the ol switcheroo


The ol’ switcheroo.

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hi!! can u do a mc x rfa saeran + v where mc asks them for a selfie and just as she takes the photo she sneakily kisses them on the cheek??? aaa i hope that made sense ;w;

this is super cute omg


  • He loves selfies so he agrees with 0 hesitation
  • He had the same idea as you did
  • So when you turned to kiss his cheek, he was also turning to kiss you
  • Now you have a picture of you guys kissing each other with a huge smile on your faces


  • He’s okay with the selfie as long as he can still be playing LOLOL
  • I mean, he’s in the middle of a huge battle you can’t expect him to just stop
  • Anyway he pulls the whole peace-sign-huge-smile-with-eyes-closed look
  • But then you pull the sneaky cheek kiss
  • He’s blushing so hard in the picture it’s the cutest thing ever


  • She doesn’t really like taking selfies of herself, but she loves taking selfies with you
  • Her phone is filled with pictures of the two of you
  • Anyway when you come up to ask for a selfie, she suspects nothing and agrees immediately
  • She’s shook by the kiss
  • But it’s a happy shook
  • She’s blushing but there’s like a small smile on her face
  • She sets it as her wallpaper for a long time


  • …Not huge on selfies
  • But whatever he can’t say no to you
  • So he pulls you to sit on his lap and get the two of you into a cute pose
  • Then you do the cheeky cheek kiss heh
  • He’s just got like a little surprised look on his face
  • He sets it as the wallpaper on his phone/laptop/every device he has that can have a wallpaper on


  • Selfies are a daily thing with Seven
  • Like the amount of selfies he takes is almost on par with Zen
  • Most of the selfies are just with you tho
  • So anyway when you ask to take a selfie he has no suspicions
  • He makes the most exagerated shocked face ever in the picture
  • “MC! How dare you betray me like this?!”
  • He is so incredibly extra


  • What kind of photographer is V, he never even heard the word ‘selfie’ before you asked if he wanted to take one
  • Anyway once you educated him, he was 100% down for taking a picture together
  • He was really excited awww he’s so sweet
  • But then you do the ol’ switcheroo and kiss him
  • He’s not even that shook he just kinda looks at you with a loving expression


  • High Key against selfies
  • Not in like an insecure way, but he doesn’t see the merit in taking pictures of himself
  • When you tell him you wanted to take a selfie with him, he reluctantly agrees
  • He likes the idea of being able to see you even when you’re not together
  • Acts really tsundere about it tho obviously
  • But then you kiss him and hoo boy
  • He’s shooketh
  • He’s blushing hardcore in the picture and kinda pulling away from you
  • He wouldn’t admit it but he saves the picture and looks at it whenever he misses you or he’s felling upset
Unknown x MC: My Turn To See The Sky

Vanderwood gathered Saeyoung’s bags under his arms stuffing them into the trunk of the car. Grumbling about irresponsibility and laziness, he slammed the trunk closed locking the back with a button on his keys.

“Luciel! Get in here! It’s time to…goddamn it,” he tripped on some device Saeyoung made for you,“why can’t you pick this shit up…it’s time to go!” Vanderwood plucked things off the floor tossing them into their rightful places; out of his damn way.

Saeyoung ignored him resting his hand on your hip and holding his head up with the other. His thumb drew tiny circles as he gazed into your eyes.

“I won’t take long,” his voice was low, almost whispering his promise.

“You swear?” You stick your pinky out to him.

“The Defender of Justice God 707 never breaks a promise!! Especially one from a damsel such as you!!” He reluctantly left your hip to interlock your pinkies.

You pushed him on his back to tower above him. You stared indignantly into his golden eyes. His hands returned to your hips grinning like a fool.

“You better not,” you leaned down to kiss his cheek,“ or I’ll build a death ray and blow space away.”

“Ah! You would do that?”

“Only if you lied.”

“You’re so cool!”


“Okay…then…I’ll come back as fast as I can!” He pulls you down in a kiss that felt like he was afraid you’d float away.

“I’ll be rig-”

“When you lovebirds are fucking done canoodling all over those sheets I just washed, there’s a mission that needs doing and your little lady friend over there,” Vanderwood gestured to you, “can’t come. So let’s go.” He pulled out a cigarette, turned on his heel, and left the room grumbling about a shit lighter that couldn’t do its job.

“Gotta go, babe,” Saeyoung got up and blew a dramatic kiss at the door to you.


