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This is sort of a Zhan Zheng Xi appreciation post that no one asked for.
He is extremely caring and kind, always checking on Jian Yi and wanting to understand him.
After the kiss he still assured Jian Yi that he wasn’t going to judge him or think any less of him for it. It also made me wonder if he knows that Jian Yi has feelings for him.
Zheng Xi is so protective and clearly puts Jian Yi above himself and most other people in his life. He is also very intimate with Jian Yi, hugging and grabbing his hand of his own free will.
Zheng Xi is probably struggling with how he feels about Jian Yi right now as well. But we aren’t given any insight to how he is handling what happened.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is feeling and thinking, especially regarding the kiss. It is very likely that he has developing feelings for him and it would be interesting to see more about that.
I really want to know more about what Zhan Zheng Xi is thinking in the future, we know so little about his emotional development right now.
Haha, i really rambled here, but he is one of my favorites characters ever and i want to know more about him!!
Photo/translation credits @yaoi-blcd
19 days by Old Xian

TalesFromRetail: Are you sure? I can check for you!

So this happened the other week, but I just remembered it and wanted to tell yall about it.

I work at a large craft store. With our card stock especially, we have a lot of people that come up to the register thinking they picked the paper that is on clearance, when really it was the one right above or below it. This was happening again this day when I was coming into work. I had to talk to my store manager about something, so I was waiting till he was done helping this customer. Usually we will go and look for the paper and see if it’s on clearance, but since we were about to have inventory, all the clearance paper was pulled. The following conversation happened, that just made me laugh (ME is me, SM is store manager, CC is clearance customer):

SM: We’re having inventory this week actually, so all our clearance paper has been moved to the clearance aisle. I can go look if we have any clearance paper like the one you have now, though.

CC: Oh no, you don’t have to do that!

SM: It’s no problem at all, really, it’s just over there!

CC: Are you sure?

SM: Yes, I’ll be right back!

He then motions to me to follow him and talk to him about what I needed to tell him. We walk all the way to the back of the store, and to the clearance aisle.

SM: We don’t have any clearance paper back here. We boxed it all up and counted it this morning. (over radio) Can you tell her that we don’t have any paper like that?

ME: Why did we walk all the way back here then?

SM: I just didn’t want to tell her we didn’t have any out.

I know this is really simple and common, but I just thought that it was hilarious that he made such a fuss about going and checking just to stand there with me for a minute and say that he already knew we didn’t have any out. You would think that the managers wouldn’t do something like this, and I thought the same about my manager! Made a good start to my shift!

By: KatieScarlette-

Leap Of Faith - Twenty Three

“This is where you live?” Spencer looked up at the building, seeing the impeccably dressed doorman holding the door open as he recognised Seph.

“Yep. It was my twenty fifth birthday present from by parents. I’m not quite the penthouse apartment though, there’s one above me that’s bigger.”

Today had been long. After packing up and cleaning the rental apartment, they’d taken the leftover food items they hadn’t touched to a local shelter that Spencer knew of, went back to his apartment to drop the majority of his clothes off and to get new ones, and then had made their way to the BAU.

The team were out on a case although as Penelope was the technical analyst she was left at head quarters, tapping away at her computer when Spencer and Seph had joined her.

Her face had lit up when she’d seen them both and she’d jumped out of her chair to hug Seph.

Persephone talked with her for a few minutes, thanking her for all her help and promising her that she’d make her something special as a reward.

The meeting with her had been cut short when the team had called in needing assistance. As a civilian with no connection to the case Seph had had to leave the office immediately, Spencer following her out a few moments later.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Of course.”

The train journey had been longer than it should have been. Technical difficulties at one of the stations meant for an hours delay, so by the time they’d got into the city and caught a cab back to Seph’s apartment, it was ten pm.

“They bought you an apartment? Wow.”

“Lifestyles of the rich and the famous, eh.” She shrugged and made her way into the building, the doorman Thomas holding open the door.

“Ms Persephone, I haven’t seen you here for a few weeks.”

“No Thomas, I’ve been out of town for a while.”

“Ms Helen and Mr Edward were here though, Mr Edward moving out?” Seph liked Thomas, he was kind and interesting, but she really just wanted to get upstairs.

“Yes. Hopefully he’s already moved out. Thomas, I’d love to stay at talk but we’ve been travelling all afternoon and I’d really like to relax. I’ll come talk to you tomorrow.”

