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BTS Reacts: their gf walking around in only their shirt

Hyung line / Maknae Line [coming soon]

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A/N: im sorry if it’s not quite what you had in mind 😅😅 i just got a bit carried away since it’s my first request lol. i really wanted to show off my writing style more than anything. hope you dont mind the length (i honestly dont know how some of them got to be so long tbh *cough hoseok cough*)!!! Also I wrote so much that I hit post limit part way through Jimin’s one so I had to split it into Hyung and Maknae lines. Hope that’s okay!

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(WARNING: got some good ol’ PG13 makeout sessions up in here - not explicit sex obviously, but given the request you can gather its not going to be completely innocent, just wanna give you all a heads up so no one comes complaining to me lol)

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

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Jin had been in your kitchen, cooking both of you dinner before he had to go back to his dorms. He had a relatively early schedule tomorrow with his members, yet he insisted on making you proper food.

“You know how much I like cooking, though, Jagiya.” He insisted. “Go have a shower. I’ll be done by the time you’re out.” He said, chuckling at you as you huffed out a “fine”.

Twenty minutes later, you were done. Upon realising you had forgotten to bring a change of clothes with you to the bathroom, you sighed, pulling on your recently discarded shirt, that barely covered your ass. Scuttling around your apartment, looking for the sweatpants you ‘swear were right there, on the couch’, Jin called you for dinner.

You walked into the kitchen-dining area with a confused frown on your face.

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I just wanted to say sorry for all of the messages I sent so frequently. I didn’t mean to bother you or annoy you. I get a little too enthusiastic with talking and being excitable and sending too many messages when I see new people who share interests, so I apologize about that. I found my chill and the many messages won’t happen anymore. I hope you have an awesome lovely fantastic day. I just wanted to send this last one and say sorry for the incessant messages and not taking a hint sooner.

(( OOC: No worries dearie, I mean, if they’re all on anonymous then I’m not sure who you are anyway, lol. 

You’re not the only person sending me multiple messages, and I don’t mind receiving them. I’m just sorry I can’t always get around to answering them. 

On average I get about 50 messages a day, and I usually only answer about 5 (unless I’m in character, then I’ll answer more). So this goes for everyone when I say, don’t take it personally if I don’t answer your messages. 

I’m not annoyed with you, I’m not upset, and I’m not purposefully ignoring you. I’m just lazy busy. :P )) 

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Do you have any fics where Steve or Tony are in subspace? I adore reading about my favs in subspace, it sounds like a wonderful place to be lol I wish I cud get there

Well, if you haven’t already, definitely check out all @blossomsinthemist‘s kinktober works.  

Hard to find a lot with a real,deep look at subspace, but here are a few more you might enjoy. 


Cliche by Gothic_Lolita:  Steve demands to take care of Tony, and he doesn’t mind Tony’s subspace one bit. Now if only he could convince Tony of that.

Hypotenuse by derryderrydown:  Steve breaks up with Tony because he’s in love with Iron Man. That’s when things start to get complicated.

Kitten by Not_You: Written for an avengerkink prompt for dom on the bottom D/s with Tony and Steve.(Water is wet, fire is hot, and Steve always gets possessive when he’s nearly lost Tony.)

Care by @ashes0909:   He floated, body drained and mind a pleasant buzz of nothing.

Collared by @ashes0909 and @festiveferret:   “It was like going underwater in a dream. Steve didn’t have to hold his breath - he didn’t have to breathe at all. He just slipped below the surface."  (the whole Held series is great)

Held by romanoff:  It’s not the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to Tony, but it’s up there.

Anchor by romanoff: Tony hasn’t slept in days – three days? Four? Doesn’t matter. Point is, he needs to be taken out of his head.Luckily, Steve is happy to oblige.

Need by enthusiasmgirl:  Tony just wants to be good and make someone else happy. Steve lets him.

Eternity Etched in Flame by torianmist:  The creation of infinity. An eternity of desire marked upon Tony’s skin.

I won’t leave you falling by @blossomsinthemist:  Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope, cock rings, two vibrators, and a lot of orgasm control. It works out. Bottom Steve, trembling and desperate to come, loving dom Tony, plenty of aftercare.

