the old man and the key

Escape: the Bree years

Claire looked up sharply as the knock sounded.  Who could have gotten in the street door without a key?  She set aside the diaper bag she was packing and went to check the peephole.  Alec. The only other person with a key.  She threw open the door.

“What’s wrong?  Is it Jamie?”

“Nothing wrong, ma’am.  ‘Tis raining.  I’m here to take ye to the Distillery for yer lunch with Mrs. Murray.”

Claire was confused.  “Lunch isn’t for another two hours.”

“Aye.  But I ken yer morning walks.  Didna want ye to try walking in the rain with the bairn.  Wanted to catch ye before ye left.”

Claire studied the old man carefully.  His ever present knit cap covered his head, and his hands were buried deep in his jacket pockets.  He stared at her steadily. 

“You know about my walks?  How?”  

Alec sniffed, and rocked back on his heels silently.  His face betrayed nothing. 

Claire waved him in, shutting the door behind him.  Knowing Alec he probably followed her.  Also, knowing Alec he would never admit it.  He’d been her silent guardian since her medical school days.  “Sit, I’ll get you a coffee.”

He sat on the chesterfield sipping the hot brew, and watching three month old Brianna playing on the floor.  Eventually, he slid down off the cushions, and sat with her.  In no time he was shaking rattles, and keeping her entertained. Since she wasn’t going to be able to leave, Claire buzzed about the flat while Bree was being looked after getting the kitchen tidy, folding a load of laundry, and actually cleaned a bit.  However, she was suspicious of Alec.  Did Jamie send him?  Or Jenny?  It’s not like she was going to walk the whole way.  She had planned to take the tram for part of the way.  She had a cover for the stroller, so Bree would have been fine. She couldn’t stand being cooped up, and her daily walks made her feel so much better.  Without them she felt caged, pigeon-holed, stifled.  The walks kept her mind clear, and she felt she could think better.  Now it seemed Alec was here to take that away from her, and while she knew it was ridiculous, she couldn’t control the angry feeling it stirred.

When the elevator doors at Fraser Distillery opened, Jamie was right there.  A huge smile graced his wide, generous mouth.  Bree cooed at the sight of her Da.  

As Claire stepped out Jamie scooped his daughter from her arms.  He peppered her face with kisses, and delighted in her giggles.  He cradled her against his chest, while Bree’s little fingers grabbed at the collar of his shirt, opening and closing, her tiny fingertips brushing along his strong neck.  

Finally, Jamie turned his attention to Claire, giving her a quick kiss.  “Hi.”

Bree first.  Always Bree first.   Claire checked her thoughts.  

“Hello.  How’s your day?”

“Better now that my two best girls are here.”  Jamie turned and walked toward his office.  Claire felt like a pack mule carrying her purse, and the diaper bag as she trailed behind her husband.  She said hello to Willie, who stood to give her a quick hug. They talked for a moment, and Claire realized how good it was to see him again.  She had missed seeing him and Niamh.  

Jamie was standing impatiently beside his desk waiting for her, and grinning like a fool.  Claire saw the object of his delight right away.

“What’s this?”  She was surprised to see a travel cot tucked into the corner of his office.  A blanket, teddy bear and some soft toys were inside.  He’d never told her he had one.  She set down the bags to investigate further.

“For Bree.  Any time ye want to come to the office, she’ll be comfortable.  This doesna have to be yer first lunch visit now.”  Claire was touched.  She hadn’t expected this at all.  Yet at the same time it felt like a criticism.  Like she should have made more of an effort to visit.  

Jamie leaned down and pulled the teddy bear out of the cot.  He rubbed the softness against his daughter’s cheek and laughed as she leaned into the stuffy. “We’ll be fine here.  Go on to Jenny’s office.  Enjoy yer lunch.”  

“You want me to leave Bree here?  I can’t Jamie.  She’ll get hungry.”  

Jamie’s smile faltered for a brief second but he recovered quickly.  “Feed her now then, and I’ll see her down for a nap.”  

“I can’t very well -” she gestured toward the outer office at Willie. 

Jamie stepped around her, shut the door and pulled the strings on the blinds. Blinds that had never been there before.  

Just like that, she had her privacy and no more excuses.

Claire and Jenny sat at a table by the window.  The rain had stopped momentarily but the steel gray sky would not yield to the sun.  It was destined to be another overcast day.  At first Claire wanted to have food brought in because she didn’t want to stray too far from Bree.  Then Jamie had texted her a picture of their daughter sleeping peacefully in her little cot, and Jenny had pounced. They’d have a good two hours.  Bree always took her longest nap in the afternoon.  

Jenny ordered their drinks, and when the crisp white wine was delivered she raised her glass and toasted her sister-in-law.  Jenny spoke of how proud she was of Claire as a mother, how beautiful Brianna was, and how happy she was to have another woman in the family who had the same colouring as Ellen.  It made Claire tear up.

It wasn’t too long before Jenny turned the conversation to Claire, and how she was feeling.

“I’m good,” Claire said around a mouthful of bread.

“No blues, no funny moods?” Jenny narrowed her eyes daring Claire to fake her way through this one.  

Claire wiped her mouth, the bread feeling thick in her throat.  Dare she admit it? She dropped her head to try and gather her thoughts but in the end, she didn’t need to.  Jenny reached across the table and ran a hand down her arm.  