“Of course Ms Persephone, don’t you worry about me. Let me help you into the elevator with your bags first.”

She relented, allowing the older to man to help move her suitcases into the lift that would take her and Spencer to her apartment. Hopefully it wouldn’t be in too much of a state. Seph remembered not leaving it particularly tidy, and no doubt Edward wouldn’t have tidied up after himself.

She rode up with Spencer and then led him to the door. There was only her’s and three other apartments on this floor.

Unlocking the door, Seph could smell the soothing scent of lavender and when she pushed the door open she could see that the apartment had been tidied. She spied a folded piece of card on the table beside the door, Helens neat cursive writing.

“Seph, I came by earlier to make sure everything was okay. There’s some basic groceries in the kitchen and I cleaned out your fridge. There was a small eco system starting to form in the salad crisper.
The sheets in both bedrooms are fresh too, I wasn’t a hundred percent sure on yours and Spencer’s sleeping arrangements (can’t wait to meet him by the way) so I remade both beds.
Edwards stuff appears to have all gone, although word around the office is that he’s still planning on going to your birthday party. What the fuck is up with that?
Can we meet tomorrow at say 5pm? There’s something I want to show you, and then I figured we could maybe watch the awards show together? I’ve missed you.
Oh, your spare bedroom has become a bit of a dumping ground. I had to order in a large amount of fabrics and materials in preparation (don’t ask where the money came from) so I’ve stashed it in there.
Love ya tons.

Seph dragged her suitcase into the living area, Spencer following.

“This room is bigger than my whole apartment,” he commented.

She got that a lot. It was a little big. And it cost a fortune to heat in the winter, something she’d have to reconsider this year. Her parents paid the utility bills currently, but if they were cutting her off, that would have to stop. Perhaps she could sell the place and downsize somewhat. She didn’t need three bedrooms and all this space. Seph wondered whether they’d argue with her over that. Technically it was her apartment, it had been a present. But they had paid for it.


She gave Spencer a quick tour, showing him the guest bedroom that he’d be sleeping in and where the bathroom and kitchen was. Persephone poked her head into the spare bedroom, seeing that it was indeed full of rolls of materials and dress makers dolls of various sizes. She’d quiz Helen on this tomorrow. That had to have cost her a pretty penny.

Upon checking the kitchen, she saw that Helen had indeed restocked the fridge freezer with fresh milk and bagels, a fresh pizza sitting in the fridge with a post it note saying “dinner?” on it in Helen’s scrawl.

As they toured the apartment Seph noticed Edward’s things had indeed gone, his clothes no longer in the wardrobes, the drawers on what was his side of the bed empty, his golf clubs no longer cluttering up the hallway closet.

She felt a surprising twinge of sadness, she had been with him for a number of years and lived with him after all. And he had been there when Alex had died, in his own way. Seph couldn’t blame him really for turning to someone else, she hadn’t let him near her since the accident, and she’d completely shut him out emotionally. She’d speak with him properly at some stage, assure him that ultimately, there were no hard feelings.

“So what’s the plan for tomorrow?” Spencer asked, looking around and taking in the art work on the walls. Other items Seph could sell if it came down to it, she thought.

“Well Dr White got me an appointment at 9am with a therapist here in Manhattan, just to start the process off. Then meet with my parents at 12pm. It was meant to be brunch but it’ll be lunch now. Meet Helen at five, she’s texting me an address. And then she’s coming back here and we’ll watch the awards show together.”

“Am I coming with you to lunch?”

Oh! Seph hadn’t actually checked and asked if he would. She couldn’t imaging doing it without him by her side. Although she knew she was going to have to get used to it. Three weeks with him as her almost constant companion, she really didn’t want him to leave.

“Do you mind? I know it might seem weird, and it could get messy depending on how they take the news.”

“I don’t mind. Do you really think they’ll take it that badly?”


“Okay. At the end of the day Seph, you’re an adult. They can’t force you to work for them and if they cut you off, so be it. You’ll make your own money. If this business doesn’t take off, then we’ll work something out. If it comes to it, you can sleep on my couch for however long it takes to get back on your feet.”

Persephone crossed the space to him and hugged him.

“Thanks Spencer. But I’m not thinking of failure now. This is a good brand, and my designs are good. With Lila Archer backing it and all of the work you, Penelope and Helen have done, I’m feeling positive. I’ll make this work. Even if I have to move back to London and sell them on Camden Market, whilst living out of a hostel, I WILL have my own fashion line. I don’t need my parents money. Well…. I’ll learn to live without it somehow. I can do this.”

