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Question: How exactly did Cranberry die again? It seemed like Tama just scratched her, and KABLAM!

Well it was kind of a shock when I read the light Novel because I never thought that Tama’s magical power was fit for fighting but hell is it!.

Tama’s magical power is to literally create a hole on any surface by scratching on them. She only uses this power in the light novel / the anime to run away and hide herself so the author totally tricks you into thinking that she’s powerless in battle but damn how wrong we were about her, she is the one who kills the strongest magical girl after all.

🚨 Trigger warning for anime blood and dismembered body 🚨


So basically Tama used her magical ability on Clanberry by scratching her back resulting in creating a hole in her body that made her blow up.


Tama remains queen.

Chasing Promises (4/6)

Title: Chasing Promises
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 426
Warnings: None
Spoilers: mild spoilers for Captain America: Civil War

You guys are seriously making my day with each and every like and reblog and reply. Please don’t hesitate to come shriek at me in asks or comments, they sustain my angst queen heart. Only two more parts left after this one, then it’s back to working solely on my two WIP. Enjoy!

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There are pros and cons to hiding in big cities.

Pros: so many people, so many souls to hide among. There is always a wrong side of town, districts where empty, abandoned apartments are easy to find, easy to proof, easy to leave behind. His body knows how to make the electricity work, knows what needs to be done to make it safe for you. It’s funny how that has become the most important part.

Cons: Big cities mean constant vigilance, because HYDRA’s reach is far, and Bucky knows they have outposts everywhere. He’s left behind his tac suit, he’s bulked up a bit since leaving, a scruff peppering his face. There is softness in his eyes, less tension in his mouth. It’s by no means a perfect disguise, nor is the cap he keeps pulled low over his brow, but it’s a start.

You have changed, too. Less wary, less guarded when it’s just the two of you. Smiles, more humming, tentative casual touches, a streak of adventurousness in the way you pull him along to markets for fresh fruit. It’s a whole new world of sweet apples, juicy plums and tart pomegranate. Picking out fruits for the day is like a little blessing, seeing you light up at the selection, weigh the fruits and squeeze them to check their ripeness.

It’s your first night in Bucharest, sitting on a bench in Parcul Herâstrâu while the sunset is mirrored in the lake next to you. You’re laughing, and Bucky can’t seem to remember what about because his eyes are focused on your lips, painted beautifully red by the pomegranate you’re feasting on, popping seeds into your mouth, savouring the crunch and the sweet-sour tang. His body rebels, wishing he could kiss the lingering juice away, taste you and be closecloseclose.

This has become your life, and he wishes he had the courage to ask if he could touch you beyond the hand holding and occasional nudge to rouse you from sleep. Bucky longs for embraces, for connection, for kisses that taste of pomegranate. There is another question that weighs heavy on his mind, one he is too afraid to ask, fearing your answer. Not yet. He bites down on an apple, letting the zesty taste carry him back to the present.

He knows he shouldn’t, but he wishes this can go on forever, that you will stay with him, that he could be the man to promise you safety and sanctuary. Maybe that’s why fate decides this is the last stop on your journey.

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What an absolutely intoxicating performance by Mitch Grassi. I had never heard of him or Pentatonix before the Grammy’s last night, but God damn! That man has a serious set of pipes on him.

Well, I will tell you one thing, he put the queen Bey in a fucking body bag, when it came to performing last night. He put her on notice that there can only be one queen and you better believe her name ain’t Beyoncé, it’s Mitch, bitch.

The whole bands got great voices, but when Mitch busted out the gorgeously high pitched “bah bah bah bahhhh” out of the gates, I knew we had a star on our hands. Everything about him screamed superstar. Starting with those absolute electric silver boots he was sporting, to his little bounce dance he had going, all the way down to his double finger point at himself at the end. It’s honestly a sin the camera even panned away from him. Every second he wasnt on screen was a crime. It’s a fireable offense on the camera mans part. It was a one minute performance, but it was the best one all night. I don’t want to hear Beyoncé whispering to us for 10 minutes, when we could have the real queen serenading us.


A Man Named Mitch Grassi Stole The Grammys Last Night.

By Thegurubenchwarmer

The Difference between Bumble Bees and Honey Bees

Its come to my attention recently that a few of my bee lover friends are having trouble finding the difference between bumble bees and honey bees. 

But that’s okay because it has inspired me to write this post to clear up any confusion!!

Bumble bees and honey bees are actually very different!

Bumble bees have small, round, fluffy bodies and look like this: 

Honey bees are more slender and are less fluffy. They look like this:

Both bees are not overly aggressive when protecting their nest, but will sting to defend themselves or their colony. 