It had been a week since Saeyoung left. Every day felt longer than the last waiting for him. You grew anxious only calming yourself down by making his favorite food, shopping for things he’d like, or calling Yoosung. Saeyoung couldn’t answer his phone so texting when he couldn’t call was out of the question. Zen had even come over twice, once with Yoosung, to give you company.

Robocat rolled into and out of every room meowing about battery life. You lift the cat to replace its batteries and hear a click at the door. You nearly jumped out of your skin.

“Saeyoung!” The large metal doors parted revealing him and all his glory. You were thrilled running up to him with open arms and calling his name.

“Ah, I missed you so much,” you peppered his neck with kisses holding him as close as possible.

“I missed you too, babe,” his voice was slightly lower than you thought, but you didn’t ask questions about his missions.

“Are you hungry?” Your smile was vibrant as you pulled back, still holding his hands, to look into his eyes. They were a funkier gold…almost yellow.

‘Must be tired from the mission. He always said they were exhausting for one reason or another,’ you dismissed the thought.

“Yea. What is there to eat?” He looked around the room scanning for something.

“You don’t want any HBC?”

“Yea, of course I do,” he seemed unsure stuttering through his replies,“ but first,” he lifted you up into his arms carrying you into his bedroom, “I’ve been apart from you too long, wouldn’t you agree?” He locked the door behind him lowering the lights.

“Ah, Saeyoung,” he threw his jacket to the floor unbuttoning his shirt and tossing them elsewhere, “what about Vanderwood? He’ll hear us.” You noticed his body was muscular like before but somehow slimmer. Had to be lighting…

“Vanderwood is not a problem. Don’t worry about it, babe,” he climbed on top of you in bed sitting in your lap. He grabbed you pulling you into a deep hungry kiss. His lips seemed dead set on consuming your own until you opened your mouth. He controlled the kiss shoving his tongue in as soon as he saw an opening. The kiss made you dizzy as your core flared up pooling with need.

“S-Sae-,” you tried to say his name to ask him to slow down, but he cut you off.

“No, call me Master,” he parted the kiss to look you in the eye. “Say it.”


“Good girl,” he threw you on your back, “now take your shirt off for me.” His voice was ragged watching you peel out of your shirt. “That too,” he plucked your bra strap, “show me all of you.” You unhook your bra in the front tossing it onto the floor with your shirt.

He paused for a moment to admire your chest watching you breathe. The silence was too long but immediately cut short as he came down you biting your neck and tugging on your ear lobe. He bit into your skin sucking hungrily like he wanted to pull the blood out. He licked the developing bruises in long strokes savoring the sweet flavor of sex on your flesh.

He moved down to your chest kissing your breast while squeezing the other. His teeth latched onto a nipple grinding and tugging fiercely. He alternated sucking and biting while his other hand pinched and squeezed your breast. Gawd, he wanted to sap you dry. 

“M-Mast-Master,” he was relentless. Your body shook craving Saeyoung terribly. You wanted-no- you needed him to fuck you.

He left his hand on your breast as his tongue trailed down to your navel. He nibbled on your stomach dragging his nails down your abdomen to your trembling legs. He sat up once more admiring the expression on your face.

You were beautiful. He could smell how much you wanted him inside you. The way you fidgeted your legs trying to close them or your hands that had no mind but to travel along the sheets looking for a purpose or the teeth that dug into your bottom lip practically begging him to bury himself inside you. He couldn’t. A meal like you took time and he couldn’t just…finish so early. It was tempting, but watching you writhe under his control, in his arms, motivated him to take his time. He was harder than he had been in years ignited by your moans, but he’d enjoy you.

“Hold them there,” Saeyoung lifted your legs up, pushing them over your head. He growled releasing the grip he had behind your knee. He waited until your hands were firmly clasped around the bend of your leg before he dove in. That wait is too long. He parted your dripping core licking excessively long stripes until the tip of his tongue flicked your clit. You trembled with each one as the knot in your gut tightened so much you almost couldn’t hold your legs anymore.

He licked away until his licks became bites tugging at the puffy lips. You were sweet everywhere. He was enjoying himself too much. When you rocked or jumped, he pushed you forward again continuing to devour you.

“Don’t drop them,” he growled between feedings.

“Yes, Mas-Master,” his lips were covered in your essence. His tongue had explored as far as it could. He wanted to hear you scream. Not just whimper. He wanted you to beg and tremble beneath you; to take you to a paradise you wouldn’t recover from nor replicate.