“Claire.”  Jenny’s voice was comforting, but firm.  “Did I ever tell ye the story about Maggie?  It was right after I’d had Kitty.  I came home one day, I canna even remember where I was.  Anyway, in I walk and Wee Jamie runs over to me to say hello, wee Maggie is in her high chair, and gets so excited she gasps. Next thing I know, her eyes are huge, her face is getting red, and she’s clearly having trouble breathing. Meanwhile, Ian is blathering on, not paying the least bit of attention. I remember dropping whatever I’d had in my hands, and trying to get around him to get to Maggie.  Wee Jamie was clamoring to be picked up and Ian was just in the way.  

Next thing I know, Mrs. Crook pulls Maggie from the chair, holds her upside down by the ankle, and whacks her on the back. This thing, this small red thing, comes flying out of her mouth and is skitterin’ across the kitchen floor.  When I finally get around the boys to pick it up, it’s a piece of hard candy.”

Jenny threw her hands in the air in a ‘what the hell?’ kind of gesture.  

“Ian Brainless Murray gave our bairns hard candy.  Honestly, Claire, it was all I could do not to rip off his prothesis and beat him ‘round the head with it.” Jenny’s eyes were bright with the memory, her cheeks flushed as her fear revisited her.

“I was so scared.  I couldna forgive him.  All I could think of was how useless he was.  From that point on I was worrit about everything.  Every time I thought about it, I’d have a panic attack.  I kept planning my kids’ funerals in my head.  I wouldna leave him alone with the children.  I didna trust him.  It was terrible.”  

“How did you get out of it?” Claire asked earnestly. 

“I threatened to divorce Ian.  Said if he couldna care to keep the bairns safe, he could leave.  God, what a row.  Ian said things about me being a control freak, and I said he didna have the sense God gave a fly.  Worst fight we’d ever had.” Jenny shook her head, remembering.  “It was after that outburst that Mrs. Crook sat me down and talked to me.  She thought perhaps I had a ‘touch of the blues,’” Jenny made quotation marks with her fingers.  

“She noted all my feelings from inadequacy to anxiety.  She let me say horrible things about Ian. Never tried to correct me, just let me talk.  She promised me that the feelings would pass, but if I still felt the same way in six months time she’d move Mr. Murray out herself.  Then, she called my doctor, and made me an appointment.  She was right.  Six months later things were so much better.”

Claire stared at Jenny.  Competent, organized, strong Janet Fraser Murray once felt like Claire did now.  

“I thought it was just me.  I thought the anxiety was because,” Claire paused, swallowed, and tried again.  “Because of Faith.  That I was just afraid it would happen again.  I feel crazy.”

“Yer no’ crazy.  As a doctor ye ken this is normal.  Many, many women feel this way after a baby.”  Jenny held up her hand and started ticking reasons off on her fingers, “Ye canna sleep because yer afraid of not hearing the bairn cry.  Ye have a routine during the day, just the two of ye and then the Da comes home and winds the baby up, or just brushes off the schedule ye’ve worked so hard to establish.  I got so sick of Ian being the ‘fun parent’ while I had to be the harsh one to insist on a steady bedtime or what they were allowed to eat, and when.”  

Claire nodded.  She reached across the table, and gripped Jenny’s hand.  “Can I tell you something else?  Sometimes Jamie comes home, and it’s like I’m invisible.  He walks in the door and it’s all about Bree.  It’s like I’m not even there!  All day I’ve been up to my ears in nappies and feedings and chores and I look forward to seeing him, but he’s just focused on the baby.”  

Claire looked at Jenny, her embarrassment hot on her face.  “I’m ashamed to admit I’m jealous of my own child.”

“It’s strange.  Fatherhood, I mean,” Jenny patted Claire’s hand, then leaned back in her chair.  “They really have no place until the bairn is born.  They canna do a thing while we’re pregnant, and then there’s nothing they can do while we’re in labour but wait and try to offer moral support. Then, when the bairn is finally born they can hold it, but they canna feed it.  There’s always something they canna do.  Except maybe talk to them.  They can say whatever they want, secretly and quietly without us being any the wiser.  It’s their turn then, to have something just between them and the bairn.  They can share their hopes and dreams, what might be, what might never be.”  Jenny’s smile begged Claire to be sympathetic.  

“Imagine feeling useless for nine months, and then still feeling useless for a few more.  It’s hard for them to find their place.  But around Bree’s age when the bairn is smiling, and cooing and laughing, they can finally bond.  And they’re starving for it.”  

Jenny waited while that sunk into Claire’s head.  She watched as Claire’s glass face came to grips with all they had talked about.   

The food finally arrived, and Jenny took the chance to move on to her other topic.  

“Do ye miss the hospital, Claire?” Jenny asked.

“Yes.  I do.  Some days more than others.” Claire smiled briefly.  “But I’m worried about going back.  I’m worried about what to do with Bree.”

“Have ye discussed it? With Jamie?”  

“No.  I can tell by his voice he won’t consider a day nursery.  But I don’t know what else we can do?  There’s one at the hospital.  Lots of doctors use it.” Claire didn’t sound convincing, even to herself.

“Perhaps ye can find yer own Mrs. Crook?”  This was the delicate part of the lunch that Jenny had been dreading.  She’d need her managing skills for this.  

Brazenly, Whisky coloured eyes met Coffee coloured eyes.  “Jamie mentioned that a couple of months ago.  Said the idea came from you.  At the time I thought you could shove it up your ass.  I took it as a personal slight.”  

Jenny laughed.  “Ye wouldna be the first to tell me what to do with my ideas!” 

The tension defused, Jenny continued, “I love ye like a sister, Claire.  And I ken what yer going through.  So, if I may be so bold, let’s make an appointment with yer doctor, and then let’s talk about how we can get Bree the best nanny we can.  Because at the end of the day, Claire, it’s no’ about you not being good enough.  It’s about finding someone who’s good enough for yer family.”    

Claire’s mouth trembled with relief.  The tears that were always close to the surface spilled over.

“And Jamie?” she whispered.  “What do I do about Jamie?”


The year is 1995, congress member Bernie Sanders stands in opposition of a homophobic statement said by Duke Cunningham. Cunningham derisively refers to “homos in the military” to support his argument while (strangely) discussing the Clean Water Act. Sanders, having none of it, quickly rises to the defense of thousands of men and women everywhere. Sanders ire is such that he repeatedly disrespects the Chairman by speaking over him in order to say his piece. [Video Source]

What does this say for Sanders? Well, that’s for you to decide. But to me, it says that for 20+ years strong he has shown his public support for LGBT+ persons everywhere, even in the face of ridicule and disrespect. Unlike some, Sanders has always been vocal about his beliefs concerning the LGBT+ community, and he has always held them. Key word always, and not just when doing so might garner him support for his campaigns. 


List of anime series/movies with unique art styles.

For my friends on tumblr, in case you guys want something to watch, here’s a quick list of anime series/movies with unusual/unique art styles that you may or may not know.


With an artstyle reminiscent of the original Astro Boy, Kaiba has a very simplistic (yet stylized) and fluid style of animation and art. The story revolves around the titular character, who wakes up with a hole in his chest with no idea of who he is. I enjoyed this a lot for the art, music and characters, who all have realistic motivations and ideals, as well as the themes handled in it; such as what defines “being human” when bodies and memories are as disposable as plastic.
Genre: Sci-Fi, Psychological Drama


In terms of sheer action and excitement I got from watching a movie, I’ve got to say that Redline is one of the best ever in those departments. With a highly stylized comic-book-esque art style with a high influence from Western comics like Dick Tracy (with the emphasis on black shadows on solid colours and thick black outlines), this show is extremely fluidly animated, the movie is said to consist of 120 000 hand-drawn frames, taking seven years to complete. The movie follows the story of racer JP (aka “Sweet” JP, because of his refusal to use weaponry while racing) trying to win (and survive) the titular Redline, a race consisting of multiple racers from multiple different galaxies and planets.
Genre: Racing, Sci-Fi, Action


Every frame of this anime could be screencapped and slapped onto someone’s dashboard for their aesthetic. That is how distinct the art style and character design of this show is. The show uses a form of “plaid animation”, where something will be animated over a still color or object as it moves, creating most of the time a jarring effect that is usually the sign of a lazy animator, however in Mononoke, the show utilizes the art to create a sense of a surreal, dream-like environment, intentionally focusing on the jarring effect. The art and design of the environment is also extremely ornate and beautiful.
The show focuses on the story of the unknown Medicine Seller and his travels through Japan (in an unknown time period), killing spirits and creatures known as Mononoke. However, he cannot do so until he learns their Form, Truth and Reasoning/Regret, which leads to some very interesting lessons at the end of each story.
Genre: Mystery, Horror

Dead Leaves

Another comic-influenced movie, and just barely under an hour too; Dead Leaves is an extremely fun, hyper-action-packed movie with amazing character design (almost EVERY good character in this movie has a unique design, barring the civilains and generic bad guy cannon fodder), driven by slapstick, humor (usually of the sexual kind) and more pop culture references than you can digest within the time span they’re thrown at you. The story focuses on criminals Retro and Pandy; Retro having a TV instead of a head, and Pandy having a panda-like marking on her eye, who, shortly after waking up on the moon and causing havoc on a nearby planet, are imprisoned in a super-jail.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Kuuchuu Buranko / Welcome to Irabu’s Office

Combining rotoscoped 3D, 2D animation and live action elements, Kuuchuu Buranko is an extremely surreal look into the world of psychiatry. The art and designs were created by the lead artist of Mononoke, Kenji Nakamura. But whereas Mononoke had some subtlety to its art, this show is bright, colourful and neon as all hell. The show focuses on Dr. Ichiro Irabu and how he helps his patients with their problems, who are all connected in some way or the other.
Genre: Comedy, Psychological Drama

The Tatami Galaxy

With a bright visual style that also manages to be subtle at the same time, The Tatami Galaxy also utilizes not just its art as a device for story telling, but the form of the show itself to convey its messages. I can’t spoil too much about the show, but I can give you this: if you enjoy the first episode, please watch it to completion, as this show basically requires the viewer to watch the show in its entirety. The story focuses on an unnamed protagonist, commonly referred to as Watashi by the show’s fans, who tries to attain the “rose-tinted” college life style he has desired for his whole life, as well as all the challenges he faces on the way. With fast-paced dialogue, a lot of humor, interesting character and background designs, as well as the various forms of “characterization”, and also the themes tackled by this show, I’d say it’s one of my favorite shows of all time.
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Mind Game

Mind Game. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa (also the director behind The Tatami Galaxy, Kaiba and Ping-Pong). I don’t think words can do this movie justice, but I’ll try. Imagine a combination of 3D-morphing-into-2D, sketches, animated photo images of (presumably) the voice actor’s for talking, extremely smooth and fluid movement, plus an insane amount of exaggeration,all coupled with a huge range of bright and dark colours and you’ve got Mind Game’s animation style down somewhat. Go look up more GIFs, they’ll help you understand the range of styles this surreal (and extremely fun) movie goes through. The plot follows Nishi, a down-on-his-luck, 20-years-old manga writer, running into his childhood crush Myon. He discovers she’s getting married soon while they’re talking inside her father’s restaurant. After that (plus another key event), the craziness in the movie begins; Nishi having a new-found desire to live life.
Genre: Comedy, Surrealism, 


