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Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

Esme regained consciousness in excruciating pain. Despite the pain, Esme was amazed to see Carlisle again, not sure if she was in heaven or hell. When the transformation was over, Carlisle explained that he’d turned her into a vampire in order to save her life. Esme was not as upset as he had expected. Adjusting to her new vampire nature had its challenges […]; still, she was happy to be with the man she’d always idolized. Her youthful crush transitioned easily into full-fledged love.

Jacob was an afterthought. He wasn’t suppose to exist in the original story. When I wrote the second half of Twilight first, there was no Jacob character. He started to exist about the point where I kind of hit a bit of a wall: I could not make Edward say the words, “I’m a vampire”. There was no way that was ever coming out of his mouth - he couldn’t do it. And that goes back to what we were talking about with characters. You know, he had been keeping the truth about himself secret for so long, and it was something he was so… unhappy about, and devastated about. He would never have been able to tell her.

And so I thought: How is Bella ever going to figure this out? But I had picked Forks already as the story’s location, and so then I thought: You know, these people have been around for a while, and they’ve been in this area before. Have they left tracks - footprints - somewhere, that she can discover an older story to give her insight?

That’s when I discovered that there was a little reservation of Quileute Indians on the coastline. I was interested in them before I even knew I was going to work them into the story. I thought: Oh, that’s interesting. There’s a real dense and different kind of history there. I’ve always kind of been fascinated with Native American history, and this is a story I’d never heard before.

This is a very small tribe, and it’s really not very well known, and their language is different from anyone else’s. And they have these great legends - even one that’s similar to Noah’s Ark story; the Quileutes tied their canoes to the tops of the tallest trees so they weren’t swept by the big flood - that I thought were really interesting.

And they have the wold legend. The story goes that they descended from wolves - a magician changed the first Quileute from a wolf into a man, that’s how they began - and when I was reading the legend I thought: You know, that’s kind of funny. Because I know werewolf people and vampires don’t really get along at all. And how funny is it that there’s that story, right here next to where I set my vampire story.

And so Jacob was born - as a device, really - to tell Bella what she needed to know. And, yet, as soon as I gave him life, and gave him a chance to open his mouth, I just found him so endearing. He took on this personality that was just so funny and easy. And you just love characters you don’t have to work for.

And Jacob was not an ounce of work. He just came to life and was exactly what I needed him to be, and I just enjoyed him as a person. But his appearance in chapter 6 was really it - that was all he was in the story. And then my agent loved this Jacob, and she’s never gotten over that. She was one hundred percent Team Jacob all the time.

—   Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide 

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I really like it how Siobhan was not painted as ugly because of her weight. It made my heart grow. Can you please tell me more about her?

Yeah, me too! It was nice to see a plus sized vampire who was described as being exceptionally beautiful. She’s also a pretty kick-ass lady, which just makes me love her even more!

So Siobhan was born sometime around 1490 in a small village in Ireland. She was the only daughter of a blacksmith and his wife, and was considered to be one of the great beauties of her village with her violet eyes, black hair and “perfect fair skin.” But what set her aside from the other women was that she was also very tall and exceptionally strong. She used to help her father at the forge until he died in an accident when she was seventeen. She took over his craft after that, and even though some people were initially against it, she was eventually accepted as part of village life and grew sort of famous in the surrounding areas as “the big blacksmith girl.”

But even though Siobhan was obviously very beautiful, she did not have any suitors because most men were intimidated by her strength and stature and the fact that she had a profitable profession (which was highly unusual at the time). That didn’t bother her at all though, because she had enough money to support herself and her mother, and that was all she really cared about.

So all was good, right? She lived happily ever being a kick ass blacksmith and that was that? Yeah, no. The story about her immense strength and beauty quickly spread, and eventually caught the attention of a Turkish vampire named Sancar. Sancar was a grade A asshole who was creating a vampire harem and desired unusual women for his collection. He traveled all through Europe with his human servants, seeking out the exceptional, and when he heard of the “beautiful Irish woman who was stronger than a man,” he sought her out. She was like no one he’d ever seen before, so naturally he just had to have her.

