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The Good Ol’ Baton: A Bellamy Blake & Bellarke Meta

It still depresses me that the baton is completely empty when Bellamy gets to space.

The baton is a symbol of power, a nod to the “youth inheriting the earth” and becoming leaders in their own rights as suggested by Kane in Echoes (4x01).

The last time we saw the baton was in late season one, when the Arkers have returned to earth and Jaha is left behind. He opens the bottle, forgoing the original wishes of “opening it on earth.” I suppose he thought that it was good enough. His people made it, they’re safe. So why not crack open the bottle to celebrate or cope with being all alone?

Cut to Praimfaya (4x13). The 97 year-old bottle of scotch is now empty. Bellamy Blake picks it up, looking at the burning earth from a window on the Ark’s last ring, deep in thought, reminiscing.

One thing that I want to make clear in all of this is that Bellamy’s always been a leader.

He’s fallen in line behind some of Skaikru’s elders over the seasons, namely Pike and Kane, but he’s always had a spark that encourages people to follow him. He sways opinions and inspires, encouraging people to take action when they may not have otherwise. It’s a powerful albeit dangerous trait to have, especially because Bellamy tends to act on impulse, being more of a feeler than a thinker.

“People follow you, you inspire them because of this (your heart),” Clarke tells him with a smile, placing a hand on his chest. She reaches up and touches his temple. “But in order for us to survive, you need to use this (your head), too.”

It is my personal opinion that him placing a hand on the baton is meant to demonstrate a transfer of power. In that moment, he becomes a true leader and accepts that responsibility wholeheartedly. He’s going to try his best to take care of the people he loves, like always. He’s determined that they’re going to find a way to survive together- to ride out five years in space and find a way for all of them to get back to earth alive.

But there is also significance of the baton in relation to Bellarke.

In Blood Must Have Blood, Pt. 2 (2x16), there’s a scene that all Bellarke shippers remember clear as day:

“I think we deserve a drink,” Bellamy says, watching as their people reenter camp. They’ve won the day. They’ve saved everyone. They can be at peace now.

Clarke shakes her head. “Have one for me.”

Needless to say, they still haven’t gotten that drink.

The fact that the bottle is empty when Bellamy finds it has more significance than we give credit, in my opinion.

He picks up the baton and accepts his role as a leader, but it all feels surprisingly empty (pun intended). This isn’t what he wants, not completely. Something- or someone, moreover- is missing. I think that this moment in particular does an excellent job of demonstrating who:

“I left her behind,” he says, looking through the window at a dark space station. She couldn’t do it. Something must have gone wrong. His eyes shift to the floor of the cockpit, speaking mostly to himself despite all of the people around him. “I left her behind and we all die anyway.”

The station lights up seconds later. They’re going to make it.

He stands in front of the window for a few moments, and Raven joins him.

“She saved us again,” she says. “You think we can do this without her?”

“If we don’t, she died in vain, and I’m not gonna let that happen.”

It becomes clear that all he’s going to do is for Clarke, to honor her name and memory. He’s going to lead. He’s going to protect. In five years, he’s going to get them all back to earth. And he’s going to do all of it for her.

It just makes him sad that the one thing he can’t do now is what she asked him months ago; “have one (a drink) for me.”

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title: the council
rating: T
summary: sarada uchiha is not one to be played.
author’s note: nothing can convince me that sarada isn’t the perfect balance of strong and sarcastic. she is the sasusaku lovechild.
disclaimer: i don’t own naruto, or any of it’s characters. all rights reserved to tv tokyo, shonen jump and kishimoto.
ps: am i supposed to capitalize the word sharingan? and the names of justus? the world may never know.

It’s true enough that she had her mother’s spirit—her slight akin for kindness and softness under her stone cold, black exterior. She had Sakura’s aptness and almost desperate need to want to heal and protect her loved ones, but she had always been her father’s daughter through and through.

From her hair to her eyes; from the way she hated anything over the top to the way she couldn’t stomach anything remotely sweet; from the way she was born a prodigy to the way everyone seemed to think she took up after Itachi.

Like her uncle, Sarada was a genius and the combination of her sharp eyes and mind let her see the shinobi world for what it truly was and it left her torn; a formidable ninja with the heart of a pacifist. She didn’t mind taking the medical route, but her Uchiha pride and blood didn’t allow to be anything less than the best ninja around town, nothing less than the best for those she loved. 