Tekkonkinkreet, although similar in appearance to some Masaaki Yuasa works, was not made by the man himself (although, it was made by the company, Studio 4°Cthat helped produce Mind Game). This movie has incredibly detailed backgrounds, similar to a Studio Ghibli film, with amazing usage of lighting, camera shots and motion blur as well as a wide variety of colours and shades. The story follows Black and White, two street orphans who call themselves “The Cats”, trying to keep control of their town from dangerous enemies. Although vastly different in personalities, they support each other emotionally, mentally and physically very well.
Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure

The Diary of Tortov Riddle

The Diary of Tortov Roddle, although very short (6 episodes all leading up to 14 minutes! Watch it here! It has three special episodes that are part of the DVD though), is an interesting adventure of a surreal world that seems almost like a moving/animated picture rather than a movie or series. It follows the journey of Tortov Roddle and his pig-steed throughout this world, with just his calm thoughts and experiences. There’s no dialogue in this series but it doesn’t really require any dialogue at all, the only dialogue being Tortov’s journal entries at the beginning and end of each episode. The music, lack of dialogue and artall contribute to a very interesting, mysterious atmosphere.
Genre: Fantasy, Surrealism, Adventure

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Straight outta Compton Studio Ghibli, The Tale of Princess Kaguya is an adaption of one of the staples of traditional Japanese folklore, The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. This film adapts the ancient story of the young princess who grew out of a bamboo shoot and breathes fresh new life into it while still staying 100% true to the source material. The art can only be described as absolutely gorgeous, using a pale colour palette in a constantly shifting style that recalls the ancient Japanese watercolour paintings that the original story was recorded on.

Genre:  Fantasy, Drama

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Oh man this show.
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei follows the story of Nozomu Itoshiki, an overdramatic teacher so pessismistic about everything that he would try committing suicide over pretty much the smallest inconvenience (his name, when its Japanese characters are read horizontally, also translates into “Despair”) and his bizarre homeroom students’ antics. The series parodies almost everything there is to satrize in Japanese culture (the show even parodies itself from time to time with casual 4th wall-breaking from every show), as well as the general media and politics of the world, as well as having an insane amount of references to various things regardless of fame; from Gundam, Evangelion and Gurren Lagann, to Franz Kafka, Edward Gorey and South Park. The art’s very minimal (which itself gets parodied later on in the series), but it, uh, changes a lot, to put it simply.

Genre: Comedy, Parody


(gotta lot of requests to list this one)

Sports anime tends to always get a bad rep amongst anime fans for various reasons, whether it be that the viewer gets tired of seeing another Dempsey Roll, or the amount of reused frames in the series, they’re all understandable.
And so comes Ping-Pong to shatter those preconceptions of what a sports anime can be. Focusing rather on the characters, their emotions and development rather than the titular game that the anime’s based on (unlike most sports anime), this coming-of-age show following two boys as they (one actually) strive to become the best table tennis players in the world, is directed by none other than Masaaki Yuasa, who has directed a lot of the shows and movies on this list actually, with his trademark style of not having a trademark artstyle (other than wobbly simple lines and psychedelic colours).

Genre: Psychological, Drama, Coming-Of-Age, Sports

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

(im still in the process of watching Gankutusou and Ping-Pong (thanks school) hence why they weren’t in the original post)

Gankutsuou is what most people would call “art porn”, as it uses various still textures, colours and patterns within the character’s lineart, similar to Mononoke and Kuuchuu Buranko though to a much greater extent, while using 3D and 2D animation on the characters and backgrounds. The story is broadly based on the titular story of The Count of Monte Cristo, but with many differences, such as being set in the year 5053, plotlines and character endings being altered/removed, the pacing being changed from the original story, as well as the incorporation of many sci-fi themes. The general aesthetic of the show is that of 19th century France in a highly futuristic setting.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Supernatural


Based off a popular gambling manga by Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Kaiji follows the story of the titular character, Kaiji Itou, an unemployed slacker who spends his days gambling (and always losing), stealing, drinking and being obsessed with money. He suddenly finds himself 3 million in debt, and is offered the chance to erase all of his debt, and maybe even earn some cash, in one night.

Via gambling.

With thick bold lines, exaggerated expressions and hugely caricaturized faces that woul make more sense in a comedy that all serve as a plus to the show, Kaiji is an intense psychological thriller that always leaves you on the edge of your seat, with some of the most insane and dramatic gambles in any piece of fiction.

Genre: Psychological, Thriller, Gambling

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Two angels, kicked out of Heaven, have been tasked with cleaning up the filthy sin-riddled Daten City, and can only return once they’ve gotten enough Heaven coins!

Not like that matters to Panty and Stocking anyways, whose only cares in the world are what tastes good, much to the chagrin of local priest Garterbelt.

With a ton of American pop culture references, humor that would make South Park seem like a kid’s show, action that is so bizarre it can’t even be explained, and an animation style that’s more akin to a cartoon on a huge drug trip than anything else, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt shows that sometimes too much of a good thing is still a good thing.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Parody, Not something to play around Grandma

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

There really is no other gif that explains and summarizes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure better than this one.