At this point I’m going to give out a trigger warning for rape, so please skip this paragraph if you are sensitive to this subject. Basically what happened next was that he abducted her during the night, raped her, bit her and then carried her to his home while she was still changing. The thing Sancar didn’t seem to understand, though, was that you cannot horribly wrong someone who is already very strong and then make them even more stronger and expect them not to kill you. Sancar was initially able to keep newborn Siobhan at bay by giving her blood, but eventually that wasn’t enough anymore. She had no love for her creator, and after a while she killed him and three other members of his harem who tried to defend him. When that was over, she and the four surviving members of the harem all went their own ways.

Now that she was free to do whatever she wanted, Siobhan spent a few years travelling and learning the way vampires lived before returning to Ireland. She lived a pretty nomadic life for the first century of her new life, hunting across most of Europe and Asia. During that time, she met a couple of members of the Volturi guard. She was extremely intrigued by the amazing things they were rumored to be capable of, and by the warriors of the guard. She wondered if she was strong enough to be acceptable, but in the end never went to the Volturi to be considered, because she didn’t want to belong to anyone but herself.

So she lived alone for a while, until on one of her return trips to Ireland she found the newborn Liam. She was immediately attracted to his fierceness and focus, which were both apparent despite of his newborn wildness. Seeing that he was completely uneducated, she took him under her wing. After they joined forces they stayed mostly in Ireland, where Liam was most comfortable, although he did occasionally travel with Siobhan. 

The two of them had just finished hunting one night when they came across Maggie. Siobhan was startled when the child immediately knew they weren’t human. Intrigued by this strange human she asked her how she’d known, and Maggie explained to them the “curse” that had led to her abandonment. Siobhan was certain she had found someone who would show extra abilities as a vampire, and was eager to change her. Liam, however, wasn’t as excited. He didn’t understand why she would want to add someone to their coven, because he thought they were already happy as they were. Siobhan overruled him and invited Maggie to join their coven with the promise that she would never be hungry again. Maggie, sensing that Siobhan was telling the truth and meant no harm, accepted the invitation.

Things worked out pretty good after that. Siobhan asked Liam to trust Maggie, and he reluctantly agreed to see how things would work out. After Siobhan made it clear to him that he was her first priority, Liam quickly became reconciled to Maggie’s presence. Siobhan also found Maggie’s company more enjoyable than she’d expected, and they fell naturally into the sort of close relationship Siobhan had previously had with her own mother. While she enjoyed the advantage Maggie’s talent gave her in certain situations and was happy to have included Maggie in her coven, she didn’t seek out any talented humans after that. Her curiosity about that world was satisfied.

That concludes the pretty epic story of Siobhan the Kick-ass Vampire Lady. All of the information in this post was from The Official Illustrated Guide (but cannot be found in the books, because why on earth would Stephenie Meyer want to include all of this interesting information in the actual story?). Hope you enjoyed!

the scope of the twilight saga just amazes me okay
like in one book young jasper whitlock is soaring through the ranks of the texas cavalry during the civil war
but then in 400 A.D. aro is planning to use psychic talents over brawn to defeat the reigning romanian coven
meanwhile in 2006 jacob and bella are repairing motorcycles in the small quileute reservation next to forks
and in 1320 alistair is involved in a plot to become the king of england (?!?!?!!!??!?!)
meanwhile caius is wiping out the entire werewolf population
carlisle is in a cellar full of rotting potatoes in 1663 undergoing his transformation
and then before 2500 B.C. frickin’ Amun is livin’ it large with his human servants and desert monuments in ancient Egypt
while Laurent is serving in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, of France in 1740
and in 1250 Taha Aki becomes the first shape-shifter after using the power of astral projection for the last thousands of years
meanwhile mary alice brandon is receiving shock treatments in an asylum in 1919
while in the year 1000 Katrina is in proto-Slovakia being a female attendant to a noblewoman
then they all get together on December 31st, 2006 AND DISCOVER VAMPIRE HYBRIDS


‘‘This,” he said, taking my face in his hands. “You. That’s what I’m keeping. You’ll always be my Bella, you’ll just be a little more durable.”

Happy 28th birthday, Bella! And happy Stephenie Meyer Day!

I never had that kind of absolute certainty and focus in regular everyday things when I was a teenager - I was never really sure where I wanted to be in ten years, but Bella knows. And so she walks through it the way a person walks across hot coals - because they know what they want on the other side. [laughs]
—   Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide