the old castle's secret

You’ve heard of it’s locked, now get ready for...

It’s blocked

It’s chalked

It’s clocked

It’s crocked

It’s docked

It’s flocked

It’s gawked

It’s jocked

It’s knocked

It’s mocked

Ist nacht

It’s oct

It’s rocked

It’s shocked

It’s smocked

It’s socked

It’s squawked

It’s stalked

It’s stocked

It’s talked

It’s walked

It’s Xoc’ed

Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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Tu veux sortir avec moi? // Sirius x Reader

Words // 1722

Warnings // None

Request //  Hey ❤ Could u do a SiriusxReader imagine where she is from a foreign country(Bulgaria).Sirius tries to find out where she is from and learn her language but he messes up and actually asks her on a date in different languages and she is so confused 😊

A/N // I hope you like it, I had quite a lot of fun writing it

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“Thank you Dumbledore.’’ You said. Originally you went to Durmstrang but both of your parents found it too dangerous and decided it was better to sent you to Hogwarts, something that was further away from them and your home but what they deemed safer as it wasn’t known for its dark magic. Sadly they only decided that when you had finished your fourth year but you understood their concern and decided not to fight it too much.

Luckily your father went to Hogwarts or you’d have no clue whatsoever to get to platform 9 ¾, very honestly you still found it rather weird. Once you arrived you got to experience the all magical boat ride up to the castle and you had to admit you liked it, a lot. It had a mysterious appeal to it like an old castle filled with secrets, inside it was lit with warm candles. Once you arrived inside though, you were met by headmaster Dumbledore who had decided it would be better to sort you without all the first years to save you some awkward moments. 

“It’s alright Miss Y/L/N, now we have a feast to attend and pastries I’ve been dying to eat.’’ He said with a light chuckle and you chuckled along with him. Once you stepped inside the great hall you were amazed again, the castle was enormous to see and so was the great hall. There were four tables that stretched out with all the kids sitting at their assigned house; at the front was a wide table where you spotted a few teachers sitting. The tables were filled with platters, all with different foods on them and there seemed to be no shortage of it all. Once you had taken in the sounds, smells and sights you sat down at your house table.

“Hi, I’m Y/F/N. You’re the transfer student right?’’ You nodded and smiled at him/her/them. 

“Yeah I’m Y/N.’’ You replied, She/he/they wanted to say something but stopped once the two of you noticed Dumbledore was about to speak. His speech wasn’t too special, it announced some things that would last the whole year, a new request from one of the teachers and of course, to enjoy the year and the feast.

“So, where are you from?’’ She/he/They asked once you all had started eating and in the meanwhile a few more students had taken interest in you as you were a fifth year but no one had seen you before.

“Bulgaria, I used to go to Durmstrang,’’ This started a conversation that lasted the whole night, you immediately bonded with Y/F/N and luckily once you arrived in your dorms your beds were next to each other.


“Who’s that?’’ You ask as you sat down. You had been at Hogwarts for four months already and it was really nice, you enjoyed it a lot. The atmosphere was almost completely different to Durmstrang but it was warm and nice, most people were nice and there weren’t really any problems with it.

“Who?’’ Y/F/N asked, you pointed at a boy who you had seen follow you a few times and stare at you quite a lot in the lessons you shared.

“Oh him!’’ She/He/They said and then laughed, you gave him/her/them a look. “That’s Sirius Black!’’ You shushed him/her/them as you were almost convinced the whole great hall was able to hear her/him/them which wasn’t something you liked.

“He’s in this little friend group, they call themselves the Marauders and basically pull pranks on the Slytherins. Sirius is kind of the black sheep of their family, you’ve ever heard of the Black family?’’ you gave a nod, you felt like you had heard the name somewhere once or twice or maybe read in the paper. “Well, pure-blood families who come here usually get sorted into one house and the Black family is notoriously known for getting sorted into Slytherin and well, you know Gryffindor is kind of their rival house.’’ She/He/They explained and you nodded.

“He’s known for dating but it’s not that bad, like it’s not like he has someone new every week. I don’t know a lot about him honestly, never really talked to him. Care to tell me, why have you taken a sudden interest in him?’’ She/He/They asked as she/he/they opened her/his/their book and picked up an apple.

“Just.. I feel like he’s been staring at me, a lot. You know how you feel someone staring?’’ He/She/They nodded. “Well it’s like that almost very lesson we share with him, it’s kind of awkward.’’ Suddenly He/She/They started laughing.

“Ooh, you’ve got yourself an admirer!’’ You hit him/her/them.