You’re special to me. You’re the only one who I wouldn’t mind losing sleep for, the only one who I can never get tired of talking to, and the only one who crosses my mind constantly throughout the day. You’re the only one who can make me smile without even trying to.

I love that you know me. I love the way you say my name. I love your laugh. I love our conversations. I love that I can trust you. I just fell in love with you and I want you to be mine and only mine. Every single part of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Don’t worry I want to treat you right, make your parents like me, bring you on real dates, kiss you, cuddle and fall asleep in each others arms. I love you

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I saw a character thing, it might have been through you actually but it's for the De Rolo kids and the eldest was an Archfey Warlock and her patron was Argatan and that thought blew my mind.

defs wasn’t me but HOLY SHIT could you Imagine how Tired™ Percy would be to find out his kid’s patron was Artagan of ALL POSSIBLE OPTIONS

so some of my family members just had a discussion suspecting one of my uncles might be gay (he’s 30 yr old but was never interested in dating girls and has shown no desire to get married). Many of my close relatives expressed their feelings that they are not going to support or even admit him if it turns out to be true. And they are normally really nice and kind people that I respect and love, but can’t understand this time.

I spent three hours trying to change their minds; However little went through their heads. I’m kinda afraid that if this turns out to be true (tbh I kinda realized he might be gay 7 years ago…), the only one that will support my uncle in the family will be me.

…I’ve never done this cuz I always thought this is silly but…

I came here for help. Would you guys show some support? Even if you don’t want to reblog this, liking this post will be enough. …If that time does come and he decides to come out (even as asexual), I want to show him that he should be proud of himself and there are people all over the world support him in being himself and living his life proudly. And sorry for my broken English… I have so much going on in my mind rn I don’t even know how to type. :(..

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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I think you should be able to choose who you marrry as your not physically a girl and cannot produce offspring unless you bed a women but it makes sense if your family wants to keep your "secret" though it could cause problems later

‘‘So you know…You’ll not live much longer if it is found out that you take hold of such an information. The princes that will marry me will be informed of my gender and to my surprise.. almost all of them didn’t change their mind and some other even came to grab an interest of me. Only our people are and will be lied that I will give ‘birth’ to a baby that will be a heir. A woman with good genes was chosen for my husband to impregnate and give us the baby then get killed(after all ..she’s evidence). My family has it all planned, my gender doesn’t matter in this situation, Austria is willing to do anything to keep Hungary pleased and if me being a girl is one thing, he’ll do everything. It will be hard with Albert though…we are still unsure if we should tell him. My ‘mama’ temporarily doesn’t allow me to reveal myself in front of him.This situation makes me think if I want to do this to Albert..maybe I should be wedded to another for his sake. Each Royal family has a dirty secret.’‘

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*pulls this out of a trench coat and slides this across the table*

Swan Song Headcanon

Some of you probably already have the headcanon that Sam didn’t actually defeat Lucifer in Swan Song, but Lucifer let him win.

My thoughts about this are as follows: Sam ist great, but he’s still only human, while Lucifer is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. That Sam would win a mind wrestlings match between the two of them seems a bit of a stretch. No one makes archangels do anything.

What would make more sense, though, is that all the good memories Sam had about Dean reminded Lucifer of good memories he himself had about Michael and made him reconsider wanting to fight him. Well, actually he didn’t want to fight Michael in the first place:

But until the memories he didn’t want to back down either. But now there’s Sam full of brotherly love for Dean and so afraid Lucifer might kill his brother, and it makes Lucifer realize that he really doesn’t want to hurt Michael. At all. He already killed Gabriel and it broke his heart and he really doesn’t want to do that again. So he choses to just give up instead. (This doesn’t devalue Sam as a hero btw. His memories did this, he still saved the world.)

Lucifer girl me didn’t think any further, but …

@askatosch pointed something out.