Honey bees can only sting once, whereas bumble bees are capable of stinging multiple times (bumble bees are pretty hardcore)

Bumble bee queens live for one year and other members of the hive only live for three. 

Honey bee queens can live for more than three years (honeybee queens are pretty hardcore too)

Bumble bee colonies are much smaller than honey bee colonies, with only a population of a few hundred compared to the honey bee colony which can have up to tens of thousands. 

Bumble bees actually do not produce a surplus of honey like honey bees, so beekeepers do not collect bumble bee honey for consumption. (That’s really cool, I didn’t know that!)

In Elizabethan England you will only find small codpieces. Large ones, stuffed with wool and looking like an erect male member, are out of date. They used to be popular in the reign of the six-times married Henry VIII, but they are not paraded about at the court of the Virgin Queen. Garments with overblown shoulders that reflect Henry’s style to accentuate his manliness have also disappeared. It would be most out of place for a man to flaunt his powerful upper body in the face of the queen. Simply by being a woman, Elizabeth alters men’s fashion. It is as if a pin has pricked those massive, dominating male shoulders and they have deflated, shrinking to a level where men can be men and not muscular ogres.
—  The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England by Ian Mortimer
But you are the queen - Pablo Neruda

When you go through the streets
no one recognizes you.
No one sees your crystal crown, no one looks
at the carpet of red gold
that you tread as you pass,
the nonexistent carpet.

And when you appear
all the rivers sound
in my body, bells
shake the sky,
and a hymn fills the world.

Only you and I,
only you and I, my love,
listen to it.

— Pablo Neruda, “The Queen”

Time for a story - Her first hero

Oliver closed the door behind him quietly, never taking his eyes off Felicity and their newborn daughter. While Felicity was sleeping in the hospital bed, she had one arm stretched out, so her hand was resting on Millie’s tiny body. The little girl was sleeping in the neonatal crib right next to her mother’s bed, wrapped tightly into a white blanket. She was wearing a thin hairband with a pink flower at the side that matched the pink flowers on the blanket. So young and already a little fashion Queen – Oliver was sure Thea would approve.

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Head canon/theory time

What if the Ghost Riders ‘worship’ Lydia because she is, in fact, a Morrigan.

In mythology, the Morrigan is also called the Phantom Queen, and Ghost Riders are, clearly, phantoms.

The Morrigan is also made up of three entities, one of them being the banshee. And Lydia seems to be more powerful than the other banshees. At least than the banshee they found in Canaan. The Ghost Riders took the people around her without a problem, but they stopped and respected Lydia without taking Liam.

The point being, if she is indeed a Phantom Queen, she could potentially put those lost souls at rest, either by vanquishing them completely or helping them return to their human bodies.

If she’s the only one who can end their endless suffering, then it makes sense for her to get ‘revered’ vibes from them rather than fear.

The Signs as Halsey Lyrics:

Aries: because you’re mine // I walk the line

Taurus: bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me // gasoline

Gemini: my heart is gold and my hands are cold // gasoline

Cancer: please, stop you’re scaring me // control

Leo: they’re gonna make me their queen // castle

Virgo: I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me // ghost

Libra: you’re only happy when you’re sorry // ghost

Scorpio: they can’t believe I made you weak // strange love

Sagittarius: don’t belong to no city / don’t belong to no man // hurricane

Capricorn: goddamn right, you should be scared of me // control

Aquarius: I’m a wanderess / I’m a one night stand // hurricane

Pisces: you can’t wake up this is not a dream // gasoline

To girls afraid of stripping but want to:

Do it. I’ve learned so much.
I learned how to walk in 10 inch heels like a queen. I learned that every pound on my body can jiggle and move in the most glorious ways. I’ve learned not to be afraid of being taller than a man in new sexy 6inch heels. I learned that it’s not me against every single girl in the club fighting for male attention, it’s us girls standing up for one another and crushing the patriarchy by glorifying one another. I learned how to deal with entitled men, and how to put assholes in their place. I’ve learned how to make a man squirm by just shaking my ass. I finally understood that no matter how beautiful I am, I am not everyone’s cup of tea, which is fine. If I’m not his type, I’ll be the next guys. I learned to appreciate the good nights, and how to survive the really bad nights (because there will be some). Most of all, don’t hesitate to become a stripper because you will learn how to fall in love with yourself.

Workout | Cody Christian

Word Count: 1,628

Pairing: Cody x Reader


The last time I attended the gym to workout was in the middle of my freshman year of college. New Year’s Day had already passed and that’s when I still believed in resolutions. For two weeks, two weeks, I went to the gym and worked my ass off like Doug Heffernan in that one episode of The King of Queens. All I wanted to start doing was stay in shape like any other average human being.

