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Reasons to watch Leverage

Eliot Spencer

Eliot Spencer


Ahem. Right.


- Found family trope, which I will never get tired of in a million years

- You know that post asking for a series with a dark, fucked up, tragic beginning that gradually gets happier when the series progresses? Leverage is basically that. Four out of the five main characters have pasts that range from ‘Mildly sad and lonely’ to ‘Holy shit you’re fucked up’, but the show takes that and then makes them better. There’s no gritty downspiral, no one gets killed for shock value, it’s an action series that’s actually fun. 

- Did I mention it is hilarious? Because it is. Really. Friggin’. Funny.

- Broody man getting called out on his broody man-ness

- Broody man having an awesome ex-wife who has moved on from the divorce, still cares about her ex-husband but is not bitter and also does not get jealous but instead becomes friends with ex-husbands new partner.

- No. Annoying. Love. Triangles. Just one glorious OT3.

- Ladies telling dudes they need more time before embarking on anything romantic and then getting as long as they need without anyone pressuring them into something they’re not ready for.


- The resident nerd is not a stereotypical white boi geek, but a rather buff and very attractive black man. You know who is a stereotypical white boi geek? The villain.

- Not only relatable heroes, but relatable villains. I mean, everyone has been screwed over at least once by the type of scumbags portrayed in Leverage, so watching them getting taken for everything they own gives me tingles. Tingles of vindication.

- There’s one episode with two female leads that’s basically ‘Fuck the Bechdel test we’ve got criminals to catch’

But seriously, just go watch it for this glorious goober right here:

in our silent moments
you ask me
what i’m thinking

i grasp for words
often remaining silent
as my tongue gets tied
into shy
and playful knots
begin to wander
and i cautiously ponder
yet all i can give
are mere glimpses
of the dream that exists
when my eyes are closed

let me try to convey
all i long to say…

i imagine walking the rooms
inside my mind
with you
who understands
my every weakness
seeing them as strength
i look upon you
who fills the quantum
celestial gap
the black hole
within my heart
a universe
this niche missing
from reality
i envision a home
and complete
with all the facets
of an unblemished love
and displayed
within each photo
that is hung on the walls
love thrives inside
the pages of every book
that rests
upon the dusty shelves
for us to read
letter by letter
i imagine that
on our darkest days
when lost in life’s maze
and one may not feel like reading
the other will speak
the words aloud
so very slowly
with compassion
the sound will resonate
and saturate
our home
this love will linger about
in the air we breathe
and swirling
captured under blankets
in-between the bedsheets
it will be piling high
on the harvest table
the vital nourishment placed
bountifully upon each plate
the sustenance
in abundance
that will feed our body
heart and soul
i clearly see you
and vulnerable
yet holding inside
the courage of lion heart
within your own wounds
your weakness
your greatest
i see you
who requires to be loved
as deeply you love
who looks into my eyes
and desires not to remedy
one single thing
what is yours
i see only you
the man who is willing
as i am willing
to cross even the most
treacherous valleys
climb the highest mountains
that we might enjoy the view
both together

in the depths
of your eyes
i see sheer beauty
within every scar
they hide
i see brilliance
in the divine plan
of the past
that lead you here

i am left looking into us
reveling in the perfection
that is chaotically scattered
like diamonds among the stones
that lay upon the path
we walked
before finding


Sabrina Escorcio

Books on Ted Bundy

I already had a few asks about it so I decided to put together a list of the ultimate books on Ted Bundy. It’s a work in progress, and I might add more in the future!

The Only Living Witness : The true story of serial sex killer Ted Bundy by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth 

Michaud and Aynesworth are a reporter and an investigator team who interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy while he was on death row in Florida. This volume chronicles his activities throughout several states but is at its best in a long section of transcripts from the interview in which, while he never admits his quilt, Bundy offers vivid details of the crimes and commentary on the mindset of a serial killer.

The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule 

The Stranger Beside Me is a 1980 autobiographical and biographical true crime book written by Ann Rule about the serial killer Ted Bundy, whom she knew personally before and after his arrest for a series of murders.

Note : It’s a good book but her perception of Ted is often off base. It’s better to be read with some distance as she perpetuated some fake myths like the long parted hair in the middle, but it’s overall a good read with an interesting point of view from someone who worked with him and hanged out socially a few times with him.

Ted Bundy : Conversations with a Killer, The Death Row Interviews by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth 

Drawn from more than 150 hours of exclusive tape-recorded interviews with Bundy, this collection provides shocking insights into the killer’s 11th-hour confessions before his death in a Florida electric chair. A unique, horrifying self portrait of one of the most savage sex killers in history.

The Riverman by Robert D. Keppel 

After a search of over twenty years, one of America’s most elusive serial killers was finally apprehended. Now, read the true story of one man’s attempt to get inside the mind of the Green River Killer July 15, 1982: 3 woman’s strangled body was filed, caught on the pilings of Washington state’s Green River. Before long, the “Green River Killer” would be suspected in at least forty-nine more homicides, with no end in sight. Then the authorities received an unbelievable letter from the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy – then on Florida’s death row – offering to help catch the Green River Killer. But he would only talk to one man: Robert Keppel, the former homicide detective who had helped track Bundy’s cross-county killing spree. Now these conversations are revealed, in which Bundy speculates about the motive and methods of the Green River Killer – and reveals his own twisted secrets as well. Now, as never before, we look into the face of evil … and into the heart of a killer.

The Phantom Prince : My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall 

One of my personal favorite, it’s a kind of autobiography written by Elizabeth Kloepfer about her 7 years relationship with Ted. It gives the best insight on how he acted around someone close to him and on his every day life. It’s a must read! 

Defending the Devil : My story as Ted Bundy’s last lawyer by Polly Nelson 

As a brand-new lawyer, Polly Nelson was offered serial-killer Ted Bundy’s case as a pro bono project for her prestigious Washington, DC law firm just weeks before he was scheduled to be executed. Defending the Devil is a unique and candid look at the Bundy case and at Nelson’s three-year personal battle to balance her duties as a lawyer, her compassion for human life, and the inhuman crimes her client had committed.

Through the obstacles and setbacks faced by Nelson there was Ted Bundy himself. While his crimes show the extremely violent side of his personality, there were many other sides –many other extreme sides–that the public never saw. Ranging from shy and defensive to a narcissistic performer, Bundy professed his innocence by day while offering confessions to the police and helping the FBI at night. His own worst enemy, Bundy seemed never to understand the severity of his crimes, the punishment, or the public’s reaction to them. Through it all stood Nelson, defending him from both the system and himself.

I’m Not Guilty : The Case of Ted Bundy by Al Carlisle Ph.D. 

Dr. Al Carlisle evaluated Bundy for the Utah court when he was first arrested in 1975 and conducted extensive interviews with him after that. Carlisle has painstakingly reconstructed the life of Ted Bundy through conversations with his friends, family, neighbors, lovers, investigators, and surviving victims—and with the killer himself. I’M NOT GUILTY finally answers the questions about Bundy’s own crimes through a fictional dialogue between Carlisle and Bundy on the day before his execution, and sheds light on the development of the violent mind.

The Bundy Murders : A Comprehensive History by Kevin Sullivan 

Theodore Bundy was one of the more infamous, and flamboyant, American serial killers on record, and his story is a complex mix of psychopathology, criminal investigation, and the U.S. legal system. This in-depth examination of Bundy’s life and his killing spree that totaled dozens of victims is drawn from legal transcripts, correspondence and interviews with detectives and prosecutors. Using these sources, new information on several murders is unveiled. The biography follows Bundy from his broken family background to his execution in the electric chair.

The Trail of Ted Bundy : Digging up the untold stories by Kevin Sullivan 

Within the pages of The Trail of Ted Bundy : Digging Up the Untold Stories, you’ll hear the voices - many for the first time - of some of Ted Bundy’s friends, as they bring to light the secrets of what is was like to know him while he was actively involved in murder. The stories of his victims are here as well, as told by their friends, including the information and anecdotes that didn’t make it into the investigative files and are being published here for the first time. Two of the former detectives who worked with author Kevin Sullivan during the writing of his widely-acclaimed book, The Bundy Murders, return to aid readers in fully understanding Bundy’s murderous career; it’s ripple-effect impact on those who came into contact with him in one way or another, and dispelling commonly held myths.