“Yes, you can,” Spencer pulled her close for another hug, pride in his voice and she felt his lips press against the top of her head.

She could do this.

And she would.

anonymous asked:

I still can't believe ED had the audacity to put her up for an award when she'd only been in one episode and above talent like Isobel Steele as well?! That made me suspicious from the start and tbh I think we're meant to see her as amazing. Ha!

No she hadn’t even been in one episode when she was nominated. What a fucking joke? How can you nominate someone who hadn’t even been on screen yet? Isobel deserved that nomination far more than she did


Every time I listen to ‘City Escape’ from Sonic Adventure 2 and hear the line 'gotta follow my rainbow‘ I think of an image akin to these above. Sonic stands form what’s right, freedom, being true to yourself and so I made some of the flags of the LGBT community. These are all transparent as well.

I know I didn’t include every flag, and if anyone wishes me to, send me a picture of a flag you’d like to be included that is a part of the LGBT/LGBTQ community and I will gladly make a version of it and add it to this post as well. If requested enough I will make each one their own post with links to others so you can post just the one that fits you.


So, home-brewed science-fantasy system called inertia. We’re on a mission from death, who gave us presents before we went. Mine was, he made me undead. But I keep forgetting. We’re fighting an EXTREMELY powerful psionic guardian trying to rescue one of Death’s favourite two minions from a coffin chained to the roof. (Yeah, our DM has a hell of an imagination.)

DM: “So. As you’ve done the most damage to the chain Tonauac, the guardian places his hands together, and a tiny ball of light appears above him.”

Scientist: “I step away.”

Me: “Wwwwwhy?”

DM: “The heat and radiation of a miniature sun shines down on you. You take…” Rolls a LOT of dice. “125 damage.”

Me: “Aaaaaaaaand I’m dead. Welp. Tell my family I love them, make sure my AI goes for a good price and have it wipe my browser history before it goes…” As I’m handing over my character sheet. 

Captain/Necrolyte: “You’re a zombie, I can stick you back together, don’t be so dramatic.”

Me: “Wait, really?”

DM: “Yeah, she can regenerate you from a speck of blood.”


DM: “Your rifle is melted.”


Wgmd ships in few words
  • MutsumixSerinuma: The romantic awaking of Mutsumi Asuma™
  • IgarashixSerinuma: If I'm hot and you're hot, then who is driving a car?
  • NanashimaxSerinuma: Love hit him like a soccer ball
  • ShinomiyaxSerinuma: Boy is getting out of youngerbrotherzone. The brave man
  • NishinaxSerinuma: "We're going to rule the world together" pair; #1 IgaNana shippers
  • IgarashixNanashima: Are they gay or are they not? ( They are )
  • MutsumixShinomiya: The purest and the fluffiest. They will give you diabetes
  • IgarashixNishina: Anything you can do I can do better
  • NanashimaxShinomiya: Bickering while being domestic
  • TakeruxSerinuma: "Meant to be yours" from Heathers the Musical
  • IgarashixShinomiya and NanashimaxNishina: I don't care that those two are crack ships. I ship both

You told me to forget about you…

It’s not so easy to forget about the one person who never turned their back on you when everyone else did. To forget about the one person who showed you what happiness feels like. The one person who gave meaning to the word love, the one person who made you feel as bright as the stars above.

—  Tenari Ioapo
fight me || park jimin

summary: park jimin has become infatuated with his patient. 

based off this

nurse!jimin, stupidcollegestudentwhoistoostressedtoeatandisalsoeverysingleoneofusreadersoutthere!reader

fight me? 

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Chocolate mug cake!!

Some people wanted to know so here it is!!

4 tbsp flour
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp baking cocoa (unsweetened)
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp melted butter
Dash of vanilla

Mix the dry ingredients in a large mug and then add the wet ingredients one by one, mixing after each addition. U can also use oil instead of butter but that usually doesn’t taste as good. You can add chocolate chips or m&ms if you want but that usually makes it too sweet for me, it’s up to u tho. Also, depending on the size of your mug, the cake may rise above the edge while it’s cooking but that’s normal and it’ll shrink once it cools down. I’ve made this so many times and it’s delicious 💯 Edit because I’m an idiot and I forgot to add the microwave time: microwave for about 3 minutes

Friends With Benefits - Theo Raeken Imagine

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

Request (anon): can you do a smutty imagine with Theo where him and the reader are friends with benefits?