Based off the hugely popular manga by Araki Hirohiko, the show follows the story of the Joestar bloodline. Jojo is unique in that it doesn’t follow one group of characters or main character throughout the entire franchise, but rather a different cast in a different location throughout the world, ranging from 1930s New York, to 1980s Japan, to Egypt and much more.

If I’m being rather vague about describing this rather popular show, I apologize, but there really is no way to properly explain this bizarre series.

With proportions that look like it was ripped straight out of a bodybuilder’s magazine, poses that could probably break your spine if even just attempted, and fights that end up being some of the most hype as well as some of the most ridiculous you’ll have ever seen, as well as a bright, dramatic colour pallete, this is a show that truly lives up to its “Bizarre” title.

(also protip: start with the 2012 adaption first rather than the 90s OVA, and read the manga.)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Mystery

Spiderman Homecoming was A1

A1 means great

oh look another movie master post by ya girl here we go

  • ok im gonna start ya’ll off with a BANGER 
  • {{so get this when the Avengers first had their alien battle in New York (2012) Peter would have been 10 years old so I low-key think that it was Peter that did the little drawing of the Avengers that the movie opens with}} I have since rejected this theory completely upon realizing I wrote this post at 3am and how the fuck could he have it if Peter drew it???? Cmon me
  • Tony is trying SO HARD to be a better dad than Howard was
  • “How’s your daughter?” (u speak Spanish rly Peter)
  • when he’s standing on that building and that guy sees him and goes “Do a flip!” and he actually does
  • “Hey it’s my car dumbass.”
  • when he first walks into the bank and is trying to decide how to stand what a dork
  • Hannibal Buress’ two (2) scenes
  • him running through sprinklers
  • the dog
  • that whole scene where he was chasing the van
  • i feel like the past spider-men were like really graceful and swinging really neatly but this Peter literally hurls himself everywhere and crashes into so many things
  • “You know I’m a curious person by nature.”
  • when Peter rejoins the decathlon team 
  • “You can’t just abandon us then stroll up and expect to be welcomed back by everyone.”  “Hey, Peter welcome back!”
  • Ned has a sticker of the “this is fine” dog on his laptop
  • “Uh I put a tracker on someone, he’s a bad guy.”
  • “Nedcallmebacktheglowythingsabomb!”
  • “I don’t really want to celebrate something that was built by slaves.”
  • plus the guard during that scene and his little hand gesture
  • *Peter falls down the elevator shaft*  “Thank you.”
  • Donald Glover “I know what a girl sounds like.”
  • “That’ll dissolve in two hours!”  “I got ice cream, man.”
  • when he steals the keys from the guys on the ferry he says yoink
  • he is so frantic when he tries to save the ferry and distraught when it starts to fall apart again
  • he literally almost ripped himself in half to try to save it
  • “If you cared you’d actually be here.” Tony: “GUESS WHAT.”
  • deeper twist to that yes he’s there Peter just like his dad never was for him 
  • that scene was a good Dad Tony moment
  • “If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it.” this is so important
  • ^ honestly i could go into so much detail about that just lemme know if you want me to ill make a whole ‘nother post about that shit
  • that hall pass was ridiculously huge
  • GOD the most jarring shift from Aunt May teaching Peter how to dance and tie and tie and there’s happy background music and he’s so excited then BAM fuckin Michael Keaton opens that door and ho-ly shit
  • he is so fucking scared during that whole scene in the house and in the car
  • he’s FIFTEEN years old and he’s got absolutely no idea what this guy will do if he finds out who Peter is. this is basically his frst encounter with a real villian and he scared shitless
  • he literally almost cries in the backseat when he sees Vulture start to figure it out
  • when Michelle flips Peter off at the dance and the way she flips Peter off at the dance
  • “I’m…looking at……porn..”
  • the fucking SCENE where he gets crushed he is so scared and so hurt and oh my god
  • Tom Holland’s acting was A fucking 1
  • he does good hurt/crying/scared noises that sounds weird but it is v important
  • “C’mon Spiderman!” 
  • how desperately he tried to save Vulture he is so good and pure and just really wants to protect people he doesn’t want anyone to die
  • “I’m trying to save you!”
  • the random school mascot running by towards the end??
  • the bathroom scene
  • Tony is so happy to have a son he loves Peter fight me
  • super random but i love the way Tony taps his watch to reveal the suit
  • “Look at that. Look at me.”
  • the way Tom turns his head when he says that is rly funny too
  • when Happy goes “He’s a good kid.” and Tony does that fucking shrug smile thing and the look was a mix of “Yea I know” but also like parental pride??? it’s a very specific look that i cannot fully explain
  • AFTER CREDIT SCENE Vulture is either protecting Peter bc he saved his life or he wants to kill Peter himself

come yell at me about any and all of this please

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:

Author’s Note: I really love these headcannon lists so I decided to try them out, hope you enjoy <3

Warning(s): swearing and Deadpool tbh

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Dating Peter Parker would include:


•meeting him by chance at Starbucks.
-they’d call out ‘Stark’ to come pick up your drink and Peter would freak out.

•he’d try and talk to you about the ‘stark internship’ and you’d be like 'tf are you?’
-“Hi I’m P-Parker Pete, I mean Peter Parker”
-“okay do you want like an autograph or something???”

•he’d be like stumbling over his words and you’d think he was cute so you’d sign his arm with your number and he’d freak out.

•he wouldn’t know whether or not to call you or how to talk to you so he just wouldn’t.
-Ned yelling at him bc Peter is stupid.

