You are the beat in my heart,
You are the air that I breathe.
Everything will be okay,
As long you are here with me.
—  The best love I’ve ever known // @dimitrimovedhere

So after Christmas I went on a book buying spree at Barnes and Nobles, and I went to buy the Selection Series, but The One wasn’t out on the shelf so I asked a very attractive worker if they had it. He said that they should so he went in the back to get it, but it took him a while to find it. When he found it he like rounded the corner and smiled at me and said, “GOT IT” and it was adorable. So when he came back I bought it and everything and just today I went to read it after finishing the first two books and he had put a note in it that said, "Hope you don’t think this is weird, but you’re cute" with his name and phone number.


And to the guy who gave me the book: I’m so sorry I took so long to get to it!

And then you meet someone who makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. You realize what was missing with the rest. Because all of a sudden there’s this person standing in front of you that makes you happier than you’ve been in a long time. They make you smile like an idiot because god, they’re absolutely ridiculous and they make you feel safe and cared for and everything just kind of fits. They’re you’re own kind of perfect. Sweet and handsome and smart and everything you’ve ever wanted. So all that you can do is take a chance and hope that you’re their kind of perfect too.
—  Midnight thoughts (he’s it)
This is my journey and I choose to travel alone. To devote my life to adventure and developing passionate connections with like-minded people. I don’t need The One to lead a meaningful life. While some may prefer to live under a single sun, a sky full of stars can light the way just as well.
—  Beau Taplin // A Journey Under The Stars


I want you to go have a beer with your friends, for you to be hungover the next morning and ask me to join you anyway because you feel like having me in your arms, for us to nuzzle against one another. I want to talk in bed in the morning about all sorts of things, but sometimes, in the afternoon, I want us to decide to take different paths for the day.

I want you to tell me about your evenings with your friends. To tell me that there was a girl at the bar who gave you the eye. I want you to send me text messages when you’re drunk with your friends, for you to tell me unimportant things, just so you can be assured that I think of you, too.

I want us to laugh while we’re making love. For us to we start laughing because we’re trying new things and it just doesn’t make sense. I want us to be with our friends, for you to take me by the hand and take me to another room because you cannot take it anymore and you feel like right there you have to make love to me. I want to try to stay silent because there are ears that could hear us.

I want to eat with you, want you to make me talk about me and for you to talk about you. I want us to rant about the North Shore vs. South Shore, West suburb versus East. I want to imagine the loft of our dreams, knowing that we will probably never move in together. For you tell me about your plans with neither head nor tail. I want to be surprised, for you to make me say: Take your passport; we’re leaving.

I want to be afraid with you. To do things I would not do with anyone else, because with you I am confident! To return too drunk after a good evening with friends. For you to take my face, kiss me, use me like your pillow and squeeze me so tightly at night.

I want you to have your life, for you decide on a whim to travel for a few weeks. For you to leave me here alone bored and wishing for the small Facebook pop-up with your face that tells me “hi.”

I don’t always want to be invited for your evenings out and I don’t always want to invite you to mine. Then I can tell you about it and hear you tell me about yours the next day.

I want something that will be both simple and at the same time not so simple. Something that will make sure that I often ask myself questions, but the minute I’m in the same room as you, I know. I want you to think I’m beautiful, for you to be proud to say that we’re together. I want to hear you say you love me and I especially want to tell you in return. I want you to let me walk ahead of you so you can watch my bottom swing from left to right. For you to let me scrape the windows of my car in winter because my butt wiggles and it makes you smile.

I want to make plans not knowing whether or not they will be realized. To be in a relationship that is anything but clear. I want to be your good friend, the one with whom you love hanging out. I want you to keep your desire to flirt with other girls, but for you to come back to me to finish your evening. Because I will want to go home with you. I want to be the one with whom you love to make love and fall asleep. The one who stays away when you work and loves it when you get lost in your world of music. I want to live a single life with you. For our couple life, would be the equivalent of our single lives today, but together.

One day I will find you.

—  Isabelle Tessier
i said, if she really loves someone else, why is she
still writing about you?

it’s an important question
with a kind of answer that makes my heart

marissa had told me a story about her uncle,
who loved someone but then also loved someone else.
he carried the first woman around
like a set of keys to a house he no longer lived in.
at dinner parties, he would pull them out of his pocket
and hold them to the light, tell his nephews
about this person he would never see again.

when i think about airplanes now, i have to remember my life isn’t
just an arrival gate. the last time i was flying somewhere,
i cried through the in-flight movie. my big fear
is that i will never love someone like that again.

which is a shame. which is a waste.
if there was one thing i was good at,
it was leaving my door unlocked.
—  Yena Sharma Purmasir, “two of thirty” (2016)