the older series were good! there were no love triangles and it was pretty to the point

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I am a huge kingdom hearts fan and I would love to draw characters from the series but I have a hard time doing do you have any drawing templates you might would like to share

Usually people have trouble with the hairstyles, as Nomura designs some… unique hairstyles lol 

(for clothing, I don’t really have any tips :( I have to use reference pics every time I draw their clothing. If you’re good at drawing zippers and belts, then you’re halfway there. )

I don’t draw their hair 100% exactly as Nomura draws them or how they’re portrayed in-game, but the general shape is there. 

Spiky-haired KH characters have their hair grouped in a way that is one of the signatures of their design. Like Sora:

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Okay, so I’ve been watching (and re-watching) Digimon Adventure Tri over and over again and something interesting caught my attention. I’ve been a fan of the original Digimon series since I was about 11 or 12 years old, and like many young Digimon fans at the time I assumed that Tai and Sora were the shows one true pairing and was surprised when at the end of season 2 she ended up with Matt

But after watching (and re-watching) Digimon Tri I began to think a little differently about things. See, I’m a queer woman who is interested in storytelling and representation as far as queer characters are concerned (I also care about people of color representations, but that’s a different topic for a different day). I sort of fancy myself a bit of a queer detective and I admit I search for lgbt+ representation everywhere, but I can also admit when I’m looking for it where it isn’t to be found. After my multiple viewings of Digimon Tri it hit me out of nowhere that there is a strong possibility that the “love triangle” between Tai, Matt and Sora has been a red harring all along, and that Tai and Matt are actually the shows true pairing.

I know, I know, I’m nuts. But let me explain.

After the original airing of the second season I never gave a damn who ended up with whom at the end of it all. It literally hasn’t crossed my mind in the last 15 years and I always found it a little sad that Digimon presented a world filled with all kinds of interesting characters with really rich inner lives, and all anyone seemed interested in talking about was why did whats-her-face marry one guy and not the other. I was also more intrigued with the world as a whole and the relationships were interesting to me, but I was way more concerned with that beach that had all those mailboxes and telephone booths on it.

So, I went into Digimon Tri with my excited inner child in toe, I wasn’t looking for homo-romantic subtext or any particular ship to cling to, I was simply feeling nostalgic just like anyone else who grew up loving the original show. I certainly didn’t think anything of the show potentially setting up Matt and Tai’s relationship as anything more than a strained friendship, and at most an intense bromance. But I’m older and much more literate in the art of storytelling than I was as a child, and now, 15 years later I see things that a child of the late 90′s/early 2000′s would’ve clearly missed.

It was pretty clear to me on the first viewing that there was something powerful between Matt and Tai, but after viewing all 4 episodes about 5 times thus far I think I can finally make an interesting case for this. It’s just a theory and no one has to agree with it and I really just needed to get this off my chest, but I have found no evidence which gives me good and unbiased reasoning as to how it can’t be possible yet. So, I’m going to attempt to organize my ideas to the best of my abilities here by providing my own evidence from past and present installments of the Digimon series (mostly seasons one, two and tri). I’ll start with the new Tri series.

1. In the first episode of Tri it appears that Sora is torn between whether or not to attend Tai’s soccor game or Matt’s concert; this is the typical setup for a potential formulaic heterosexual love triangle that we’ve seen countless times and have come to expect from Western media. However, the emphasis placed on inviting Sora to either of these events is minimal at best. For example, after a short scene where Tai sees Matt hands Sora a concert ticket the scene after features Matt also inviting Tai to his concert and he does so while the two of them are having what looks to be a somewhat flirtatious lunch date, just the two of them with no Sora to be found.

2. A very subtle, but fascinating moment happens while Matt and TK are hanging out back stage before Matt’s concert. Because of Kawagamon’s attack, both Matt and TK assume that Matt’s concert will be canceled and TK goes to call the girl he’s invited on a date (because that’s what it is) to tell her that the concert is off. At the same time Matt reaches for his phone to call Tai. Perhaps these two incidents aren’t actually meant to parallel one another, but they clearly seems to.