Sam pulling Michael with him into the pit would follow the same “No one makes archangels do anything” rule. Again, Sam is a normal human being, while Michael is not only a lot more powerful than him, but he also can fly. So here’s the headcanon for Michael:

Michael was the good son. He followed his dad’s orders to the letter and he’d have never disobeyed him. But if he really is such a mirror of Dean, he still loved Lucifer despite calling him a freak. (After all, Dean called Sam a monster, too.) And he’d never disobey openly, which means he had to fight Lucifer, but what if he expected to lose? God didn’t say he had to win, did he? He just had to fight.

That’d be such a Dean thing to do.

So Michael faced Lucifer intent on losing. But then Sam and Lucifer crossed that plan and Sam was about to hop into the pit, and maybe Michael actually planned on preventing that at first, but then Sam grabbed him and Michael had a split second to make a decision: If he went down into the pit with them, all of this would be over without him having to fight his brother.

So he let Sam pull him down with them. And that’s how not only the brotherly love between Sam and Dean, but also the brotherly love between Michael and Lucifer saved the world.

x / x

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17 and 13 for Hades and Persephone plzzzz

I’m waiting for Fantasmic to start so…

17. Soft spot headcanons

Each other. Hades’s full and complete weakness is his wife. She can change his mind completely on a subject if she earnestly wants the opposite. Persephone has a soft spot for mortals. She feels bad that they suffer when she’s away from the mortal realm, and views them as delicate, fragile plants that can easily die if you don’t treat them properly. And they suffer so much in life as it is, she wants to lessen their suffering in the after life. Only if they deserve it, though.

13. Nickname headcanons

Hades for Persephone: Sweetness, dear, sweet one, flower child, my love, Wife.

Persephone for Hades: Husband, darling, Love, my Lord, Mr. Grumpy-face.

Coming Out

Originally posted by rhaegaried

Anonymous Requested: Can i please have a male reader x Eddie story where they’ve been friends for years and the reader’s struggling with coming out? Him and Eddie are just friends but he decides to tell him first and Eddie assures him that he and the rest of the Losers will be there for him no matter what. I’m 14 years old and I’m actually having struggles with coming out myself. I figured your writing could maybe give me a positive pick-me-up. All your stories really make my day.

Pairing: Eddie x Male!Reader

Warnings: none.

You almost felt like you were going to throw up. This had to be one of the most nerve-racking things you’ve ever had to do. Somehow, in the midst of your panic-stricken mind, you forgot all about the fact that your friends were some of the most supportive people you’d ever met. In your mind, you only could think what if they were disgusted? Or affronted by your sexuality? 

You’d gone through it over at least a hundred times, playing the scene in your head to try and guess what your friends would say. And no matter how many times you thought about it, you just couldn’t gain the courage to say anything. So for the past little bit, you’ve spent everyday with the words on the tip of your tongue but refusing to say anything.

Eventually you grew tired of not saying anything; you had to. Or it would eat you alive. You told yourself, there’s no reason to be ashamed; you are who you are. And if your friends can’t accept that (which you prayed they would) then they aren’t really your friends.

But of course, telling one is a whole lot easier than telling a group of seven. So it was decided you’d tell Eddie first. You’d been friends with the boy since you could remember, and he’d been the one to introduce you to the rest of the losers. Eddie has been there for you since the beginning and he was the one to pick you up every time you fell down; you were sure, Eddie would understand.

“Hey Y/N.” Eddie greeted, walking into your room after chatting with your father shortly. You swallowed the lump in your throat at his presence, trying to ignore the way you felt as if you were going to throw up everything you’d ate that morning. There was no backing out now, Eddie was here. “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“Um- well Eddie, this is kind of serious and i-it’s something that’s been bothering me for- for a while.” Great, you sounded like an idiot; stuttering like a fool. 

Eddie’s smile fell once he saw the seriousness behind your gaze and the way you looked as if you were going to pass out from nerves. Nodding, he sent a reassuring smile your way and went to sit next to you on your bed. The bed dip ever so slightly with his weight, and knowing its what you needed, Eddie set a hand against your broad shoulder. “Okay.”

