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July 7

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This Time by @casbabydontgoineedyou
   The reader has a horrible one night stand and Dean finds her after and takes care of her.

Training Day by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog
   Dean and Donna work out.

As You Wish by @docharleythegeekqueen
  After a rough hunt Castiel comes to heal the reader. However, the fear of almost losing her pushes her to finally give into his feelings and hope she feels the same.

Just Relax by @impala-dreamer
   Dean is a ball of tension after the hunt. Can you convince him to let you help him relax?

Confession Time by @melissaj616
   Sam has to pose as a priest and work in the confession booth.

Too Hot by @melissaj616
   The reader is annoyed by the Winchesters, then how hot their motel room is.


Helping Hand by @katymacsupernatural
   Dean helps you out when a stubborn man won’t take no for an answer.

No Dogs in the Car by @melissaj616
  Dean accidentally hits a dog while he’s driving.

The [Once] Demon Barber from Robintree by @seenashwrite
   Sometimes accidents *do* happen accidentally, but most of the time, turns out it’s Dean. 

The Lore Can Wait by @winchesterprincessbride
   Sam is too busy with research to go to the bar with you and Dean.


Can’t Stop Drinking About You by @iwantthedean
   Someone from Sam’s past clouds his future with the reader.

Drugs Don’t Work by @torn-and-frayed
  The reader finds a way to deal with Dean’s disappearance to Purgatory in a not-so-healthy way.


It Wasn’t For Forever by @sis-tafics
   You ask the Winchester for help five years after you and Dean break up.

Bite Me by @trexrambling
   You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Half-Blood Princess by @u-snavi
   Sam and Dean find out they have half sisters who are twins.  

Even before this pic, a Captain Charming pre-wedding ficlet was in my head and I had planned to have it done for Captain Charming Friday but this is me and that didn’t happen. 

Here it is - 660 words of unbeta’d Captain Charming stuff. Featuring the CCF phrase that pays :-) (yay @nfbagelperson )

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Growing On You

It was strangely calm in the diner.

No dwarves bellowing or witches snarking at all and sundry. Not even a stray fairy to attract some kind of misfortune.

Just a pirate and a rum-laced cup of tea enjoying the peace of an ordinary, everyday morning.

Or perhaps an extraordinary, wondrous morning, if he were honest.

Smiling into his tea cup, Killian marvelled, not for the first time, at how far they had come. Surely it wasn’t so very long ago that his eyes had met Emma Swan’s across a wooden table in a far off realm; suspicion in her face and an edge to her words that belied the spark of attraction she fought so hard to contain.

Or so long since she dragged his lips to hers in a steamy jungle, her kiss leaving him reeling and longing for more, his heart once again open to the idea of love. It was a kiss he had relived many a time, hot and wet and oh, so full of hope for the future…

“You better not be thinking about my daughter with that look on your face, pirate.”

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Sylvia a.k.a. Our Favorite Resident Strong Alien Dinosaur Horse

Post S1 analysis

Sylvia’s role in S2 for most part was to be an unheard voice of reason. No, Wander, pairing Dominator and Hater is a bad, bad idea. Why is everyone so fixed on watching cute kitty ca- oh no. Wander don’t go into the cave. Wander, just, stay away from everything, please.

I already said that relationships will be written down in other post, but Wander and Peepers need to be at least mentioned here.

Wander, obviously, is her partner, her best friend. And that’s how it’s going to stay until the end of their days (or, rather, her days, *sniff, sniff*). No matter what Spoon has in plans, she’ll always will be there to help, try to dissuade him, pick up the pieces, or the combination of above.

Peepers is… an interesting case. Not only they seem to understand each other since their encounter in “The Battle Royale”, thanks to recognizing the similiraties between them, but also are will willing to work together. Heck, they enjoy working together. But still remain enemies due to their allegiances and world views. Well, frenemies.

Sylvia’s also the person who got through Dominator, sort of. She is the first person to call “D” a friend, though quickly gave up the notion after events that transpired. And Dom apparently forgot her. Eh, still, they got the whole episode about them, I’m sure it would be mentioned somewhere in S3.