The Trail of Ted Bundy is a journey back in time, to when Ted Bundy was killing young woman and girls in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It’s told by those who knew him, and you’ll hear their revealing stories, many being voiced and put to print for the very first time. The friends of the victims are here as well, and they too share their insights about the victims, and some of what they tell here had been held back from the investigators, such was their commitment to their deceased friends. It’s also the story of those who hunted Bundy; those who guarded him, and those who otherwise were a part of this strange case one way or another.

The Bundy Secrets : Hidden Files on America’s Worst Serial Killer by Kevin Sullivan 

Within the pages of The Bundy Secrets : Hidden Files Of America’s Worst Serial Killer is a unique, never-before-published look at the investigations undertaken to stop the depredations of America’s most infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. Presented here in an easy-to-follow chronology are the raw, unedited and most fascinating official case files as they appeared to the detectives from the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains to Florida. 

Ted Bundy : A Visual Timeline by Rob Dielenberg 

Ted Bundy was, and still is, an enigma. This book goes part way towards dismantling some of the mythos that has been built up around him over the 40 years since he first came to light. It does this by presenting – in chronological order – all the important available information on Ted gleaned from books, archives, TV, film, newspaper articles, essays, police reports, court transcripts, and original sources, so that readers can make up their own minds. If you are a student of abnormal psychology and/or criminology you will find this book an invaluable resource in answering most, if not all, the questions you ever wanted to ask about Ted. This book may not be the last word on him, but it is without doubt the most exhaustively researched to date.

In Defense of Denial: Ted Bundy’s Final Prison Interview 1989 

In 1989, shortly before his execution, Ted Bundy met with Robert Keppel in what would be his final confession to the events that had occurred some years prior in Washington State. Although much of this confession has been published in other forms and through various media outlets, this is the original version of that confession as provided by an FOIA request made in June of 2015. It contains more of the interview than has been discussed over the years.  It was released in transcribed form by the King County Sheriff Office.

Reflections on Green River : The letters of, and conversations with Ted Bundy, edited and compiled by Sara 

“Reflections on Green River” contains a collection of original letters written by Ted Bundy to the Green River Task Force in 1984.  It also contains the original transcriptions of the recorded interview with Ted in 1984 and in 1988.  In 1984 the interview centered on Ted Bundy’s evaluation of the Green River killings but it also discussed a suspect in the case as well and went into detail about the dump sites and Ted’s intuition that the Green River killer was moving up and down I-5 corridor possibly more than police were aware of.  Bundy also analyzed the disappearances of the women associated to the Green River Killer and those that he felt could be associated.  The 1988 interview centers around Ted’s evaluation of questionnaires related to crime being developed in Washington State as well as discussions related to serial killing.  These interviews and letters were talked of in some measure in other books but this collection is more complete than most other sources.  It is a very important text for those researching the Bundy era.

A little rant about Jumin Han.


This post is inspired by @rfa-housewife post I just reblogged before this. I would have put this in the comments but it became longer than expected, whoops. But please read that post before mine. 

Okay. Let’s get to it. 

I honestly love Jumin so much. Yes, everyone has their ‘less than cool’ moments in the game. Even MC. (Hello Bad Endings!) But, I just got done playing Jumin’s route again and…there is a reason I love this man. It takes him a bit to get to the point where he is comfortable enough to share his emotions and he makes some mistakes along the way (I get it, I do.)…but, I mean, COME ON, would you be comfortable sharing yours if you were ridiculed every time you tried? He is given a hard time in the chat AND in his day to day life. He sees his own father continually giving his heart to women who don’t give a shit. He deals with people, and, yes, it’s his job, and my man is good at it, but people who are just trying to profit themselves. Damn it, even one of his “step mothers” CAME ONTO HIM when his father wasn’t around when he was younger. Then, when MC comes into the game, Rika is “gone” and V is AWOL. The only two friends he trusted to know the “true him”. And no wonder he felt a close connection with Rika that was almost, pretty much, romantic. Cause she was the only female in his life that he thought he could trust! That “proved him wrong”. (Almost anyways…Jumin knows what Rika did to V’s eyes and saw how she became…slowly “not herself” in a way that was dangerous, so he no longer sees her that way, I believe, when MC comes in.) (Though he doesn’t really know the extremes of that yet, but, yeah, different discussion.) Hence, that leaves V…but again! A W O L. So, who did Jumin Han have before MC came in? (What also gets me…is that even though he couldn’t talk to any of the RFA members, I think he still sees them as family…especially if V sees them as family.) But, anyways, so, yeah, he shut down. T h e n he was ridiculed for NOT showing his emotions. What the hell? Just…give the man a break. It’s like he could never win. No wonder he became a mess of tangled strings. Then, the other details. I mean, okay, this one might be reaching but I think one of the reasons he began to distance himself from Elizabeth is because the people in the chat gave him constant shit about his relationship with her! Yes, I know he did need someone to talk to for real. But has no one heard of an emotional comfort animal? That’s pretty much what Elizabeth was! Why do you think V (and, I suppose, Rika) gave her to Jumin? And also why V and MC pushed for him to keep her. Sure, an animal does not replace a person…but they did have a bond! Jumin was Elizabeth’s home! Just like any human with their pet. And then the sexuality thing…I’ve personally been asked about my sexuality in my life because I’m single. And it’s just…why? Why does it matter? Leave the man alone if he is uncomfortable talking about it! And the “commoner” thing people criticize him about…he is GENUINELY ASKING. (Points to Exhibit A when he texts you and asks to let him know about more “rules” you know about besides the Sweet & Salty rule. Cue MC being a dork and saying the Ju and L rule. I honestly loved that part, ahhh, he’s so cute.) He did grow up different, and yes, MC does teach him empathy, it’s true. But she more like taught him how to tap into it. It was always there. And when he is talking to MC about his deeper feelings he has said on more than one occasion “oh, I’ve spoke to much, I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable” or something along those lines. Just…baby, no. Keep talking. It’s the equivalent of saying “sorry” after everything you do. (Ha, guilty for that one here.) He never hesitates to help or offer help to the members of the RFA even though he says it’s not him being kind…it’s just business or whatever. No, he actually IS a kind person but doesn’t want to seem like he is doing it out of kindness because that leaves him open and vulnerable. Even when his father betrays him because he is being manipulated…he still continually says how much he loves him and defends him. And, also! STOP with the silver spoon thing, people. Because money, really does not, as Jumin and his life is an example, buy happiness or love. I don’t even look at what Jumin did as necessarily “being held hostage”…he was just SCARED to be alone. And frightened that someone was going to leave again. Like all the women in his life, like his father who chased those women, like Rika…even V and how he became less and less present. No, it wasn’t really good how he went about it…but he makes up for it later to MC! I personally didn’t even mind it…though, yes, he got controlling at times…but he would never EVER hurt MC. And WHY I didn’t mind it is because if Jumin was real and I was actually in his life…I wouldn’t want to leave someone alone when they’re feeling like that! That would just be…awful. Who knows what could have happened. He was in the middle, in his own way, of a breakdown. I don’t even have the heart to go for the Bad Endings personally (though it’s fine if people do!) cause i just…hate the answers you have to select for it because you are basically being just like everyone else in his life. And he deserves someone better than that to be there for him. Just…I’m glad V is Jumin’s best friend because he needs someone like him in his life…(though I wish that he was more present…but we all know why he wasn’t…-insert ugly sobbing here-.) and I’m glad for the role MC plays in Jumin’s life. It’s why I love playing his route. That boy deserves so much happiness and love. I just…relate to Jumin so much. The tangled strings, keeping a small circle. Jumin just has so much to give but he didn’t know how until MC comes along. So, cut this boy some slack, wrap him in a blanket, make him some tea and give him a hug because he needs one. Immediately. I do love all the characters in the game with all my heart. They all have been through so much that I might make separate posts about each of them. But…right now this is for my honey bunny. (Personally, my favorite.) Jumin Han. 💜

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vermilion-blues-deactivated2017  asked:

Do you have any long, multichaptered fics with interesting plots and character development and basically everything a real book would have? I'm not looking for anything specific, it's just you always only find/recommendations oneshots, and I want something longer.

i think your best bet for these kinds of fics would definitely be looking through the superlong tag! Here’s some recommendations as well from the top of my head:

Misfit - (wattpad) Dan is different. He’s learned to accept that. He’s fated to be this way forever; a misfit from society. When he’s struggling to make ends meet and he’s faced with the option of looking into a serious job or taking on a roommate, he opts for what seems like the easier option at the time. Potential roommate number eleven, Phil, turns out to be an insufferable optimistic ball of sunshine that Dan wants nothing to do with. His options are running out though, as are the savings he’s been using to pay his rent, so he finds himself begrudgingly agreeing to let the other man move in.