A/N: So here it finally is, a Theo Raeken smut based on the request above. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but I hope you guys like it. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I still have to proofread it.(:


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT smutty smut smut & cursing?
Word count: 2088

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One incredible orgasm and I was limp. His wife was playing with my husband’s hard cock. When I saw this I got really turned on. I get it why he likes to watch me with other men. I wanted to watch them now…but that wasn’t going to happen. My husband straddled my face, leaned over and put my arms above me head. His cock instinctively went in my mouth. I felt something cold on my pussy. Turns out it was lube. Our friend once again pushed that monster inside me. My mouth fell open and I’m pretty sure I made some weird sound. There was no “being cool” at that moment. I tried to suck my husband while the other guy continued to stretch my pussy but I kept stopping. It felt like with each long stroke my pussy was so stretched that his cock rubbed my clit continuously. My husband has a big dick but I had never felt this before. My husband moved away and I looked up again at our friend and he asked me very politely, “Can I fuck you now”? I looked for my husband’s approval and he simply nodded yes. My response was a nervous, “OK”.
He pushed my bent knees back towards my head and proceeded to drive himself deep inside me. How the hell I was able to take so much of him inside me must be directly relative to how horny I was. I’ve never experienced anything like this. He started to speed up his strokes and would pound me and then he would tease me and then push all the way inside then tease again and pound again. He must have sensed I was going to come again because he started to grind against my clit while completely inside me. I lost it. I screamed. It wasn’t a controlled or quiet clench. I was loud and convulsing. I grabbed anything I could and held on for dear life. I think I may have blacked out for a second.
Sometimes sex and orgasms give me energy and sometimes they sap all I have. I wanted to give as good as I was getting but it was more than I had to give. I was hoping he had cum but soon realized he hadn’t. I needed a break and wanted to watch them fuck his wife. My pussy was pulsating when his wife got on all fours right over me. Her pussy was right above me when that giant cock slid inside her.
It was an incredible view, if I looked back I saw my husband fucking her mouth just past her swaying tits. Right above me was this beautiful pussy being speared by and equally beautiful cock. I started to rub my clit as I watched this incredible scene front up close. It was a little bit after I started rubbing his balls that he slid his cock out and put it to my mouth. I opened for him and let him fuck my mouth as I stroked his thick shaft. We went back and forth from her pussy to my mouth over and over again. I heard my husband cumming which spawned a furious fucking of her from behind. Within moments a felt a flood of cum shoot all over me. Who cums like this? It’s was endless. I wasn’t sure what to do until the wife started licking it off me and then kissed me right on the mouth. What an introduction to the Hotwife thing. *I remind you that I am pretty tame normally. This was mind blowing to me…at the time.

“Silly me, I thought I had it. I came so close this time…I knew your heart was plastic…Thought I could make it…MINE.”

So how about that good ol’ Shiro angst am I right? :V This reminded me I want to see more of Shiro dealing with his PTSD damnit the poor guy needs to deal with it because he really hasn’t had time to do it…? Also WHY HAVEN’T WE SEEN KURO THE EMBODIMENT OF SHIRO’S FEARS. BRING BACK KURO 2K17

Song: Bringing it Down - Starset

7 Years Shiro AMV


ice skater au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 2.337
warnings: none
author’s note: yes, this is loosely inspired by yuri on ice (I’m trash). it is currently not planned to turn into a series, but that might change sometime in the future. for now, enjoy this snippet of skater!jungkook :)

He is magnificent.

You knew seeing him in the flesh would be a completely different experience altogether — but nothing prepared your eyes for the ray of soft light that smoothly glided over the ice, like a swirling snowflake becoming one with the snow. The blades on his boots are like feathers above the surface, leaving lines of art behind them as he twirls and dances like his body was made for the ice, like there is nowhere else he’d rather be, eyes closed and silky strands of dark hair shifting with his gracious movements.

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fanart of @queerlorenzo‘s amazing fic lost in emotion! i’ve read it like five times already, highly recommend/10!! captions are quotes from the fic

info on manta rays and jellyfish referenced from wikipedia because i’m a microbiologist and barely know anything about marine biology (also oh god my handwriting is atrocious)