It took you a minute to find your words, unsure of how you wanted to word what had been plaguing your mind for so long. But then, it just seemed to spill out. “I like guys.” You paused, avoiding Eddie’s gaze. “I mean, I like the same gender. And I have for a while, I just didn’t know how to say it and I was worried that i’d make you or the rest uncomfortable.”

You were too scared to look over at Eddie, too scared to see judgement or discuss.

And then Eddie spoke; “that’s what you’re worried about?” Your heart felt like it plummeted. “Y/N, there’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender. I don’t think any differently about because of it.” Your eyes widened and almost immediately your gaze snapped to your old friend in surprise. But then again, you shouldn’t have been surprised. You knew it all along, your anxiety just got the better of you.


Eddie smiled; “of course.” He laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. “You’re still my best friend and I know the losers won’t care either. We’ll help you through it, Y/N. And there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

You knew deep down that Eddie would be supportive, but hearing the words made it feel as if a huge weight had been lifted off your shoulders. Smiling over at the smaller boy, you nodded; “thank you.”

TLAC preview

@moghraidhjamie, only for you, babe ;) 

The first time I went through the stones, there had been no sense to it, no words, no meaning. Unprepared as I had been, it was as though my mind stayed four steps behind my body, completely incapable of processing the experience until it was long over, leaving even now only a vague impression: that of hurtling through an insidious, malicious darkness. 

That fleeting senselessness had been a blessing, I now knew, no matter how terrible it had seemed at the time. This time…

This time, it was like one of those horror-story cases from the surgery textbooks where anesthesia doesn’t fully take effect, where—unbeknownst to anyone— the patient is conscious and feels every single unspeakable agony.  I was being ripped open, could feel everything, see everything as it happened, and yet I was completely powerless to move, to speak, as I bled out, was torn apart. This time, there was no distraction, no senseless oblivion, no blessed, rushing current of time to speed the torture. There was only the truth, sharp and vicious, a thousand knifeblades tearing through my flesh as I fell: 


Jamie is gone

Jamie is dead

I Believe in Derek Hale (Part Two)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Alpha!Reader

Word Count: 2800

Warnings: none (for now); SPOILERS FROM 6B

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale (mentioned)

Author’s Note: Here’s the second part! I’m glad the first one liked you; if you also like this, please let me know! Thank you! Flashbacks are in italics


The car trip to Quantico makes me think a lot.
What was life before that night, before Scott became a werewolf? How was Derek Hale’s first life?
It’s the only thing that comes to mind; I almost don’t remember anything about my ‘previous life’.
But when Scott had become a werewolf, and I was still human, I had hope: sooner or later, at least for some of us, things would return to normal. Not for Scott though.
Nothing is more normal for me, my brother once said. At first, I didn’t understand his words; until, one day, I became myself a werewolf.
The day when one of Deucalion Alpha - Ennis - bit me.. the most horrible day of my life. As soon as I knew what was happening to me, I hid myself. I was afraid; fear for myself. Afraid to say to Scott. The first to find me was Stiles, but just because I was so stupid to hide in his bathroom.