•and you’d be upset that this Parker Pete dude didn’t call you back and Tony would try to cheer you up.

•you’d be a huge Spider-Man fan

•like high-key Spidey fan

•and for some reason Tony forgot to tell you that he knew Spiderman.

•so you’d flip shit when Tony would come into the compound with an unmasked Spiderman.
-“you?? Know?? SPIDEY?? And you??? Didn’t??? Tell me???”
-“(Y/N) please, I’m old and highly susceptible to heart attacks”

•then you’d flip shit on Peter for not calling you.
-“and you Parker Pete! You didn’t call me??”

•completely ignoring the fact that Peter is spiderman.

•dropping by during training sessions.

•distracting Peter.

•getting sent out bc you’re too distracting.

•convincing Tony to let you go public school so you can 'monitor’ Peter’s progress.

•Peter showing off your friendship to everyone.

•picking up Ned and Peter in one of Tony’s flashy cars just to prove Flash wrong.

•sticking up for Peter 99.9% of the time.

•Peter being grateful for having you as a friend.

friend :’)

•you end up crushing on Peter haaaard
-it being painfully obvious to everyone but Peter
-Ned teasing you for it until the end of time.

•he asks you out at one of Liz’s parties during 7 minutes of heaven.
-“so- *kiss*-I was thinking- *kiss*-maybe later we could- *kiss*
-“yes Peter I’ll go out with you”

•keeping it a secret from Tony bc he thinks dating will interfere with Peter being Spiderman.

•dating for like a year behind Tony’s back.

•the avengers finding out bc Wanda accidentally reads your thoughts one day :)
-“you made out with Peter?”
-“WHo toLd yOu ThAt?”

•overprotective mother!Steve Rogers.

•dates swinging above the New York skyline.

•cute nicknames




•Peter sneaking into your room when he gets hurt.

•making up crazy excuses when Tony almost barges into your room.
-“I’m too old for this”

•Tony inviting Peter to team dinners.
-holding hands under the table.
-blowing kisses when Tony isn’t looking.

•makeout sessions on the roofs of sky scrapers.

•attempting to do the Spider-Man kiss.
-“Peter I think we’re doing this wrong”
-“No I got this” *web snaps* “AHhH”

“Y/N NO”

•Ned being disturbed by your PDA.

•kisses by the lockers.

•flash flirting with you


•he’d like clench his jaw and glare and you’d find that really hot tbh.

•but then flash would say some dumb shit like “how’d penis Parker get a hot babe like you?”

•you almost breaking Flash’s arm

•Peter cheering you on.

Slapping Peter’s ass at school when no ones looking

•Peter blushing all the time bc it happens on a daily basis

•Getting angry at your dad when he takes away Peter’s suit.
-“Y/N talk to me”
-“Not until you give Peter back his suit”
-“he doesn’t deserve it”
-“he deserves everything in the world and so much more than you. He tried to help you, but you didn’t listen!”

•Tony being hurt bc you’ve never fought with him before.

•him wondering why you’re defending Peter.

•it finally clicking that you’re dating Peter.

•Tony being mad at you for keeping it a secret.

•Peter not wanting to come between you and your dad’s close relationship

•coming to Peter’s defence when Tony tries to 'kill’ him.
-“dad no! I love him”
-“you love me?”

-“ew this is so sweet I can feel the diabetes already”

•PDA around the avengers tower after that
-“The 'making out’ is disturbing me”

-“Same, Thor, same”

-“you’re really soft”
-*you booping peters nose* “yeah well you’re really cute”

•dad jokes.

-“Peter! Peter! What time did the man go to the dentist?!’’

-”(Y/N) go away"

-“Tooth hurt-y! get it?”

•study dates
-turning into makeout sessions
-resulting in you guys being supervised by vision

•you trying on the suit
-almost suffocating
-accidentally swinging out into the streets of New York
-you going to hospital
-lectures from Tony.

•getting the talk from Wade
-crying afterwards bc Wade is weird.
-Tony trying to kill Wade


•passing notes in class

•staring at each other in class

•detentions together
-resulting in you making out in the back.
-resulting in you guys getting kicked out of detention
-never getting detention from other teachers bc they are disturbed by teen romance

•girl talks with Michelle and Liz
-Ned and Peter trying to spy on you guys
-Ned and Peter treating it like a secret mission and having code names.
-“Nedstar 101, I have visual on the birds”
-“copy that Peterpiper”
-“you know we can see you guys right”
-“abort mission! abort mission! We’ve been compromised!”

•getting mad when Peter doesn’t ask you to homecoming.
-him being really confused bc he thought he didn’t have to ask since you guys were dating.

•Peter getting the silent treatment.
-“PlEASe talk to mEee”

•Asking Ned for help
-failing miserably and making you even more mad.

•going to Tony for help
-also failing miserably.
-“she’s your daughter??? How did this go so wrong???”
-“I don’t know!? I’m a failure!?”

•Peter sitting outside your bedroom door for like 2 hours.
-forgiving him when you come home to find him sleeping there.

•tickle fights
-Peter accidentally kicking you in the face.
-going to the hospital again.
-getting lectures from Tony and Steve.

•cooking with Aunt May

•May loves you

•girl talks with May
-Peter trying to spy on these.

•going to Thai restaurants with May and Peter
-sometimes Tony would come
-things would get weird
-Thai food puns

•May and Peter coming to spend family holidays with you and the avengers.
-Tony being weird with Aunt May

•forehead kisses

•Peter bringing you lunch bc you always forget to eat.

