the old 97s

I know I’m supposed to feel sympathy for Dmitri, and I’m excited for his character development in the latest mini episode, but I still just can’t find it in me to like him as a person. He just seems overwhelmingly selfish.

Even in his apology to Leon, he kind of aggrandizes his own status as this pioneer or trailblazer. When in reality he bailed on his struggling sister with little notice, failed to even try to keep in contact with her because of his pettiness, then stole an expensive aquatic vehicle from his boss that probably had anthropological value as well, ran this historically significant machine into the ground until it broke, and then has the cojones to complain about the *97-year-old* man who rowed out to sea to save Dmitri’s life.

Dmitri is an interesting character but I don’t think I could stand him as a person.

After 79 long years of waiting, Margaret Bekema finally received her high school diploma. The 97-year-old was forced to drop out of school to take care of her family. She couldn’t hold back tears as she was presented with her honorary diploma.

piper and percy are bros and love hanging out all the time and i just honestly needed an excuse to draw piper because i love her…!! send me more requests please, i got new pens that shouldnt bleed so i can make higher quality stuff LOL as u can see this bleeds like heck (pipers hands) and any attempts to fix the bleeding lineart makes it worse and breaks the cleanliness…


“That episode for me, the last three minutes or so, when that song by the Old 97s is playing, and they’re playing the refrain ‘all I want is you for Christmas,’ and all Happy wants is to connect with her dad, and all Walter wants is to be with Paige, and vice versa, but they can’t get there, and Sylvester and Megan, their relationship is starting to blossom a little bit more than friends, and they’re all sitting around that table and exchanging gifts…it’s a classic, holiday, feel good ending to what was a very intense, scary episode.” 


ICYMI ~ Old 97’s on Conan …