Alright, let’s focus on Sylvia-centric episodes: “The Catastrophe”, “The Family Reunion”, “The Hot Shot” and “The Night Out”. I guess “The Wanders” also counts? She did all the work there, gathering all the titular Wanders to svae her best friend, and learning the leson that “every part of you is important”.

“The Catastrophe” featured yet another encounter with Little Bits and yet again Syl had to use her wits to fight back. She knew there was no way of out-cute-ing her, so funny routine was all that was left. Proving that slapstick knows no gender. And creating yet another plot for future season – Little Bits’ wevenge.

She was right in “The Hot Shot” – the titular man seemed sketchy; arriving just in time for a giant bot attack, beating it effortlessly, stealing Wander’s image; but the jelaousy was her main driving force. Which made her try to take on the false bot without thinking, proving once again that she can be quite a hot-head. But also a hero.

In “The Night Out” I realized an interesting thing: Syl wants to impress others. Yes, she’s a good person without Wander, but he had a big, big part in making her who she is now (if the bounty hunter scene in “The Waste of Time”, and, if you think about it, most of S1 are any indications). She spends most of the episode running widly with her new ‘friend’, glad to be free of all gooddoings for once. But in the end she knows what’s right and what’s wrong, and, oh yeah, she’s not insane like some people.

And “The Family Reunion”.
People who followed me back when I liveblogged this one know I’m not a fan of the episode for several reasons. But I’ll try to focus on what – I guess – were the creators’ intentions.

Sylvia comes home, trying to take a break (escape) from Dominator invading the galaxy. But her mother knows what’s up and instead of talking to her about it makes her work harder than ever, trying to make her go back saving the galaxy. Sylvia learns that Dorothy is actually proud of what she’s doing and escaping from the problems will never solves the issue.

And that’s Syl for you! I don’t think she changed that much, it’s just the audience that learned about her? She’s still our strong, sassy, protective of her best friend, not fooled by cute cats, foul-mouthed, ready to call anyone on their nonsense favourite Zbornak. She just more good. Good-er? A little more confident. And, oh yeah, was no stranger to working with Peepers of all people.

Also I was totally right about her being bounty hunter in the past. Yay!

What the future has stored for her? More interactions with Peepers. Perhaps meeting her family again. Another encounter with Little Bits. More travel stories with Wander where she has to save him again and again. And while I’m glad for her interactions with Peepers, I’m hoping for more Hater.

TL;DR: Sylvia’s the same as ever, maybe a little more mature. Here’s hoping she’s going to have some more interactions with the main guys outside Wander.

One with the God's (Evil!Future!Barry Smut)

(AN; This was actually requested awhile back, but my tumblr recently got updated, deleting my requests, but I managed to get the gist of this one, so enjoy!
PS: Requests are now open!)

