the old rat

my favorite bit in harry potter is when a gangly freckled ginger child with an old pet rat and patched jeans and dirt on his nose awkwardly sits down across from a scrawny underfed lil kid with baggy clothes and broken glasses and lightning carved onto his face and they both think ‘i must protect this boy’

Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin photographed by Sid Avery on the set of Ocean’s Eleven, 1960


A novel series about a sixteen-year-old, bisexual, boy genius that teams up with a sixteen-year-old, sarcastic, cross-dressing, rat boy that he met by screaming out his window during a hurricane on his twelfth birthday, to take down an oppressive government, save his family from parasitic wasps and rescue his straight-forward, physiology-obsessed best friend, all while joined by a fourteen-year-old, non-binary hotel owner raised by a dog and a middle-aged drunken pimp.

Christmas Trees began as something much more sinister than they are today. Families would barricade themselves in their homes by chopping down trees and putting them in front of their doors for the whole month of December to keep out evil winter spirits. Many would go insane from the isolation and began adorning the trees with dead mice and fecal matter.