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Cannon Star Wars facts (not opinions)
  • The main series films are officially called “The Skywalker Saga”, meaning the Skywalkers are the most important part. If the planned Episodes X-XII actually happen this means one of two things: Kylo lives to carry on the line/there is another Skywalker among the main cast (most likely Rey in this case)
  • The newly added main characters are Rey, Finn, Poe, and Kylo. Those are the important characters.
  • Rey, Finn, and Poe are the “hero trio” if such a thing must exist. They are the good guys. They work for the Resistance, which from the perspective of the story are the heroes. All important to the continuation of the story
  • Kylo is the villain. He antagonizes the heroes, he is on the opposite side. That’s his role, still important but a different role than the hero
  • Finn didn’t murder anyone. In fact he explicitly didn’t in his first scene. 
  • Kylo did kill people. He murdered two (2) named characters in one movie.
  • Luke didn’t kill the younglings. That isn’t what happened, cannon isn’t lying to you, why would it do that
  • Luke has shown disdain for the “Old Jedi ways” in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi when Obi and Yoda wanted him to abandon his friends for the greater good. They wanted him to give up his attachments but he didn’t and he was stronger for it. This fact helped defeat the Empire (the only reason I bring this up is why would he go back to the old Jedi code?)
  • Obi-Wan was a strict supporter of the Jedi Code, Anakin and Qui-Gon were his deepest and most important bonds. 
  • After Anakin turned to the dark side Obi dedicated his life to watching over Luke (Rebels literally had a scene where he sat in the desert watching Luke watch the sky)
  • Rey and Finn form a strong bond immediately. JJ Abrams confirms attraction (jediknightreys has the sourse on that)
  • There is one kiss in Force Awakens and it is Rey kissing Finn’s forehead
  • The TFA script explicitly states Luke knows who Rey is  
  • All of the scenes in Rey’s vision at Maz’s castle specifically relate to one or more Skywalkers: the Cloud City duel between luke and vader, Luke in shadow with R2, Knights of Ren massacre, Kylo in the woods. This leaves Rey being left on Jakku, which is this only one without a currently CONFIRMED Skywalker shown
  • The Skywalker family lightsaber flies by a currently CONFIRMED member of the Skywalker clan to fly into the hands of a character looking for her family
  • Rey dreams of Luke Skywalker’s exact location, even before the events of the film
  • Being able to wield a lightsaber in battle is a sign of Force sensitivity. (just saying)

A thank you message from Furudate-sensei on the 5th anniversary of Haikyuu!!’s serialization. (Please read the first page of chapter 250 first as this strip continues from there.) Thanks to @victoriel for helping with parts of the translation.

Hinata: Tendou-san…! Don’t tell me… you set me up?!
SFX: *huff-puff*
Sign: Congratulations on the fifth anniversary!
Tendou: It was for dramatic effect. Isn’t it cool for the lead actor to come late??
Hinata: Thank you very much!!!
Shirabu: How pitiful… He totally didn’t make it in time to appear on the first page of JUMP though.
Karasuno first years: Thanks to everyone, Haikyuu!! has reached its fifth year [of serialization]!! It’s the 250th chapter in this week’s JUMP!! We hope for your continued support!!
[Note: While all 5 of them are there, the speech bubbles only go to 4 of them, so Tsukishima is just there but not saying it.]

Source: Official Twitter


Trump-tied businessmen met NSC officials, Bannon over Venezuela sanctions, sources say

  • Five days before the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, a pair of American businessmen with ties to President Donald Trump’s family attended a series of previously unreported meetings at the White House with the aim of convincing the United States to lift sanctions against Venezuela, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.
  • Mic reviewed documents indicating the businessmen were Gentry Beach, a billionaire Dallas financier, and Wadie Habboush, an international investor. 
  • Both men have ties to Donald Trump Jr., but Beach is particularly close: He is a longtime friend of the president’s son and was a major Trump campaign fundraiser. Read more.
Constance Wu to Star in 'Crazy Rich Asians' (Exclusive)
Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu is in talks for the lead in Warner Bros.' Crazy Rich Asians.

