the old bride

Me: Yeah I like Elias for his mysterious backstory, the cool forms he can turn into, his wicked magical powers, his design, and his-

Also Me: *Wipes forehead*


Molly : it’s me

Mycroft : is it me you’re looking for

James : darkness my old friend

Eurus : my name is inigo montoya you killed my father prepare to die


Classic film related cosplay at DragonCon 2017 including our own @oldfilmsflicker. TCM presented panels on Universal Monsters, Noir…in Spaaaace, and 1950s Creature Features and our own @socalledfandomlife was also on a panel on Classic Monsters in Modern Movies. If you came out to DragonCon and attended any of our panels, drop us a note and let us know how we did and what you’d like to see us do next year!