around the store while riding it*
  • Eric: *hands camera to Dylan*
  • Eric: *stands up* I FEEL SO TALL FOR ONCE IN MY LI- *dramatically falls*
  • Dylan: I got that on tape!!
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric: *is filming*
  • Dylan: *filling the cart with cartons of eggs*
  • Eric: ok that's enough, now we need some egg decorating kits
  • Eric and Dylan: *walks to the aisle with the egg decorating kits*
  • Dylan: *puts a bunch in the cart*
  • Eric: I need to get an ice pack for my ass
  • *at the self checkout*
  • Dylan: but we already have everything bagged
  • Eric: *cancels checkout*
  • Eric: *scans one carton of eggs* a dollar and two cents, that's better
  • Eric: *pays* let's go
  • *20 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* we're back at my house to decorate the eggs
  • Eric: we're not going to boil the eggs, we're getting straight to decorating these fuckers
  • Dylan: we've got forty cartons of eggs
  • Dylan: *sets up camera so it's recording them*
  • Eric: where are your cups, we need cups to put the dye pellet things in
  • Dylan: *points* up there in that counter
  • Eric: *tries to reach it* I'm too short *climbs on top of counter*
  • Eric: take the cups and fill em all with water *hands them to Dylan*
  • Dylan: *fills the cups with water and puts them on the table* now we need to put the dye things in
  • Eric: *takes the camera and films the dye pellets going in then puts the camera back down so it will record them decorating eggs*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are sat down at the table*
  • Dylan: *to the camera* now we are about to begin decorating our godlike Easter eggs
  • Eric: pay close attention as this is a special routine that will make your eggs very godlike, this is a two man job btw
  • Eric: *picks up an egg* V, hold the blue water for me
  • Dylan: *grabs the blue and holds it* now Reb will gently lower the egg into the liquid
  • Eric: *slowly puts the egg into the blue* ok now we wait
  • Dylan:
  • Eric:
  • Dylan:
  • Eric: ok now we can take it out, go ahead V
  • Dylan: i'm not putting my hands in there, it's going to stain my fingers
  • Eric: use the spoon, jfc V
  • Dylan: *uses spoon to take the egg out*
  • Egg: *falls onto table and breaks*
  • Dylan: this is why we're supposed to boil them, now there's egg yolk and blue dye all over my mom's Easter tablecloth
  • Eric: *uses paper towel to clean up the mess* but we can't boil them, I have plans
  • *3 hours of egg decorating later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *covered in egg yolk and egg dye*
  • Table: *is a mess*
  • Eggs: *are drying on the Easter kit egg dryers*
  • Dylan: *tells the camera* we are almost done!
  • Eric: we have 8 eggs left
  • Cat: *jumps onto the table*
  • Cat: *sits in front of the camera*
  • Dylan: Rocky, you're blocking the camera, shoo
  • Cat: *walks across the table and knocks over all the egg dye*
  • Eric: *throws a tantrum* THAT CAT GOT EGG DYE ALL OVER MY TRENCH COAT!!
  • Dylan: *angrily* SAME
  • Cat: *runs away*
  • Dylan: how are we going to finish the last 8 eggs??!
  • Eric: *storms out of the house* I'M GOING TO BUY MYSELF A NEW TRENCH COAT
  • Dylan: *follows* WAIT FOR ME
  • *a short drive later*
  • Dylan: *filming* me and Reb came to the mall to buy new trench coats, as you can see *awkwardly films self in the mirror* we have already bought some new ones, *yells* Reb get over here and show off your new trench coat
  • Eric: *walks over* it looks exactly the same as the last one
  • Dylan: *continues to vlog around the mall*
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Dylan: *filming* I just adopted a bunny
  • Dylan: *films the bunny sitting inside of a pet carrier*
  • Eric: *appears out of nowhere* I go to the bathroom and you buy a fucking bunny are you serious
  • Dylan: he was only $20
  • Eric: omg let's just go
  • *back at Dylan's house*
  • Eric: *filming*
  • Eric: *zooms in and out of eggs* the eggs are dry and looking very godlike, v show em off to the camera, one by one
  • Dylan: *picks up an egg* this egg is black with purple spots, it is very creative and godlike *places egg in a giant bag*
  • *471 eggs later*
  • Dylan: those were all of our eggs
  • Eric: *films self* we're going to take them all in my car at midnight and go on a little rebel mission across the neighborhood. we're going to throw one egg at each house until we run out. me and V are the official Easter bunnies of Littleton. this will be the best damn reb-
  • Dylan: *screaming* CAPTAIN CARROT IS MISSING!!!! I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!
  • Camera: *captures a 'what the fuck' look on Eric's face*
  • Eric: why couldn't you name him "the destroyer" or something
  • Eric: *sets camera down on the floor and forgets to turn it off*
  • Eric: *mumbles* captain carrot are you serious
  • Eric and Dylan: *in a different room looking for captain carrot*
  • Dylan: *yells* CAPTAIN CARROT!!
  • Captain Carrot: *is filmed hopping across the floor and out of the window*
  • *a few minutes later*
  • Eric and Dylan: *comes back into room*
  • Dylan: where could he be??! I paid $20 for that rabbit
  • Eric: I don't care, we need to go on the rebel mission, get the eggs
  • Eric: *picks up the camera*
  • Dylan: *grabs the bag of eggs with a pout on his face* let's go
  • Eric and Dylan: *gets in Eric's car*
  • Dylan: *takes camera from Eric*
  • Eric: *starts to drive*
  • Dylan: *sees captain carrot outside* CAPTAIN CARROT!!!!!! *dives out of car*
  • Eric: *stops car* what the fuck
  • Captain Carrot: *runs into the street*
  • Dylan: no captain carrot, get out of the road!!!
  • Car: *approaches Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs*
  • Car: *passes*
  • Eric: *gets out of car*
  • Eric and Dylan: *are running after Captain Carrot*
  • Captain Carrot: *runs and disappears in a hole*
  • Eric: we need to go, Captain Carrot wants to be free
  • Dylan: *sighs*
  • *some time later*
  • Eric: *slowly driving down a street*
  • Dylan: *throwing eggs out the window at houses* FEEL MY WRATH
  • *the next day*
  • Eric: *filming* it's 11am, me and V are about to crash the Easter parade
  • Dylan: we're going to run into the parade right when the Easter bunny gets there and we're going to pull off the guy's head
  • *about an hour later*
  • Parade: *is going on*
  • Dylan: *filming*
  • Eric and Dylan: *waiting*
  • People: *cheering*
  • Easter bunny float: *starts to appear*
  • Eric: there it is
  • Dylan: and there's the Easter bunny *zooms in*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs into the street and climbs onto the Easter bunny float*
  • People: *gasping*
  • Dylan: *still filming*
  • Eric: *pulls off the head of the Easter bunny*
  • Children: *gasps*
  • Eric and Dylan: *gasps* BROOKS??!
  • Security: *starting to come forward*
  • Eric and Dylan: *runs away and takes the Easter bunny mask with them*

