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please take a moment to imagine the Federation version of Eurovision as @swordfern and I have envisioned it, in a post-DS9 peaceful future:
-Bajor does something very soothing with hand percussion and like…. background eurythmy dancing but the lyrics are utterly heart-wrenching.
-Betazed is always a fan favorite- they really get into the pop ballads and impressive choreography, and of course aim to inspire ~feelings~
-Romulans do the super intimidating acts like that one song about Moscow Germany did one year.
-Klingons just do fucking opera every time, with intense choreography, generally involving weaponry.
-Andorians do… whatever the andorian version of death metal is. imagine andorian headbanging. with those antennae. imagine.
-the new Cardassian Republic, when it finally gains admittance, is intensely earnest and a bit disco. No one really knows how to react to this.
-Vulcan sends one person with a Vulcan lute and they play an extremely logical arrangement extremely well, with no dancers or any illogical frippery… and they repeat this each year. No one ever votes for Vulcan.

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Hi there! I was wondering if I could hear something from Worf and/or one of the other klingons about procrastination? I feel like I'm being buried under school work and have no motivation to work on it, and I don't know if I really am this bad about procrastination or if it's just college. Thank you ☺

Worf knows college is a big change, and it can be hard to stay focused and motivated. You just have to find what works for you, and you can defeat procrastination! If routines help you, set aside a block of time for schoolwork each day. If your usual study space is distracting, put on headphones or find a new place to work. If you have trouble doing a lot of work at once, break it up into smaller portions and do some every day. He knows you can beat this!

As much as I’m not particularly fond of the new re-design of ST:Disc Klingons, one thing I really do appreciate about it is that the female Klingons aren’t made to look needlessly sexy, and their costumes don’t appear to have anything that would suggest they were designed solely for the attraction of male audience.

Now this may seem like the bar’s set pretty damn low, and it is. However, we all gotta remember that Star Trek as a whole has a long “proud” history of having the female characters from each series wear outfits that are pretty much utilized in order to titillate the gross thirsty dudebros (like T’Pol and Seven’s catsuits, female Klingons having a boob window in their armor, pretty much most of the things Deanna Troi wore on TNG that wasn’t a uniform, etc.).

Not to mention the rampant sexism and misogyny of Rick Berman, who saw women appearing in Trek as nothing more than sex meat, and Gene Roddenberry’s uncomfortably obsessive and downright disrturbing fetishization and exotification of the alien species (especial female aliens).

So yeah, this may not seem like much, but what they did in ST: Disc is a huge step forwards and I can only hope that it will be kept that way.

I am sick and god damn tired of people praising Star Trek Discovery for its possible gay space ladies that are in charge. Being “progessive” is litteraly Star Treks shtick. Shut up ok? ITS NOTHING FUCKING NEW. Start looking at the faults ok? The glaring continuity errors. The bad acting. The ship design not matching FUCKING ANYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT STARFLEET SHIP DESIGN OF THAT ERA. The Klingons are colecting their dead. Why? Why are they doing that? It goes against everything previously established about Klingon culture. Don’t praise it just for one thing. Don’t let the “progessiveness” of this show blind you to the glaring faults. Its a bad show that is trying to pander to this culture. They toss in some shit that can be interpreted as gay, toss in an easter egg here and there. And bam. Rabid tumblr fanbase. But you know what I want the see from this show? An actual Star Trek style story. The writers looking at established continuity and not ignoring it. By all means keep the gay space ladies, but use them in an actual Star Trek story, not…whatever this is.

And people, “The Orville” is a better Star Trek show than “Discovery” it feels like a more funny version of TNG. Can I have that in “Discovery” please? I mean its too late for season 1 but we always have season 2 right?

Captain Georgiou: *about Number One wanting to kill the Klingons* You’re being emotional

First Officer Burnham: This is not about emotion!


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my most vivid memory from 7th grade was sitting in my room and thinking “I should learn to speak Klingon” and I watched like one video about it and went “lol nope”. then I went downstairs and my parents had left the tv on and there was matt bomer pointing a gun at some dude and speaking Klingon and anyway that’s how I became obsessed with chuck and you all should be obsessed with it too