the old kanye

this is the kanye i know.  a kid from chicago who has insecurities and still thinks his failures can catch up with him. has some odd indeterminate feelings towards dropping out of college but knows he can spit a rhyme or two and wants to buy a few designer shirts.  but has a 12 minute song on his album about how hard it was to get his record out.

no mad tirades. no gold teeth. 


anonymous asked:

Would you rather have old Kanye back or North West? Because tbh, there is no North West without new black Kanye.

You know…Before I caught myself…I said Old Kanye…Because I didn’t even read past the words Old Kanye, honestly I would have taken him over just about anything else. I loved him with all my grumpy little heart he was everything to me moon of my life the person I wanted to meet and discuss things, everything, with most in the world I wanted to pick his brain and debate with him and ask him why he used this line instead of that one in a particular song and did I get the interpretation of this song right and why did he choose to do xyz instead of abc.

I used to have fucking dreams where I met him and did this kind of stuff and even confronted him about misogynoir (I mean my dreams are wild so this always happened after something ridiculous like aliens landing in my classroom).

He was just my precious egomaniacal constantly angry excitable rebellious slightly pretentious honest wide eyed sweet prince….

I’m smiling right now just thinking of him.

But that man is gone and North is a sweet, fresh out the oven Lil baby and her own person and I love her and I wouldn’t trade her for that man who no longer exists.

I’m very emotional rn which demon sent this question.

The College Dropout (no skits)

We Don’t Care: “I got the perfect song for the kids”…to help them understand the inherent race issues in modern America

Graduation Day: whAaAt the FUCK was THAT, KANye

All Falls Down: I miss old Kanye so bad

Spaceship: the anthem of anyone who’s worked in the service sector

Jesus Walks: praised Jesus before he became Yeezus

Never Let Me Down: Jay Z is completely useless in this song and I think he named his daughter after the guy who killed his verse, J. Ivy

Get Em High: Common is a deep, ingenious rapper. As is Talib Kweli. And they’re on the song about getting girls high

The New Workout Plan: You cannot complain about gold diggers next album if you have an entire song here telling girls how to hold dig

Through the Wire: spitting a song with your jaw wired shut? fuckin badass

Slow Jamz: this was a number one song? this was a number one song.

Breathe In Breathe Out: even Kanye regrets this one

School Spirit: remember the good old days before T Pain butchered this song?

Two Words: this shit goes hard. but hey, what do you expect, with Ye, Mos Def, Freeway, and…a choir?

Family Business: I thought for a long time the hook was “all the glitter is my glue” it’s actually less clever

Last Call: “fuck you, Kanye, first and foremost” everyone @kanye after those VMAs. but moral of the story, he got that deal with Roc A Fella


Tell Your Friends - The Weeknd Feeling the old school Kanye in this.

Drug dealing just to get by,
Stack ya money ‘til it get sky high,
(Kids, sing! Kids, sing!)
We wasn’t supposed to make it past 25,
Joke’s on you, we still alive
—  Old School Kanye