So, two days ago I completed the Alola Dex and got the Shiny Charm. I’ve never gotten one of these before, but I’ve really wanted to hunt for a shiny Cofagrigus because pink and purple coffin is ridiculous and wonderful and my favorite shiny. In all the years of playing, the only shiny I’ve ever found was an Onix (now a Steelix, named Colossus).

I’ve gotten so close to breeding and training competitive versions of all the available ghost types, was just missing Spiritomb, Oricorio and Shedinja. Figured I’d do a bit more breeding to get those, then start breeding Yamask looking for a shiny.

…40 Spiritomb eggs, and I get this.

Was just hatching eggs while falling asleep in bed, because it’s something I do when winding down for the night. Was half asleep, opened my eyes to check the screen, and HOLY CRAP WAIT THAT ONE IS BLUE.

Must hop out of bed to share achievement with world!

She’s got the hidden ability, too! Perfect IVs in all but speed and attack, Calm nature. Going to hyper train her to patch up the speed IV, then she’ll be decently competitive.

Now I just need to think of a name that’s not Holy Cow. :P

EDIT: She has been renamed Error 403. Because Spiritomb is classified as the Forbidden Pokemon. :P

Companions React: Dyeing Eggs

Happy Easter to all my wonderful followers who celebrate! Here’s a reaction for you guys!

Ada: She’s really confused why humans would do such a thing, but decides to partake anyway. Her eggs end up being all geometric and fancy. 

Cait: At first she doesn’t want to do it, but she joins in and makes some eggs splattered in all kinds of colors. 

Codsworth: He’s the one who found the several dyeing kits in an old abandoned kitchen. He enjoyed everyone being together and having such a good time. 

Curie: She decorated her eggs with lots of pretty floral designs and veeeery carefully set them up to dry. She’s having a blast to be honest. 

Danse: He paints his eggs in wild colors and wavy designs. One of his eggs says “Ad Victorium :)” and he’s super proud and gentle with that one. 

Deacon: He colored his eggs somehow so that they only show their color when you shine a blacklight on them. No one knows how, but he did it. 

Hancock: He breaks a couple eggs due to carelessness but manages to decorate one with Mentats all over it. 

Nick: Nick is sitting back and watching everyone fight over access to certain colors. Sole coaxes him into making one purple and gold egg. 

Piper: She makes a ton of striped eggs. She’s fairly experienced since she does this with Nat every year. 

Preston: He paints his so that they look all watercolor-y. He even makes a little egg with a smily face and “MinuteMen 4Ever” 

MacCready: His eggs are dyed in cool colors and little self-portraits. He throws an egg at Danse and freaks him out lol. 

X6: He didn’t take off his shades so all his eggs are super neon-bright. Sole catches him painting a little orange heart on one of his eggs and he gets embarrassed. 

Strong: He’s the one they sent out to collect unfertilized Deathclaw eggs. He returned with a massive shopping-cart full. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t have opposable thumbs but he gets a few boiled eggs tossed his way. 

Recall: Prologue

Introductions to Cynder, Spyro, Sonic Boom, Drobot, and Ashes.
• Cynder, daughter of the Lost Queen and one of the last Kuros. Raised and manipulated by Malefor before being freed by Spyro. Begins a secret relationship with him that does not work out well, making her the biological mother of Ashes. Important Side Character.
• Spyro, a legendary purple dragon with a hatred toward the Lost Queen and ended relationship with Cynder. Starting anew with Sprocket. His strong sense of justice has blinded him, and it only gets worse as he tries to crush his own egg. The biological father of Ashes. Important Side Character.
• Sonic Boom, a gryphon from the Windcaller clan who seeks to protect those from ill fate. Wishes above all to be a good mother. She becomes the adoptive mother of Ashes along with her mate Drobot, hoping to fulfill that dream. Important Side Character.
• Drobot, a blind dragon who uses technology to his advancement and to the better of Skylands. Mated to Sonic Boom, and loves her with all his heart. The adoptive father of Ashes. Important Side Character.
• Ashes, the secret child of Spyro and Cynder, but believed  by most to be created by the hands of fate. A purple dragon like her father, who tried to destroy her egg for both selfless and selfish reasons. Loves her parents Sonic Boom and Drobot. Does not know her true heritage… At first. The Main Character of the blog.

The Prologue sets the very beginning of the story, and how all came to be. Takes place in the Weirdlanders/Wishes verse.
• After giving birth to an egg and hearing of her mother’s ambush plans, Cynder flees Kurosia and returns to the Core of Light.
• Spyro worries over what Feuriah and Kaos could be planning, as he always does. While thinking, Cynder swoops down upon him. He gets angry, as he believes Cynder to have betrayed them for her mother.
• Cynder snaps and presents the egg, which she explains is their own from their past broken relationship. Spyro is in shock at first, but then proceeds to explain that it is best for all of it is destroyed. Disagreeing, Cynder protects it and flies off to the council.
• Lying, Cynder tells them she found the egg, as well about he mother’s ambush plans. Together, the council votes to keep the egg alive, trusting it in the hands of Sonic Boom and Drobot.
• The egg, while lying in its new home, is blessed by Djinn to find its true family.
• In time, the egg hatched into a baby Ashes Windcaller, loved by her adoptive parents, but destined not to stay with the Skylanders.

