the old ballroom

For @seungchuchuweek’s Day 5 Prompt: Mythology/Folklore!

Featuring an au I’ve been working on for a while, set vaguely in a Tang dynasty-like China. Seung Gil is a Kumiho* and Phichit is a furry

*nine-tailed fox

Guess who FINALLY managed to see this movie???
Loved it so much! It was a beautiful retelling/remake/whatever of one of my favorite Disney movies.

Also this started out as a simple sketch and then I went nuts with Belle’s dress. Typical.

Peter Parker X Reader - Fairytale

This is so long I’m so sorry!!! Anyway, Tom Holland Peter Parker X Reader, enjoy!!!!

Word Count: 2603

Summary: After a princess filled movie night, you tell Peter your princess dreams. Being the person he is, he decides to try and make that dream a reality.

“I wonder what it’s like.” You pulled your legs up onto the couch, sitting on top of them.

“What what’s like?” Your best friend, Peter Parker, sat on the floor in front of the couch, a bowl of popcorn in his lap.

“Being a princess. For real.” You grabbed the TV remote and clicked the off button, turning the previously colorful screen black. “Can’t you just imagine it, Pete?”

“Oh yeah, that princess life would be awesome.”

“Oh, you know what I meant,” you said with a laugh, swinging a pillow in his direction. He dodged it with a smile, tossing a handful of popcorn in your direction to fight back. “I just think it’d be refreshing.”

“To rule an entire kingdom?”

“No, to just be somewhere new. Plus, who doesn’t want to wear a beautiful gown?” Peter opened his mouth to speak, but you swung the pillow at him again. “You know what I meant!”

“Alright, alright, truce!” Peter laughed, pulling the pillow from your grasp. “I think that’s enough princess movies for tonight.”

“Just one more,” you insisted, clicking the TV back on. “I think… Beauty and the Beast should close out our movie night.”

“Fine. I’ll put it in.” Peter stood to find the disk and put it in. “Am I Adam or Belle this time?”

“Adam. I’m Belle, obviously.”

“Oh, right. You’re in a princess mood.” Peter pressed play and took his spot on the floor again, bowl of popcorn secure in his lap. He could hear you take in a breath as you prepared to sing the first song of the movie.

“Little town…”

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The Party wasn’t so boring after all

Prompt: B)

(Another AU, the Archeron mom is a mortal queen)

Mom Archeron wasn’t able to find a babysitter for her three daughters before the peace party. So she takes them with her. When there, the three girls runs off without a second thought. Nesta (10) hangs on Elain (9) as she walks around making friends with the fae. Then there’s Feyre (8) who seems mostly bored throughout the party, these old adults that doesn’t do anything else than talking.

Feyre then takes to eat the food displayed, that was until she accidentally tipped over a punch bowl. Now soaking wet and crying, she runs away after seeing her mother’s disapproving look. Then she runs into someone, she looks up and see purple eyes looking down at her. When she tells him what happened, he stays with her for the rest of the night, making sure nobody makes fun of her accident.


- Elain makes friend with one special red haired fae with a robotic eye. Though the fae seem very distracted by the other red haired fae that looks like him and the high lord of spring. But Elain doesn’t mind and keep telling stories to the fae.

- Nesta makes friend/enemy with a certain Illyrian general. He kept on irritating her and she wanted payback for it.

- Based on my own prompt -

Word count: 2139

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Just giving you a heads-up, because this is what my weeks will look like for the next three months, at least.

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu: action/fantasy set in the pro-/anti-shogunate era.

Koi to Uso: drama/romance/school life set in a near future where love is forbidden.

Shoukoku no Altair: adventure/historical/drama/fantasy about a young man caught in political intrigue and an imminent war.

Hitorijime My Hero: slice of life/school/shounen ai about young delinquents and old friends.

Ballroom e Youkoso: comedy/sports/drama/romance/school about a professional dancer and an introvert.

Ikemen Sengoku: historical/romance. I don’t know what to say about this one. Every episode is 5’ long, so you can imagine.

(I miss Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine TwT)

You ever think that Nico would be scared to persue Will? Like he sees this beautiful ball of sunshine and healing and /light/ and he cant help but think, “I could never forgive myself if I corrupted that”. He cant even imagine Will in the Underworld, Nicos home away from home, because theres just no light or music. Then one day in Hades palace he hears these weird sounds and in the old ballroom there is Will surrounded by music and firelight and dancing, singing, laughing souls. And nico laughs because Will literally managed to bring happiness to ghosts with no memories even if only for a night. And Hades just watches from the shadows, smiling, as Will pulls his son in for the next dance.

Essays in Existentialism: Hero

OKAY. I had a thought. Superhoer. Girlfriends. 

Stuffy and formal, the air of the party was tense and tight. It was the mingling. The small talk and the innuendos, the haughtiness and the heavy spending disguised in charity, but solely used as a yardstick for egos, it all amounted to a less than stimulating environment. But, Lexa sighed, she’d drawn the short straw, and so she smiled and ordered another drink as the announcer for the charity ball began to usher people towards the grand hall of the old ballroom. 