3.There are a few moments in these first for episode where Matt seems to reflect on thoughts of Tai to himself, unbeknownst to Tai and the other characters. There’s a small moment when, after the battle with Kawagamon, Mimi arrives at the airport and after a very jovial greeting there is a brief moment before the scene change where Matt stares at Tai and smiles to himself while Tai isn’t looking. This is obviously a small detail, but it’s something that appears in movies a TV a lot when one character has feeling for another character that they internally reflect on in the moment.

4. In the second season of Digimon it is reveal that Matt and Sora are dating, but in Tri they don’t seem to associate like a couple, nor is this the case with her and Tai. Maybe they broke up (and will get back together at a later date), maybe teenage couples in Japan are less romantic in public (to the point of barely speaking, though?), or maybe Tri’s creators are attempting to change cannon, it wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. As far as Tri is concerned, Sora still hasn’t decided whether or not she wants Matt or Tai. It’s still very much up in the air. Tai and Matt, on the other hand, are very content to spend time together, communicate with each other and engage in emotionally tense arguments, without Sora. That doesn’t mean they’re a couple or that they will become one, but at the moment they are much closer to it than they are with Sora.

5. Matt spends a lot of time, especially in episode 3, trying to connect with Tai, despite the fact that things are changing between them. The fight they have isn’t only about the Digimon, it’s a struggle between two people who care about one another and can’t get the other to see their point of view. At Izzy’s office at the end of the episode, Matt is absent and is accused by TK of sulking in epsode 4 because of his lack of resolution in his fight with Tai.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a fan of the Tri version of Sora. She was vastly more interesting in the first season of Digimon and it’s becoming more and more clear that if it has nothing to do with her freaking out over Matt and Tai the show doesn’t really know what to do with her. She went from being a character with interesting story lines to being just “the girl”. But hey, 15 years is a long time to change and it’s only been 4 episodes. There is also a new female character introduced, she could potentially be a love interest for either Matt or Tai, or she could mean nothing romantically to to anyone at all. She could also die before the series ends, but I digress…

6. Episode 4 is filled to the brim with slashy stuff, from the ferris wheel ride, to all of the other characters getting excited that Matt and Tai are in a ferris wheel car together. It almost seems like the other characters are shipping them too.

7.All of the embracing, arm linking, and memories of hand holding they do in the 4th episode. That’s low hanging fruit, though.

A lot of this evidence is circumstantial, I know that. But TV and movies are a show-don’t-tell form of narrative. When you make assumptions based on what’s being shown to you in a form of storytelling that’s all about showing, it very hard to convince people that what you’re showing them isn’t true.

And as far as the details of this evidence are concerned I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right for the most part. Platonic friends participate in these types of behaviors as well, though perhaps not this intensely. And based on what has been shown so far, it could be gleaned that Matt is far more invested in their relationship than Tai is, and if it were to become apparent that Matt lets his “feelings” for Tai known, he could be rejected. Maybe that’s why he starts a relationship with Sora in the first place.

And again, before you get mad, remember that it’s all ONLY A THEORY.

Besides, there has only been one part (or 4 episodes) in the Tri series with a reported 5 more parts to go. There is a long 24 episode journey ahead of us and things could change at any time; in favor of my theory or against it.

Season two of Digimon is more complicated to decipher in this instance because the first season DigiDestined are very rarely seen and so their lives move forward off-screen. In the middle of the second season it is discovered (though never directly stated) that Matt and Sora are dating. I don’t dispute this for a second, it’s obvious, but it certainly did come out of left field for the average viewer. It was just assumed that Sora would end up with Tai even though there was never any indication that either had romantic leanings toward one another. Sora dating Matt was even more of a shock since there was even less of an indication that the two had feelings for one another. In fact, they barely exchanged more than a few words with each other throughout all of season one. But as we all know things change as we get older, and I guess that’s when the great Digimon ship debate was born.

I was one of the many kids who felt that Sora should’ve chosen Tai over Matt because that outcome would have been more satisfying as far as the narrative in concerned. Tai was the main male lead and Sora was the main female lead (even though there were only three girls in the main cast) and Western media has trained us to think that this is how the outcome should have gone.

But I will admit that Matt and Sora do have a lot in common, despite the fact that they never really engage one another in the first season. They both come from one parent households, they both have a hard time activating their crests of Friendship and Love, they both fall into a deep depression in a cave, and it’s clear that they both have similar emotional journeys. I think that, in this case, the two of them ending up together makes sense in subtext, but it doesn’t mean they stay together.

