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‘‘This,” he said, taking my face in his hands. “You. That’s what I’m keeping. You’ll always be my Bella, you’ll just be a little more durable.”

Happy 28th birthday, Bella! And happy Stephenie Meyer Day!

And Edward, this whole time, has had a lot of happiness — and, yet, he’s not trusting any of it to last. He’s feeling like he’s doomed, and there’s no abating it — that something bad is going to happen to him because of who he is. And now I could finally watch that change and watch him come to accept happiness — even more than Bella does. Because Bella sees the end coming and sort of loses hope, but he never does. After he accepts that he can have happiness, he just clings to it. And I really enjoyed that, and I enjoyed writing the end. I had to write all four books to get to those last two pages. Just to have Bella and Edward really be able to understand each other — that made it worth writing four books. (…) You know, all that really changes is his outlook — which, of course, changed everything. But who he is, what he loves, how he does things — it all stays the same. He did get a lot of things that he hadn’t even let himself think about wanting, though. I mean, getting to have this daughter that he had never envisioned — that he never could have conceived of — was this unbelievable thing for him, you know. And he accepts it pretty quickly. But the bigger wonder for him is Bella being happy. He thought he was going to ruin her life, and he made her happy. And that really was everything for him.
—  Stephenie Meyer.

the scope of the twilight saga just amazes me okay
like in one book young jasper whitlock is soaring through the ranks of the texas cavalry during the civil war
but then in 400 A.D. aro is planning to use psychic talents over brawn to defeat the reigning romanian coven
meanwhile in 2006 jacob and bella are repairing motorcycles in the small quileute reservation next to forks
and in 1320 alistair is involved in a plot to become the king of england (?!?!?!!!??!?!)
meanwhile caius is wiping out the entire werewolf population
carlisle is in a cellar full of rotting potatoes in 1663 undergoing his transformation
and then before 2500 B.C. frickin’ Amun is livin’ it large with his human servants and desert monuments in ancient Egypt
while Laurent is serving in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, of France in 1740
and in 1250 Taha Aki becomes the first shape-shifter after using the power of astral projection for the last thousands of years
meanwhile mary alice brandon is receiving shock treatments in an asylum in 1919
while in the year 1000 Katrina is in proto-Slovakia being a female attendant to a noblewoman
then they all get together on December 31st, 2006 AND DISCOVER VAMPIRE HYBRIDS