A Royal Pain (ao3) - Dan Howell is a prince. Unlike most, known for their benevolent behaviors and elegant manners, he’s known for his sullen mood and vituperative remarks. After all, being a prince is not much fun; not with the lack of friends and the abundance of dumb tasks, such as trying to find the perfect bride and hosting dinners with nobles. Dan only has one friend, a prince from the neighboring kingdom Leona, and his days improve greatly when Phil finally comes to visit. However, with Phil comes a variety of strange accidents, all of which putting his friend’s life in danger. Is someone trying to assassinate Phil? And what can Dan do to stop it, to save his friend?

Nothing Burns Like the Cold - (tw)  Phil Lester is different, having the power to manipulate water with just a flick of his hand. Because of this, he was transferred into the special school, Dahlia Academy, which was built to harbor students with magical abilities. Here, he meets Dan Howell, a cold and distant pyromaniac who doesn’t get close to anyone

Let Me Down Gently -  AU in which Dan is (briefly) a lawyer, until he gets fired and kicked out by his girlfriend. Wandering alone at night looking for a place to stay, he happens across a slightly strange man who introduces himself as Phil and who owns a B&B. Without much choice, Dan takes up the offer to stay there, and quickly grows to have a certain fondness for Phil. There’s only one problem: Phil runs the B&B with his long-term partner Alex.

My Love is on the High Seas - After being accidentally kidnapped by pirates, Dan realizes that just maybe, his heart has been stolen as well.

In My Way - Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much. Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.


Eyes On You: Yuri Plisetsky x Reader x Victor Nikiforov

Request:  Can you make a Yuuri/Viktor like a older jealous brother because Yurio have a crush on you? Plz plz

A/n: So, I have no idea if this is what you meant, but this is how I received it in my head. It’s a Brother!Au, where Victor is Yuri’s older brother, and they are not that much apart, like three years or so. This turned kinda sad so… yeh.

Possibly a part 2…maybe?

Warnings: strong language

“Yurio, how was practice today?”
Victor sat opposite him, placing some food in his bowl, not making eye contact with the blonde. Yuuri grabbed a bun from the little wooden basket in front of him, and cut it open while listening to the rest.

“It was like usual… and stop calling me Yurio!” He snapped, taking a bite of the piroshky his grandpa had made. He placed his feet on the seat next to him, and watched the screen to the left, were a soccer match was being shown. He had no interest in the sport, but felt like anything was better than talking to Vitya.

“I heard you’re training with Y/n…” At the mention of the familiar name, Yuri snapped his head towards the side. Victor looked right back at him with a small smile, finally having his attention. Yuuri looked up at him in interest.
“I am.” “How is she doing?” Yuri shrugged and placed the piroshky back on the plate.
“She really has talent, and her quads are basically flawless. Her form is always perfect and I don’t think I’ve seen her fall at all during practice…” Yuri kept rambling on about you and he didn’t even notice he was talking so much. Yuuri was watching him with a small smile, but Victor stared at Yuri with a slightly cold stare.

“Do you have feelings for her?” Victor interrupted him, poking his chopsticks into his rice rather firmly. Yuri looked up at the silver haired male in surprise, not expecting him to ask so sudden. He noticed the way his fingertips were clenched around the wooden sticks. He narrowed his eyes at him and leaned back in his seat.

Why was Victor suddenly so interested in his relationship between the two of you. You were a good friend, and he enjoyed hanging out with you… and maybe he did have some kind of feelings for you. Maybe he did think your smile was stunning, and the way you snapped back at him. He liked your attitude and how you could also become really shy in certain situations. He liked the way your cheeks turned slightly pink at the cold while practicing.
He definitely liked you.

“What makes you think I do?” Yuri raised an eyebrow at his brother, only to receive a dark chuckle in return. Victor placed a piece of pork into his mouth, chewing slowly and swallowing even slower. He stared back at him, the small smile on his lips faltering as he began to speak again.

“I think you should take a break. Maybe pair-skating isn’t for you.” Yuri turned quiet. His eyes had widened and he watched the older male stare back at him with a neutral expression. Yuuri turned quiet, swallowing thickly and wanting to escape the obvious tensed situation as soon as possible.

“I-I’m taking Makachin for a walk!” he whistled at the poodle, who started wiggling his tail at the mention of his name. He happily barked and walked alongside Yuuri through the front door. Yuuri closed the door, leaving the other skaters with each other in silence, as he sighed and started to walk towards the nearest park.

Yuri hadn’t even looked up as Yuuri left. He kept eye contact with his brother during the whole scene.
“No. I like pair-skating. I think Y/n and I make a good team.” Victor shook his head and stood up to place his bowl in the sink.
“I think you pairing up with Y/n will only influence your performance in a negative way. She’s better off with another partner.” Yuri gritted his teeth. He stood up and slammed his hands against the wooden table, causing the plates and cutlery to shake and fall over.
“Bullshit!” Victor dropped his bowl into the sink at his outburst. He turned to his younger brother with irritation in his and he raised his eyebrows at him.

“Excuse you?” “Excuse me?! For fuck’s sake, I’m not a little kid anymore, Victor! You can’t decide who I skate with and what I skate, so stop acting like you can just because everyone thinks you’re a legend!” Yuri glared up at his brother, who kept quiet after his words. It felt uneasy though. Like the calm before the storm. Victor just stared. Nothing else.

“I…” Yuri huffed as he began to speak, already annoying the older Russian. Victor walked closer to him and grabbed his cheeks in one hand, pulling him towards him.
“… am not a legend. I am your brother, and I decide what is best for you. Now… we’re done talking.” Victor let go and turned back to the sink to clean the dishes. He ignored Yuri’s protests and just listened as his younger brother cursed, then kicked the chair he previously sat on, then left the room.

 “Y/n, I will be your new partner.” You blinked up at Victor, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You glanced around the rink in search for Yuri, but you couldn’t find him.

“Where’s Yuri? He doesn’t want to skate with me?” Victor shrugged and grabbed your hand. You blushed slightly at him and awkwardly smiled up at him. You joined him in the middle of the rink, and got into your first position. You quickly glanced at what he was gonna do, but Victor noticed your worried stare and offered you a gentle smile.

“Don’t worry, I memorized the whole choreography.” You nodded and waited for your cue. Once the music started, your body moved automatically towards Victor’s. You circled around him, only to push away from him, and skate your way into your first jump.
Victor extended his arms above his head, then followed you, while spreading his arms out towards you.

‘I’m a damsel in distress. My beauty and graced is captivating. My hand is holy. Only for the one true prince, who is able to make everything he owned mine.

 You turned, chest pushed forwards and hands alongside your hips. Your feet placed in front of one another. Your eyes are closed.

‘After all the love I got offered. There was one meant to be. One man who gave me his heart, his body, his mind.’ 

You opened your eyes, and in front of you was Victor. His hands gently grabbed yours, while his face remained a mixture of happiness and sadness. You stared up at him. He felt so much different than Yuri. His movement may have been much better, but his presence remained much less noticeable. You were used to this Victor, but when Yuri danced with you he was a whole other person. He became your prince.

‘I offer my soul. She accepts my pleas for love and makes me hers. I live alongside her, and feel at peace.’ 

Victor felt so alive when he danced with you. Every time you touched he felt a sparkle, and you looked so incredibly beautiful as he lifted you. The story behind the whole choreography made it even better, and he read through it in his head as he danced.

‘Her touch heals and her voice clears skies.’ 

Quadruple toe loop. He lands, as usual. Victor smiled as they neared the end of the song. You became much more nervous each time you jumped, or had to lean against him.

Victor felt so intoxicated. He wanted you to be his. He needed you to be his. Why was it that Yuri got to skate with you, when he was a much better option.

‘Why did he get to have you and I can’t?’

With that thought the song ended, and you and Victor stared at each other. He was bend over your body as you leaned your back against his thigh. Your legs were stretched out, as Victor hold your sides. He gazed into your eyes. You swallowed and stared back into his.

