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Yurikuma Arashi (ユリ熊嵐)

The Yurikuma Arashi Perfect Guide (Amazon US | JP) includes even more designs and costumes for Lulu Yurigasaki than the previous book, with art by anime character designer Etsuko Sumimoto (住本悦子). 

Something unexpected

This is not the title of the comic since it didn’t have one, so I made one up. It’s from the Servamp Official Guide 10.5.
Yeah, so here’s another translation for you guys, featuring Sakuya “Has no chill” Watanuki and Tsubaki, the poor victim xD. Enjoy!

Please don’t repost or upload on other sites. Thank you!

Terajima’s comment on Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene

Here’s the infamous interview where Terajima-Sensei said that Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene was like a romantic manga.

How did you come up with the other characters aside from Sawamura?

Miyuki is the character who made Sawamura think “I want to play baseball with him, even if that means being separated from my friends”. Miyuki has profound knowledge of baseball as well as the ability to bring out the pitcher’s talent. He’s supposed to be the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before and thus makes him think “I somehow can’t get him out of my head…”. So if you think about it, it’s actually the same as the “first meeting” scenes in a romantic manga. (lol) […] - Terajima Yuji (Official DnA Guide Book)

So, may I introduce,

Miyuki “the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before” Kazuya

and Sawamura “I somehow can’t get him out of my head… ” Eijun.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The well-known “Ugh, he’s so mean, I hate him, but…. I love him” shojo manga trope.

God bless Miyusawa and Terajima-sensei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

That’s right!
Thanks to @alicia-lvn, Wander is now a part of Disneyland as a character the custodial staff can create official water art of. Now we get to see Wander’s sunshine-y little face drawn in various places around the park!

Enormous thank you’s to both Alicia as well as the Disneyland staff for letting this become a reality. 

I also can’t express my gratitude enough toward them for letting me be the one to provide the official model sheet guide they’ll be using to draw him.

Next time you visit Disneyland, be on the lookout for Wander!