“Shut up!’’ You said whilst laughing.

It had been two weeks since you had told Y/F/N about it and it was when you were sitting in Defence Against the Dark Arts and she/he/they were missing that Sirius took the opportunity to sit down next to you. “Hi.’’ You said slightly awkward.

“You’re the transfer student right?’’ His voice was smooth but you had to laugh at how inept he seemed at tying a tie, either he did it on purpose, woke up really late or couldn’t care but it was a hilarious sight either way. “Yep.’’ You said, slightly popping the p. “And happen to fluently speak English so you don’t have to treat me like an idiot.’’ You said, it was a mistake a few people made which you understood but luckily your parents had raised you bilingual, Bulgarian and English which made going to this school really easy, it was only getting used to actually using English but beside that you had no issue with it.

“Cool,’’ He said with a light chuckle and you could see he didn’t expect that response. “Where are you from then?’’ You grinned.

“Now that is a mystery for me to know and for you to find out Mister Black,’’ You said with a smirk and he fully accepted that challenge, he had an surprised expression but also a grin that confirmed he was totally up to finding it out himself. “Daring me are you?’’

“Of course.’’ He huffed.

“Fine then, do I get a clue?’’ He asked and only then did you notice the absence of your teacher but you didn’t mind it at all right now. “Well, if you didn’t know yet I used to go to Durmstrang. That eliminates some countries doesn’t it?’’ You said and he nodded, you wondered how much he knew about the different magical schools in Europe. 

Obviously the biggest were Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, all were mixed schools although Beauxbatons mostly female and Durmstrang mostly male. You wondered how much he knew beside that people from the United Kingdom go to Hogwarts and people from France go to Beauxbatons.

“That still leaves a lot don’t you think?’’ You just smirked. “You asked for a clue, a clue.’’ 

“You’re good.’’ He admitted and that’s the moment your teacher walked in, announcing the lesson would begin.

Surprisingly, Sirius made quite a good partner during DADA as he was quite good at the subject compared to what you assumed which was nice as Y/F/N wasn’t too good at it. Once the class was over you easily found Y/F/N who had overslept and told him/her/them all about it, he/she/they seemed rather excited about it and so were you.


The following month was known as the month were no one had the slightest idea what Sirius was doing. He was asking anyone he saw about the most random things which made almost everyone confused, shake their head, and move onwards. 

James, Remus and Peter were all staring to get slightly concerned at the research he seemed to be doing which was a bit extreme and unnecessary, they didn’t necessarily mind it but it seemed to be a bit unhealthy. Though once he explained his plan well the three of them decided to help to quicken the process as all of them thought it was quite cute of him to do and decided it was better to get it done as quickly as possible. It took the four of them just a week to get all the information Sirius needed.

You were sitting in the grass outside of the castle, it was nice to leave it once and get a breath of fresh air, the castle was lovely but sometimes also a bit stuffy and old which made you especially like going out to the pitch or other places around the castle. Tomorrow was Hogsmeade, something you instantly took a liking to. It was optional and it was nice to leave the castle once, get some sweets and if needed some new supplies. 

“Hello.’’ You glanced up at Sirius who had a smug grin on his face and you huffed, he went on to stand before you. “I’ve finally got it.’’ You curiously raised your eyebrow and wondered if he was able to get it right.

“Tu veux sortir avec moi?’’ You furrowed your eyebrows together and gave him a confused look, what had he just said? You didn’t have the slightest clue. He looked at how surprised you were and he seemed surprised as well. “Right, not that one.’’ You heard him mutter.

“Wil je met mij uit?’’ Your expression didn’t change. “Willst du mit mir gehen?’’ He finally took the constant confusion as a hint and took a deep breath before asking. “Do you want to go out with me? To Hogsmeade tomorrow?’’ You nodded with a smile.

“Of course.’’ You said with a laugh, you liked the idea as over the few weeks he has been trying to figure out where you came from you had been talking with him quite a lot and he was nicer than you expected, not as much of a charmer or Casanova as others had told he was, he just seemed to be nice but a lot of people saw him as a womanizer which he wasn’t.

“What were you just then though? What’s with all the languages?’’ You asked him as he sat down next to you in the grass, he laughed and it sounded slightly nervous. You chuckled.

“No idea where you’re from, by now we’ve tried France which was a stupid guess now I’m thinking about it, the Netherlands and German. So, are you going to tell me?’’ He asked and you laughed, feeling quite some satisfaction that he didn’t get it right because she kind of hoped he wouldn’t but at the same time definitely liked the effort he put in it.