‘Then the love is sealed with a kiss…’


You opened your eyes, not even realizing you had closed them until you heard Yuri’s voice. You felt yourself blush when you noticed how close Victor’s face was, and you quickly stumbled away from him. He sighed and looked up at you.


“What the hell, Victor?!” You turned towards Yuri who was now quickly making his way onto the ice and towards the both of you. His eyes were dark and trained on the silver haired male. You smiled at him and wanted to wave, but he skated past you only to push Victor away firmly. Victor budged just a little and stared at his younger brother.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Telling me to skate by myself, then pairing up with Y/n?! What is your problem?!” Victor’s eyes widened as he watched his brother yell at him. You stared at the both of them, not knowing what was going on.
“Yuratchka, I-I-“ “You wanted to steal her away from me, didn’t you?!” You gasped and watched as Victor’s wide eyes glanced up at you then back at Yuri. He opened his mouth but no words came out. He didn’t know what to do or what to say. He was caught red handed, stealing his younger brother’s crush.

“What makes you think you can just take her like that?! What makes you think you’re better than me?!” Victor looked down at the ground, in shame and in confusion. Yuri kept yelling at his older brother. You felt bad for him, but what he appeared to do was wrong. You skated towards the both of them, but just as you were about to place your hand on Yuri’s shoulder, Victor snapped.

“Why do you get to have her, but I can’t!” 

His words were loud, and you could hear the raw emotion in his voice. Even Yuri turned silent and watched as Victor showed another side of him Yuri had never seen.

“How do you think it feels watching someone skate with someone you love?! Seeing someone develop feelings while you’re in the back suffering?!”

Victor was panting, and finally had the guts to look up into his brother’s eyes. That was when Yuri noticed how broken Victor seemed. His eyes had turned dull, and he felt a shiver run up his spine as he looked at him in hopelessness.

“… Not even having a single chance to prove yourself.”

His tone had turned from a shout, to a sad monotone voice. You stared at him with pity, a look he rather not receive at a moment like this. He chuckled sadly and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“But you wouldn’t know.”

He quickly left the ice. You wanted to protest, but Yuri grabbed your hand.
“Let him be. He just needs to cool down.” You nodded and watched as Victor left the ice, feeling your heart beat faster with every step he took further away from the rink.
You turned to Yuri.
“Y/n, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you-“ You cut him off by holding your hand up. He silenced himself and watched as you pointed at the exit of the building.

“You two need to talk.”

Snake Eyes | BTS Mafia AU (2)

Pairing: reader x jimin | Mafia/Gang AU

Genre: angst x some fluff

Summary: You were assigned to protect, watch over, and defend him. Falling in love with him was just an inevitable side effect.

A/N: thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown for this & as a way to say thank you for that & the 300 followers, I decided update this today. if you have any questions or thoughts after reading this, don’t hesitate to ask me. enjoy <333

Word Count: 4,714

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When he came back to his senses, Jimin made no noise despite the urge to groan in pain. His face was sore and his neck felt stiff. He refused to move as he could hear hushed whispers and any movement would make the rope bound around his wrists bite at his skin.

“Namjoon-hyung is going to be pissed. He specifically asked for the CEO, not his son.”

“Well, what do you want me to do? Summon him back from the dead for questioning?”

Jimin recognized both of the voices. One was Jungkook’s and the other was yours.

“I do have an Ouija board upstairs in my room…” Jungkook’s voice trailed off suggestively.

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Perhaps the saddest fairytale of all begins with the sad girl who fills her mouth with once upon a times until she’s throwing up happily ever afters at 2am on the bathroom floor. Building towers miles high around her with the pieces of her heart left behind from when Hercules took to it with his sword. The tower is imprisoning and impenetrable and she finds herself isolated, alone with her long hair and her exquisite paintings of a knight torn from hazy pink dreams on the walls. The colours darken, from yellow to pink to blue to black as the sun keeps relentlessly setting and night keeps falling to the death of another day without rescue. This is the saddest fairytale of all, but every fairytale must have a happy ending, and this one glows like a revival; the day Rapunzel stops waiting for her Prince Charming and finds it within her to save herself. She pulls her art from the walls and washes in the paint until she sparkles with silver armour of her own and power radiates from her in tidal waves only the little mermaid could conquer. Gently, she deconstructs the tower she built to protect her and pieces back together her golden heart. She knows now she is the only protection she needs. On a white steed, she gallops away, thinking of only one thing: who convinces girls this? That they, whose very skin shines with the innate power of earth and gold, need a man dressed in dulling silver to save them? Scribbling over how they wrote her, as a mere damsel in distress, she writes her own happy ending, on her own terms. ‘I am not a love interest, I am the heroine of my own tale; I am not just some feeble princess, locked away in a tower. I am the dragon that guards it.’ She stands taller than before, for she knows now her beauty lies not in her hair, but in her strength. And so her newfound wings fly her beyond this sad chapter, and into the brighter future that is hers alone to ink. 

- in which the princess is her own salvationl.a 

{the power of the storm, #9}

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Do you still think Wally West is going to be the one that suffers a 'fate worse than death'?

It pains me to say this—and because it’s so painful, it only increases my own certainty—but yes.

Here we have a charming young man who joined two of the most important families in the show last season, that of the Wests and that of Team Flash. He’s smart, he has a sturdy moral compass, and he’s fast. So fast, in fact, that the team’s conceded to the fact that he’s probably the only one who can save Iris from her untimely demise. Right off the bat, he has the necessary emotional connection with every member on the team to break hearts en masse once he meets this so-called ‘fate worse than death’.

He also likes to flirt with danger, which was made abundantly clear in the beginning of the season when he nearly died during Flashpoint and when he jumped in front of a car in order to activate his dormant powers. Additionally, the fact that Wally wasn’t able to heal himself the way that all speedsters should during Flashpoint felt an awful lot like foreshadowing. Barry had to learn the hard way that he can’t escape some aspects of the future that stand before him, and I think in saving one life (i.e. Iris’s), somebody else will have to take the fall in their place (i.e. Wally).

There’s also the fact that he’s only just begun to pursue his relationship with Jesse in earnest. Being that she’s the only real speedster fighting crime on her Earth, it does feel a bit awkward that she would abandon it indefinitely. If something awful were to happen to Wally, that might naturally lead to her returning home by the end of the season. Taken together with the fact that I think Wally is going to suffer the same fate that he did in the comics, where he disappears into the Speed Force and fades so far into non-existence that the memory of him is wiped from the minds of his friends and family, she might leave for home with a hole in her heart, but not understanding why she feels that way. It would also be an amazing set up for season 4′s Big Dilemma, which would be figuring out a way to save Wally from the brink of destruction.

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Change of Heart

Authors notes: I’m not really sure where this angst came from tonight…. well, I call it fluffy angst. :) I don’t think I could hurt Newt if my life depended on it. So, I’ll just take it out on Theseus instead. ;) Though he would probably be impossible for me to hurt either. Ugh! Precious little darlings. Anyway, not my BEST work but I stayed up writing it - and I’m posting it as a thank you to all those who have supported me so far. :) You’re amazing. Enjoy!

Oh, let’s be honest: I blame @hiccuphaddockswife


Warnings: none really - just some mentions of war and a bit of a broken heart. 

If there was one person in your life who had never let you down it was the man sitting in front of you right now, sipping contently on his chocolate shake. His name was Theseus Scamander and he was a well known and highly esteemed wizard. During the war, he had become a famous hero — however, you had always seen him as one. For as long as you could remember, Theseus had been your best friend and greatest support. Your paths crossed rather accidentally at the Ministry of magic where you were both employed. You bumped shoulders often, as they say, but it was not until he asked you to coffee that your friendship finally bloomed.

Everyone thought you were dating but they could not have been more mistaken. You were friends, nothing more, yet you were always together. You took walks, shared inside jokes, and attended several events in each other’s company. 

You counted on him - and he was always there. However, during the war, you had drifted apart. What a soldier witnesses on the field of battle is often a life altering event - so depressing and demoralizing that the very man comes back a shadow of what he once was. 

This was Theseus Scamander now. 

He was strong. He was resolute. He was courageous. He was a hero.

Yet, he was broken. 

Deep down within himself he had lost too much. Seen too much. 

This is why the wide smile that crossed his features at the moment surprised you. 


“Yes, dear?”

“Thank you for meeting me today…I…”

“It really is no problem. I was in the area. It has been a long time since we have spoken. How are you?”