“Stiles.. please. Don’t tell Scott.”
Stiles approaches me slowly. He is scared, I feel it. I am also afraid of myself. He kneels so our eyes meet.
“Scott will find it anyway, Y/n.”
“I know. I want to tell him. But.. I can’t calm down, I can’t breathe..”
The tears wet my face, and I close my eyes, feeling the irises change color. I have not yet seen my eyes in the mirror; I don’t have the courage. I try to hold the tears, but I can’t. I try to breathe regularly, but I can’t. I no longer have control over myself.
Stiles gets up and leaves the room for a few minutes, leaving me alone. I hear him talking to someone on the phone - in fact, to argue. After a while, Stiles is back next to me.
“I called someone who can help you. Everything will be fine.”
The first person I think Stiles called, is Lydia. Second, Allison.
About thirty minutes later, someone rings the doorbell Stilinski. Stiles comes down to the first floor of the house to open the door. I hear everything now. I can hear every step, every breath, every beat of his heart.
I cover my ears for nothing to hear, but it’s useless. The steps of Stiles and the other person is getting closer and closer.
“She’s in the bathroom.”
The door opens slowly and I am breathless when I see in front of me the only person I never imagined to see.
Derek Hale.
He approaches and kneels in front of me. I just look at his eyes to calm myself. And they aren’t even red.
“How are you?” he asks me.
I can’t answer; I would say ‘I’m a sucker, thank you.’ but I’m breathless. Why do I feel that way? I feel like.. stunned. Maybe that’s because he’s an Alpha.
Derek sighs, and after getting up, he gives me a hand to help me lift. Me and him go to Stiles’s room, where the latter is waiting. I don’t move away from Derek, indeed, it almost seems that he is my only salvation at this time.
“So, she’s fine?”
“She’s under shock. I’ll take her home. ”
“You can’t!” screams Stiles, a bit too loud, “Scott is at home, and she doesn’t want him to see her like this. She must remain hidden for at least a couple of days.”
“And where do you want me to bring her?”
Derek seems annoyed; I didn’t blame him. It’s been a while since he’s finally in control of his beta; now, Stiles is asking him to look after me. Real hassle.
“I don’t know Derek. But you are the only one who can help her; tomorrow night there is a full moon, and she was transformed a few hours ago. She didn’t even have time to understand what is really happening, that tomorrow will lose control.”
I’ve lost control, I think to myself. Why? Why did Deucalion choose me? Why did he want me to become a werewolf? And he couldn’t choose a better day? Just the day before the full moon. Suddenly, I remember the first full moon of Scott. I froze; Derek felt immediately, and turns to me. He looks at me for a few seconds, and then sighs, once again.
“Okay, I take her to my house.”
Stiles makes a sigh of relief, and he thanked Derek, almost hugging him. He approaches me, and embraces me, telling me to trust Alpha. But a few days ago, Stiles wasn’t to say that we shouldn’t trust Derek?
A few minutes later, I’m sitting in Derek’s car; he drives, and I look like a walking dead. I watch the world out, around us, and it doesn’t look the same anymore. Yet, the plants are always the same, the sky is always the same. I am changing. I look at the moon; tomorrow evening will be full. What will happen to me?
Derek stops the car; we are in a place I’ve never seen. It is not the old house of the Hale in the woods, and it is not the old abandoned station.
“Get out.”
I do exactly what he orders me. We enter the structure in front of us, and after a few ramps of stairs, we enter into a loft.
“Welcome to my home.”
I didn’t know that Derek had a house of his own; probably this doesn’t even know Stiles, or Scott. That’s why he brought me here, no one knows this place. Only him, and me.
“You need to rest. The bed is all yours; I will sleep on the couch.”
Derek closes the door behind us as I walk toward the center of the room.
“Wear this.”
I turn to look into his eyes; he holds a shirt a bit too big for me, but comfortable enough to sleep.
However, I don’t want to undress; I don’t want to wear the shirt, I don’t have the strength to do anything. It’s as if I have drained all the energy I had in my body. Or it is just a psychological problem.
I head to the bed without saying a word. Derek, however, doesn’t seem to be happy with my gesture; he grabs my wrist and turns violently toward him. I feel his gaze penetrating into the skin, but I don’t care. At this time, I just want to close my eyes and reopen them the next day, discovering that in reality all this is just a dream.
Suddenly, Derek’s hands lay on the button of my jeans. My body froze as he begins to undress me. He lowers my pants gently, his hands touch my naked and cold skin.
I feel a strange flicker at the stomach at the same time as Derek takes off my boots and pants. Derek stands up, and our eyes meet; his gaze doesn’t seem to want to get off mine, when he, clutching the hem of my shirt between his fingers, pulls it off.
After he has put his shirt, Derek looks at me, then he moves away, going to sit on the couch. I lie on the bed, where I can see Derek, his gaze fixed on me.
I lie on the back, and I close my eyes, hoping that the next day will be better than this.
…but who am I kidding?