“Bulgaria.’’ You said and he face palmed. “Of course, Durmstrang.’’ You both started laughing.

When the day met the Night - Part Two, Chapter Twenty Seven

The sun was shining brightly as I stood inside the marquee. Bluebell was spinning around watching her big skirt lift and float around her, layers and layers of blush colored floaty chiffon. Josephine, Diana, Lucy and Kate waited with me watching as Antonio, Marco and their assistants fussed over my hair and dress. “Stop spinning Blue you’re making me dizzy” I said smiling at her. She stopped and looked up at me, “I look beautiful” she said proudly, I laughed, “yes you do, you’re very beautiful” said Marco. Rose, our planner, appeared in the entrance, “they’re waiting” she grinned excitedly. I looked around at them all and took a few deep breaths, they were all smiling at me. “Okay remember Bluebell you walk slowly in front of your mummy and toss the petals” Rose said to her, she nodded seriously, holding her little basket of rose petals. “You look beautiful Harper” said Jo kissing me, Diana and Lucy did the same and they walked out to take their seats. I took one last look in the mirror, my ivory gown, full tulle skirt and plain strapless bodice was simple but beautiful. I hadn’t wanted a veil, my hair was artfully styled in a loose bun. Antonio handed me my flowers, roses, ivory like my dress. “Come on Blue, let’s go see daddy” I said nervously. It had taken us just over three months of furious planning, finding the right place was the hardest part. I knew where I wanted to go, the ruins of a medieval castle, Whitehaven. It had a ruined chapel that had its altar wall still intact. But the heritage people didn’t want a big Hollywood wedding there, it took some work convincing them that it would be relatively small with no press. So finally they let us use it, then organizing everything else was easy. Jared wanted everything done yesterday, he rushed around like a whirlwind until the planning was finally done. Thank goodness for Rose, our wedding planner in the UK. Our guest list was short and they were all sworn to secrecy, we had one photographer and we decided we’d release one photo. So here we were, I stepped out into the sunshine, I decided at the last moment not to bother with shoes. I loved the feeling of the lush grass under my feet, it felt silly to wear them. Bluebell began her slow walk in front of me, throwing the petals in front of her. She looked up ahead and saw Jared, she lifted her hand and waved at him excitedly. He grinned waving back at her, as I got closer everyone else faded, I could only see him. He had a simple black suit on with a white shirt, I insisted he wear no tie or bow tie and leave it open. He happily agreed, his long hair framing his face was blowing gently with the breeze. He was beautiful, my heart started to beat faster and when he smiled that smile that made me melt, I wanted to run and throw my arms around him. I looked over to see Beau in his moms arms in the front row I turned to smile at her and she beamed back at me. I arrived at the top, I handed my flowers to Bluebell who put them in her little basket. Jared held out his hands for me to take them, he squeezed them gently, smiling at me. The minister began but I was barely paying attention, I gazed at Jared completely mesmerized, he grinned at me and motioned his head when the minister asked me to answer. I snapped out of my daze and answered and then he did the same. It was finally over and I got up on my toes and he kissed me softly, his arms wrapping around my waist to pull me closer to him, deepening the kiss. “You better save that til later” said Shannon laughing, tapping him on the shoulder. I pulled away and whispered to him, “I guess we’ll have to wait”, he pouted jokingly and grinned. We turned back to the guests and they all started clapping and cheering. A while later after we had talked and talked with everyone there, we found a corner that was on the edge of the marquee that was the reception area, behind a half fallen stone wall and hid there. “You look beautiful” he said softly, “thank you, you’re absolutely gorgeous, I wanted to jump you then and there” I said with a low whisper. “We could go find a secret spot in this old castle” he said, I giggled, “we’ll never go back out there ” I said with a giggle. He nodded then turned on that panty melting smile, “well I’m planning on a very long wedding night” he said in a slow sexy drawl. I shivered, desire rushing through me, I pulled him to me kissing him hard. A few moments later his hand was in my hair messing up my bun, as his tongue pushed into my mouth finding mine. We heard someone behind us clearing their throat, we separated and turned to see Rose looking embarrassed to be interrupting us. “Yes?” said Jared annoyed, I poked him and he rolled his eyes, “what is it?” he said in a more polite tone. “I’m sorry but it’s time to cut the cake” she stammered quickly. “Okay we’ll be there in a minute” he said turning his back on her. I saw her scuttle away, “don’t be mean to her, she’s already so scared of you” I said chastising him, he looked surprised. “Why?” he said, “because of all the yelling you did at her over the phone, nothing she did could please you” I said frowning at him. “Well I needed things to be done and they weren’t, I didn’t mean to frighten her, I’ll apologize, cmon lets go do this” he said dismissing the topic and leading me back to the marquee. Bluebell was holding court with her grandma and some of my girlfriends showing off her dress and my flowers, Beau hung onto his uncles legs. As soon as he spotted us he let go and pulled at Shannon’s hand to help him walk over to us, then holding up his hands to be picked up. Jared lifted him and threw him up then caught him, he did this a few times, he squealed with laughter and lifted his hands up so he’d do it again. “No more, we’ll do it later” he said kissing him. He put him down and we went over to the table where the cake sat and did the whole cutting and drinking the champagne while everyone clapped. “I have to thank Antonio for forcing you to sit next to me” he said to me, everyone laughed and I smiled at him remembering that day. He talked a little more, I just stood there completely dazed by him listening and smiling. He finally started to finish, “so, the five of us would like to thank you for coming all this way we really appreciate it” he said smiling at everyone. “What do you mean five?” said his mom confused, everyone started murmuring the same thing. He grinned at me and I laughed, “baby!” he yelled laughing and pointed to my middle, he stood there laughing his head off as everyone rushed over to hug and congratulate us. I grinned shaking my head, as I was pulled away to be smothered with hugs and kisses. He made his way through the crowd back to me. Lifting me up and spinning me around, “you okay?” he said grinning madly. My arms wrapped around his neck holding him tight, I nodded smiling at him. “I’m very happy, you make me very happy” I whispered. He kissed me softly, “I love you baby” he murmured against my lips. “I love you too” I said sighing contentedly. Surprisingly thrilled to finally be what I’d always feared, his wife.