“Release.” He watched you let go of your legs tired and breathing heavily. He wasn’t done. Far from it. He slipped off the bed.

“We done, Saeyoung?” You turned your head to look at him. He had pulled his pants off with his underwear and threw them into a crumpled heap. “Saeyoung…,” he looked a little…longer than before. You squint your eyes trying to see him.

“I thought,” he grabbed your hips roughly pulling you to the edge of the bed, “I told you,” he turned your body towards him standing between your legs, “to call me ‘Master’?” He hands had no intention of being gentle.

His eyes were bright even in the dark stained with mischief and lust. His gaze was fierce and hungry prepared to devour your will with a single command. Was this….was this Saeyoung?

“Saeyo-,” his eyes hardened.

“Fine.” He flipped you over on your stomach. He pinned your arms to your back holding your wrists in one hand. Confused you started to question him only to be cut short by a swift harsh smack on your ass. He struck with no consideration to the definition of pain in a merciless onslaught. Each smack followed the next before the pain subsided. He watched your ass jiggle with each spank pleased with the yelp that seemed to please him more than he expected.

After what felt like forever, his hand stopped.

“Repeat after me, babe,” his tone was gruff, almost hoarse, “I’m sorry, Master.”

“I-I’m s-sorry, Master,” your ass burned intensely as you replied to him without hesitation.

“See,” he released your wrist to flip you on your back, “being an obedient girl isn’t so hard.” He grinned. It wasn’t a sweet grin or a tender loving grin. There wasn’t a hint of love. It was raw unadulterated lust and control.
‘What happened on that mission…,’ before you could dig into that thought, Saeyoung tore something and lowered it to his waist below your vision.

“There,” he leaned over your body placing one hand on the bed and the other on his cock, “now we can play.”

He was merciless slamming himself in. Your back immediately arched off the bed pushing a moan to a puff of air. He was so much deeper than you expected and he fit perfectly.

He moved immediately gripping the bed and thrusting quickly. Your heat swallowed him convulsing around his cock gripping him like you never wanted him out. He was in ecstasy. He groaned pumping in harder. He wanted to brand the feeling of him inside you on every inch he could. You would remember him.

He lifted you up off the bed holding you by your legs with your arms locked around his neck. You bounced off him riding along this length using the momentum of him thrusting.
Your mind was swimming in deep pleasure unsure if you could hold out much longer. Trembling and moaning, you had never felt this way with Saeyoung. He was hitting every spot perfectly every single time, but you ached for more.

He turned to a wall slamming your back against it. He wanted to taste the hunger on your lips. He dug his nails into your ass as you laced your legs behind his back. He ground into you against the wall locking his lips with your own. Your tongue and his was in a fierce tug of war exploring the inside of each other’s mouths.

“Master,” you tried to part from his kiss,“ I’m…I’m close,” he pulled you off the wall and set you on the floor.

“All fours. Now.” His voice was loud and harsh demanding you move. Your core ached without him forcing you to act immediately. “Good girl.” He reentered you placing his hand on your back.

He pushed your face to the floor wrapping his rough hands around your hips. He wasted no time to fuck you. He pounded into you, very close to cumming himself, savoring every scream. The angle allowed him to hit a spot you hadn’t known existed. It felt so good you were losing your mind screaming so loud.

His nails pierced your skin as his mind raced. He wanted to come inside you. He longed for it. To watch the cum spill out of your quivering heat. To see you beg him for more breathless and splattered in his semen. He had to. He couldn’t. He had to mark you more.

He pulled out pulling off the condom and came on your back. The cum streamed down your spine to your neck from your ass. You shuddered trying to catch your breath.

He finished and sat back on his heels staring at your ass in the air and your cum dripping down your thighs. He wanted to fuck you again and again and again. His cock missed being inside you, but you couldn’t handle that and he knew it.

“M-Master,” you shakily pushed yourself up to flop on your back, “are we done?”

“Yes,” he moved to lay beside you pulling you against his chest. You focused on breathing to the rhythm of his heart. He closed his eyes resting beside you.

The serene expression on his face was a stark contrast from the ferocity you had just faced. You lifted your hand to stroke his hair running your fingers through what you knew to be red locks. You closed your eyes resting against him and his fast beating heart.