I’m well aware that fans say that the creator has stated that Matt and Sora’s relationship was planned from the beginning. Cool, I can get down with that. And that Sora and Tai were just friends and that the season two epilogue was planned for season one. Cool, I’m still on board with all of that. Again, I would never presume to question this part of the story, I just want to know if there is potential for something more nuanced.

Maybe it’s because I found that photo of the characters as adults with their children and I noticed that Matt and Tai seemed to not only be standing closer to eachother than Matt and Sora, but were standing closer than any of the other characters in that image, including Ken and Yoli who are stated to have been currently married in the narration. Maybe I remembered that Matt has a lot of childhood trauma surrounding divorce in his own family and maybe that issue went unaddressed during his adulthood and bled into his personal life and relationship with Sora. And maybe they got divorced because this entire time Matt was harboring feelings for Tai and realized it once they became adults and decided that it wasn’t fair to Sora and their children (because they clearly have children together) to go on living a lie. Maybe Sora got too busy working as a successful fashion designer and didn’t have time to work through all of this will Matt and figured it would be best that their split be on amicable terms. I’m clearly reaching here, but it’s not as impossible as some fans would make it out to seem. However, if that image is any evidence, it would also make the suggestion that Sora remarried Joe as she is the closest to him in proximity. This is unlikely, but it wouldn’t the first time this show tossed an unexpected relationship twist our way (plus, both Joe and Matt are the ones who help her out of her cave funk in season one, maybe that’s a love triangle instead).

Now, I know the idea of Matt and Sora getting together, getting married, and having children, only to get divorced in the season two epilogue because Matt and Tai realized their feelings for each other and get together themselves doesn’t gel with the “Happy Ending” that we assume has been presented to us; I wouldn’t disagree with you there. But maybe, just maybe, the creators behind Digimon were smarter and more progressive than that . Maybe they realized that in a world where over 50% of marriages end in divorce that they might want to portray characters that, despite experiencing that type of family trauma, show that it’s possible to still find happiness and fulfillment in a found family. Maybe they thought it would be great for children to see that you can still be special and important regardless of whether or not you have a single mom, a single dad, step-parents, parents who are divorced, or parents who are the same gender. Maybe they were aware and supportive of the fact that Japanese culture (the creators own culture) has literature featuring homosexuality that dates back as far as the 11th century. The show wouldn’t come right out and say it, the times wouldn’t have allowed for that, but there is something to be said for subtext and something to be said for covert representation. Hell, I don’t know what the show creators family backgrounds are and maybe they wanted to represent family dynamics similar to their own. And I could be completely wrong about everything I just wrote (and probably am), I just want to ask the question and reach out for the possibility; your original ship won’t be damaged in my attempt to do that. 

As for the first season of Digimon, the tension in Matt and Tai’s relationship is all over the place. It is NOT sexual tension as they are only 11 years old, but it is clear that the two of them have a strained, complicated and difficult to define relationship. For the vast majority of the first season it would be inaccurate to call them friends and they certainly aren’t enemies. The best word one could use to describe their relationship would be “rivals”, but their rivalry is a lot more complicated than just two boys duking it out (which they have done a few times). Their rivalry is connected to their individual values, like when Matt mentions feeling that Tai is a better brother to TK than he is and it is clear that he feels a great deal of anxiety and insecurity around that. Tai is the groups leader with varying degrees of success and even though Matt doesn’t state outright that he thinks he would be a better leader than Tai, he is very much envious by Tai’s natural ability to take charge. Tai, as expected, views Matt’s antagonism as an attempt to undermined his authority; these reactions seem to be those cause of the fights between them.

This makes up the bulk of the conflict between them for most of season one, but that all gets beautifully resolved when they end up supporting each other in episode 51 of season one; during the big, end of season one battle with Piedmon they exchange these words.

Tai: “I never doubted you for a second, Matt. I know it didn’t always seem that way.”

Matt: “Thank you, Tai… for believing in me. I’m just sorry I was so late. Tai, you have to know how much our friendship has always meant to me. And I swear nothing will ever come between us again.”