You watch the broad man stalk in front of you, your head held high. Barry eyes you carefully yet hungrily, a sick yet sexy grin spread across his face, pink lips stretching. Your lower lip quivers, voice stuck in your throat making your mouth open and close like a fish out of water. Suddenly, Barry speeds forward, appearing on front of you and trapping your small frame inbetween his arms. “I’ve waited so long..” He trails, bringing a slim finger up to stroke your face, then proceeding to lean down and whisper into your ear, “just to be able to touch you.” His hot breath sends shivers down your spine, and you gulp loudly. “What do you mean?” You finally find your voice, cringing as it comes out a bit squeaky. Barry chuckles darkly, grabbing your waist and pulling you into his body, your hands resting on his chest. “I need you, Y/N. I need to feel every inch of your body. Damn, you’re so fucking hot.” He starts, now grinding against you, making you feel his throbbing erection pressed firmly against your thigh. “I need you. What’s a God without his Goddess?” He whispers seductively. He grabs your chin with his index finger and thumb, making you look into his eyes- one still a beautiful emerald green, the other now gray and blue. You bring your arms up to grab each side of his face, thumb stroking the scarred side. You pull him even closer if possible, pressing your lips against his. Barry responds with a low grunt, sucking and biting at your upper lip making a moan rise from your throat. Barry smirks into the harsh yet loving kiss, grabbing your ass, urging you to jump up, which you obeyed. He pulls away, and you take this chance to realize your surroundings. You’re pressed against a brick wall, on a vacant street near a streetlight that flickers ghastly every few seconds. “What if-” Barry cuts you off by sucking harshly on your neck, making you moan loudly. “No one will find us. Even if they do they’re in for a treat.” He murmurs in between kisses. In a flash, Barry has your pants ripped off, as well as his own. You blush as you realize that he rid of your black laced underwear, watching him stuff them into his pants pocket, throwing them on the ground. Shifting you up against the wall, he slickens his hard cock against your wet core, tip brushing your clit often. You intertwine your fingers into his dark brown hair, pulling at his soft locks. “Fuck me already, Barry. Don’t I deserve to be treated like a goddess.” You moan, nipping his ear. He vibrates his member, eyes full of lust boring into yours. Without warning, Barry thrusts into you, not giving you time to adjust before thrusting up and down at a fast pace inside you. “You’ll always be treated like a goddess.” He growls, releasing a hand to squeeze your breast, leaning down and taking your nipple into his mouth, sucking at the soft flesh. “F-fuck.. Please Barry.” You beg for nothing but your incoming orgasm, hips bucking. He releases with a ‘pop’, leaving a large purple love bite on your breast. You wrap your legs around his thin waist, and he thrusts at this at a deeper angle. The moment the tip of his cock reached your sweet spot, you cry out, dragging your nails down his back. “Please Barry.. I’m gonna cum.” You warn, breasts jiggling. “Me too, princess.” He purrs, pressing a finger against your swollen nub. With the combination of his mouth, fingers, and words, you’re gone. With a loud cry and a wail of the 'god’s name, you cum all over his cock, dots blurring your vision. Soon after your own orgasm, Barry thrusts once more before his member twitches inside of you, spurting his hot release. Gasping for air, you allow Barry to help guide you off his softening cock, shivering at the liquid dripping down your leg. He chuckles, pulling up his pants at surprisingly normal speed, while you pull up your own, cursing silently at your now dirty laundery. “I love you, my goddess.” Barry hums, now sweaty hair sticking to his forehead. “I love you too.” You decide, almost hesitant as the man that not only you just made love to, was evil and the future version of the man you love. “You’re mine, Y/N. You’ll just have to see what the future holds.” Barry grins, a look of happiness flashes in his dark eyes, and with one last shared passionate kiss, he speeds off, blue sparks and crackling lighting being the only evidence he was there. You kick the dirt on the concrete before speeding off into the middle of nowhere. “I’m yours Barry. I’m you’re goddess.” You yell, lightning sparking in your eyes. Barry always had that effect on you, evil or not. Until the future reveals itself, you push aside the surge of darkness and evil that Barry put there, running off to STAR Labs. Only time will tell what the future holds.


Eva finally breaks down in tears as Nylah tries to reach forward to comfort her. She shrugs away her friend’s hands as they touch her shoulders, as if she has been scolded by something hot. Nylah recoils and sits awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Nylah: “Is…is he the father?”

Eva has never told Nylah about her relationship with Forrest, just that there is a man that she is trying to move on from because she can’t give him the future that he deserves. But now…

Nylah: “Eva…who…who’s the father? Who is the guy?”

Eva: “It’s Forrest. Forrest Cho.”

Nylah’s eyes widen in surprise as she hears that name. Yes, Eva is dating a man considerably younger than the pair of them - in fact he is the son of one of their closest friends, Poppy. She can hear that once again Nylah is completely lost for words.

Eva doesn’t know what causes her to feel a sudden blazing hot sense of anger at Nylah’s reaction, but it causes her to stand up so fast that she nearly falls over. Her friend has no room to judge. It was her husband that told her she could never have children. In fact - that’s just who she needs to talk to right now - if he seems to know all of the answers!

CS + spitting image

Summary: In a calm happy future not so far away, Emma goes on a little outing with the second pirate to steal her heart…

Word Count: 745

Rating: G

Emma Swan shakes her head disbelievingly, a wry smile on her face as she watches her little boy chattering away with Marco, hand still clutching the front corner of her cart where they have stopped in the grocery aisle. The gentle wood craftsman has squatted down to her son’s eye level, face focused on the four-year-old’s words and taking him as seriously as he would any adult who might stop to speak with him.