You sighed. Now would be time in the past that you would have spilled out every little worry of your heart. Yet, so much had changed. He had changed dramatically and as you fiddled with your straw the realization came - you had changed too. He had his own distress and you had yours. There was no common ground anymore. Just a loss of friendship that was eating you alive. You felt your heart fill with dread. Even though his words were friendly; there was an air of awkwardness above you that had never been there before.

“I’m really… I’m fine.” You stammered, chugging down a large gulp of strawberry shake. It was a lie. He knew it too, but wouldn’t press you for more.

You finished your shakes and stood up, exiting the diner in silent agony. How? How could the years of laughter be gone? How could everything that you had worked for fallen apart? How could the memories of catching fireflies and stargazing just disappear?

You shoved your hands in your pockets and clenched your fists, the tension in your chest felt like it would leap out at him like a fiery dragon.

“Theseus? What happened to us?”

The look on his face surprised you - instead of remorse or remembrance it was cold and unapologetic.

“What did you say?”

“What happened to us….? All of those things we shared… all of those memories of happiness and friendship?”

“The war.”

“Yes… I know. The war!” Your words came out a little harsher than you intended, “A lot of people fought in that war, Theseus. You are not the only one who had to sacrifice and suffer. Maybe I wasn’t on the front lines but I was here - back home - living my own personal war. I received horrible news every day… heart shattering news.”

“What do you want?" 

These four words shattered your heart. You turned away, hot tears burning your cheeks, as you wiped them away with the back of your hand.

"What do you mean – what do I WANT? I want you. I want my friend, Theseus. I NEED him." 

His voice was low and void of emotion, "I am no longer that man.”

Every fiber of your being felt like it was on fire - the atmosphere seemed to fill with black smoke - and the roaring in your ears might as well have been a dragon. You fell to the ground watching the last bit of hope - the last flicker of joy - pivot on his heels and leave you in a dark alleyway, entirely alone. 

Or, so you thought.

“Some hero.” You spat, tucking your knees into your chest and letting the tears flow freely.

“Ex….Excuse me…” A timid voice pierced the darkness and your heart leapt in fear. Your hand wandered to your side, grasping onto your wand. 

“Who - Who’s there?” You replied, “Lumos!” A small glow came from the tip of your wand as you waved it towards the direction of the sound.

“Apologies… you may have sat down on… erm, something of mine.”

Instantly, you realized that the “something” you were sitting on was a leather bound case. How had you not noticed this before? The shock of the moment was enough to send you springing from your sitting position.

“Have you been here long?”

He shook his head, smiling, “No.”

“Oh, sorry. I meant no harm…to your…case.”

“Quite alright. I just have a stray Niffler I am on the hunt for and he is terribly incorrigible, you see.”

“What’s a Niffler?”

“Well - it is a fluffy, black, long-snouted, burrowing creature that has an unhealthy obsession with anything glittery. I can not seem to contain him no matter how many times I find him.”

Amusement filled your heart as you tilted your head, taking a closer look at the man before you, “You’re Newt. Newt Scamander.”

“Yes. Yes. Do I know you?”

“I know - well, I knew - your brother Theseus.”

“[your name]? He used to talk about you. You worked at the Ministry together, right? I thought you had moved to America.”

You smiled slightly, “No. I am still at the Ministry.”

“I never see you.”

“My job is not very glamourous. I mostly deliver messages and make tea.”

“Well, I should probably be off home. It is getting late.”

“Allow me to escort you.”

“It is only a small distance.”

“No lady should be alone at this time of night - especially around here. Who left you alone anyway?”

You shook your head. You were mad at Theseus but had no intention of turning his brother against him too.

Newt grasped his case in one hand and offered you his other arm, which you took gratefully. You were able to take of yourself but it was late and the broken heart you carried weighed heavy on every inch of you. The support of a steady arm was most appreciated.

The walk home began in silence and you wondered if Newt would ever speak. His sea green eyes peered up at you through a mop of cinnamon curls. Millions of freckles dotted his skin and the scent of warm tea and mint entranced you. You swallowed the lump forming in your throat. The two brothers looked so much alike.

Since Newt was silent you finally mustered the courage to ask the common question everyone inquired, “Did you serve in the war?”

Newt smiled gently, “Yes… yes. Mostly on the eastern front. I worked with dragons.”

Dragons. Of course. 

“Dragons? That must have been… quite the experience.”

“It was.” His tone convinced you not to press the subject. 

“Have you enjoyed your work since being home?" 

"Immensely. My greatest joy comes from my creatures. I recently discovered a pair of Billywigs in the south of France. Little buggers are hard to catch but I was successful eventually.” He smiled wide, the wrinkles by his eyes becoming pronounced, and you could not help but smile in response.

“Well, this is it.” You motioned to the door of your apartment, “Thank you for the company. I hope to see you again.”

“He… he does not deserve you.”


Newt rocked back on his heels and held the case in front of him with both hands, nervous eyes darting everywhere but to yours.

“Whoever left you tonight.”

“How did you - ?”

His eyes met yours finally, “I take care of creatures who have been abandoned, beaten, and neglected. I know a broken heart when I see one.”

The rush of a thousand emotions permeated your soul, striking your heart in the very center. You wondered if he had seen Theseus. You wondered if he had heard the words and the crying. His demeanor and eyes gave no clear answer.

“Darling, do not let the experiences and the memories of the past hold you back from making memories of happiness in the future.” Newt chewed on his bottom lip nervously before continuing, “Perhaps tomorrow you will let me introduce you to Frank the Thunderbird?”

This tender wizard melted your heart.

“I’d like that.” You beamed, nodding your head, “I’d really like that.”


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First Meeting [Jonerys]

This is just a drabble I couldn’t help writing with some headcanons about how the respective Hands will react. Hope you all enjoy!


“I would remind you to remain wary of a comely face, Your Grace.”

Jon ripped his gaze away from the Dragon Queen who now sat on her dragonglass throne and regarded his Hand. “Do you think me so foolish?”

“No,” Sir Davos shook his head. “I think you are a young man. With eyes.”

Jon frowned. “I was a man of the Night’s Watch, you know. I knew my vows and I carried them.”

“Until you dropped them in the wilderness above the Wall,” Davos said.

Jon remained silent, his retort dying on his tongue. Of course he could say that that had been a special circumstance. He had been amongst the Wildlings and he’d had to convince them he was one of their own. But he knew, deep down, it was as Davos had said. In his heart, he had welcomed the opportunity to set aside his vows and know what it was to be a man who loved a woman.

“Forgive me, My King,” Davos interjected. “That was not an admonition. The enforced celibacy of the Watch is unnatural for any man. I only mean to stress the importance of this so-called Mother of Dragon’s support.” Davos surveilled the room they were in, the stone walls shiny and black as if shaped by dragon fire. “This castle is full of the material we need to defeat the Wights, and currently, she owns it.”

Jon looked up at her again, and waited for her to invite him forward into the hall, but she was speaking with Lord Tyrion, her Queen’s Hand now, and her rose-petal lips were tilted upwards into a small smile. Jon had to look away, something odd and heavy tightening in his stomach.


“Jon Snow is a good man, my Queen,” Tyrion commented. “He was a bastard son who somehow managed to break tradition and rise above his station. That should be commended.”

Dany considered him. “It is not ambition that I need.”

“And he is honest,” Tyrion continued. “Just like his father. It’s a Stark trait, you see. A stubborn nobility that gets them killed more often than not, but…”

He caught the look on her face and stopped. “I’m trying to compliment him.”

“I’m not so sure you are succeeding.” Dany couldn’t help smiling.

“Well, despite his honor and general naïveté at the time of our first acquaintance, I’m sure he’s much less innocent now.”

Dany caught Missandei’s eyebrows rising from where the woman stood behind Tyrion, and they both shared a look. Missandei hid her own mouth behind her hand and averted her gaze.

Dany struggled to keep her own composure, but she managed. “Very commendable.”

“Right,” Tyrion agreed. “He’s now a worldly man of the Night’s Watch and of…” Tyrion glanced at her. “Modest ambition.”

“And yet he managed to be crowned King in the North,” Dany rejoined.

“Yes.” Tyrion nodded, clearly uncomfortable. “Well, as always, I will leave the final judgment of his character to you, Your Grace.”

Dany turned her attention back to the man in question, stood as he was in her throne room, surrounded by his entourage of advisors and attendants. She could admit that she was intrigued by him. He was young and dark haired, draped in the colors and furs of his house. He made a comely image, and had a pleasing symmetry to his features.