Now, regardless of how you feel about this conversation, it’ was rare to see an exchange between two male characters that is this intimate, emotional and loving (whether the love is romantic or platonic) in the US at the time this aired. And it’s this conversation alone that, regardless of how they truly feel about one another in Tri, wins the day for me. It could be possible that Matt’s last sentence still holds true, maybe nothing ever does come between them again, Sora or otherwise. But that’s what it was in the dub, could’ve been completely different in Japanese. I say the word ‘maybe’ a lot in this post.

My point is that there is wiggle room, if the creators want to slightly alter the cannon in favor of this outcome they can do that. Fans would be pissed, but once it’s done it’s done and there would be nothing any of us could do to change that. At the end of the day it’s a story, one that can be changed, altered and rearranged at the whim of the story telling. What the fans want could be up in the air for the time being, we are not the true gods of the Digimon world.

And who knows, maybe Tai, Matt and Sora become polyamorous in the end. Bet nobody would see that coming.

Okay it’s almost 4:30 in the morning but I’ve been thinking about this for months and since my Writer’s Soul™ will not let me Rest right now, I’m gonna explain to you people why making Eric/Jack cannon is literally the best possible way they can address LGBTQ+ on the show. LESSGO:

Now, I do know there is a sad amount of gmw fans that have never seen Boy Meets World- I weep for you, but I’ll refrain from judgment. You’re young and it is admittedly hard to find online. But anyway, I’ll do some basic background on Eric and Jack’s relationship for you, as you’d likely only know Jack as ‘that random business guy Eric took to a middle school dance so he could find himself’.

 Jack Hunter (does he officially go by Jack Conner these days? I need to know dammit) is Shawn’s older half brother, I’m 90% certain his mom grabbed him and ran out on Chet because he beat her when he was drunk. He was raised by his stepfather who’s a super rich businessman (think Farkle’s dad tbh), and his stepfather loved him as his own son but was very firm that Jack had to follow a life planned out for him if he didn’t want to be cut off from the family money. Jack moved back to Philly for college, and hoped he could use the proximity to reconnect with Shawn, who was like, super unwilling to do that. Cory at the time was trying to kick Eric out of the house so he could have his own room, basically told Eric to talk to Jack when he heard he was looking for roommates, and the two end up becoming best friends. They were close to Cory and Shawn levels of ridiculous, except Jack tended to be a lot less affectionate than the younger boys actually were and he was always 900% exasperated at everything Eric said or did. But they were great friends, they were like polar opposites but they just vibe-d together so well. They genuinely cared about each other underneath layers of jokes and eye rolls, they always managed to figure out what the other was thinking pretty quickly, they helped each other with every problem big or small, and they got into some of the most ridiculous situations imaginable- (seriously, guys, there’s this one episode where they accidentally pissed off a gang leader or something and have their lives threatened, so they decided to live as women until the gang forgets about them??? Because logic. But then Jack accidentally ends up seducing the gang leader and Eric spends the rest of the episode crying because no one thinks he’s a pretty woman. Watch it, it’s complete gold!)- and that’s why everyone loved seeing them together. Almost all of Jack and Eric’s scenes in the later seasons of Boy Meets World tend to be the best parts of the episodes. Sure, they get entangled in a love triangle with Rachel, but even Eric says at the end he was mostly in it for the competition, and he only loves Rachel as a friend. Jack and Rachel stay together at the end of the series, and join the peace corps, making Jack’s stepfather cut him off the money. But as we learned in GM Semi-Formal, they didn’t last long and I can’t help but need to hear a reason why.

Anyway…a lot of people ship Eric and Jack. When Boy Meets World was spitting out new episodes, people shipped it, and a lot of people still ship it today. I personally, never had any concrete feelings about it- because why keep Shawn and Cory as just friends and make their brothers a thing? Also, there are a million and one jokes in the show implying Jack and Eric are more than friends, and the fact that it was presented in a joking manner always gave me zero hope that anything would happen. I’ll admit though, as I’ve been thinking about this potential storyline for a while now, I’ve started to ship them a little.