Jon M. Chu is directing the adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s New York Times best-selling novel, which will feature an all-Asian cast.

Based on a screenplay written by Peter Chiarelli (The Proposal) and Adele Lim (TV series Lethal Weapon), the film will center on the lives of wealthy Chinese families living in Singapore. It follows Rachel Chu (Wu), an American-born Chinese economics professor, who travels to her boyfriend Nick’s hometown of Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Before long, his secret is out: Nick is from a family that is impossibly wealthy, he’s perhaps the most eligible bachelor in Asia and every single woman in his ultra-rarefied social class is incredibly jealous of Rachel and wants to bring her down.

While the project has not been officially greenlighted, sources say it is on the development fast-track.  

Wu has become a breakout star due to her performance as lead character Jessica Huang on the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, which is in its third season.” 

Read the full piece here

AWESOME! Constance Wu is not only one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood, she’s one of my favorite PEOPLE in Hollywood right now.

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I’m your boyfriend, after all. // Haechan (Lee Donghyuck)

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Style: Drabble set

Genre: Fluuf, fluff and more fluff… so much fluff I almost made myself throw up

Warnings: None~

Words: 3.590

a/n: My bias ♥︎♥︎♥︎ I originally wasn’t going to post this since I ran out of ideas/the formatting is weird but then I saw all the rumours floating around him :’( Please try not to believe any of them until an official source says otherwise… he doesn’t deserve all the slander he’s getting!! Let’s all support him through this rough time! (also sorry for not updating frequently… school stuck a knife up my ass lol) 

if you enjoyed this, check out my doyoung college au here!

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Before we get to today’s page of Paranatural, there’s news from Twitter:

Alien Kid, or should I say Alien Girl has official pronouns! (Source)

I linked the rest of Zack’s tweet chain. He goes on to say that he plans on adding trans and non-binary characters into the comic, he just hadn’t wanted to promise it too far ahead of time. Webcomic Time is glacially slow, even for comics with regular updates, so I’d say that’s fair.

Bungou Stray Dogs official 2nd anthology ~hana(flower)~ cover (source)

They say they re-uploaded the cover image because the first uploaded one had some color problem. Anyway, this will be released on May 2nd, 2017!

I don’t know what’s scarier:

the shit shippers who claim they wouldn’t ship the ships if one paladin was underage and that the ages aren’t official and refuse to believe any canon sources that say otherwise,

Or the ones who acknowledge the ages are canon and continue to look for excuses as to why it’s ok to ship them

The LONG meta on age and timeline of Nyx Ulric

Oh God I’m finally writing this HUGE post about Nyx and his age/timeline. 

It bothered me for so long because there were inconsistencies, whatever approach you took: a somehow spread in a fandom version that he is around 31 or my personal guess of around 24.

With an invaluable insight provided by a brilliant @jarofalives I can say I have found my personal answer to this dilemma and though I don’t say everyone should take it is canon, I certainly am going to, because I don’t really see any other possibility for all of it to tie in as neatly. 

My speculations are based on all canon information we have.

So first the problems I had with defining clear timeline for Nyx:

We have it officially stated that Nyx was saved by Regis as a child/teenager and started serving him in gratitude for that but also he somehow had a bar in Galahd and a letter most likely from a dead sister, congratulating him with his 20th birthday and saying that they live in the same house. 

Also if he was a teen during the attack in 751 he can’t be more than 24. But then again we have different dates for Kingsglaive founding: 10 years ago or 15 years ago and that just doesn’t make sense at all, if Kingsglaive was made after the raid on Galahd in 751 it should have been founded 5 years ago. And to confuse us even more, Nyx has a certificate signed by Regis in 744. But also how on earth could Regis save him if that was a sudden attack after 18 years of peace even without the wall and the news came after it already happened? So to have a coherent narrative we absolutely have to ignore at least some part of canon?

Well no. 

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Victor and Yuuri in a intimate relationship!?! Crunchyroll confirmed?

