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Today is the day, people of Kanto! Here we go!♥♣•○ With @AshKetchum_Z #weriseshining #seeyouat5 #SaffronCity

Morning Selfie because the fans are demanding it!


you know what i’ve realized through playing some good old jolly co-op in dark souls 3?

If you summon someone and they’re wearing the fire keeper set, they’re a force to be reckoned with 

if you’re gonna judge me by my type of music and hobbies or interests then im gonna confuse the hell out of you buddy cos im pretty much a scattered old soul. i like anything that makes me feel something as long as it’s ‘better’


VIXX and Lyrics

Remember, do you remember back then?
The night it rained
When we cried all day?
Remember, do you remember afterwards?
The clear morning after the rain
We were in love but we let each other go