But okay yes, a million and one jokes about them being something more than friends in Boy Meets World, holy shit. They were always compared to an old married couple, the type that knows each other in and out so well all they do is fondly bicker. They made multiple references that they work so well because of how different they are- there’s this one episode where they try to find their soulmates, right, and Jack’s dating a girl just like Eric and Eric’s dating a girl like Jack. Thinking the similarities means soulmates, they wanna ‘switch’ but the girls are like ‘wtf no we spend all day with ourselves, opposites make it interesting.’ At the end of the episode, the girls wait for them at the elevator, but the boys don’t come after them. Now, in the episode, it was used as a way to imply that they’re idiots, but if you look at it through a ship perspective…They’ve got the opposites right there. They chose each other. And there’s so many other little references and jokes, I won’t list them all but my personal favorite is the WW2 episode, where Eric acts like Jack’s Worried Waiting Lover the entire episode- he sends him off to war just like all the girls do with their boyfriends, and there’s a scene where all the soldiers are looking at pictures of their girls, and Jack’s got a framed head shot of Eric, and yells “HE’S MY ROOMMATE” when people shoot him looks lmao (also lets not ignore that that wouldn’t have helped his case at all, as plenty of gay people in that time period lived together under the guise of ‘single roommates’). Guys…Even Cory and Shawn would sometimes exchange looks or make a joke about Eric and Jack’s relationship. Cory and Shawn are like…the gayest straights in history. Oh my God. Cory even made a joke in gm Semi-Formal! So the point is, a lot of people ship Eric and Jack, and not without reason. They have very good reasons.

“But Molly,” you ask, “What does that have to do with your original point? You seem like you’re just on a bit of a rant now, how does any of this mean making Eric and Jack an official couple would be the best possible way to address gay issues on the show?”

Well lemme fucking tell you.

Okay, so one reason it would be the best, as stated above: Fan service.

And yes, I know guys, I really know, fan service is no way to write a good story. Trust me, I know better than anyone. But in this specific case, it could help the story, instead of stalling it or confusing it, and I’m gonna get to that, I swear. But on the basis of fan service alone…this couple would make a lot of people happy, and I’m sure it would bring in even more views to the show. I know the show has no actual problem with ratings, but there’s also plenty of people who only tune in when they hear an original is making an appearance, and if it got leaked that they’d do something this big it might shoot the fuck up. But I promise that’s not my only reasoning here.

Reason number 2: Disney vs Parents on shit like this

We all know Disney is very cautious about this subject- they had two moms on one episode of Good Luck Charlie and a 4 year old got death threats and they almost got sued. I think I remember hearing that another show referenced a character having two dads on multiple occasions, but they were never shown on screen. So listen guys…I fucking love rilaya, I do, but it’s not gonna happen unless we get Korasami-d in the last episode of the series. Disney Channel does not currently have the balls to have a show were the lead is in a cannon relationship with her same-sex best friend. It’s not gonna happen any time soon. So because of this, most people would just assume if they ever cover the topic, the best way to go about it is a walk on character, just another classmate that pops up for the ‘special gay rights’ episode, only to never be seen or heard from again and for them to never mention the subject again. We can do better than that. If they work with Eric and Jack in a relationship…they’re more important than one-offs but they aren’t mains. Disney wouldn’t have to constantly worry about Yikes Parents boycotting the show over a queer lead, but there’d still be more representation. They’d only have to worry any time Will Friedle or Matthew Lawrence was written into an episode, which isn’t going to be an every day thing, which might let the head honchos feel a little safer about letting it happen. Especially since Will’s only done a handful of appearences so far and Matthew’s only done 1. Like, it a part from basing an episode around them announcing they’re together and that’s how they have the big special gay lesson, they’re other appearances could very well be very lowkey about the whole affair. Because, you know, these are already well-known and well-loved characters. They don’t have to appear in episodes just to be ‘the gay characters’, because anyone who has watched Boy Meets World has already seen them develop and knows who they are as people. They wouldn’t be the Token Gays, and that’s great, because admittedly a lot of other shows/books/movies portray their small amount of gay characters as cookie cutter stereotypes, and it would be a great way to have representation and show young kids, “Oh, wow, non-straight people are normal people!!”. And again, since they’re important characters but not main characters, people that just stop in time to time, it would be easier with the over protective parents shit Disney gets. Hell, they could even just keep what episodes either man would be appearing in on the downlow if they tried hard enough. I really think it would be a safer option and an option that leaves the show with more representation than a one-off gay couple.