He looked up and found her gaze then, his black eyes boring into hers unabashedly. She shivered, a warmth blossoming inside of her that she hadn’t felt since Drogo had passed.

She looked away, rattled, and straightened her spine, as if donning a well-worn armor.

“We shall see if he kneels.”

29 days from today, I become Todd’s wife, a life long love poured & perfected by Christ. I gain and become a lifelong companion, together we make a life of mornings, and evenings, hills and valleys, a million moments together on this journey of marriage. We’ve burned our ships, our docks, and walk towards this new land we as one make home.

Todd delights and cares for my soul, my needs, my heart in a way I only hoped for before he came into my life. A simple hello, a simple question to get to know one another two years and 8 months ago, and now he is my greatest love, my beloved, the one my soul loves. Praise be to God for allowing my heart to continue to hope, for providing in my joys & sorrows, to guide me through the years of heartbreak and despair, teaching me His love my only assurance in this short life. That when I met Todd, the certainty of Christ was a welcome feeling and knowing, to walk forward with this man and allow the connection become knowing, knowing to become understanding, and understanding become deepest love. The man I prayed, hoped, desired to know, is the man Todd is. A man reflecting God’s own heart. A man who selflessly loves, who’s character and integrity are praiseworthy. A man of honor and humor, kindness and wisdom. This is the man I marry in 29 days, and I thank God for He has given the greatest gift, a covenant with Todd, a journey of love and growing with a man after His own heart. May our marriage be a bringing of flowers to a world bereft of beauty.

This afternoon on my way home from work, I drove past a man that looked like someone I used to know. He was on the new bike path walking a large white dog. His build and height and hair were the same, and he was wearing a sleeveless shirt like one I’d folded countless times.

I only saw him for a moment; the road curved and I lost sight of him. I couldn’t say what kind of dog it was. I don’t know if he owns that shirt anymore.

What’s important was my reaction to seeing him. I wasn’t happy or sad. My heart didn’t seize, and I didn’t hyperventilate or cry the way I did once at a gas station. I drove past a man who might have been someone I spent nine years of my life with, and that was all. A moment in time. I moved past it.

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193 “Good girl” maxanne 👀

Max kept her gaze on the distant night sky as she walked around the snowy gardens. She had watched Jack and Anne embrace, knowing the relief in Anne’s heart. The relief, that, were she to be honest, was in her own heart as well.

And now…what happened next? She wrapped her arms tighter around herself. She was tired of the cold, the waiting, the uncertainty. She wanted to return to Nassau and see what she had to rebuild to reach where she had been before.

She returned to the house, going in the side entrance and up the stairs.
She opened the door to the room and went in, closing it behind her.

“Thought you were never going to come up.”

She turned quickly at the sound of Anne’s voice. Anne who was sitting there, upon her bed, watching her.

“I thought my absence would not be noticed for a little while.”

“I noticed.”

Anne’s voice was soft and Max’s stomach tightened. Anne looked up at her.

“The other night..when you said those things.” She paused.

“I meant them.” Max held her voice steady.

“There was no way you could have known you’d still get what you wanted, not after turning down her offer.”

“No, there was no guarantee.” Max’s heart quickened in her breast and she drew closer, hesitant but hopeful.

“So why’d you do it?” Anne looked at her.

Max sank down on the bed beside her. She reached for Anne’s hand, drawing it safely within her.
“Because I could not. I could not accept that offer, not when I have you in my heart.”

Anne gazed down at her hand and then she twisted, shifting them, pressing Max down upon the bed, gazing down at her as she hovered above her.

“I would have killed him.” She whispered. “Any man who tried to own you.”

Max reached up and cupped her face with her hands. “I know.”

Anne leaned into her touch, pressing a kiss to the heart of Max’s palm.

“If I said something like that to Jack he’d say “that’s my girl,” or “good girl,” some shit like that.“ Her mouth twisted wryly in an affectionate curve. "It’s not patronizing coming from him. Any other man who called me that, would get his fingers broke.”

“And what about a woman who dared call you that?” Max whispered.

“There’s only one woman I want to.” Anne said softly.

She gazed at Max and slowly leaned down to set her lips to Max’s waiting mouth.

Choose Your Own Ending

Alright, so for shits and gigs Any and I started texting as Dean and Cas while I was crazy white girl wasted. And Any thought let’s post it on our blog and get our readers to write the narrative of what happens next. So let’s do this! Reblog this craziness with your narrative, and we’ll reblog it with the corresponding texts between Dean and Cas after your narrative. So on and so forth. No word length requirement or anything, let’s choose your own ending this bitch!

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Soulmates - MCxLiam fanfic

Summery : After the whole thing with Liam’s father queits down and he finally has some time, he finds MC and they share another stolen moment.

Author’s note : This is my entry for this round of “Choices Creates” for the prompt  “Some souls just understand each other upon meeting” 😊
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ we need more Liam love  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Also, i couldn’t decide if i wanted to write a MC/Liam piece or MC/Jake piece, so i might submit a second entry for this prompt. In the meantime, enjoy! 😘 @hollyashton@pixelchoices

MC was standing in the middle of the apple orchid, leaning on the railing of the bridge, absorbing the beauty of her surroundings. Sometimes she was still wondering how she got into this fairy-tale like story. She didn’t know how could she fall in love this hard in such a short time, and how soon all of this could end, leaving her with nothing but a memory, and a broken heart. The other possible outcome was resulting with her ruling a kingdom, which wasn’t any less stressful, but at least she would have Liam by her side.

As the thoughts ran through her head, she didn’t give much thought to the sound of the approaching footsteps in her direction. “MC?” the lovely sound of Liam’s voice brought her back to reality. It was a pleasant surprise, considering the fact that as the coronation approached, spending time with him - especially alone - became a difficult task.

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 9)

A/N - Part 9 to the JB series! This is actually going to be the last part to the series since I didn’t really know where else I wanted it to go. I didn’t have a clear image of what else needed to be said or happened so decided to end it here with a cute little flashforward. Thanks for being so supportive of the series and I hope you’ve all enjoyed it~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Years had passed since that day and just thinking about it still brought back so many amazing memories. The day Jaebum had told you he was in love with you. Sure, he had written out cute love quotes and made romantic playlists for you but neither of you had actually told the other how much you truly cared about them. And now, almost 5 years later, here you were still just as in love. Nothing much had changed. You had stayed good friends with others from college and you were all still fairly close. Mina and Jinyoung hadn’t stayed together but were still friendly enough around each other. Life was good. Both you and Jaebum had completed college and you were now a trained teacher while he wrote novels, with two currently published. Life just felt so dreamlike for you and you couldn’t have asked for a better relationship with him. Jaebum was literally your other half; he completed you and you completed him. His personality complimented yours so well that fights and arguments were practically non-existent.

Jaebum was just as happy as you were in the relationship and he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with you. That’s why he had planned to ask you to do just that. He stood there in the same little field where he had first confessed his feelings for you, nerves and adrenaline pumping through his veins. He’d asked Jinyoung to help out and was waiting for the two of you to arrive. When Jinyoung had arrived at the apartment you shared with Jaebum, he said there was a little surprise planned for you. It wasn’t any special birthday, holiday or anniversary so naturally you were a little skeptical but played along and let him tie the blindfold around your face so you couldn’t see where he’d be driving you. Jinyoung guided you as you got out of the car and walked somewhere, still clueless of what was going on. He had said to wait to be told when to remove the blindfold and then walked off. Thinking you were alone, you tried to shout for Jinyoung but he didn’t answer. You began to worry but decided to just trust him and his decision to abandon you like this. When you heard a familiar voice say “You can take it off now”, you knew you were safe.

Seeing Jaebum stood there sent relief flooding through you. That was when you looked around and recognised where you were. So many memories came back to you and it was almost overwhelming. Once you had settled from the wave of emotion, Jaebum kissed you sweetly before getting down on one knee. Your hands flew to cover your mouth in surprise. 
“(Y/N), this is the place where I first asked you out and also the place where I told you I love you for the first time. I felt it was only fitting that this be the place where I ask you to be mine forever. You have stolen ever single piece of my heart and I only ask that you keep it with you forever and always. Please, will you marry me?”
“Of course I will. I could never say no to the man who has owned my heart for so long,” you said between the tears of happiness dropping onto your cheeks. You bent down onto your knees so you could hug Jaebum. His lips were on yours within seconds with no sign of slowing down. You only hoped that Jinyoung had completely gone and wasn’t even sat in his car watching because you planned to finish what you and Jaebum had started all those years ago in that same field when he first told you he loved you.