After finally getting to Quantico, I park my car, and I head to the FBI headquarters. Fortunately, I’m a cop; if I had been an ordinary person, I couldn’t even pass the gates.
It takes about ten seconds to find Stiles, which means the time to go over the large glass door of the federal structure. I see him running and hug me, probably happy to see a familiar face. He is my brother’s best friend since he was little, and now I consider Stiles as my second little brother.
“So what do you think about this story?” he asks as we walk through the corridors; there is no time to lose, our first step is the office of the agent who deals with the case of which Derek is suspected.
“I think Derek doesn’t kill people. And he didn’t kill those werewolves.”
I expect some response from Stiles to defend our friend; instead, he only nods. I look at him confused, not understanding his strange attitude. I grab him by the arm, and oblige him to turn to me.
“You don’t think it was him, didn’t you?”
Stiles doesn’t seem to be convinced of his answer, but we don’t have the time to continue the conversation, one of his professors approaching us, telling Stiles that his lesson is about to begin.
“Let’s talk about this later. Agent Walker’s office is just around the corner. Good luck.”
After that, Stiles leaves me alone, to think about the doubts that surely he has on Derek. Does he really think Derek might have committed mass murder? I shake my head to eliminate these absurd thoughts from my head, and I prepare for the conversation I’ll have with an FBI agent.
Just as Stiles had said, I just walk around the corner of the corridor, the first door I find in front of me is Walker’s. I knock a couple of times, before I heard someone in the room to tell me to come; After that, Stiles leaves me alone, to think about the doubts that surely he has on Derek. Does he really think Derek might have committed mass murder? I shake my head to eliminate these absurd thoughts from my head, and I prepare for the conversation I’ll have with an FBI agent. The office is so small that inside there is only a small desk - full of papers - and a chair where a boy is seated. He is fixed on some cards in front of him, but when I close the door - a little too strong to attract attention - he looks up, and his brown eyes meet mine.
“Hi.. you are?”
“Y/n. Deputy of Beacon Hills.”
“What does a deputy do with the FBI?” the agent asks with sarcasm. Five seconds, ten words, and he’s already annoying me.
“I would like to have information on a case that you are working on.”
He smiles, and without saying anything else, he gets up and approaches the door, gently opens it. He wants me to leave.
“I’m sorry, they are private information.”
“I have not even told you what the case is.”
“Here at FBI all the cases we deal with are private.”
He invited me again to leave the room, but I don’t give up. I put a hand on the door, and I slap violently, jumping the boy; he doesn’t seem so authoritarian as he wants to look like. I approach him threateningly, our faces a few centimeters away; I feel his heart, it beats so strong that it almost comes out of his chest. He’s afraid. Good.
“Listen to me, Agent Walker,” I say, looking at the nameplate he proudly put on his desk, “the case I’m talking about is mass murder. And one of your prime suspect is a boy of my town. So, in part, this case is also part of my jurisdiction; instead, you are investigating about him without even asking the Sheriff of Beacon Hills explanations. You want the case to be yours, keep it. I just want to read the files on this survey, look for my information, and then go home.”
He swallows, embarrassed and afraid of the situation; maybe I’m going to convince him.
“Ehm.. I couldn’t give it to you..”
I sigh; he’s a tough guy, but I’m more stubborn than him, and I will not leave this room without the cards I need.
“I see. Then I think I’ll go talk about it with your superior. Then I’ll have to tell my superior too, and I think they will be very angry. And finally, I’ll have to talk to the superior where murder happened… in Brazil, right?”
I open the door again, and I leave, leaving the agent alone, and hoping that he will believe in my words, and give it away.
I smile. Screwed.
I turn around, and the boy has been already behind me, with a couple of dossiers in his hands; he gives them to me, while I know that his hands are shaking. What a candy-ass, I thought the FBI was badass people.
“Twenty-four hours. Then you’ll have to bring them back.”
I nod, and after greeting him –and thanking him, of course- I leave the office, waiting for Stiles to return.