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Every Nancy Drew PC game ranked from worst to best.

So! Ever since I completed the tedious undertaking of ranking all the Nancy Drew suspects, I’ve had people asking me to do a comprehensive ranking of the games themselves (like two people, but that still counts as people). And if you trawl my tumblr, you can see I have been promising to do that exact thing since 2012! So here it is, finally.

Standard disclaimer applies: these are my opinions and my opinions only. They’re completely subjective and based on my own personal likes and dislikes. There are games I hate that I know people love, and games I adore that I know people can’t stand (lots of them, even!). I in no way claim this ranking as definitive. You do you.

Oh, and Dossier games aren’t included, and spoilers for everything, obviously.

Edit, June 2015: As I’ll update this every time a new game comes out, expect changes to occur. I’ll add some liner notes at the bottom of the ranking to justify these adjustments.

With that out of the way? LEGGO BITCHES.


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ishmaelbiddlebaum  asked:

I really want to celebrate Donald Duck's birthday in style. I already watched my favorite cartoon of his (the "apple core", "Baltimore" one) but am hoping you can make some recommendations on what to watch or read!

You should read whatever Carl Barks or Don Rosa Duck stories you can get your hands on, obviously, but here are a few stories that you might look for:


  • Lost in the Andes
  • The Golden Christmas Tree
  • Christmas on Bear Mountain (first Uncle Scrooge)
  • The Old Castle’s Secret
  • Race to the South Seas
  • Truant Officer Donald
  • The Sunken Yacht
  • A Christmas for Shacktown
  • Letter to Santa (I like the Christmas ones, obviously)


  • Mythological Menagerie
  • Oolated Luck
  • Return to Plain Awful
  • The Once and Future Duck

(Obviously these guys wrote a ton of classic Scrooge-centric stories as well, but it’s not Scrooge’s birthday!)

If you want to read some stories by some of the numerous European artists who have worked on Donald Duck stories over the years, you should grab basically any issue of the current IDW Donald Duck series, either in singles or in the Timeless Tales collections. These are both in print and on Comixology.

If you want a different feel, you can’t go wrong with the IDW collections of Al Taliaferro’s Donald comic strip.

As for what to watch:

Plus you should definitely watch the new Ducktales shorts released today!

Happy reading, happy viewing, and happy birthday, Donald!

