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In some universes, before the war, Optimus Prime was an archivist.

In one other universe, Optimus Prime was an archaeologist.

After working with both archivists and archaeologists in the real world, I have concluded that Optimus Prime was terrible at his job. (Evidence #1: constantly using and destroying ancient Cybertronian artifacts.)

And if Optimus Prime could be that bad at his job and still end up being Robot Jesus then there might be hope for me.

Enough Vs Good

So, today is @madam-lit-nerd‘s birthday so I thought I’d write her a little something. Since you wrote such a cool omegaverse, I figure you’d have nothing against it :)

If you have time, drop by and leave some love on her blog!

Dean is a mechanic.

Now, that’s nothing new, and he loves his job. But it means that there are… certain things he can’t do.

For example, he can’t design an airplane. Not that he minds. He hates flying.

But he can’t. He also can’t represent anyone in court, like his little brother. And he can’t cook like his friend Benny, who’s a chief in an up-and-rising restaurant in the best part of town.

He doesn’t mind. That’s just how it is.

But there’s this one other thing he can’t do, because – well, he’s a dumb mechanic who dropped out of school.

For example, he can’t meet Castiel Novak as an equal. He’s Sammy’s colleague, and according to his brother, one of their best lawyers.

He’s also hot as hell, smarter than anyone Dean has ever known (well, except for his brother, but it doesn’t really count in this context), inherited a fortune from his parents and has this weird, dry sense of humour that Dean has really learned to appreciate at Sam’s and Jess’ parties.

He’s also an omega.

And Dean’s an alpha.

But, as before stated, there are some things that Dean just can’t do, and, well –
Courting someone who’s so far out of his league he might as well live in another dimension is one of them.


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i imagine that making shirts is most of what he does in his free time

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Hello! I was wondering if you knew of any fics that were high school AUs where Stiles was really shy and Derek was a jock or popular etc. So cliche, I know, but I just can't help myself! Thanks!

I’m going to take a stand here. You’re right. It is totally cliche and one of the most over used tropes in almost every single fandom. But you know what? I don’t fucking care! I love it and will read it until I am an old old lady and high school is only a dim memory. There. I said it. - Anastasia

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A High School Cliché. by halelujah

(1/1 I 2,806 I Teen)

“Are you the one that played a porno in the Principal’s office?” A gruff voice asks.

“Depends if you’re the one that threw a dumbbell through a window.” He drawls, not bothered in moving from his comfy spot.

i wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 10,538 I Teen)

Derek gets in an accident and loses a few years of his memory; suddenly everything is different— he’s not a freshman loser anymore, but a popular senior, captain of the basketball team, a shoo-in for prom king, too, and he should have everything he’s ever wanted— except he doesn’t seem to be friends with Stiles anymore.

Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale) by theroguesgambit

(1/1 I 13,488 I Mature)

Derek is the popular, varsity jock, prom king of the school, and Stiles is not going to be the cliche that ends up falling for him. (It’s not a cliche if no one else knows about it, right?)

Knot if You Don’t Knock by jsea, marguerite_26

(1/1 I 13,737 I Explicit)

Stiles never expects to present as an omega – that’s something that happens to people like Greenberg, not him. He is so wrong.

His life only gets stranger when Derek Hale mistakenly bursts through the door of his exam room during a doctor’s appointment. What happens next is a complicated series of events, including freshly baked cookies, book-carrying and surprise heats.

Blue Monday by ExpectNothingGainEverything

(7/? I 16,151 I Explicit)

Stiles would have never guessed that the star player of the lacrosse team and presumably the hottest guy in school who everyone wanted a piece of and one of his most hated bullies would turn out to be his soulmate.

Derek would never have dreamed that fate would be so cruel to pair him up with a freak like Stilinski.

But Then What… by Stoney

(3/3 I 24,343 I Explicit)

Senior year is almost over, and all Stiles needs to do is keep his head down to survive. A teacher calls in a favor, leaving him stuck tutoring Derek Hale, one of the most popular jocks in school and a member of a group of douchecanoes who have bullied Stiles for years. He’s someone Stiles totally hates. Totally. Like, doesn’t like him even a little bit. DEFINITELY isn’t attracted to him.

Except that is a total lie. Fuck his life, seriously.

Fired Up by stilinskicore

(8/? I 28,769 I Explicit)

Derek Hale is kind of a legend in Beacon Hills High School: he’s smart, good-looking, captain of the football team, younger brother of the Peter Hale. The teachers love him, girls swoon if he so much as glances at them, he’s the guy everyone wants or wants to be.
Stiles? Stiles is a cheerleader.

A Cunning Plan by yodasyoyo

(17/17 I 32,695 I Teen)

Stiles has a plan to get Lydia Martin to notice him. Derek is not impressed.

We Move to the Same Rhythm by samann98

(16/16 I 54,263 I Explicit)

Derek is the cocky captain of the basketball team with a not-so-secret love of dance and Stiles is the leader of the school’s struggling dance team. With Stiles’ dance team, Spin Cycle, on the verge of being disbanded, Lydia suggests they bring in some new members. Stiles agrees, until she suggests Derek Hale.

There Ain’t No Such Thing by WhoNatural

(9/? I 57,023 I Explicit)

Derek couldn’t really care less that he’s spending his senior year with the students of a “disadvantaged high school” as Devenford Prep is merged with Beacon Hills High. He’s got enough on his mind with securing a lacrosse scholarship and trying to figure out why Stiles, the secretly-kind bad boy he spent all summer with at the country club never bothered to say goodbye.

But then, maybe instead of heated make-out sessions and snarky flirting, he should have bothered to ask Stiles a little more about himself - like his full name, or what school he attended…

(AKA, the Grease AU nobody asked for)