New Arcs:
Beginning: Arc 1 (Present)
After fleeing the Core, how goes Ashes Windcaller’s first months in Kurosia? Why is she there?

Beginning: Arc 1 (Past)
A purple dragon has hatched at the Core, and this leads to many reactions. She grows up with a few idols.

Let Me

i present to you part 2/3 of If You Love Me Let Me Know, also known as Jealous!Soul: the trilogy. read the first part here. this chapter is also on ffn and ao3.

Story summary: When another weapon asks Maka out on a date, Soul has to work through his own feelings of jealousy and loyalty as he watches the one he loves slipping away. But is it really too late?

“I’m so happy to see you – scratch my nose for me?”

Never did Soul think he’d be comforted to find Maka propped up in a hospital bed, scathed but alive and reading. Knocking over a nurse and setting a personal record in athletic feats when he had leapt over a gurney are nothing compared to the other things he’d do to be by her side. He sags against the doorframe, lungs bursting at the seams trying to fill with air while she offers him an innocent beam.

It only knocks the wind out of him.

“And can you turn this page for me? I’ve been reading the same paragraph for fifteen minutes thanks to this.”

Hard pink plaster encases the length of her left arm. That much Soul expected from the brief phone conversation that he must have missed ninety percent of in his rush to find matching shoes, because Maka lifts her right wrist and it’s also splinted in place.

Soul prepares for a migraine; this is going to be a wild ride from start to finish. “Maka, what happened?”

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Since the game has been out for a couple weeks, I thought I would make a little list of all the helpful information I have learned and share it so hopefully people who didn’t know about this stuff can have a more fun experience!

Tip #1:

You can choose which eeveelution your Eevee evolves into by nicknaming them!

Sparky –> Jolteon

Pyro –> Flareon

Rainer –> Vaporeon

Tip #2:

The rustling grass that you sometimes see on your map indicates a Pokemon spawn point! This is an area where Pokemon will continue to pop up at before they possibly relocate themselves. If there’s a Pokestop near one of these points, you should set up shop there for a bit with a lure to see what you get!

Tip #3:

Incense only affects YOU. I’ve made this mistake a lot where a friend and I will be searching together and one of us will use an incense thinking we’ll both reap the benefits, however, this is not the case. Pokemon with a purple ring around them are Pokemon that will only show up on your screen because you have an incense activated.

Tip #4:

There’s a great trick to easily level up in a short amount of time! All you need is a Pokestop, a lure, a lucky egg, and a decent amount of Pokemon that are ready to evolve. Activate your lucky egg, set the lure down, and start evolving and catching for the next 30 minutes! The lucky egg doubles the amount of experience you get from everything, so evolving Pokemon or catching them (especially ones you don’t already have) gives you a lot of experience. Combine that with the fact that your spinning a Pokestop every 5 minutes and you’ll level up in no time!

Tip #5:

Save your candy! This tip is very important. As tempting as it is to evolve or power up your Pokemon as soon as you’re able to, it’s much smarter to wait. As you level up, the Pokemon you find in the wild will have higher and higher CP levels. This means that if you have a level 200 Oddish that you evolve into a level 350 Gloom, there’s a pretty good chance that once you level up you’ll find a higher level Oddish and/or Gloom in the wild. This wastes candy you could have used on a higher or stronger Pokemon.