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anonymous asked:

might be wordy but my wishlist of shallura "non romantic" romantic actions in S3. Shallura victory hug after a particularly hard battle, shallura mission planning where they're bouncing ideas off of each other and working as a team. SHALLURA FIGHTING SIDE BY SIDE WHY HAVEN'T WE GOTTEN THIS ALREADY. Allura supporting an injured Shiro like in the S1 finale. Shiro protecting Allura by jumping in front of her or something. A CONVERSATION ABOUT HER TWO SACRIFICES. *ahem* off the top of my head ^u^


I NEED ALL OF THESE AND I NEED IT NOW, tbh. also consider:

  • allura patching shiro up after a mission, and vice versa
  • them finding each other after nightmares, wandering around the ship, like we all headcanon
  • allura telling shiro, who has expressed interest/amazement about Altea before, about her home
  • shiro dancing with allura in that old dusty ballroom to make her smile again
  • both of them being exhausted and leaning on each other
  • seeing each other after a mission and hugging and then pulling away to look at each other like they’re all the light in the universe
Fire and Feathers

Author: @lumiereswig​/noblewriting over on AO3

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast

Pairing: Lumiere x Plumette

Rating: ?? no sexy times, but p. dark

Summary: Immediately after the curse, from Plumette’s point of view. A sequel of sorts to “Lit by the Sun.”


She is across the room when it happens, but she flies to Lumiere’s side the minute the woman starts to shine. The ballroom feels lit by lightning—yellow sheaths of light are crackling out from the old woman; Plumette would assume she was on fire if the woman’s face was not so tight, so in command, so focused on the prince and not her blazing robe. She finds herself backing into the shadows, Lumiere somewhere behind her, Cogsworth steadying himself on her shoulder.

It is horrifying; it is magic. Plumette never knew. Inaction captures her; she is too caught up in catching everything—the witch’s face, Adam falling to his knees, the cries of the musicians—to move forward, to help the Prince, to do anything but stand silent as a night. Somewhere, she feels like this is how it always is: the Prince about to be hurt, and her silence doing as much ill as good. No, no, she rebukes herself, he did this, he has been unkind so many times. And yet—the woman—the magic.

Screams from the guests as Adam’s face ripples and contorts. His finest coat shreds to the floor; he wails, his voice not rising as in human agony but lowering to a roar. Plumette thinks she catches tears on his face, but she is too horrified by his horns and hair and hideousness to care; a part of her screams, go help him, help!, but she turns away and hides her face, and she knows her lover is reaching toward her to pull her from the scene—

The scream of Madame de Garderobe is cut short, and Plumette herself cries out as a pain beyond pain rips at her bones. Lumiere never reaches her in time. She feels herself thrown, she feels herself enchanted, and then she feels—nothing.

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I went to NYC

…and all I got was some candy, some salt, a crumpled red boat, a feather, a potion, three stones, and four masks. (That’s a lie–I got a lot of joy and other intangibles, too.)

Increasing my SNM experience by 400% in three days was overwhelming and there’s no way that I can transcribe or translate most of it here. It remains fascinating to me on all levels both inside and outside the constructed world of the show. Which means I’ve got a pretty expensive interest on my hands if I want to keep attending, although I guess it’s cheaper than, say, taking up skydiving or horseback riding.

In retrospect, it was a mistake not to go to May Fair, and thus meet more show veterans. As it happened, we first met the very informative @markeee99, who was first in line on Saturday. He later introduced us to the completely delightful @readwithjoy. Did I mention completely delightful? I also chatted briefly with the talented @evenghostandhorse. Everyone’s May Fair outfits were sublime. In turn @readwithjoy introduced us to @mrhecate and @redlipsandlostrings during the Sunday double, as well as some other folks who I’m not sure are Tumblrites. Monday night I ran into @francesmk. But by not going to May Fair I missed out on, for instance, wishing a hearty “Hail, Satan!” to @emmastory, and potentially meeting all the other regulars whom I later spotted in party photos. Then again, loud crowded parties are usually not my bag. Maybe next time.

I know that if I keep attending, there’ll be an inflection point where most of the surprises and mysteries will have been revealed. But I don’t feel like I’m anywhere near such a point yet. I know my way around the space better, but my mental model of it is incomplete. I’ve seen much of the show, but not every major scene (no door dance yet, for instance). Even after over a year of obsessively reading old Tumblr posts, there were many discoveries and surprises for me in shows 2-5. And I certainly couldn’t note and remember cast lists. I am astounded that some of y'all can go to a show and then generate a full cast list. I did manage to photograph the cast board for the early Sunday show, and there were specific performers whom I recognized, but that was about it.

I’ll post later about the specific shows but for now a jumbled list of observations and experiences, behind the cut:

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