Nancy Drew Character Races by the Numbers (excluding SEA)
  • White Characters: 105
  • Black Characters: 12
  • Asian Characters: 10
  • Hispanic Characters: 4
  • African Characters: 2
  • Native Characters: 3
  • Ambiguous/Unknown Characters: 5
  • Games With POC Characters: 20/31
  • Games With No POC Characters: 11/31
  • Games With Best Diversity: Shadow at the Water's Edge (4/4 POC), Warnings at Waverly Academy (3/5 POC), Creature of Kapu Cave (3/4 POC), Legend of the Crystal Skull (2/4 POC).
  • Games With Worst Diversity: Stay Tuned For Danger, Treasure in the Royal Tower, Secret of the Old Clock, Haunting of Castle Malloy, The Captive Curse, Alibi in Ashes, Ghost of Thornton Hall, The Silent Spy, Labyrinth of Lies. (All 0 POC)

anonymous asked:

i dont mind. we'll live in a old spooky castle and deck it out with awesome sensory stuff and secret passages and little rooms and cubbyholes and there'll be a bridge leading to a treehouse with great wifi signal

that sounds pretty damn incredible actually

Some of my favorite fictional stories aesthetics

The Secret History: classical sculpture, messy paints, museums, umbrellas blown upside-down from walking in the wind, long midnight drives, stoplights in the middle of nowhere, handwritten letters, books in translation, running away and away and away again until you find the place you know is yours, wide windows, reciting poetry from memory, coats with pockets and cigarette afternoons, convertibles in the rain, the top floors of university libraries, needing to know

Doctor Who (RTD Era): space, the colors pink and gold and blue and brown, stargazing and memorizing the names of the stars, historical fiction novels, that feeling you get when you come back home after a long adventure, maps and atlases, dancing at two a.m., missing your best friend, remembering just how big the universe is, long road trips, exotic foods, are we there yet’s, blankets in the backs of pick-up trucks, sappy chick flicks and hand holding, shoes with their soles worn down, cups of tea gone cold, promising forever and meaning it

Harry Potter: winter scarves, believing in magic, clandestine meetings, not being old enough to do all the things you want, castles with secrets, wide staircases, the forest at night, making blanket forts with your best friends, dreaming about flying, skipping class to go ice skating on the lake, the frost on window-panes, seeing things out of the corner of your eye, pinky-swears, mugs of hot chocolate that keep your hands warm, leather-bound books on mythology, candles

The Song of Achilles: fig trees and laurel crowns, the colors white and gold and red, foot races, freckles, the vastness of the ocean, ships with billowing cream-colored sales, camping at the beach and waking up just in time for the sunrise, thousands of tiny flowers, being scared of the future but not scared enough to let go of the things you love, bonfires, acoustic guitars, cuddles and eskimo kisses, going through old journals, the end of summer when you don’t want to say goodbye, saying goodbye

The Lord of the Rings: potted plants, coffee in the mornings, the view from the tops of mountains, great rivers that seem to run forever, open spaces, walking boots, new cities and old maps, the sunlight glittering in the trees at dawn, exploration, rediscovering long-lost friends, those moments when the earth feels so solid beneath your feet, cranberry scones, UPS packages delivered to the wrong door, the English countryside, the glint of gold in the sun, old songs played on a Celtic whistle, not being able to go back to exactly the way things were, not being alone

Hamlet: mirrors cracked down the middle, premonitions, your shadow under the streetlights, empty cavernous halls, flowers on the surface of lakes, books with the words all jumbled together, wanting to escape, sitting in the back row at the theater, those times when you feel like you’re being followed, bare feet on cold tiles, crying quietly by yourself, soft tree branches shaking, the absolute silence of midnight, cemeteries, suit cases, love letters, hiding in your room when strangers visit, praying to whoever will listen

The Picture of Dorian Grey: carnations, the colors ivory and gold, fancy clothes, portraits with crumbling paint, heavy velvet curtains closing after an orchestral performance, people chattering over a meal, being scared to die, seeing your upside-down reflection on the back of a spoon, pearl necklaces, moodiness, the opera, that pang of something you first felt when you turned twenty, finishing a book and not being able to read another one just yet, stage lights, the concept of eternity, missing the last train home


June Moone / The Enchantress

Freelance artist June Moone is invited to a costume party at an old, haunted castle, and stumbles upon a secret chamber where a magical being named Dzamor empowers her to fight an evil presence in the castle. Saying the words “The Enchantress” changes her appearance from blonde-haired June to black-haired and costumed Enchantress. Saying “The Enchantress“ again causes her to revert back to her June Moone form.

I was gonna make a joke about how it looks like this nursery was stocked with the toys from the general store in Titusville but I think that actually makes sense?

Like if Nancy’s in Titusville in the 30s and the explosion took place before/during WW2 there’s a good chance Fiona would play with the same toys as the kids in CLK.

but now I can’t decide if HeR did that a. intentionally for continuity b. just because they wanted to make a reference to CLK or c. out of sheer laziness and not bothering to design different toys