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The Curse of The Omen 

Many people believed that the Devil would not allow this classic horror film to be made: Arguably, they weren’t wrong. During filming, a series of unusual deaths and accidents affected the cast and production team.

Two months before filming, lead actor Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. Then, the previously well-trained Rottweilers used in the film viciously attacked the animal handlers, leaving them with horrific injuries. Another animal trainer (a professional lion-tamer) was eaten alive by a lion. The main actors were involved in a head-on collision as they were traveling to the set, and were lucky to live; the director’s hotel was targeted by the IRA in a terrorist attack, and most unlikely of all, both Gregory Peck’s and writer Richard Seltzer’s planes were struck by lightning on two separate occasions. Peck had another brush with death when he had to switch flights, finding out later that his original flight crashed and killed everyone on board. 

In a accident eerily reminiscent of a famous scene in the movie, Visual Effects Supervisor, John Richardson’s, assistant was decapitated in a car accident. Narrowly escaping death, John Richardson woke up from a coma and recalled that the road sign before the car crash read: “Ommen, 66.6 KM.”

Upon its release this was a photo that received a polarizing response but why? Why is it that in 2016 men embracing each other is met with homophobia? Why is that men can’t be embracive without sexuality being brought into the conversation? Upon its release I remember loving the photo while everyone else seemed to question the sexuality of Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler. Why? Is there something wrong with the photo or the way we’re conditioned to think?

Shoutout to the good omen fans that aren’t spamming the tag with their hatred at the thought of Cumberbatch getting cast in the miniseries. Yeah we get it, you hate him, you and everyone else on this hellsite.

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