Figuring that her little charmer is safely occupied for a moment, Emma takes her chance to quickly scan her list, then reach to the top shelf where the pasta sauce Henry likes best is stacked. Settling back on her feet with the jar in hand from where she had been stretching on her tiptoes, she sneaks another glance at the whispered conference, fondly watching her youngster spread his wings a bit without seeming like she is hovering. When Marco stands stiffly and gives her a conspiratorial wink, she smiles gratefully back at him, hoping it conveys how much she appreciates his perfect friendly manner with Westley.

“Not to worry,” Marco nods to her, but his words are for the pleased, dark-haired and endlessly blue-eyed boy grinning up at him and practically bouncing with excitement. “It shall be done, mi Bambino. Never fear.”

Emma tilts her head to the side as the older gentleman bids them a cheerful goodbye and moves on down the aisle. Curious, she turns a searching gaze on the innocent face looking back at her. Her lie detector comes back to life as she sees the little rascal before her trying to keep his face blank, as if he has nothing to hide. “What was that about, Buddy?” she questions, a hand on her hip awaiting his answer.

The sparkle in that brilliant blue and the little smirk that puts a dimple in his still childishly chubby cheek is all her husband, just in a tiny package. He shrugs, trying to simply answer, “Nothing.”

However, Emma waits, not satisfied, until she finally has to turn her “Mom voice” on him when he doesn’t cave. “Westley Graham Jones, are you up to some kind of trouble again?” She fights to remain stern, though he turns his angelic face on her and all she wants to do is laugh happily and give him a hug. He’s turning his charm on her now!

Finally, he sighs and admits, “Okay, it’s something. But it’s a surprise. Okay, Mom?”

Before she can ask anything else about what he’s into, another cart turns into their aisle, coming toward them, and she sees her friend Ashley and her six-year-old Alexandra. Emma waves, always glad to see the other mother whom she has found she has quite a bit in common with. She says hello as Ashley and Alexandra come up beside them, and the two women take a couple of minutes to catch up.

It isn’t long before she gives Ashley a significant look, both of them breaking off subtly to watch their kids gabbing and pointing at different things in the aisle, as well as showing each other the toys the have brought with them. Emma can’t help chuckling at the sweet little picture they make. Alex may be in kindergarten and know lots of little boys and girls her own age, but she always seems so happy to see Wes. She gets a rosy pink in her little cheeks, giggling and smiling and taking in his every word with rapt, wide-eyed attention. The cute little girl may be nearly two years older than her son, but Alex clearly has quite the helpless crush on him.

Emma shrugs sheepishly when she and Ashley’s eyes meet again.

Ashley gives her a knowing wink, leaning in to teasingly suggest, “The spitting image of his dad, isn’t he? My baby didn’t even stand a chance.”

They both laugh, before vowing to get together for dinner and a movie with their husbands and kids soon, getting Westley and Alexandra to say their goodbyes, and finishing up shopping to be home in time for supper.

Emma watches Wes as he puts the candy he wheedled out of her onto the counter and beguiles even cranky, perpetually ill Mr. Clark himself. She shakes her head again, eager now to get home to her husband, who will have the evening meal hot and ready for them, anxiously waiting to greet her with a kiss. “A pirate just like his papa,” she decides once again, watching the dwarf proceed to offer her little man a second candy bar for Henry and smile more jovially than she has ever seen him do before. Wes takes her hand as they walk out to the Bug together, and her mind adds, “Impossible to resist.”

by @snowbellewells

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A 40's Bucky Barns imagine? Xx

Originally posted by fan-imagines

(Cause I still believe that’s a Marvel/ Doctor Who crossover, I’mma write it as one. Ignore any plot Clara may have with Danny, I wanted to write this)

“Excuse me but what is that?” Clara asked pointing to the poster many women were standing around. 

“That is an exhibition of future technologies, Howard Stark will be there,” one woman with blonde curls and clear blue eyes answered with a sweet smile. Clara nodded once in response, it would be fun to see what the Forties inventors thought would be happening in her future. 

“Where is it?” she asked thoughtfully, maybe she could pester the Doctor into tagging along, although it took a lot to be brought here. She loved the Forties, it was rich with history. 

“I’d be happy to show you,” a voice spoke up from beside her, she glanced to her right and a strapping, young man in uniform with a clear hot breaker smile stood. “Sergeant James Barnes, I prefer Bucky.” Tipping his head to the side.