Every muscle in your body ached. You tried to sit up slowly stretching your body and its sores. You looked around the floor for the man who ravaged you. He was fully clothed in front of the bedroom door with his back to you.

“Where you going, Defender of Justice?” His grip on the knob tightened. He knew you couldn’t do anything. He knew it wouldn’t matter if you knew. You’d tell Saeyoung and his brother would know he stained his love. He’d know.

But he wanted him to know.

He turned around boring his bright blue eyes into your bare bodies. Chills slithered down your spine staring at the stranger who looked so much like Saeyoung.

“Who are you…?” He laughed.

“I’m the memory my brother forgot,” his smile was wrought with malevolence and sadness,“ my name is Unknown.”

Hello, friends! I’ve had a few people interested in finding out how I made these gradual-colour gifs I posted recently, so I thought I’d do a tutorial for anyone who wants to give it a go :)

As I’ve mentioned before I didn’t use a tutorial myself, I just figured out my own way of doing it using my Photoshop/gif knowledge and an existing gifset as a guide. I also had to work around a few Photoshop glitches I usually struggle with, so my way might be slightly over-complicated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) But anyway let’s get started!

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Bodyswap Masterlist

Skin by MemeKonVLD (1/1 | 3,276 | Mature)

He’s aware of Lance talking to him, but he’s still too asleep to try to decipher whatever it is he’s blabbering about. He only starts paying attention when one of Lance’s hands goes to the drawstring of his pajama pants.

“Whoa, what are you doing?” He asks, slapping Lance’s hand away, cheeks warm.

“You,” Lance starts, pointing at him (and Keith notices that for all he’s made fun of him for the last forever for them, he’s wearing his fingerless gloves), “are not screwing up my skin care routine, man.”

Remember My Name by WarmaCrewe (2/12 | 8,564 | Teen And Up)

When Keith wakes up in Lance Sanchez’s body, he thinks he’s having an awful nightmare.

When Lance wakes up as Keith Gyeong, it’s the best dream he’s ever had.

But the more it keeps happening, the more it becomes clear to them that these aren’t dreams at all.

//temporary death

Sharing by themoistplinth (1/1 | 4,679 | Explicit)

Allura forces Lance and Keith to swap bodies hoping they’ll understand each other better-in a way they do.

in your shoes by lydiamartin (3/? | 10,079 | Mature)

Hollywood did not prepare him for waking up in the body of a complete stranger.

Keith tried not to stare at this person’s junk in the full-body mirror. He did not know this person, and no matter what Pidge might say, just because he’s Texan it doesn’t mean he was raised in a fucking barn like a savage. He would not act like a savage.


when you’re me and i’m you by sneezing (3/? | 4,771 | Teen And Up)

Keith and Lance switch bodies and chaos ensues.

The Ol’ Space Switcheroo by treble_maker (1/? | 1,699 | Teen And Up)

After a particularly rough fight, Keith and Lance are sent into the healing pods and when a power surge occurs overnight, the two emerge, but something is off…

Opposites by RuReadyToSing (1/1 | 4,642 | Teen And Up)

Keith and Lance hate each other. But the others know the real truth.

Headcanons: Dating Fred Weasley

Request: Can you do headcannons with being Fred Weasley’s girlfriend/significant other?

• Its a fun and stable relationship. Both of you are loyal and level headed when it comes to relationships

• Communication between you is nearly perfect. You are honest and open.

• Affection is always giggly and sweet. Unless its not, in which case it is teasing and a bit risque

• So it will either be Eskimo kisses and light tickles or Groping and steamy makeouts

• “Fighting” doesn’t really happen. You might get a little grumpy at his pranks but if he takes it to far you will let him know and he will apologise 

• He is supportive of you and vice versa. You both get so passionate about each other’s successes. 

• In school, things like good grades or a fantastic win in Quidditch got rewarded with something akin to a date night. 

• So when he and George opened their store, you spoilt them both rotten.

• Molly and Arthur love you. You are just so good to their son. 

• The whole family adore you, actually. Expect big family dinners and stuff. Also!!! SWEATERS!

• There have been times where Fred and George tried to play the “ol’ Switcheroo” on you but you just knew it wasn’t Fred

anonymous asked:

Can you write about what it would be like to sleep next to each member? How you would fall asleep together, and how you would wake up.... T.T

With the SS over I’m able to get back into HC. But I’m getting sick so most of what I’ll be putting out there won’t be up to par as I would like. Anyways enjoy!