Tip #6:

Do you know the white arch that your Pokemon has above them when you click on them in your inventory? That arch represents that Pokemon’s CP potential. The white dot on that arch shows where that Pokemon is currently at. Say you have a CP level 120 Meowth. The white dot should be in the middle or a little less on the arch. This means that you could potentially find a Meowth twice as strong, or you could power that Meowth up to be twice as strong. This arch is a good way to decide whether or not a Pokemon is worth investing candies in. The end of the arch represents the point where a Pokemon cannot upgrade their CP level anymore. If you find a Pokemon who’s dot is near the end of the arch, and you feel you’re unlikely to find a better one, you should be able to comfortably invest candies into that Pokemon and train it up. This also means that you probably shouldn’t power up Pokemon that aren’t fully evolved unless you have candy to spare.

I hope these tips were helpful to you guys because I wish I knew them a lot sooner. Happy hunting!!!

Family Recipe

I felt the need to give Thomas’ dad a voice. So I wrote him a little thing.


Family Recipe

“Do you want to break the egg?”

Tommie nodded with enthousiasm. He was standing on a stool but he was still barely tall enough for his head to peek out above the mixing bowl, a frown of concentration on his face as he took the egg in his small hands. He tapped it to the edge of the bowl. His face fell when nothing happened.

“A bit harder,” Theo said. “But not too hard, remember?” The first time Tommie had slammed the egg down on the bowl with all the force his little arms could muster and the entire counter had been covered in eggshell and yolk, including Tommie himself. Theo had been quick enough to snap a picture of his shocked face. It was just too funny.

Tommie’s frown turned even more serious and he tried again. A crack spread through the eggshell and a grin spread over Tommie’s face. “Look Daddy, I did it!”

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The signs as shit I've said
  • Aries: I'm a chill sergeant. Everyone drop and give me 20 minutes of nap time
  • Taurus: He never saw that one coming. In fact the only thing he saw "coming" was himself
  • Gemini: Nasty purple fuck doesn't deserve 1080p
  • Cancer: But are mashed potatoes sexy
  • Leo: You are what you eat so it's no surprise you're an asshole
  • Virgo: You'd let that reptilian muthafucka sneep snip the nip nop
  • Libra: It's like getting a blowjob from an angel
  • Scorpio: I'm the devil and I'm gonna go down on George, ja
  • Sagittarius: It's like Jesus crawled through my ear and laid eggs in my brain
  • Aquarius: Hi I'm auditioning for the role of humanity as we know it and I'll be singing "The Downfall Of Us All" by A Day To Remember
  • Pisces: Nya, nya, Nyasputin, lover of the Russian weeb

anonymous asked:

Imagine tiny/steve/bucky dares clint to eat nothing but purple foods for a week

“You can’t do it, not even for a week,” Tony teases.

“My money’s on Barton making it,” Steve pipes up.

“Sounds like a challenge. I’m in. What do I get in return Stark?” Clint smirks.

“You name it, you got it bird boy.” 

At first he tries to cheat the rules by sneaking in regular fruits into smoothies while adding black berries to make them all purple. Thinks better of  it because JARVIS sees all, like some Big Brother spy for Tony. So for a solid week its a rotating menu of grilled eggplant and purple mashed potatoes and cabbage and radicchio salads. And every imaginable purple fruit he can get his hands on. He starts eating whole heads of red cabbages like they’re apples in front of Tony at any given time. Eventually he tracks down some purple carrots that he’s almost positive aren’t at all natural. He used to love grapes, but now can’t stand the sight of them, switches to plums and figures out he hates those too after the seventh one he eats. He sticks getting tons and tons of blue berries (technically some kind of purple, right?) and black berries from the farmers market and eats them by the handful. By the end of the night his whole hand is stained purple. 

Bucky smacks his knee and laughs at the sight, “What’s the matter Barton, couldn’t find gloves to match the outfit?”

“Haha very funny Barnes,” he mutters under his breath as Bucky exits the kitchen. Clint just sighs and tries to remember what junk food tastes like. Luckily there’s only one more night of grilled egg plant and mash potatoes. He’s never felt healthier in his life, its almost foreign.

As a coup Tony orders pizza from Clint’s favorite place that night making sure to get an excessive amount and leave them where Clint can smell them all night. Gritting his teeth through the last remnants of the egg plant that hes made and waits patiently until midnight.