Stiles takes longer than expected with his lessons, so I decide to go to some bar to eat something, and start reading the files concerning Derek.
The first thing I look at is the autopsy of the bodies found in Brazil; as Stiles had said, all of them had claws, and fangs. They were transformed when someone-or something-killed them, and after that he ripped off their eyes. I imagine their pain while being tortured and wounded. I didn’t know any of them, but to see people like me, like Malia, my brother, like this, shape me a strange anger in the chest; as if they were my brothers.
Perhaps this is what Derek meant, the first time he told Scott that they were brothers, because they were werewolves. When Derek did the same talk to me, I started to laugh, perhaps because they were odd words, maybe because I didn’t want him to be just a brother to me. I shake my head driving away these strange memories from the mind. I don’t have all the time in the world, there is no time to remember. I have to find Derek. Perhaps after understanding this story, he could help me with what’s happening at Beacon Hills. Would he help me? And what will Braeden think? Are they two still together? I shouldn’t ask myself these questions; it shouldn’t matter to me. Not anymore.
The bar door opens, and I look up, looking at Stiles coming in and sitting next to my table. He apologizes for late. I immediately remembered the conversation between me and him a few hours earlier, interrupted by his professor.
“So, did you find out something by reading these?”
“Do you think he did it?” I ask Stiles, avoiding to answer his question. He looks up at me, and I already feel his heart beat a little faster. He swallows, and rubs his hands on his knees; he is nervous.
“Y/n.. I don’t know what happened. I think Derek wouldn’t kill wolves for no reason.”
“So if he has a reason he would kill them?”
I feel the anger invade my body, but I try to stay calm; I don’t want to scare Stiles. I don’t want to argue with him, but I want to understand why he has those doubts about Derek, the one who saved him, me and the others many times.
“I didn’t say this. It seems so much that you feel like it’s not him. What if it was him?”
“It wasn’t him, Stiles.”
“But if he did, Y/n?”
I look down, looking at the files in front of me, the photographs the FBI agents did when they found the corpses, the people putting one over each other. It couldn’t have been him; Derek is not like that.
He is not.. a monster.
“There’s only one way to figure out if it was him. Find him.”

During the night, I decide to stay in a motel. Relaxing on the bed, I keep reading the dossiers; Derek is the main suspect because a man confirms that he has seen him at the crime scene. This man claims that he and a group of men had found the corpses, and that after they left, Derek Hale found him.
The file doesn’t say anything else. How is it possible? What happened next?
I sigh, and tired, I close the file, and put it on the bedside table beside the bed. Tomorrow I have to return the file to the agent, and I didn’t figure it out anything to find Derek.
I watch my phone; the desire to call Derek is high. Even though he definitely will not answer, after about five minutes, I pick up the phone, and sitting on my bed, I type his number.  It goes to voicemail.
“Hey Derek, I’m.. you know who I am. I need to talk to you, I need to see you. Strange things are happening in Beacon Hills. And I’m following a survey, and you’re the main suspect. I know it wasn’t you. I.. I think I know. I hope you hear the message.”

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I had an instance like that... There was this one person on here, and their art brought me out of my depression... And then, without me doing anything (I didn't even interact with them) they blocked me for shipping USUK

thats so dumb and sad. if only they knew what kind of power they have, like how much they inspire people like you or i, yet are so closed minded. its one thing to not ship usuk bc its “too brotherly”, but they gotta realize they are not actual brothers. its an age old argument that i hate hearing and seeing to this day, and im sick of it. y’all can ship or not ship anything you want, just dont be a dick to people and claim a ship is incest when it isnt. is being a decent human so hard these days? damn

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Is it okay if I ask something? Can I identify as Biromantic if I mainly have crushes on guys and only had a full crush on one girl? I'm kind of confused in my romantic aspect so yeah... Tysm for reading and answering! ^^

Of course. Many bi people have preference to one end of the spectrum or the other. And if you’re confused, don’t worry! A label is there just to help you and can just as well change with new discoveries abt yourself, you can always keep an open mind about who you like.

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Lmao, okay, so I saw the fanart with Future Trunks letting little Trunks look at his sword, and my mind went to this scenario of little Trunks accidentally hurting himself with the sword, so both him and big Trunks are freaking out, and the only thing little Trunks has to say is "Don't tell Mom!"


You mean this one?

Yeah, I can see them freaking out if little Trunks gets hurt, but Bulma is probably used to Veggie and the kid fighting and bleeding on a daily basis by now?

