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I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting a James Olsen week to show our love and appreciation of James Olsen.  James Olsen week will take place from August 12th to August 18th

Be sure to tag your original content with #Jamesolsenweek

If you have any questions at all please feel free to send me an ask or message me :)

Themes for the week:

  • Day one (August 12th): Favorite trait(s)
  • Day two (August 13th): Favorite Quote(s)
  • Day three (August 14th): Favorite relationship(s)
  • Day four (August 15th): Favorite outfit(s)
  • Day five (August 16th): Favorite badass moment(s)
  • Day six (August 17th): Favorite tender moment(s)
  • Day seven (August 18th): Free Day

Mark your calendars for June 5th, everyone. 

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Thanks to @reginalovesemma for our amazing, creepy graphic this week!

Now. How about a sneak preview…

Had it really only been thirty minutes ago she’d said goodbye to Supergirl on the balcony? Letting that red cape flicker off into the night without forcing a confession, letting the hero have that one last little victory. Even the real name tactic had been half-hearted.

It would have been so easy to call for her in that moment, but the bullish streak in Cat that had endured these smash-and-grabs one too many times was determined to find an escape route and get herself home with nothing more than a few thrown elbows.