“Clara Oswald,” she grinned back. 

He grinned back, “new in Brooklyn? I haven’t seen you around, I don’t forget a face, especially one as pretty as your own.” Cheesy pickup lines have stayed the same. 

“I’m from London just visiting” Clara answered, “and I’d be honoured, Sergeant Barnes.” He smirked and glanced at the woman beside Clara.

“I have a friend for yours if you want to double?” Clara looked at the stranger beside her and decided a fellow woman beside her would be better than the Doctor tagging along. 


The woman was called Molly, not someone Clara would hang around with in the future but she seemed nice enough to spend the evening with. Things have really changed, although nothing really surprises Clara anymore, she’s seen crazier. 

Groups of people all walked pass to see the main event, Howard Stark. She got on her tippy toes and grinned when she saw Bucky, along with his smaller friend, he was adorable too; no wonder they’re friends.

“Bucky,” she yelled and he waved back, extending a hand for her to take, which she did, the four of them walked to the front and centre to get a good view. 

**Time skip cause I don;t want to write much more**

“You’re quite the dancer, Bucky” Clara complimented as Bucky walked back…home? Well, to the transport that would take her home.

He chuckled, “Gotta be, it’s how I win people over, my smile and dance moves.” 

“So, when do you ship out?” Clara asked the question she had been wanting to all night.

“Tomorrow, glad I got to spend my last evening with a great doll, as yourself.” Clara couldn’t help but laugh, he may have some cheesy lines but his handsome face makes up for it. 

Clara suddenly had the realisation that Bucky may not make it or that when she is back home, he’d be old and dying. This is a man who may be forgotten in the future, no one may know who is except her, especially if he dies at war. 

“Well, I wish you luck and I hope to see you again,” he smiled at that.

“I’m sure when the war is done and you come back to Brooklyn, you will.”

Clara leant forward and pressed her lips to Bucky’s softly, not seeing any harm in giving a good luck and farewell kiss to him, he responds just as softly. It’s quiet on the Brooklyn streets as Clara leans into him, she pulls back with a sweet smile. 

“I won’t forget you,” Clara tells him gently, pulling away and stepping back with a small grin.

“I sure as hell won’t forget you,” he calls back. “Where can I find you when I’m back?” 

“The stars.” She yells running around the corner leaving a very confused Bucky behind.

(What. The. Fuck. Did I just write. I guess, here you go. I’m not entirely sure what this is. (I now kinda wanna series this omg) Thank you for 10K followers. I am deeply sorry for this. - Ro)

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Can I have more of Obi Wan as Mace's Padawan?? Like how the council meeting changes??. How does Naboo change?? Also I love your blog it's quickly become one of my favourites :D

“As it is Master Qui-Gon, my padawan agrees that young Skywalker should become an Initiate of the temple.” Obi-Wan kept his eyes forward as the long haired master glanced at him in surprise. They had quarreled more often then not on their combined missions so for Qui-Gon to hear that Obi-Wan agreed with him had obviously taken him on the side.

“He does however not believe that you should be the one to train him, based on the fact that your connection to the living Force makes you very dismissive visions and sensations of the future. Something I believe you know you do.” Mace surveyed the master over his fingertips.

Yoda and a few of the others were unhappy with the decision but the majority had agreed with Mace when he had approached them with Obi-Wan’s sound reasoning to why Anakin Skywalker should join the Order.

“As it stands, we have come to this conclusion, Anakin Skywalker has to remain an Initiate for two years before he can become a padawan, to give him time to learn the forms and education that others who have lived here for life has had. He is not expected to learn everything we have been taught from the crib, but will be required to learn meditation and lightsaber forms, etiquette and some law. After this it will be the Master who takes him on case to further his education. Be it you, or someone else.”

Mace leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath. “This will also give him time to recover. He is not healthy. A lifetime as a slave does not ready him for a life as a Jedi Master Qui-Gon. He needs time to hydrate, bulk up, improve his general health and to go to the mind healers. He needs time.”

“This is the councils decision. Anakin Skywalker will be allowed to join the Initiates, to learn and improve his health, for two years. He will then become a padawan, if you by that time have made a change, you may be his master. Or someone else will be his master.”