•Peter crying over the titanic
-“Pete are you crying?”
-“No this is liquid pride”

•Movie nights with the Avengers
-Tony and Peter crying and laughing over the same scenes
-you and the avengers being weirded out.

•Peter braiding your hair

•Playing with Peter’s hair
-it helps him fall asleep or calm down from stress.

•falling asleep on one another
-the avengers taking photos of you guys
-someone knocking something over effectively waking you up.
-proceed to you screaming at the avengers for like 5 minutes.

•naps together

•you being the big spoon
-Peter never admiting that to anyone.
-you telling everyone.

•late night calls
-effectively running up Tony’s phone bill.

•Tony showing off you and Peter’s relationship
-cos he’s a proud dad
-uncle!Tony loves his spiderling.

•You making Peter the happiest he’s ever been and vice Versa.

“I love you”
“Meh you’re alright Pete”

shinee goes to the mall


  • drives the crew over (onew: for the last time jong we can’t all fit in your lambo / jong: WELL TAEMIN CAN JUST SIT ON SOMEONE’S LAP OK / tae: hard pass)
  • says “bye kids” and immediately heads to brookstone 
  • stays in the massage chair the entire time 
  • comes out clutching a mini helicopter 
  • gets free samples at the food court
  • wants to go home soon


  • “we would have looked so cool rolling up in my lambo” 
  • easily distracted 
  • large sweaters 
  • sticks with key because he has no sense of direction and he’ll get lost if he doesn’t follow anyone 
  • buys earphones every time because he forgets where he put them (he literally has a pair in every sweater pocket) 


  • loves all the clothes all the time but doesn’t buy something unless he thinks he absolutely can’t go on without it 
  • buys random shit tho 
  • he got this super weird looking humidifier once? he agonized over buying it bc it was on the pricier side but it was super ~*aesthetic*~ so he treated himself
  • makes jong carry his bags when he’s trying something on (jong: why must i suffer like this) 
  • consoles himself with froyo when he leaves something he likes but not enough to buy it 


  • cannot pass auntie annie’s without getting a pretzel 
  • complains v loudly around jong that it’s soooo hard to find pants that’ll fit properly bc his legs are too long, gets smacked immediately 
  • passed the piercing place on more than one occasion wondering if today is the day 
  • “i bought a zen garden guys” 


  • must be supervised at all times
  • key had an aneurysm when he saw THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!!! 
  • he mostly goes with the flow - sometimes he hangs out with onew at brookstone 
  • that weird kinetic sand?? love that weird shit 
  • asks employees v specific questions about their products that they don’t know
  • visits the apple store a lot bc he lost his phone again 
  • shinee left him at the mall once 
Day One Hundred and Twenty-Five

-A four year-old runs up to my counter, entirely alone in this world. He stands up on his tiptoes to place a single baseball on my conveyor belt. He tells me, “Mom’s coming.” He is very sure of himself, but there are no adults anywhere in sight. Regardless, this boy already has all the supervision he requires.

-An inhumanly tall man came through my lane. Even the most cursory of glances revealed the strikingly unsettling similarities we shared: the thick, dark mops of hair, the deep brown eyes, the general dopiness encompassing our faces. There was no doubt in my mind that the figure standing before me, eye to eye, was the spitting image of who I would become in thirty years. The man handed me the keys to his car, I told him I would see him after work, and my father exited the store.

-The trend of ringing up gift-givers I wish I had in my life continues as a woman purchased a beautifully ornate birthday card, an adorably colorful gift bag, and two packs of teriyakily flavored beef jerky.

-A parent sporting a police badge entered the store, nine year-old son in tow, intent on teaching him a lesson on respecting the law and its keepers. I have not even the slightest doubt that this child will be learning very formative lessons on this subject, as I soon rang up his mother for a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

-Upon being handed a toy toolbox, a toddler thanked me and bid me goodbye. Shocked by this immediacy, I asked why he was leaving before his parents had even completed the transaction. He informed me that he had to leave for work. I now fully understand. Tight schedules are not a foreign concept to me, and I wish him the best in the grind to come, working the ensuing nine-to-five.


Black History Day 3: Cab Calloway.

Cab Calloway was groundbreaking as one of the first African-American musicians to be prominently featured on film. His work with the “Betty Boop” cartoons (as seen above) was legendary because it was basically the grandfather of what we know now as motion capture animation. They recorded Cab singing and dancing (dancing which included an early version of the moonwalk so take that Michael Jackson) and they TRACED HIS MOVEMENTS FRAME BY FRAME to translate them into the character he was playing. None of that unitard covered in ping-pong balls mess. Painstaking frame by frame tracing to capture his motions. You can watch full length versions of the Betty Boop cartoons featuring Cab Calloway pretty easily. I think they’re all on YouTube and they’re in the public domain so they’re easy to find and download. The names of the cartoon shorts are “Minnie the Moocher”, “Snow White ”, and “The Old Man of the Mountain”.
So go watch them now and appreciate a hard-working black musician who pioneered the jazz genre and was a key player in animation advancement.


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: i honestly don’t know if i like this or not but like……..fwb peter

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5

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Guess Who’s Back

Writer - @damndescendants 

Requested - nope. Send in request!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N) is the daughter of Dr. Facilier and is one of the Villain Kids who go to Auradon but when Mal returns to the Isle she goes with Ben, Evie, Carlos, and Jay to get her back when they run into her boyfriend, Harry Hook

Warning(s) - threats, if you squint harm/harassment hinted and mentioned, protective 

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Some Place Away

WS!Bucky x Reader

Summary: Roughly based on Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman

Word Count: +3k | Rating: R

Warnings: Angst, SMUT. UNPROTECTED SEX (wrap your wang, before you bang!)