  • sleeping with his nugget is like sleeping with your security blanket ^^
  • his pajamas are so soft and you love to grapple onto him when you sleep
    • so cuddly!
  • when you two get into bed he goes straight for cuddling
  • he’ll wake up in the middle of the night to you holding onto him like a koala to a tree
    • and he fucking loves it
    • it’s all he ever wanted in life
  • sometimes you’ll do this little squeeze if he moves and he just DIES
  • you snore but that’s okay it ends up getting muffled into his back and it turns into a pleasant massage
  • you wake up first because either your snoring either wakes you up or your alarm does


  • you usually have to initiate cuddling or else she’s too entranced watching Zen’s musicals >:o
  • but baehee always falls asleep first because this gelato is tired af
  • she just sinks into the bed and lays her head on yours
  • she’s like a blanket so you just let it all happen
  • when she wakes up she’s on top of you!
    • at first, she’s embarrassed by this fact and tries to sleep on her stomach to prevent herself from making you uncomfortable
    • but it turns out she’s uncomfortable
    • her boobs just get in the way and she can’t find the perfect spot
    • so she just accepts her fate
  • you don’t mind half of the time
  • if she does end up climbing on top of you, you just slid out and it’s not a problem
  • if you two wake up at the same time there may or may not be some Eskimo kisses involved


  • who needs a heating blanket when you got this marshmallow
  • if it’s cold you immediately latch yourself onto him
  • if not, you like to sleep close to him like shoulder to shoulder
  • holds your hand and gives you kisses goodnight because he’s a dork
  • sometimes you’ll wake up because he ends up eating the cucumber slices on his eyes or yours
    • you do NOT talk about the strawberry incident
    • so much damn strawberry stains everywhere
  • but you always love it when he holds your hand
  • because sometimes if he’s dreaming he’ll give it a nice squeeze
  • :>
  • you wake up in the morning to his morning voice whispering sweet nothings
    • or his locks of hair in your mouth
  • doesn’t kiss you in the morning because there have been a few times he gets your drool on his mouth


  • this donut always wants you to be as close to him as possible
  • so he likes when you’re sleeping on top of him
    • having the weight of you on him makes that tangle of string in his chest looser
    • it makes you all the more real to him
  • you can be sleeping on the opposite side of the bed but wake up sleeping on Jumin
    • you don’t mind ENTIRELY
    • but sometimes you drool and the evidence is on his shirt…
  • like this donut can’t get enough of you
  • this greatly offends Elizabeth 3rd BECAUSE THAT WAS HER SLEEPING SPOT
  • so she ends up taking your side of the bed when you move
  • or she’ll try to cuddle up to Jumin’s head
  • like bitch don’t test me
  • if you try to move he’ll pull you back down
  • wakes you up by stroking your hair or he’s trying to move you
  • sometimes if you wake up first you give him a kiss on his nose
  • and Elizabeth 3rd is NOT amused


  • this jellybean’s body is so COLD
  • he’ll try to touch you with his cold hands and you just jump
    • activating intense tickle fight
  • when you two finally clock out, your bodies become origami
  • just a pile of tangled limbs and bodies
  • you’ll kick him and he’ll kick you
  • snore and he’ll snore too
  • Saeren praises whatever is out there that the walls are soundproof
  • you two always wake up in a new position
    • once you found yourself inside of his shirt
    • like how did that happen
  • lots of lazy kisses and trying to help each other out of bed


  • this sweetheart is a total bed hog
  • hogs the blankets and the bed
  • he feels so bad that he does it so he makes SURE that you have enough blankets and your side of the bed
  • but it keeps on happening
  • you just decide to huddle up to V as much as you can
  • when he wakes up he’s about to situate himself to reset his position
  • but he doesn’t end up moving because you’re latched onto him 
    • !!!
  • next time he sleeps, he tries holding onto you like a stuffed animal
  • and he doesn’t move the entire night
  • you’re happy you have blankets and room on your side but shit this sweetheart is SMOTHERING you in your sleep
  • if you have to wake up early, you pull the ol’ switcheroo by putting a body pillow in your place
  • it takes him longer than he would have like to realize that you weren’t in his arms
    • has a fucking heart to heart conversation with a damn pillow


