the olympics!

Minho encouraged students to try and find a balance between school and life, emphasizing that health (both mental and physical) are ultimately more important than school. He made a note of encouraging young girls who are interested in athletics to not give up on these things and expressed confidence in all of them, telling them he knows that they can become the pride of Korea when they grow up. In particular, he mentioned that he is confident all of the young girl athletes can be just like Jo Hae Ri if they work for it; Jo Hae Ri is a South Korean Olympian who won a gold medal in the most recent Winter Olympics for Speed Skating, and she is often considered to be a role model and inspiration for young girls in Korea today who are athletes.

The remarks were, as typical of our Minho, warm hearted and uplifting, and I hope all the young girls listening felt touched and inspired by the words!