A/N: alright, this was hard to write, and my head hurts but i was determined to write my first song fic and this is for KUMI!!! (@mellifluous-melodramas​) my wifey! OMG I’M NERVOUS HOE

(also, i’ve added ‘///’ where the smut starts and ends)

y’all, enjoy and do drop a comment in my ask box or anywhere

Masterlist here

(*gifs are not mine)

Somewhere in London, January 28, 1992; 12.47am.

You lean on the lamp post, far from them on the empty street, your gaze never leaving his form as you watch your soldier talking to another woman, who was rather getting a little too handsy with him. Her delicate fingers brushing up over his prosthetic arm, treating it like a delicate, poor little flower.

It disgusts you to no end and your violent mind thinks of all the scenarios where you’d do anything to keep her away from him. Keep everything, everyone away from him. But you know he’s only doing his job, the one that HYDRA forced him to do.

But there are so many other ways of gathering information. You could have taken matters in your own hand, but since the Soldier was granted the liberty for this mission, he thought it could be done without any sort of destruction, which you would never hesitate to cause.

It has been half an hour since they’re talking and as much as you wanted to ignore the sting in your heart, your brain overtakes your feelings and reminds you once again that you’re nothing but the protector; you’re here just to keep an eye on the asset. Any other sort of attachment would cost you both your lives.

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Ya wee bunch o'cowards!

I got a chance to play again with everyone (Sexiest Zombie, Range Proficiency: Dwarf, What Did He Say?). The Party consists of Pete The Warrior, our Necromancer Friend (No one knows his name, we just call him Nec), Anges the Dwarven Boomerang(played by our former cleric DM) and Myself. We are exploring a vampires haunted castle in search for the key that leads to his quarters, we soon come up to a door that stands out.

DM: The door is cleaner and more well kept than most, it is adorned in gold and has spiders carved out of wood.

Nec: Ooooo f*ck no… Nope, no no no. No, my contract says no spiders!

Anges: Tis just a door! Pete show dis ninny ‘ow to be a man!

Pete: I’m with the necro on this one, I don’t want to die again…

Anges: Oh for the love of- FINE *Anges opens the door*

Dm: As Anges opens the door, a larger nearly empty room sits beyond the it. The floor is scattered with webs and bones, the smell of decaying flesh filling the air. You see a pedestal at the back of the room, on it sits a old key, the key that opens the way to the vampire. But just as soon as you see the key, a grotesque hissing is heard from the ceiling as two very large decaying spiders descend and block your path.

Pete: Aaaaaand those are undead spiders…

Nec: I think I just shat myself…

Anges: Ya ’re all just a wee bunch o'cowards! PETE THROW M-

Me(OOC): I run into the room, screaming at the top of my lungs, attempting to dodge the spiders, grab the key and get out!

DM: *Eye twitching* Roll me dexterity twice and apply your bonuses…

Me(OOC): *Rolls a 19 and a Nat 20, but with bonuses from enchanted equipment I dodge both spiders* I parkour around the spiders, running on the walls while still screaming at the top of my lungs. I grab the key and jump off the back wall, performing rad flips over the spiders before landing halfway across the room, then back out! I slam the door behind me shut and bar it shut before looking back at everyone.

*Everyone is staring in disbelief*

Me: I think that went well…

DM: Those were suppose to be bosses…

Some calming broadway things, in case anyone needs that right now:


  • What Baking Can Do - Waitress
  • A Soft Place to Land - Waitress
  • You Matter To Me - Waitress
  • Take It From An Old Man - Waitress
  • Sabbath Prayer - Fiddler on the Roof
  • Sunrise, Sunset - Fiddler on the Roof
  • Santa Fe - Rent
  • I’ll Cover You - Rent
  • Helpless - Hamilton
  • That Would Be Enough - Hamilton
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women - Hamilton
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - Hamilton
  • Dancing Through Life - Wicked
  • For Good - Wicked
  • Maps - Fun Home
  • Ring Of Keys - Fun Home
  • Flying Away (Finale) - Fun Home
  • No One Else - Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Pierre & Natasha - Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
  • The Great Comet Of 1812 - Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Breathe - In the Heights
  • Sunrise - In the Heights
  • When The Sun Goes Down - In the Heights
  • Finale - In the Heights
  • The Next Ten Minutes - The Last Five Years
  • Hello Young Lovers - The King and I
  • Getting To Know You - The King and I
  • Shall We Dance? - The King and I
  • How ‘Bout A Dance - Bonnie and Clyde
  • You Love Who You Love - Bonnie and Clyde
  • Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad - Bonnie and Clyde


  • this video of the Schuyler Sisters singing For the Longest Time
  • this video of the Schuyler Sisters singing Fallin’
  • this video of Jasmine Cephas Jones and Anthony Ramos singing No Air
  • this video of Phillipa Soo singing No One Else
  • this video of Denée Benton singing No One Else
  • this video of the 2016 Fiddler on the Roof Tony Awards Performance
  • this video of Laura Osnes singing What Baking Can Do (I don’t know why it’s sideways)
  • this video of Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes singing a mashup of Ten Minutes Ago and The Next Ten Minutes
  • any video of Laura Osnes or Phillipa Soo singing
  • this video of Mandy Gonzalez and Karen Olivo’s facebook live

Please add more!