“Well, you made it. What did you want to collect on?”

Clint just smirks.

“I’m going to deeply regret this when you end up on the news and Pepper yells at me,” Tony just sighs as he straps Clint into one of the Iron Man suits that he had in the lab.

“Shut it Stark, a deal’s a deal,” Clint’s always wanted to fly, why not make him nervous anyways?

five Clint/Nat headcanons

1. Clint hates the way Natasha makes coffee. Natasha hates the way he makes tea. It took them over a year to admit this to one another because they were both so unaccustomed to having anyone make that sort of kind gesture.

2. The first hoodie Natasha stole from Clint was his SHIELD-issue one, and they had only known each other for two weeks. He still isn’t sure whether it was intended as a show of affection or intimidation. He thinks it might have been a little bit of both.

3. The hardest part of Natasha’s adjustment after being deprogrammed wasn’t learning to trust a partner. It was learning to trust herself to fight alongside a partner and not hurt him.

4. After Clint and Natasha move into the Tower, she spends weeks hacking Tony’s environmental controls, much to his consternation and Clint’s amusement. Clint totally eggs her on, coming up with more and more ridiculous things for her to do. Tony finally figures out what’s going on after she turns all of the bathwater purple.

5. After the infamous Avengers game night of 2014, the team declares that Clint and Natasha aren’t allowed to be on the same side anymore. Only to realize that having them compete against one another is infinitely worse. 

anonymous asked:

omg tho sterek easter kidfic with kid!scott and kid!lydia and derek and lydia go to mass pretty much every sunday because that's how talia raised him and stiles and scott only come for christmas and easter but of course they're all there for the annual egg hunt, and lydia will only pick up eggs that are pink or purple and scott ends up giving away all of his eggs to younger kids who were too slow to get any before Jackson grabbed them all, and derek and stiles start talking because they're the

single dads, or at least they tell themselves that’s why they’re talking, and maybe derek suggests lydia give one of her eggs to scott and maybe after that they start having playdates every week, maybe derek and stiles realize that they aren’t just falling for each other, but they’re falling for each other’s families, because scott and lydia play like they were raised together, and eventually lydia convinced derek to propose with a pink ring so she can match her flower girl outfit omgg


Stiles,” Derek says again, grimacing as his knee sinks further into wet grass. He brandishes the ring impatiently in the air. “What do you say? Will you do me th—”

And me!“ Lydia prompts from behind him. 

He sighs, but corrects himself. “Will you do me and Lydia the honor of marrying…” he spares a quick glance at his daughter, “us?” 

Stiles looks like he’s three seconds away from bursting into laughter and ruining Lydia’s whole life, but a warning glare from Derek makes him straighten up and loudly proclaim: “Of course I will marry you both!”

There’s a brief moment of stunned silence before Lydia and Scott begin to cheer (read: screeching at the top of their lungs and startling a flock of birds out of a nearby tree), and they run off towards the swing set almost immediately after, too excited to stand still. 

"Dude,” Stiles snorts as Derek climbs to his feet, smiling tiredly. “Don’t you think this is moving a little bit fast? I mean, we aren’t even dating.”

We could be, Derek wants to say. He settles for: “Yeah, sorry about that. You—you don’t actually have to put the ring on—Stiles, stop. That’s going to get stuck.”

He quits trying to force the ring past his knuckle and looks up, giving an over-dramatic gasp as he sways forward into Derek’s space. Derek puts out an arm automatically to steady him, going almost cross-eyed as he tries to keep Stiles’s face in focus. “You mean you don’t want to marry me?” he cries. Derek rolls his eyes. “This was a fake proposal? My heart is broken!”

"Shut up,” Derek huffs. “You knew.”

“Maybe I forgot,” he shoots back.

“I texted you this morning to tell you the plan.” 

"You said: Lydia wants me to marry you. If you say no I’ll kill you. I wasn’t exactly expecting the whole entire proposal situation.” He pauses, wrinkling his nose. “And I don’t think a plastic Sleeping Beauty ring actually merits a death threat.

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