When Snow Falls

Exo mafia au; You are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.   

Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun

Part 1/11 Part 2 here Part 3 here Part 4 here Part 5 here Part 6 here Part 7 here Part 8 here Part 9 here Part 10 here Part 11 here


Word Count 2,587

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

You sat in a comfortable leather chair, your fingernails gently trailing the stitching. You focused only on the material avoiding your older brother’s gaze completely.

“Y/N,” he said in his deep growl.

You didn’t think you’d ever get used to your brother Chanyeol’s deep voice. It still startled you and made you quiver. No matter how tough or confident you were, Chanyeol’s growl always put you in your place.

“Yes, oppa?” You said lightly finally meeting his eyes. Your brother smiled at you, something he did not show anyone else.

“I’m doing this because I love you and you need someone who will protect you.” His deep voice lost his edge. He spoke softly but only to you. He would never reveal this side to anyone.

“I don’t need any-” you were cut off by a single loud knock at the door.

Chanyeol immediately straightened up and in his usual dead voice he called the guest in. The door opened and you twisted your head back to get a look. A young man wearing a black tailored suit walked in. Shoes polished, raven hair groomed meticulously, not a single flaw in sight. He wasn’t very tall but still definitely taller than you. His suit jacket strained a bit on his broad shoulders. This was definitely done on purpose.

Everything about these type of men was thought-out to the very last detail. The way they dress, talk, act and every other feature about themselves had been strategically planned. You remember two years prior your brother asked one of his men to punch him in the face. At first, you thought he had gone mad. You remembered the petrified look on the foot soldier’s face probably questioning if this was a test. Nonetheless, your brother had done it simply to look intimidating. He wanted to be feared by all the other “capos” or mafia bosses. “A man who can take a punch is always feared,” he had said.

The tailored man curtly closed the door and lightly bowed. He reached his hand across the table to your brother’s. You noticed that the man’s dark lifeless eyes ignored you completely. As if you weren’t even there. Was this also done on purpose? Most likely. He didn’t seem too nervous. Chanyeol stood and shared a handshake, then motioned him to sit beside you.

“Kyungsoo, right on time as always.” Chanyeol nodded approvingly. “I would like to introduce you to the dearest and most important person in my life. My little sister.”

Tension immediately filled the room and you could feel Kyungsoo stiffen. He still refused to look at you which for some reason made Chanyeol grin. You, on the other hand, could not look away from the mysterious man.  

“I like you a lot Kyungsoo, I know I made the right choice. Her name is Y/N. She will be your most important responsibility.” Chanyeol’s grin faded. “Nothing in your life will ever be more important than Y/N. Nothing at all. You must protect her and keep her safe.”

It was odd, the tightening feeling in your chest. You suddenly felt nauseous and your palms became clammy. You knew for some time now that Chanyeol was on the hunt for eligible suitors for his little sister. He had told you a month prior over dinner. You had protested. A fight quickly ensued.

“Y/N!” He had shouted slamming his fists on the table. “You have no choice. You’re a woman now, no longer a little girl. Despite my feelings on the matter, you will start dating and I would rather pick him myself. He will be responsible and trustworthy and eventually you two will replace Baekhyun and I. You’re all I have left. Please let me do this for you.”

Chanyeol and Baekhyun had built this underground empire since they were 17. You remembered all the pain that had come from this. The deaths, the torture. Everything. You were forced into this world and Chanyeol was all you had. You didn’t want to disappoint him. It was true, you were an adult now. You remember the longing feeling that would come over you late at night as you dreamed of dating like other girls. Going to university and meeting a nice boy. However, that was not your life. It never would be. You silently agreed. Chanyeol would pick a good man. Well, as good as a mobster could be.

“Remember that just because I have made you date that doesn’t mean that Y/N is your property. You may not control her, pressure her, or make her do something she doesn’t want to do. All relationships take time and patience, I am sure you’ll learn that on your own, though. Remember what I have said Kyungsoo, take care of my sister. You must stay faithful to only her.” Chanyeol stood and peered at you both with intense eyes. He then leaned down and grabbed Kyungsoo roughly by the collar pulling him close. “Touch Y/N without her permission and you’ll be better off dead,” Kyungsoo said nothing. He sat quietly and didn’t once flinch or break eye contact with your brother.

Chanyeol grinned and let Kyungsoo go.

“Well, aren’t you going to say something?” Chanyeol asked sitting on his desk. “This relationship feels dry already.” He sighed rubbing his face.

Kyungsoo slowly turned to you. “Y/N, I will protect and respect you. I will do anything to keep you safe.”

Kyungsoo stared into your eyes and for some unknown reason, it made your heart flutter. He, however, was emotionless. His eyes like glass. His expression unchanging. You felt pathetic. You suddenly stood and smoothed yours in place.

“Great. It was nice meeting you Kyungsoo. I have things to do.”

Without another word, you left the room closing the door loudly behind you. Who does he think he is? He wouldn’t even look at me! I can’t believe my heart beat so quickly when he said my name. I’m so pathetic. You were tough! You were Y/N! Your brother owned one of the most respected and feared drug and crime empires ever and here you were getting a little lightheaded because of some Kyungsoo! This had never happened before. You never feared the other men who worked for you brother. You didn’t even fear Baekhyun, in fact, the only man you would ever refer to as “oppa” was Chanyeol. You wouldn’t be caught dead saying it to any other man. You walked briskly with your shoulders pushed back.

A bright smiling face at the end of the hallway greeted you with a wave. You internally rolled your eyes and almost contemplated turning around.

“Y/N!” Sehun called out. “Are you in trouble again? Chanyeol hyung seemed to be in a good mood earlier. Did you anger him?” The tall blond man rambled. He was the youngest man working under Chanyeol and he could be a real pain.

He was supposed to be in the mafia yet he acted like this was kindergarten. You knew Sehun very well. Ever since you were children actually. He was only a month older than you and always held it as leverage, “I am your oppa Y/N. Don’t speak to me informally.” Which would lead you to punch him and avoid him for weeks? The only reason why your brother and Baekhyun kept him around was simply because of how intimidating he could be. He was young, inexperienced, and sometimes uncontrollable but when the situation called for it, he could be the scariest man you’d ever meet. You had watched him torture and hurt many men. Even older foot soldiers feared him. Sehun was definitely a forced to be reckoned with.

“Sehun, please move. I have things to do.” You shoved past him and hurried along.

“Oppa Y/N! It’s oppa!”

You sat in your office with the lights off. It helped with headaches and left you feeling relaxed, at peace. A light knock startled you and gripped your armchair.

“I’m busy Sehun!” You shouted audibly groaning as you rubbed your temples.

“It’s Kyungsoo.” The voice behind the door said.  

You felt yourself instantly become anxious. Oh, I wish it was Sehun instead. You thought as you felt your heart rate speed up.

“Come in,” you ordered with a tone that rivaled Chanyeol’s.

The door opened and you could see the figure of a man approach you. You reached over and switched on the light, immediately regretting it. Your head pulsed and your eyes weakly tried to adjust.

“Here,” Kyungsoo said lightly. You looked up to see him handing you a glass of water with ice. “Chanyeol said you’re prone to migraines.” He continued gently.

You looked over him and sighed deeply. He was gorgeous and mysterious. He was actually smiling now yet it didn’t seem genuine. You straightened up and motioned him to sit across from you which he did.

You took the glass from him and peered into it. Then in a quick motion, you lunged the cup towards him, soaking him completely. Shock spread over his face and you took note to the way his fists balled and he shut his eyes, eyebrows furrowing.

“What kind of man hands a woman an open drink? Do you think I’m that fucking stupid?” You sat back as you spoke. Your voice calm. Chanyeol had taught you better. Despite the fact that he was handpicked by your brother out of hundreds of men didn’t mean anything. You trusted Chanyeol only.

“I can see why you don’t have many suitors,” Kyungsoo said harshly as he reached into his pocket to wipe his face with a handkerchief.

“You’re right. My brother kills them all so tread lightly.” You smiled at him and crossed your legs. “You can leave now.”

Kyungsoo stood but didn’t walk away. “Your brother sent me to call for you. He said he needs us.” He said this as he smoothed his suit jacket.