The love from an Uchiha is a love like no other; it’s deeper, louder, more intense, and not to be handed out lightly. There were few people Sarada could say she truly loved in the world—she didn’t dare extend it beyond her teammates and family. But the love she had for those select few ran deep to her very core and she vowed to herself to do nothing less than protect them until the day she died. She wouldn’t stand for anyone attempting to harm her loved ones, nor did she stand for any slander against them.

So when an elder of the Konoha council seethed about the dangers of the Uchiha and the threat they posed to village, Sarada didn’t blink twice at controlling her temper (she was Sakura and Sasuke’s child after all—she had a tempered unmatched by the most jealous and vengeful of gods).

“What did you just say?” Tone dangerously low, eyes all but barely open as she squinted in the direction of voice that had dared to insult her clan, her family.

Most would agree that a sixteen year old had no business attending a meeting for the clan heads and other important officials and notable shinobi of a major powerhouse in the allied nations. Except if that sixteen year old year girl was a clan head herself, the Captain of the Police Force and the strongest kunoichi of the newest generation of Konoha ninja.

Sarada sat at the lefthand most corner of the round table, to her right, Naruto sat loud and proud at the head of the table, Hanabi Hyuga to her left. Heads of other important Konoha clans sat in succession, followed by military leaders, ANBU captains, research division heads, Granny Tsunade, and the village elders.

The meeting had been called to discuss village security, given the staggering amounts of missing and dead ninja reports on top of requests for ninja escorts and guards from surrounding towns. Hanabi suggested stationing more Hyuga around the borders, to potentially foresee and prevent future attacks or suspicious activity. As head of investigation and interrogation, Ino suggested that Naruto send recon squads to spy and gather further information. Tsunade claimed they ought to focus on the barely living ninja that had been brought back to the hospital in shreds. Naruto listened intently, alarmed at the situation, but content that the group in front of him had such wonderful ideas. Until one of the elders opened their mouths.

“If you want Konoha to be safe, Hokage-sama, I say that you need to start with protecting people from the inside,” Lady Choi grunted. The gray haired woman was nearing 97 years old, but had the sass of a surly nineteen year old. In all there were five elders on the board, Lady Choi and her brother Meno by far the most conservative of the bunch.

“How do you suggest we do that, Lady Choi?” Naruto asked. Old people were never exactly his thing, but dealing with Lady Choi was like dealing with an angry Tsunade—not something he preferred to do.

“If you want this village to be safe, you ought to purge it of internal dangers. Start by getting rid of those murdering ministers in the Uchiha complex. That family has brought nothing but pain and torture to this village for years.”

Eyes at the round table went wide. While Lady Choi was conservative and snarky in conversation, she remained an elder, and few chose to openly reply to her with the same amount of sarcasm and sass that she dished out. Except for Sarada Uchiha.

“Excuse me?” She snarled. “What did you just say?”

Onyx eyes stay fixated on the old woman across the room. Exactly who did this raisin think she was?

“You heard me, child. Those damned Uchiha are the reason for half of the attacks on this village. Hokaga-sama, just how many times have we had rogue ninja sneak past border security looking for that cursed sharingan? They’re murders, a danger to the people of Konoha, and a threat to our security.”

“Murderers? And what do you call our Assassination ANBU unit? I suppose they’re a bunch of holy purgers, correct?” Sarada’s voice dripped sarcasm, her knuckles becoming whiter the harder she gripped on to the table.

“They’re given orders,” Choi retorted, “Those Uchiha kill at their own free will. Itachi Uchiha nearly killed his entire clan, what makes you—”

“Shutup.” Sarada’s voice ripped through the room at a dangerously low octave. All eyes on her, she stood up from her chair, hands firmly on the table, it took all of her strength not to activate mangekyou and end the old woman across from her.

“Who do you think you’re talking to, child? Show some respect.

If there was one thing Sarada hated in the world more than anything, it was being called a child. She had worked far too hard to be diminished to such a status. Her pride wouldn’t let her.

“This child is the head of the Uchiha clan.” she seethed. “You shut your mouth about my uncle, lady. He is not a murderer—”

“Where is your respect? I am a village elder, you ought to be arrested for talking to me like this.”

“Arrested? You’d think you’d know something for being an elder—you can’t arrest the Captain of the Police Force, grandma.”