While Yamamoto’s artistic fixations define the expressionistic interludes of Yuri!!! On ICE, much of the anime’s narrative is driven by the dynamic between Yuri Katsuki and his coach Victor Nikiforov. Both men share an intimate relationship built upon respect, empathy, and a playful yet erotic see-sawing for dominance. However flirtatious Victor’s advances on Yuri may be, Yamamoto portrays their love in a non-voyeuristic manner, emphasizing their sensual pleasure; romance that is neither gratuitous nor fetishized. Yuri and Victor’s kiss at the end of episode 7 is a wonderful celebration of the pair’s combined achievements and mutual feelings. The unconditional love that Yamamoto grants Yuri and Victor is simply put: beautiful.   - crunchyroll 

EDIT: Even though thousands of people are happy with this post I’ve made some got pretty salty saying thing isn’t the official source so it can’t be considered as confirmed. What those people forget is that it was already confirmed by Kubo in her twitter, paired with the characters interactions and this wonderful post made by Crunchyroll (which is the legal provider or Yuri on Ice) I say it’s pretty much confirmed. But this is MY opinion, check out the source yourself and decide whether this article changes anything for you or not?  Also, stop picking on me, I was just trying to spread the love because there’s been a lot of negativity going around the series. Seriously, some people can be never pleased. Thank you! 

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anonymous asked:

yo okay I hope this doesn't come off as rude cause it's the last thing I want ;; but I read through some of your questions and I'm a little confused cause isn't Otabek already 19 by the end of Season 1? I could've sworn he was man cause he was 18 in a moment but then by the time of the GPF someone says he's 19 so I assumed he'd turned 19 around that time. but tbh that doesn't even matter to me cause I still care more for otayuri than for my life I just wanted to understand that part lmao

hi friend!! dw u werent rude at all <33 but i believe otabek being 19 in ep 12 is a mistake!

hes still listed as 18 in every source except ep 12 (i dont count the fandom wiki considering its run by fandom) and the short program n free skate are only 1 (2?) days apart. even if it wasnt, the gpf takes place in december and his birthday is on october 31! so he couldnt have turned 19 in between those two dates.

ofc if anyone provides me any official sources saying hes 19 in canon ill eat my words but for now

Fool me once, shame on you, but teach a man to fool me and I will be fooled for the rest of my life.
—  Tamaki Suoh

anonymous asked:

While he may be right, I would say wait for official word. This guy and his sources have been dodgy before. Last thing I heard from him, he was saying JMO cannot wait to leave Once and do other projects.

Yes he may, but NOTHING is official. This is all coming from ONE guy. So we need to sit tight still.

Take this as a grain of salt for now.

So far there are alot of people who claim that snk season 2 will only be 12 eps/1 cour, but as far as i know, neither the official snk staff or isayama have confirmed that yet. And it’s weird too because there are so many people who are upset by this yet i haven’t seen one official source that says its only going to be 12 eps.


I made a little music video for ‘GLaDOS’ Song’! Was a fun one to make. =)

Helsingborg Gothic
  • You go grocery shopping. The shop has closed for good. It has moved to Väla. You live several kilometers away from Väla and you have no car. You are so hungry
  • You take the ferry to Helsingør. They say it takes 20 minutes. You wait 20 minutes. And 20 more. And 20 more. You look out the window. The ferry just left Helsingborg
  • You get a text. “Welcome to Denmark” it says. You don’t question it. You’ve always been in Denmark, you can’t escape it. Even when you’re on the other end of the world, your phone recognizes you as being in Denmark.
  • You walk by Olympia and you faintly hear På Gator Röda och Blå. You freeze in shock as you realize that you know what the spell is doing. The streets physically turn red and blue. The trees turn red and blue. The buildings turn red and blue. You are red and blue
  • You’re at the top of Kärnan. Official sources say it’s 35 meters tall. You know that’s a lie. You can see the entire world from there. You drop a stone from the tower. You never hear it land
  • Your blood boils at the sight of the colors light blue and white, or the letters MFF. They are the symbols of your mortal enemies. You’ve never seen anyone sport these symbols. You wonder if your enemies are even real
  • You’re taking a stroll downtown. You see a construction site. And another. And another. The officials say the city will be as if completely rebuilt in a set amount of years. The year changes every time you look it up. No progress is ever made