Reason number 3: Riley

Riley’s main problem 90% of the time is that she is sheltered. Very sheltered. By like everyone around her. They see things that could wipe the smile off her face and they hide them from her. That pisses me off and is another problem entirely, but my point is…they will not be able to hide this from her, and that would absolutely effect the tone of the theoretical episode. Sure, I doubt she personally or anyone immediately in her life would have much of a problem if Eric had a revelation about himself and came out. But Eric is a senator. He has a high profile job and he’s in a position of power. Whether or not he’d wanna keep it under wraps or something, it’s Eric, and he’s bound to slip up at some point.  Word would eventually get out that he’s with a man- better yet, successful business man Jack Hunter- and the news would be all over it. And sure, there are people in this world who don’t suck, so there would be support. But obviously homophobes would come out, and that could be the basis of the episode- there would be literally no way to protect Riley from seeing people saying horrible things about her uncle. It’s Disney and a sitcom, so they wouldn’t have to get too explicit on what’s being said, but it’s something that would have a huge effect on her, no doubt. And since they show tends to be written/filmed/presented in Riley Lenses, her POV, and she wouldn’t be able to find a way to sugarcoat anyone mistreating or speaking ill of her family…it could end up being a great fucking episode. You get cannon gay relationship, actual problems addressed, and character development for Riley all in one fell swoop. Name one person who wouldn’t fucking love that. It’d be amazing and you know it. I don’t have any specific ideas on how the theoretical episode would go past that, but it’d end up being a good learning experience on equality for the children and they can do a whole thing on treating others kindly and embracing differences and stuff listen idk. The kids will probably do something to rally around Eric if we’re being realistic. It’d be cute and sad and sweet and great to see play out. Listen, I need it.

Reason number 4: Cory

In Boy Meets World, some of the best lessons always happened when Cory got really pissed off on behalf of someone he cares about. It happens a few times, and they’re always the most memorable + Ben Savage’s best acting moments. For reference of what I’m talking about, find the season one episode where Cory took over Feeny’s class for a week and had to teach about Anne Frank. He got really worked up over someone calling Eric’s then girlfriend a racial slur, and he went OFF holy shit. Listen, like Ben Savage was freaking 11 years old but I’m blown away by his big monologue/lesson delivery to the class every time I see it. Righteous Fury Cory is what I LIVE for. But guess what? We haven’t seen any of that in him in Girl Meets World yet! Sure, we’ve seen him passionate, but nothing akin to his full potential. Can you honestly convince me Cory Matthews wouldn’t blow his top if he saw people shit talking his brother for something perfectly normal? Something he can’t help? Something you should never be shit talked for? HE’D MC’FREAKING LOOSE IT, GUYS. In the season 1 episode I mentioned, he gets pissed on behalf of Eric’s girlfriend of the month just because he thinks she’s a sweet girl and he knows she doesn’t deserve it. People actively coming after his brother with homophobic remarks? That would give us the Righteous Fury Cory we all crave and deserve. That’s enough to potentially lead to what could be one of Girl Meets Worlds most powerful lessons driven home. Like if that happened, we get Cory going off in class about equality and treating people right and everything…shit just imagining I’m getting chills. My body has been ready for 2 decades. That could easily be a scene people would always talk about in Girl Meets World, like years after it’s over that would be one of the most memorable moments. Just IMAGINE guys omg.

Reason number 5: How organic Eric/Jack would be

They’ve got years of development on Boy Meets World. It wouldn’t be like Zay just showing up to school one day and going ‘yo guys are hot wanna make out Farkle?’. Sure, we’ve seen both of them date women before, but they were only ever serious about Rachel, and Eric realized he was only in that for the competition. He literally said he only thought he was in love with Rachel because he was so caught up in out doing Jack. And Jack and Rachel fell apart…We don’t know when, but we know Eric was not there for it. It was when they were still in the Peace Corps. It would be so easy for the writers to have Jack say he realized he too only got caught up in Rachel because of the competition with Eric. And they’re both now pushing 40, established single, neither of them have hinted ever having a relationship since Rachel, and it would be. Just SO EASY to get them together holy shit. Actually, since I’m completely Extra™, here’s how I’d fucking do it:

Jack is touched after Semi-Formal, to learn that even though he kinda shut everyone out, Eric still checked up on him all the time. That’s CANNON. He was very touched. I do not remember his exact line, but didn’t he say something like his biggest mistake was dropping Eric??? Omfg. Jack dropped Eric, cannon, and became everything he hated. When we left Boy Meets World, Eric and Jack always complemented each other, pulled each other through things, and made each other better people. When the show ended, Jack was terrified of loosing all his money, but he didn’t want to take over his stepfather’s business. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with his life at all (neither did Eric at the time), but he knew he wanted to do good in the world. That’s why he and Rachel joined the Peace Corps. But 15 years later, he’s lost his best friend, and he succumbed to his stepfather’s pressure and has taken over the company. And it’s not a helpful company- Eric straight up called it ‘evil’ and it’s producing a lot of pollution. Jack never wanted that, you can see regret fill him when Eric points it out. Eric brings him to the dance to help him ‘remember his past and find himself’ or something. And…it works. He wants to do better. He’ll start making changes in the company, start trying to be the good person he wanted to be. Maybe he’ll go through another problem with his gambling addiction since that always pops up at bad times for him. But the most important change is the easiest: Eric’s back in his life again. He feels bad about the years of leaving him in the dust, but Eric Matthews is still Eric Matthews and forgives him entirely too easily. He and Eric are hanging out at every free moment, because they both missed how relaxed and natural everything they do feels, and now that it’s back they don’t want to loose it again. Eric does whatever he can to help Jack with his lifestyle changes, Jack dedicates time to helping Eric’s political agendas. Eric starts calling him every night and sometimes Jack finds himself impulsively hoping on a flight to DC to surprise Eric while he’s there for work. Eric convinces Jack to try to patch things up with Rachel. They talk it out and discuss why things didn’t work out…Rachel helps Jack come to the conclusion that shit, maybe he actually has feelings for Eric. But he has no reason to think that Eric would reciprocate, to which Rachel is like “bitch what world did you live in”, but Jack’s got his Stubborn Hunter Blood acting up so he won’t do anything. Rachel decides to just attack Eric on the subject, like ‘Hey Mr. Used-To-Be-A-Womanizer, you claim you never had romantic feelings for me, but you haven’t dated anyone since Jack and I ran off together. Explain.’ and after a while of talking in circles she gets him to admit he has feelings for Jack. They eventually get together in whatever way they do, they keep it quiet for a bit. They eventually tell the family. Everyone is pretty supportive, Morgan makes a crack like “we were expecting this from the wrong set of brothers!”, Cory does his ‘my brotherrr’ thing with Eric to assure him he’s there for them, Shawn’s spirit leaves his body, he is cleansed, finally, all his otp’s are cannon.

They could cover that in like…literally one scene in GMW. “Hey Uncle Eric, how did you and Jack actually get together?” “Well, Riley, we started hanging out like old times after that dance and it just…sorta happened. We realized we always had feelings for each other, nothing has ever felt more natural.”


There’s so many other reasons why I think this would be a great way to go, and there’s so many plot lines they could do with them still in a semi-recurring role (See: ERIC “I’VE-ALWAYS-WANTED-TO-BE-A-DAD” MATTHEWS FINALLY ABOUT TO ADOPT A CHILD WITH HIS HUSBAND. AND THAT COULD LEAD TO ANOTHER DISCRIMINATION DEBATE BC IT’S SO HARD FOR GAYS TO ADOPT KIDS. That’s the only one at the forefront of my mind but there’s so much more and you know it). There’s just. So much they could do and this would be such a great way to do it like I’m giving myself emotions here please help me. Please tell me if you agree/disagree with this or have anything to add. Like listen I know it’s a one-in-a-million percent chance of this actually happening, and I have zero faith it will, but it’s impossible for me to watch a show and not have my mind jump to great potential storylines, it’s a curse I’ve had since birth. But seriously…I believe with my whole heart that Eric and Jack would be the best way to tackle a subject that needs tackling. I’ve been writing for too long now I should probably sleep. Holla at you if you actually read this whole thing!