Choi’s eyes went wide. “This is the new Police Captain, Hokage-sama?” she accused Naruto, bewildered that the youngest Uchiha held such a powerful title. “No matter, insolent child. You ought to have respect for—”

Respect is earned, not handed out like blankets in the winter,” dangerously dark eyes bore through the old woman, “You seem to be the only one not knowing who you’re dealing with here. Tch, you’d think for being as old as you are, you’d know basic social rankings around here.”

Sarada pushed back her chair and crossed her arms. “Village elders sit on a board, thrice removed from the right hand of the Hokage. On par with Clan Heads, first behind the Chief of the Medical Corp, second to the ANBU Black Ops, and third to and furthest removed from the Chief of Police,” she spat, “You’re a nothing but a political figurehead—you advise the Hokage and provide him with a primary source of historical events, but by no means do you have nearly as much power as anyone else at this table. In fact, any nominations or proposals you make and be checked and vetoed by Tsunade-sama, ANBU and me.

The room fell even more quiet than before. Some were shocked, others like Hanabi and Tsunade sat comfortably with a small grin on their face. To Sarada’s right, Naruto sat with his hands folded, chin resting in his palms with a signature grin settled on his face; the three of them had the same thought—just like Sakura.

“Say what you want about power,” Choi retorted. “That’s all you Uchiha are after anyway. I’ve seen too many rogue Uchiha in my lifetime and mark my words you’ll end up just like that monster Itachi, killing off his entire clan and—”

“Because you told him to,” Sarada roared. “If you’re going to talk about my uncle then tell the truth. You and your band of elders are the very people who ordered Itachi Uchiha to kill his family. You told a fifteen year old boy that the only way to save the village was by murdering his family and I’ll be damned if you think I’m going to sit here and let you spread lies about him. He is not a monster and the Uchiha are not murderers. Mind you we built this village—I will not sit here and let you spread lies about my family.”

Then Sarada did the unimaginable; leaned forward, grabbed Choi by her collar and brought her to her level.

“You mark my words: the Uchiha are not your pawns. If you think you can control and manipulate me and then conflate my story to fit your twisted beliefs, then you’re dead wrong. I am my uncle’s niece, my father’s daughter, but I am not the summation of their actions. I will tell their stories but don’t you dare try and tell mine. If you even so much as dare to tell the smallest lie about my family ever again, I’ll show you exactly what happened, so you won’t forget it,” sharingan swirling, Sarada let the old woman go, standing upright again.

“Am I understood?” the blood red of her sharingan piercing through Choi’s mind. Sarada hadn’t dared to activate a jutsu, but the proximity and sight of the legendary doujutsu had been enough to shut Choi’s mouth.

In the tradition of the Uchiha, Sarada leaned forward again, daring and unsatisfied, “I said, am I understood?”

Lady Choi inhaled sharply, looking at the ninja in front of her and around the room. When it was clear to her that not even the other elders were going to defend her, she hesitantly met the red eyes in front of her and nodded gravely, “Yes, Captain.”

With a satisfied smirk, Sarada brushed off her flak jacket and took her seat again, turning to Naruto as if to say she was ready for the meeting to resume.

The blonde Hokage gave his goddaughter a reassuring smile, and looked to Tsunade who had the same look on her face—Sarada Uchiha was most definitely her father’s daughter.

Crushes - Peter Parker x Reader

Requested by @missbreephoenix : I saw that you posted for Marvel again and really enjoyed it! I’ve never really asked for a request before but can I request a Spider-Man imagine? Garfield’s maybe? One where he’s in love with the reader—she doesn’t know—but he’s jealous of Steve Rogers and thinks the reader has a crush on Steve?

I finally finished your request! It’s a bit short but I hope you like it <3 

Originally posted by yoimspiderman

How can she ever give me a chance when he’s around? Peter watched you with a bitter expression as you joked around with Cap. He was keeping you company while you were cooking dinner for the team. Peter burned of jealousy as he watched you smile and giggle at Steve’s jokes, wishing you would be talking to him instead. He sighed and got up out of the loveseat, exiting the living room and heading out onto the balcony.

You frowned as you noticed Peter going outside. He looked upset and you hated seeing him that way. “(Y/N)? You okay?” Steve asked when he saw the look on your face.