Sadly, it’s all fun and games until someone can’t workout anymore. Like I said, I started attending the gym in the middle of my freshman year and if you ask any other student, that’s where the work really starts to come in. So, I got extremely busy with schoolwork from sun up to sundown, preventing me from wanting to have that summer body everyone has dreamed about.

Not only did school hold me back but so did my friends. When I was free for once, someone was calling me to come to a party or just to hang out with them. Saying no was out of the question when people invited me places because I didn’t want to seem “rude” or “stuck-up”. Therefore, I always agreed to going places. However, one of my friends had a different idea.

Cody told me that he got into the working out habit a couple of years while he was still filming for that show called Pretty Little Liars. His reason for wanting to start this lifestyle was simple: he wanted to be fit. Like me.

Personally, I didn’t know how he did it. He was constantly on the go of filming projects, yet he still had time to enter the gym and exit it looking… muscular as ever. Maybe it’s because we lived different lifestyles; he was an actor while I was a university student. While he filmed, he had trainers on the side who somehow fit themselves into his busy schedule. Me on the other hand? I had a calendar hanging on my dorm wall and a planner in my bag, filled with exam dates, time for studying, and hangouts for friends. Yeah, we lived different lives.

Aside from all that, he’s been trying to get me to workout with him. It wasn’t like he was calling me fat or anything, it was just another way for us to hang out. And unlike my other friends, I declined Cody. Not today though, he wasn’t having it.

“Cody, I can’t!” I whined on the phone with him.

“No YN, you’re coming to workout with me.” he chuckled. “You’ve been stressed and I want you to stop feeling like that.”

I pouted as if he could see me. “What is working out going to do? Isn’t it going to just… make me more tired than I already am?”

“No.” he dragged out. “Maybe a nice jog on the treadmill will help you out. Be ready in about thirty minutes.” And then he just hung up, like it was okay.


He was right though. The first thing I did was a 15-minute jog on the treadmill. Some of the anger I felt for that failed exam, the crazy drama currently going on between my best friend and some other girl, and the endless studying rolled off of my shoulders like a breeze. I stepped off the exercise machine feeling refreshed somewhat, wiping my face with a hand towel Cody let me borrow.

“How’re you feeling?” he asked me as I made my way towards the water fountain, him following close behind.

“Okay. I think I could use something else though to get the full thing of anger out of me.”

“Good because I got something for you.”

This caused me to stop sipping the water from the fountain and look at him with a raised brow. “You? You have something for me?”

“Yeah… why do you seem so surprised?”

“Oh I don’t know. I just though this was one of those friendly workouts where we come together but do our own thing.” I shrugged as we made our way back to the machines.

“Well, it is. Sort of. Only, some of the exercise machines will be where we both do our own thing.”

“So you pretty much created a workout plan for me?” How I said it came out like a statement.

“Pretty much.” He said while rubbing the back of his head. If you knew Cody like I did, it was a nervous gesture of his. He glanced up at me before saying, “Aw, c'mon! I want to help you! My best friend is upset, what am I supposed to do? Just sit and watch?”

I chuckled at him. “Alright, alright. Thank you Cody. Thank you for creating a plan for me. But just know,” I stepped closer to him and poked his chest, “just know that I’m a big girl who can do simple things like that on my own.”

He smirked. “Fine. If you say so, Miss Independent.”


We were on our last exercise when I realized that I needed Cody’s help. One of the reasons why I didn’t want to come to the gym because I felt like an idiot compared to him when it came to these complicated machines.

“Cody… I think I need your help.” I stated as I glanced at the machine with a tilted head.

The sound of metal clanking together was heard and in a second, he was next to me. The sweat glued to his body caused my nose to crinkle up in disgust because of the horrible scent that rolled off of him.

“Ew! Dear God, you’re washing after this!” I said, pushing his body slightly with my pointer finger.

“Don’t get all grossed out on me, it’s a manly scent.” he laughed.

“No it’s not! Any other guy I’ve been around would not have this smell on them.”

“It’s called working out YN, get used to it.” he playfully rolled his eyes.

I shook my head. “No thank you.”

“Now, what is it that you need help with?”

“That dude right there.” I pointed out the machine in front of me. “He’s all complex-looking at shit, I don’t know what to do.”

He took a couple of steps forwards, his body shaking in what I could detect as laughter. “Aw, Miss Independent needs help with a pulley exercise? It’s so easy YN.” he teased. “And yet you can create a workout plan for yourself.”

“Quit being an ass and help me out so I can just go home and rest.” I threw my head back.