“I feel I should thank you.”

Obi-Wan opened his eyes to stare at Master Jinn, still kneeling in meditation on the cabin of the cruiser taking them back to Naboo.

“I recognize that you talked to Mace and you may be the primary reason they choose to let Anakin remain at the temple.” Jinn let the doors close behind him and tucked his hands into his sleeves. “And that you are also the primary reason that Mace decided to send extra help to aid Naboo.”

“I assume you are talking about Master Tholme and knight Vos.” Obi-Wan stood slowly, watching the master.

“Yes. If it had been me alone, the Council would have…protested my view of additional support.”

Perhaps always being the Maverick is a lonely road.” Obi-Wan countered, stepping towards the man until he was in front of him. “I however was raised by Mace Windu, and I know the value of when and how to pit one against the other in politics.”

“The council has become most stagnant in the years. I find its easier to act first and ask for forgiveness later.” The older master raised his chin.

Obi-Wan narrowed his eyes. “Yes, I am quite aware of that. There is a reason I have been sent with you on so many missions lately. The council has hoped that some of my reasoning could make you more-”

“Obedient?” The older man raised his brows.

“More considerate.” Obi-Wan crossed his arms over his chest. “You have tendency to steamroll others opinion if they don’t fit with yours.”

“I follow the Force.”

“Bantha shit.” The copper haired youth offered blandly. “You sometimes pull that out of the air. Its not always the Force you follow, but your own will. The Force would not tell me something different then it would tell you.”

“Or perhaps you’re not listening well enough.”

The two stood there, not exactly glaring each other before Obi-Wan grunted and stepped past the older man. “I have better things to do then to argue with you who wont even listen.”

Qui-Gon grabbed him by the wrist, stilling him. “Then why don’t you make me?”

A low growl escaped Obi-Wan before he returned the grip and slammed Qui-Gon against the door, hands on the taller mans shoulders as he pinned him to the durasteel. “You’re playing games with me.” He narrowed his eyes.

“Only because you respond to them.” Qui-Gon offered, smirking a bit before yelping when Obi-Wan grabbed him by the tunic and dragged him down. He was stunned by lips carefully ravishing his before he was shoved out of the suddenly open door, staring at the smirking redhead. “Why yes, I do respond to games.” The door shut and closed.

Qui-Gon stared at it for a few seconds until a tiny snigger sounded down the hall and snapped his head to stare at Knight Vos who was standing there with his arms over his chest.

Qui-Gon cleared his throat and fixed his clothes. “I…”

“Save it, I know how Obi-Wan plays and he plays hard.” Vos laughed outright and turned down the hall.


A gentle hand was holding his and Obi-Wan slowly opened his eyes to meet his master’s, staring at the Korun in confusion before making a low noise. “Wha…”

“You almost died. Jinn was able to save you before your heart stopped. What were you thinking padawan, going against the Sith on your own?” Mace scolded quietly, stroking the callused hand with his own.

“Over…confidence…” Obi-Wan rasped out then almost groaned in relief when the other gave him some chipped ice cube pieces to suck on.

Mace shook his head then smiled softly. “Well then padawan…you’ll be happy to learn that everything went well. Quinlan managed to aid the pilots with the droid ship. Tholme protected the queen and you and Jinn took care of the sith who is currently in custody of the temple guardians.”

Obi-Wan closed his eyes at that.

“The only one badly injured were you.” Mace raised his eyebrows at the other.

“Not sorry.” Obi-Wan grinned.

“Mhmm…also, Jinn’s requesting to be paired with you for further missions in the future once you are ready again. What did you do to that man?”

Obi-Wan smiled smugly. “Playing his game.”

“…I do not want to know. But really Obi-Wan, that man is older then me. And I thought you disliked him.”

The copper haired padawan contemplated his options before shrugging. “Still kriffing hot.”

here are 93 gif icons of the sexy JAXON HOWDEN!! he’s known for being insanely hot, but he also makes some great music. i noticed this beautiful man didn’t have many gifs so i thought i’d bless us all by making these gif icons from scratch! please like and/or reblog if you use them, and i hope you do because the rpc needs jaxon’s sexy ass. i will definitely add more gifs to this in the future once i find more videos!