  • chronic spooner
  • you two can sleep on either side of the bed
  • or back to back
  • but you’ll wake up in the middle of the night because he’s shifted closer to you
  • and again an hour later
  • then you wake up again when he pulls you closer to him
  • and you just want to sleep so you try shoving him off
  • he get’s SUPER offended
  • groans into the pillow in his sleep zombie state
    • all he wants is someone to cuddle with ;-;
  • when you’re actually in the mood to cuddle you’ll let him spoon you
    • and the gumdrop is a happy gumdrop
so give me a smile or give me a sneer | a master rec post for puck/sabrina & the sisters grimm

A master rec post for Sisters Grimm fans, by an old-time Sisters Grimm fan. You and I both know all too well that our fandom is seriously lacking in good fic. I’ve gone through about 13 pages of all stories on FFN, and this is what I’ve found (so far!). I’ve also thrown in some seriously adorable art pieces I found on Tumblr. Hope you guys find this at least a little bit useful! And please, join me in my quest and help me find fic, please god help me out, it’s excruciating.

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anonymous asked:

are you taking prompts? if so jon/sansa - basically the tumblr post 'let me sleep with you so i can warm my feet on you and use you as a pillow and probably steal all the covers' (something like that) :)

In which Sansa obliges Arya’s request for the good ol’ midnight switcheroo at the Stark beachhouse. [It’s not stated in-text but Jon isn’t Lyanna’s son here.]

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The Pirate Trap

When a pirate crew frozen by Sapphire to save Captain Dewey thaws and loots Beach City, the Gems must defend their booty. But when swashbuckling Stevonnie and “sea witch” Lapis discover the Captain is a Tahitian Pearl and a forgotten former Crystal Gem, cracked and reformed as Pirate Queen, Steven proposes a pacifist defense: a combo of the ol’ switcheroo with Lapis’ water bending and good ol’ fashioned healing spit.

on Younger and the ole’ age switcheroo

For the past week or so I’ve been binge-watching the comedy Younger. On the show, Sutton Foster plays Liza Miller, a 40-year-old suburban mom whose daughter is off at college and has just gone through a divorce. She’s out of work, has been for years, and finds that nobody will hire someone her age back in to the publishing industry. Until her friend Maggie (Debi Mazer) brings in the magic of make-up and Urban Outfitters styling to help Liz pass off as 26. Ta-da! The girl lands a job, a boyfriend, and a BFF played by Hilary Duff all with her web of lies and slouchy knit beanies.

The show is good. Corny, yes, but well-executed and Sutton Foster is a charmer. The show is explicitly not for someone like me (read: college-aged and not receptive to jokes about hashtags) but that makes it even more fun. At the end of the first season it occurred to me that Younger is the adult version of one of my favorite bad TV movies, the 1975 Sooner or Later. It tells the tale of 13-year-old Jessie who gets her makeup done at the mall and by the POWER OF MAKEUP, passes for 16. Then she falls in love with a cheesy musician named Michael, who’s apparently 17, and pretends to be three years older than she really is. Sooner or Later taps into a very tangible fantasy when you’re a teen girl: literally just being a few years older. Because of course when you’re a teenager, kids a few years older seem like they’re decades older. But Sooner or Later, like Younger, also taps into a larger female fantasy: going up and down the age ladder undetected.

The age switcheroo (is this a real genre, I don’t know) usually aims for two goals. You’re either faking your age to get a do-over in life or an experience (see Drew Barrymore’s high-school revamp in Never Been Kissed) or you’re just trying to prove to people how capable you are regardless of your age (why Christina Applegate’s fashion-show success at the end of Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead is so god damn rewarding.) And in all these movies the switch doesn’t happen via magic or time-travel (think Peggy Sue Got Married, 17 Again) but by resumé editing and beauty products, things any person might have at their disposal.

The cynic in me says this type of story is just a way to make women feel like they need to hide their age or that make-up is demonic sorcery to trick people (“Always make her go swimming on the first date!”) But what makes Younger so great is that it tackles age stigmas head on, in love and work. Liz gets ridiculed for being 40 as much as she gets ridiculed for being 26, for all different reasons, and while we as viewers know she’s just one person with one personality, people on either side of her secret treat her like two completely different people. For every joke on the show about how stupid millennials are, there’s another very real moment about how much youngins treat middle-aged people like they’re square, decrepit seniors.

When you’re a woman your age, no matter the number, can be like a form of social currency, but it’s also saddled with baggage you can’t control or delete from the conversation regarding your competency and talent. And Younger, while being fluffy at times, never lets you forget that.