“Mmm, okay. Just watch me.”

He stepped forward to grab the loose handles before getting in position and turning to look at me. “Have one foot in front of the other and your torso bent forward like this.”

“Okay.” I nodded for him to continue.

“Then what you’re going to do next is pull the bars out like right here. By your knee.”

As he explained this and continued the exercise, I took a glance at his features. Somewhere down the line of our workout, his T-shirt had disappeared and I just. noticed it as I remembered I had poked his sweaty arm about a minute ago. The pair of joggers he wore were on his waist but hung low enough for me to see the name of briefs he wore. It also gave me an opportunity to admire his bum.

“And there you have it.” Cody said, bringing me back to reality.

I quickly looked up but I believe I had been caught by him. “Okay.” I chirped.

He rose a brow in the air while staring at me. “What were you looking at?”

“Nothing.” I moved in front of him as a way take his mind off of the fact that I hadn’t been paying attention. “So, I just spread my legs like this you say?” No response from him. “Cody?”

Rotating to see what he was doing was the wrong idea. He was facing the walled mirror behind us, his eyes on his bum while a smirk graced his lips. Shit, he had caught me.

“Cody?” I called him again, facing the front now with flushed cheeks.


I reached for the bars. “Can you help me me get my legs straight?”


He bent forward to grip one of my legs and pull it behind me. “Keep it planted and the same goes for the other one.”

“Okie doke.” I said, trying to put pressure on both feet.

His hand slid from my ankle all the way up to my thigh. Slowly, it inched to my bum and rested there for a second. My cheeks heated up at his strange gesture.

“Um, what’re you doing?” I questioned with a shaky voice.

“Nothing, just helping you out here. Like a friend always does. Right?”

“Mmhm.” I nodded. “And how far do I pull down?”

Both hands made their way towards my wrists before he pulled the bars down gradually to my knees. “This far.” he whispered in my ear.

Our close proximity heated my cheeks up more and set free the butterflies I felt would never come out when around Cody. He knew what I had been doing which was checking him out. And now he was using this to his advantage as a way to tease me.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“Question is: what were you doing?”


He nuzzled his head further into the crook of my neck before whispering, “How would you feel about coming back to my place? After this workout?”

Before I knew what was happening, I was nodding my head rapidly. Hopefully, the amount of sets I had to do on this exercise wasn’t a lot.


Does anybody want to request an imagine?


I do have body image problems, for sure, but I don’t let them rule my life at all. And there’s bigger issues going on in the world than how might I feel about myself and stuff like that. There’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like anyone else? Why would you want to have the same hair style as everyone else and have the same opinions as everybody else?

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Can we get some LKxCemp fluff please? I need more of the knight and queen trope.

“You’re hurt.”

He smiled, leaning on his sword, weary and bloodied yet triumphant. “It’s only a scratch, my Queen,” he said dismissively.  “Are you alright?”

She appreciated his chivalry, appreciated the gesture of calling her Queen, but now was not the time for such formalities.  She stepped forward and took him by the wrist.

“Come. Oberon will treat your injuries.”

To Elsword’s credit, after one glare from Eve, he stood quietly and let her servant patch him up.  Eve watched carefully as Oberon did so, noting every single cut and scrape on Elsword’s body.  Thankfully, there weren’t many.

“It has been years since the El Search Party disbanded,” she finally said, and stepped forward, taking Elsword’s sword from his hands. The blade was still as bright as the day it’d been given to him.  She handed it off to another of her new-built servants to clean and put in his room.  “And yet, you still insist on training yourself to your limits.”

Elsword’s crooked, tired smile shouldn’t have made her circuits sputter for a moment, but it did.

“A knight should always be at ‘peak performance levels’,” he said, gently teasing her with his imitation of her words.  Eve sighed.

“Perhaps. There is a difference between operating at peak performance levels and becoming so tired from training that you’re beaten up by a training mushroom, however.”

Elsword’s smile didn’t waver like it once might have.  Instead it only grew, and he stepped forward and kissed Eve’s cheek.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Queen.”

Eve caught his elbow before he could step away and brushed her lips across his.

“See that you do.”

