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If you are questioning, you don’t have to label your orientation or gender if you don’t want to. Labels are for you to choose, not for others to place on you.

yknow i might not get like what a lot of “weird” identities mean or like fully understand them or anything but that doesn’t mean they dont….. exist? like even if i don’t understand it, that doesnt mean it doesn’t make sense to the ppl who are IDing as it, so who am i to judge? a lot of people probably wouldn’t understand my ID, cause it also is pretty weird in comparison to some things, but that doesn’t make mine fake, so why would theirs be fake either?

like if we based what was real on what everyone in the whole world understands, then literally nothing would be real, so what im saying is leave people the fuck alone if u think their ID is “"weird”“ bc who cares!! if thats what works for them then let them live!!! even if u dont fully understand it doesnt mean its fake!!!

Cry Together
The O'Jays
Cry Together

The O'Jays | Cry Together

Sample for “I’m So Tired” by Ta-Ku and “Mo Money Mo Murder” by AZ

** Also “Trains and Planes” by Zion-I & The Grouch

person: why do you always say you’re ugly? you’re so attractive!

me: i have body dysmorphic disorder which makes it literally impossible to believe when people say im attractive. even if im on a good day, i still dont *really* find myself attractive, its all just faking in hopes that some day I’ll actually believe what people say about me, but for now i really, REALLY cannot believe you when you compliment me or my body