You stood. “It’s Chanyeol or hyung to you.” You walked out of the room with Kyungsoo and made a point to lock your door before you walked down the hall.

His artificial kindness won’t mean I’ll play nicely. You tried to convince yourself to hate Kyungsoo. Why would he agree to be your boyfriend? His actions made your head hurt even more. Just because you had to date didn’t mean you had to be nice.

You two slipped into a large dimly light room where Chanyeol and Baekhyun stood side by side. They peered down at someone blindfolded and tied up to a chair.

“What is going on?” You asked as you approached the sniffling person.

“Hello Y/N it’s nice to see your beautiful face again,” Baekhyun smirked. He had been out for a few weeks on active work and you could see what it pertained to. Stalking and kidnapping.

“I already met your new beau. It’s a shame Chanyeol doesn’t approve of you and me,” Baekhyun pouted.

Chanyeol roughly elbowed him.

Baekhyun the flirt and lover of all beautiful women. He was too rambunctious and wild. Chanyeol would never let it happen. Even though the conversation of you and Baekhyun had seriously been in discussion many times within themselves. They never asked for your input or opinion. In fact, it made you angry Chanyeol warned Kyungsoo about treating you like property when your brother had done it your whole life.

You snapped out of your thoughts and questioned the person sitting on the chair. “Why is she here?” You asked noticing the woman’s long dark hair. She wore a thin blouse and a short skirt. You could see the marks her heels made on the floor as she was dragged.

No one answered. In fact, it seemed like they were trying to drag whatever was going to happen on. They usually weren’t like this, so tense. Every other time they would make jokes or vocally torture their victims. You also took note that Sehun was not in the room. Extremely unusual when it came to interrogations.

“Go ahead Y/N. Remove her blindfold.” Baekhyun said smirking.

You were used to this. In fact you had tortured someone before. A foot soldier which you had discovered had been given information to the police. You didn’t like thinking about it so you shut the thoughts out immediately. You slowly walked up to the bound woman and removed her blindfold. You felt her flinch at your touch and sob quietly. You gently placed a hand atop her head shushing her gently. This was a page out of Sehun’s book. Comfort your victim. “It helps them relax and open up. Also making the interrogation confusing for them and even too overwhelming. I have had snitches spill everything they know when I smooth their hair faster than if I placed a knife at their throat. It’s twisted. It fucks with them.” You could hear Sehun saying this in your head.  

The woman looked up at you and you could see her trying to speak. Begging. You leaned down closer to her, “If you value your ability to see, then don’t fucking look at me.” You said. You needed to be in control at all times. The woman quickly looked away and made eye contact with Kyungsoo instead. You felt her begin to fight against her restraints then she began to scream.

“Kyungsoo! Kyungsoo please don’t let them hurt me. Please!” She begged.

Everyone’s eyes in the room were on Kyungsoo but only you were surprised.

“You know her?” You asked.

“Of course, he knows her. This is his ex-girlfriend. Isn’t she Kyungsoo?” Baekhyun asked sliding his arm around Kyungsoo, his voice taunting.

Kyungsoo looked at the woman in shock. His eyes wide and fists tightly balled together.

“You must prove that you’re trustworthy. You must prove your commitment to my sister and to us.” Chanyeol said deeply.

“Wait what?” You asked, your voice sounding strangled.

Chanyeol walked over and snatched the blindfold out of your hand tying it tightly over the woman’s mouth to keep her from crying out any longer.

“Oppa please,” You said still trying to process everything. “You don’t have to do this. Don’t you trust Kyungsoo?” You asked frantically.

Yes, you had tortured people. You watched others torture people without flinching. Without remorse. This was your life since you were very young. This was the norm. However, taking an innocent woman to prove another man’s loyalty was wrong. It made you sick.

“I will trust him. If he does this. Kyungsoo must be the one to do it. You don’t have to torture her. Just one bullet in her head is good enough for me.” Your brother said taking his gun out of its holster and handing it to Kyungsoo.

This was odd. Your brother would never simply hand his gun to another person. Now he was defenseless yet he didn’t seem to care. He was enjoying this.

“Hyung-” Kyungsoo began shaking his head.

Baekhyun quickly took his gun out as well and cocked it. Placing it against Kyungsoo’s skull.

“No please! This doesn’t have to be this way! I trust him!” You shouted standing in front of the woman.

“Y/N!” Chanyeol barked dragging you out of the way. You could hear the woman’s muffled screaming and Baekhyun hissing things into Kyungsoo’s ear. Everyone began to scream and shout.

“Do it now!” You could hear Baekhyun screaming.

“I can’t!” Kyungsoo cried out.

More shouting until you couldn’t tell their voices apart or what was being said until a loud gunshot rang throughout the warehouse.

❅ ❅ ❅

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For the propts you just reblogged, can you do a Saeran to reader of “I won’t let anyone hurt you, you’re safe with me.” ?

I’d be delighted to <3

Prompt 13: “I won’t let anyone hurt you, you’re safe with me.”


There was nothing Saeran was terrified more than himself.

Although you had already forgiven him with….Mint Eye, but your body, your mind was without mercy. There was a constant chase between your mind and your heart, that had long gave Saeran the innocent plea. Your mind was the judge, giving the guilty verdict, and your body was the jury, quiet whispers that spoke of your body, and the inevitable marks and bruises that let the world see.

The broken glass that was on the floor reminded you of what happened moments ago, when fleeting fury, an arrow pulled back, and then hitting the mark with accuracy. There were some shouts being thrown here and there, but the frenzied state of clutter you were in jaded everything to a dull haze. 

You couldn’t breathe, and it felt like you were a baby again, being reborn, taking in air for the first time and rejecting it. Your body rejected everything – your sight became fogged, your ears blocked out sounds, all but the static noise of a heavy silence. It was the silence people often experienced at a funeral of a loved one.

Your hearing returned quicker than your sight had. Shaky hands gently unplugged your ears, which was covered by your own clammy hands. When did I…? The silence was gone now, and everything seemed a little more calmer, and the air seemed to sway and hum in an attempt of comfort. You couldn’t see, but his words started to sounded clear, fog dissipating. “–an you hear me? Can you hear me, MC?” 

Right. Saeran. Your boyfriend. Boyfriends are lovers, and so Saeran loves you. You kept this thought in your mind, trying to block out his earlier words. “I’m dangerous, damn you! Just leave me the fuck alone!” Then the glass of water in his hand was thrown onto the ground in a moment of impulsive passion. You gave a weak nod, the best one right now, and mumbled. “D-don’t be ang-angry at me, Saeran,” It was like a puppy’s whimper, a defenseless creature’s best plea for defense. Saeran felt his heart ache, regret following him like a limp leg. Dragging him down, but persistently there. His anger was hot like the bluest star.

A silent promise was made to himself, an unwise heart, a foolish mind and a tainted body. Like wedding vows, he promised to himself, to MC. In sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, till death do us part. Clarity came to you amidst the quiet sobs, and you could finally see single trail of tear streaking down his cheek, marring his beauty, or perhaps accentuating it. Pain, unfortunately, had always looked beautiful on Saeran. Reality came to that conclusion, and unanimity followed suit.

Now having some of your hearing and eyesight, you focused on Saeran, capturing the image of this man who you loved dearly, who had hurt your heart in trying to protect it. Your mind was silenced, removed from your being and your body was overstimulated, leaving only your heart as the guidepost. A painful sob slipped out of his mouth, and mint eyes averted shamefully and red hair shying away from view, he pleaded. “Can I wrap my arms around you?” 

A breathy laugh escaped your mouth. A hug, Saeran. It’s called a hug. And you needed one, too. Too eager for your own good, you nodded wordlessly. Without hesitance, his arms came around you, and it squeezed a relieved sigh from your throat. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I love you. I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore, you’re safe with me.” He would not let anyone else hurt you, not even himself. He would rather die trying.

The night was silent and the cold air wrapped both of you in a safe hammock, cocooned by the darkness and hoping for the imminent light. 


Ahhhhhh I haven’t written in a while so I’m very sorry if this was bad;;; I was better a year ago I promise;; I hope you liked it anyways? Hopefully;;

Request a prompt, or requests headcanons if you’d like!


P.S.: The most Trademark thing I’ve ever written that also counts for the Choi twins: “Pain, unfortunately, had always looked beautiful on Saeran.”