the office: s4


We haven’t told anybody but it’s going really great! Right? It’s going really great.

Two worrisome possibilities for the Sherlock Series 4 Finale

1.  The final scene of Series 4 features Timothy Carlton coming home to Wanda Ventham.  In the center of the room, a little girl sits on the floor staring at a snowglobe souvenir from the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.

“How was little Sherrinford today?”

“She was fine. All she does all day is stare at that snowglobe. I wonder what she’s thinking about?”

2. Final scene features two unidentfiable figures asleep in a darkened bedroom.  Martin Freeman’s character sits up, startled, and flicks on the lights.

Honey! Honey, wake up! You won’t believe the dream I just had!

The second character turns on the other light, sits up, and it is Dawn from The Office.

All right, Tim. What is it?”