Kay, instead of flying into his usual passion, hung his head. He was not at all an unpleasant person really, but clever, quick, proud, passionate and ambitious. He was one of those people who would be neither a follower nor a leader, but only an aspiring heart, impatient in the failing body which imprisoned it.
—  T.H. White, The Once and Future King

caspian called the kings and queens of old to help put him on the telmarine throne. but the kingdomless children had other ideas. the pevensies called on the forces of the white witch to defeat the telmarine army and the lion who had forgotten them. they were known as the rulers of the golden age, but their light turned dark. righteousness no longer followed them, only destruction. the kings and queens were no longer known as the valiant, magnificent, just, or gentle. though lucy was still brave, the deceitful suited her better. you would think lucy was the same lighthearted girl she was from thousands of years ago when you saw her dancing around. but there were no dryads there, just the dead bodies of her enemies. peter became a ruthless killer. he felt no pain for his army, nor any pity for the innocent creatures he had slain. he was dubbed the bloodthirsty, but not one dared to call the high king anything other than magnificent to his face. edmund was drawn under jadis’ charm, but this time he wasn’t afraid of her power. susan began to admire the woman who reigned over narnia for so long, and desperately wanted to learn her secrets. under the counsel of the white witch, edmund and susan were taught the art of dark magic. edmund learned, and was later known for, ripping the hearts out of his enemies and crushing them. that is when people started calling him the heartless. susan used spells, charms, her beauty, and her mind to lure men and creatures to were they would be killed. it was a deathtrap, but she seemed so honest that the men couldn’t resist. susan would be called the enchanting for ages. years had passed and there was no longer any resemblance to the four children who stumbled into a wardrobe on a rainy day. no, these were experienced warriors who reclaimed their kingdom, tamed a wild lion, and did whatever it took to stay in their beloved land. (insp)

NAME OF YOUR CHARA:  allura (belowa), princess of altea.

ONE PICTURE YOU LIKE BEST OF YOUR CHARA: omg this gorgeous queen


  • allura doesn’t like many animals. her fondness for the mice stems solely for the fact that they lived in the cryopod with her for that extended period of time, and her body sort of just tells her that she should like that. usually, she’s only a dog person.
  • she’s the red paladin in her main verse!! i haven’t specified that anywhere but, yeah. she was the former red paladin and had always wanted to be the black paladin, but never pursued it (except in verse four).


  • learning earth culture from the various journals pidge has kept over the months.
  • rewriting old novels she had begun prior to the Galra wars, and reteaching herself literary devices. 
  • dressing up in her royal garments.


  • lance
  • pidge
  • keith
  • shiro
  • hunk
  • coran
  • alfor


  • not taking a bigger stand against her father and destroying zarkon before everything got too intense, too out of hand.
  • allowing antok to die because of her negligence. she should have been faster, should have been looking out for him more.


  • immortality
  • losing her culture.

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Everyone book one boudoir shoot in your lifetime.

I’ve never felt like such a queen. I’m on cloud nine. The photographer knew just how to hit my angles and she only showed me three photos of the 3 million she took and I’m like


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face claim: frick. none? tom holland, andrew garfield, 
name: peter benjamin parker
age: varies? homecoming: 15 amazing!: 22+
height: 5′10
species: human
gender: cis male 
nationality: american
birthday: august ?? ( canon mystery )
residence: queens, ny
marital status: single and usually sad
drink: water because alcohol is The Devil ( whiskey )
food: street tacos/hotdogs 
day or night: both
snacks: there’s no such thing there are only meals with his metabolism 
song: back to front // rae morris 
pet: one (1) beta fish that’s zen as hell
color: red
flower: daisies 
sexuality: bisexual
body type: awkwardly ripped / gymnast’s lank 
eye color: soft brown
hair color: varying shades of brown

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Why do you ship Jaime and Cersei? (This isn't supposed to be rude I'm just genuinely wondering why you love them so much bc I love them too )

“i am not whole without you”
i ship jaime and cersei because they are two halves of a whole, they complete each other and they are deeply and, i would say, desperately in love with each other, no one can deny that.
they were taught that their love was wrong; we can’t ignore that they live in a world where incest is not so unusual (whether you approve it or not), but despite that they were raised with the idea that their mutual feelings are unnatural. their love can’t be accepted: jaime is the most honourable knight and cersei is the strong, cold and fearless queen, except for the fact that they are not. they are human with their weaknesses but they can afford to show them only to each other, when they are together and they are “one person in two bodies” and they “feel whole”.
as grrm said, jaime is “the only person she [cersei] ever truly loved besides her children” and in fact he is the only person she wants to be with, just like cersei is the only person that jaime truly wants. cersei knows that she can rely on her twin and that she can feel safe when he’s around (jaime himself said “why would cersei need the warrior? she has me”), or at least she knew: now everything is falling apart, they both feel betrayed by their lover and the prophecy of the valonqar is probably about to become true. and that’s the other reason why i love both jaime and cersei and their relationship so much: their love isn’t perfect just like they are not perfect, they made a lot of mistakes, they even hurt each other and they break my heart but they are so real and complex, they are so human.