It must be weird for Mirai Trunks to play with his young self though…

I always wondered what it’s like to meet yourself as a kid, or for little Trunks to meet himself as an adult.

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Sorry to bother you, but I need to share this with someone Voltron unspoilable. The thing is I've been cracking my mind up with the idea that Shiro (The Shiro. Original Space Dad Shiro) is not actually Shiro, but another clone like Kuron. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this. There is the thing about Ulaz saving Shiro when he is on this Galra operation Table (like Kuron when he "escapes"), they both ran away using the emergency pots, they land in the middle of a semi-desserted land.

(Curse Asks limitations) anyway. There is a thing that everyone has been pointing out ever since Kuron appeared. He is a jerk. Well, not a jerk, perse, but he is not… The caring space dad we came to know in the first seasons. And I came across the thought, when Kuron was finally able to use the Black Lion. That the lider of voltron needs to genuinely care for his team. Kuron may be a clone, but just because you plant memories of caring doesn’t make him care. Even if he doesn’t notice it.

(this came longer than I expected sorry) The reason why Kuron was not able tk use Balck was because his head told him he cared for them, for his team, but his heart (or the representation that we, humans, have given to it) didn’t. After spending time with them and finally being hitted with “or you move or they all die” situation, those feelings he only has fake memories of finally kicked in. Black said: mah new son, let’s roll. Because I am sure Black can’t be tricked by Galra tech. She knows.

(I am embarrassed of continuing this shit, but I feel hyped) IF we take the “caring” for the team as a factor, first seasons Shiro is ShiroShiro. However there is the memory loss issue on the first Shiro that stills bugs me because Kuron has/had them as well. So I am going around this and I feel conflicted. What if Original Space Dad is not actually THE original SD? What happened to him? Is he alive somewhere!!!??? Again. Sorry for all this crap. Be totally up to ignore it. ^^U

*wakes up to this in my askbox* OwO!

Omg Anon!  “with someone Voltron unspoilable” XD yas that me!
(I love Kuron, he’s my dearest void child)

Okay let’s see, i do believe the Shiro we met season 1-2 was the real Shiro, ptsd can go and make memories hard to remember as a way to try and protect oneself if they are very horrible, and we all know Shiro was put thru a lot of shit by the Galra.

I rewatched the show this weekend and i see a clear difference between Shiro and Kuron (season 3-4 Shiro) the biggest is that Kuron cares about the team, but it’s kinda stale and more often than not he looks like he’s copying others way of reacting and talking, he looks so very unsure in the episode where Coran get’s the brain worm.

I think the reason as to why Black ignore Kuron was because the lion realised that “this aint my son!” but then when Keith was gone and the team needed help she was like “the garbage will do.” because even if Kuron have Shiro’s memories, he only had that. not the feelings but Black noticed the second time that, “okay you may be fake but you care for them so… ugh let’s go”

But Shiro, i think Black when she transported him might have transported him somewhere “safe” despite what Zarkon was doing, i’ve read some posts wondering if he was sent into another reality, or if he’s stuck in the astral plane.

I do believe the show runners are trying to make us start to doubt the “operation Kuron” so that when the reveal happens it will hit us harder.

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Um, would you mind drawing Funtime Freddy, maybe with Bon-Bon if you want. Also, are they nice? Are they glitching or want to attack the player, what do you think?

Sure there they are! :D

Hope you don’t mind that I drew animatronic and human versions ;w;

Well, now about the rest of the ask
I’m not quite sure how it is in canon, it depends on how you look at the whole thing I guess, what theory you think is real (but for real only Scott knows :’D )
Personally, I just don’t stick to one theory, I like a lot of them, I think every idea is good and possible if it works with the rest of the story C:
If you ask about my AU
Fredrick (Funtime Freddy), as well as others (excluding Baby and Ennard), is trying to scare the technicians in hopes of not being electrocuted again, but because they are glitchy, they kind of attack them and the result is being shocked even more.

BawhnBawhn is rather calm, but when she’s worried about Fredrick, she will do everything to help him, including attacking the technicians. 

But when someone is nice for them, they’re also really nice for them! :D