“Huh?” You looked back over at him and faked a smile. “Yeah, yeah. Put this in the oven for me?” You pointed to the dish. “I just need to — I’ll be right back.” 

“Hey, Pete? Are you alright?” You stepped outside the sliding glass door and walked towards him.

He was leaning over the balcony with his arms crossed, looking out at the city. He was quiet, not responding to you as he thoughtfully watched the bright lights and cars below.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” You commented on the nightlife.

“Hmm, yeah.” He hummed as he looked over at you.

“I really enjoy being here at the tower. I never imagined myself living in the city. I thought I’d be a small-town girl forever.” You smiled, thinking about your parents and siblings back home.

His brown eyes watched your lips as you spoke. Feeling brave, he decided to tell you how he felt about working with you. “I’m glad you’re here, (Y/N).”

You looked back over at him and grinned.  “And I’m glad you joined us. We all make a great team, don’t we?” You said, nudging him on the shoulder. “You seem to really mesh well with Wanda.”

He smiled and looked away as you waggled your eyebrows at him. “Yeah…we’re friends, ya know?” What you didn’t know was that he talked to your best friend Wanda about how he could impress you.

“Riiiiggghhhttt.” You accused.

“And what about you? You seem to be close with Captain Good-Looking.” His smile didn’t quite meet his eyes.

“Oh he definitely is a looker, isn’t he?” You laughed. “But I’m actually more into people my age. After all, he is 97 years old.”

Peter laughed and looked back out towards the city. You admired how nice he looked with his soft hair tousling in the wind and the glowing lights illuminating his skin.

Once he turned back to you and caught you staring, you blushed. His eyes held yours and the two of you sat in silence. Finally, you found the courage to lean in closer to him and he did the same. Your eyes closed just before his lips softly pressed against yours. The kiss didn’t last long as he pulled away with a smug smile on his face. “So just to be sure…you don’t have a crush on Steve, right?”

You rolled your eyes. “No you idiot. Kissing you was my way of telling you I like you.” You pushed him and laughed.

He laughed along with you. “Subtle.”

“And you don’t like Wanda?”

“Yeah, about that…” He rubbed the back of his neck.

“Oh shut up.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him against you.

He smiled sweetly down at you as he cupped your face, bringing your lips back to his.

piper and percy are bros and love hanging out all the time and i just honestly needed an excuse to draw piper because i love her…!! send me more requests please, i got new pens that shouldnt bleed so i can make higher quality stuff LOL as u can see this bleeds like heck (pipers hands) and any attempts to fix the bleeding lineart makes it worse and breaks the cleanliness…

So this was part of a fic that I wrote that got accidentally deleted (RIP) and I just wanted to share this again because I think it’s both sad and hilarious.

My 97 year old Great Granny is getting used to the selfie video and wants you to know this isn’t her best angle. Can she get some love for The Blackout? (that’s me cacklin in the back)

Update:  I don’t really post that much on tumblr EVER, but I posted this over a year ago and it is the most reblogged thing I’ve ever posted by far. It still makes me so happy. My Granny Ada Belle passed away today (10/15/16). She would have turned 99 this December. I’m glad y’all got to experience a moment of a soul that was so beautiful and so important to me. This is how I will remember us together. That laugh man, I won’t forget it.

I’ve been waiting for that moment when everything began to feel real. Even though I’m experiencing it, even though I’ve had the conversation with my parents, my boyfriend, my two oldest best friends, my employers, and even though I have started a YouCaring campaign and written about it on the internet, it didn’t feel real until I got this text from my expatriate college friend:

My heart aches learning all of this. I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through. I know I’m far away, but if you need anything, I’ll always be here for you.

That was when it hit me. I don’t know what about that made it be so, but it was.

We played Gin today. We watched The Golden Girls on my father’s chrome book. She has wires everywhere, rashes covering much of her skin, bruises from all the needles that have poked her. Every once in a while she moves her lines to the side and says “This is such fucking bullshit.” I have to agree.

The moments between taking care of my family and attempting to stay present with them were spent searching for what I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. I couldn’t google my sister’s cancer. It didn’t find anything. I had to read PDF files of medical journals to get the answers to my questions.

3%. 3% of the people with my sister’s type of cancer survive the next 5 years after their diagnosis. Nowhere said how many survive the next 10.

My sister is 23 years old, and science is 97% sure I have already outlived her.