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He's making fun of it 🙄 how fucking extra can he be? And wtf is wrong with Lauren for being with this trash. I putting all my hope in C to spill all the hot tea over his ugly dreads

I’m def on team Camila beating the shit out of Ty in here. 👌🏻😂

Camila to their future kids.. “sorry mijas, your mama is so smart but she can be a donkey sometimes, I even had to fight that stupid man named Ty once, exhausting times indeed. But you see.. your mami never gave up, so we now have you.”

P. S. Not being mean but speaking of his dreads, with all those smoke I feel like his dreads really smell bad because he couldn’t wash it everyday. Juz sayin’ 🌚

Sissy’s are the future

Once you have had a sissy str8 women are so boring, do I really need to connect the dots for you bitches… think your hot? We will suck your man dry and he will be calling us while you are bitching at him, we will give him our asses while you use sex as a weapon. Once str8 men get a taste we will conquer the world 


Cal blinked, once, slow, and dared to open his eyes. He was fairly certain he was still drunk out of his mind. His knees had begun to ache, swallowed up by the rain-sodden ground.

The man before him glowed impossibly bright, radiant as the sun. The world around them burned white-hot. Somewhere in the back of his mind Cal wondered if the future had suddenly come.

Cal wanted to ask the man his name, but his tongue felt too heavy in his mouth and his lips refused to move. All that came out was a whimper, inaudible above the deafening rush in his ears.

“Cal Roberts,” the man’s voice boomed, an echo among the cage of trees. “I’ve been watching you for quite some time.”

It was only then that Cal noticed the stranger’s eyes. Neither of them blinked. The man knelt and and took Cal’s hands in his own. His fingers were like flames, his touch burning bone-deep though Cal felt no pain.

“I’ve waited so very long for this moment, but I think you’re finally ready,” he said. “Come with me. There’s something wonderful I’d like to show you.”

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Do you have any fic recommendation for malec? Thanks!

Amazing Malec fics coming your way (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Kiss With A Fist (14/? | 87,074 | M)

When agent Alec Lightwood is given his first kill hit, he doesn’t expect much trouble. Of course, he also doesn’t expect it to be a cheerful assassin who lands him in a whole load of trouble. Enter Magnus Bane: an assassin turned thief who reluctantly teams up with Alec - and The Clave - after he pisses off a very important and powerful crime boss, Valentine Morgenstern.
In a world of violence and unjust laws, can the two put aside their differences and work together?
Aka: in which Alec is sent to kill Magnus, doesn’t, and then really wishes he had. Enemies to friends to lovers.

The only exception – decode. (19/23 | 76,408 | G)

When Alec Lightwood loses his job as a cook at a high class restaurants and starts at the post office of Bane Enterprise, he never knew what would happen. That is, until he meets the extraordinary owner of the magazine company, Magnus Bane. Things get fuzzy when Alec is promoted to be Magnus assistant, without knowing a single thing about magazines, or fashion. He has yet to learn a lot.

And the Oscar goes to… (1/1 | 21,494 | E)

Working for Magnus isn’t easy. Magnus is out of control and Alec has to yell more often than not to get him to listen to him. He hates everything formal because it means he has to watch his mouth. Most importantly, Magnus is an incorrigible flirt. Which would be alright if Alec wasn’t utterly, irremediably, unfathomably in love with him.

Based on this prompt:
“AU where Magnus is an Oscar winning actor and Alec, his PA, is in love with him.”

Let’s Not Complicate Things (14/? | 60,163 | M)

A business trip that’s basically just a company paid holiday, sexual tension, and a fake relationship with real feelings? What could possibly go wrong?

We Make Our Own Home (18/18 | 118,387 | M)

One charming doctor takes on his toughest challenge yet: the infamous case of Robert Lightwood, a prince who refuses to exercise after an accident leaves him in a wheelchair. However, he didn’t see the second challenge coming: falling in love. When Magnus finds himself thrown into a world of stubborn royalty, he finds himself falling for the esteemed heir, Alec Lightwood. With loyalties to his family overthrowing his heart, Alec too is drawn to the alluring doctor, but can a doctor and a prince overcome the distance?

Inspired by the lovely movie, ‘Khoobsurat’.

