the omnishambles

A Netflix Original Series: The Thick of It Apocalypse

Malcolm Tucker and Nicola Murray return in this gritty new take on modern politics. In a post Brexit-Trump apocalypse, they must learn to work together if they wish to survive. Will they set fire to tears or will the omnishambles come crumbling down, as from bean to cup, they fuck up? This winner take all mocku-drama is coming soon.

Sometimes ambitious (or, perhaps, unread) Christians try to cite North Korea as an example of how awful things would be if atheists were in charge.

In North Korea, perhaps more than any other country, religious people in general and Christians in particular are persecuted. You can be sent to one of their famous “aquariums” just for possession of a bible. By any measure, North Korea is probably the least democratic country in the world

However, none of the North Korean fucking omnishambles is as a result of their atheism. The problem in North Korea is not atheism per se, but brutal dictatorship. In other words, if Kim Jong-Un was a Catholic, then his country would be a brutally repressive Catholic regime (as was Diem’s Vietnam, for instance). 

This cannot be said of religious government, many of which are more or less democratic and still find time to push their majority religions onto everyone else.

If you think any atheist you know is secretly delighted at the oppression of religious people in North Korea, you are delusional. If you think any atheist you know is secretly in favour of any of this, or relates to any of this just because it’s atheist, you are delusional. In fact, Christopher Hitchens often used North Korea as an example of the exact opposite of what atheism is trying to achieve. 

Luckily we have some examples of democracies where atheists are in charge, mostly in the Scandinavian region, and they have some of the highest ratings for health, well-being, education etc. in the world. 


In the Loop Malcolm feels *very strongly* that post-truth has ALWAYS been the word of the year.

And just because he knows it *factually* hasn’t ALWAYS been the word of the year*…well, what the fuck do actual *facts* have to do with ~feeling~ The Truth?

*(yeah, because SOME years the word of the year is omnishambles.)

Also, another feeling ITL Malcolm has? The strangest sense of déjà vu when Simon won’t take yes for an answer during his sacking.)

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The Thick of It  S03E01  -  Not only have you got a fucking bent husband and a fucking daughter that gets taken to school in a fucking sedan chair, you’re also fucking mental. Jesus Christ, see you, you’re a fucking omnishambles, that’s what you are. You’re like that coffee machine, you know: “from bean to cup, you fuck up”.