A Fighting Chance (1/1 | 66,262 | E)

When Magnus Bane bought the space for his dance studio, Pandemonium, he had no idea that the wall between it and the MMA Training Gym next door was so thin. Neither did he realize that a dispute over the loud music would lead to him becoming involved in the world of MMA and, more importantly, guide him to the man who would end up changing his life.

Set Me In Motion (12/? | 72,921 | M)

Magnus spots a handsome stranger in the elevator of his apartment building – which wouldn’t be a big deal if said stranger didn’t turn out to be dating Magnus’s neighbor. In other words, his and Magnus’s paths end up crossing more than once, causing a friendship to slowly develop. Magnus should be complaining, but he’s not.

I don’t even know if I believe (5/? | 19,657 | T)

Alec’s biggest dream since he was little is to become a musician someday. Sadly for him, his mother believes that he has no future in a music career and tries to make him follow the path of a business man so one day he can rule in his father’s corporation. On a really hot summer night, Alec finds himself alone in his house, so he opens his window and starts singing as if his dream wasn’t as impossible as his mother wanted him to believe.

Magnus is the head editor of one of New York’s most famous magazines and happens to be the Lightwoods’ neighbor, so when he hears a young man’s voice coming through his window, he can’t help but want to go and see who’s the owner of such a beautiful voice.

Strange Love (17/17 | 46,632 | M)

Alec is in love with Magnus. Magnus needs Alec to be his fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

I Won’t Let You Fall (6/? | 75,000 | M)

Alec Lightwood is the most beautiful and talented classically trained ballet dancer at the New York Arts Institute. He’s pressured by everyone in his life to carry the honor of the Lightwood name in the New York performing arts world, he feels trapped in a box. Magnus Bane is the most liked, respected, gorgeous, and innately talented hip-hop freestyle dancer who was accepted to the Institute on scholarship. He puts on the happy face for everyone around him, but inside he is broken and badly scarred by his past. When Alec finds himself wanting to branch out and add free movement to his final senior piece he seeks the help of the one person he’s been secretly drawn to for years. The one person he knows lives very much outside of the box.

In the Sin Bin (14/? | 126,890 | E)

As the goalie for the New York City Blazing Angels, Alec Lightwood thinks he’s finally found the team he can go all the way to the championship cup with. Then his agent and financial advisor are arrested for stealing their clients’ money, and Alec is forced to take on a side job doing endorsement deals, plus find a way to trust his new agent–Magnus Bane. Alec hates Magnus the first time he sets eyes on him. Magnus hates Alec more. But they’re going to have to find some way to work together if Alec is going to make it to the championship.

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Proposal AU is my favourite thing. You deserve all the nice cookies in the world <3

Thank you, anon! Here is a cookie for you:


That night, they both lay still in the dark bedroom, pretending to believe the other’s facade of being asleep. From the first, Charles had insisted that as the guest, Erik would have the bed; he himself took a pillow and armload of blankets to the bedroom floor, no matter how Erik tried to insist they could share. Erik hated the thought of Charles on the floor of his own home, hated the sight in the early mornings of him curled up with a tiny frown between his eyebrows, uncomfortable and unrested — but the more he tried to argue, the more he feared he sounded like some kind of sexual predator, trying to lure Charles into bed. He’d done enough flagrant violation of boundaries by instigating this engagement, so he set his teeth and let Charles sleep on the floor. “You already knew about my tattoo.” Erik hadn’t entirely intended to say it, and his voice, released into the dark room, seemed utterly out of place. He winced. “Yes,” Charles said after a long minute of silence. “Or at least I guessed. A few months ago, we got a call from a Dr. Bell’s office, saying you’d missed your appointment and did you want to reschedule. You said to tell them no. I, er… I googled them.” He sounded embarrassed. “They specialize in tattoo removal. And that’s when I started noticing that you always wore long sleeves.” “They’re swallows,” Erik said. “The birds. Sailors used to get tattoos of swallows… It was said that the birds would carry their souls to heaven if they drowned.” He closed his eyes, not sure why he felt driven to explain, knowing only that for the very first time, in darkness, with Charles’s the only ears that would hear him, he felt as if he could explain. “The date between them is the date my parents died. They drowned.”

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