the office: 2x22

Timelines in the Blacklist...

It’s fluid - it’s TV - real life events take over.  Plots need to be rearranged to accommodate them.  We all recognize that.  But I was surprised when I re-watched this past weekend how closely the events of Season 2 trail the events of Season 3 through dialogue…. So maybe there is more there than we think?  Or maybe not?  Here’s what I have, if you start the current arc from 2x17 (and let’s forget specific months for now (as in newspaper clippings) because those are mostly props in the end…):

2x17 (Longevity Initiative) (DAY 1) End of episode.  Liz and Ressler have dinner in their office for her birthday. Tom is waiting for Liz at her motel when she returns.

2X18 (Vanessa Cruz) (DAY 2) Continuation of Tom/Liz motel scene.  He begs her for his passports back.  Red and Dembe show up and get rid of Tom.  Red tells her that he wants her to remember what her life really was with him and imagine all that it could be without him.  Within the same episode, another day passes (DAY 3) because Tom refers to “last night.”  Liz gives Tom back his passports and says goodbye.  At the end of episode Liz tells Red she’s been dealing with Tom for 42 hours (so still DAY 3).  Red gets shot as she hands him the fulcrum.

2x19 (Leonard Caul)(DAY 3) continues.  Aftermath of Red shooting.  Liz plays fulcrum for Director and gets hit on Red called off.  Tom meets with Liz at the end.

2x20 (Quon Zhang) (DAY 8) Leonard Caul says it’s been 5 days since Red got shot.  Connolly says he is getting sworn in tomorrow.  Asks Cooper to leak classified document.  Night scene with casket at airport.  The next day (DAY 9) Liz meets with Red and discusses the photo of her mother.  Aram refers to photo of body at airport as taken “yesterday.”  Connolly gets sworn in at end of episode and Liz shows up at Tom’s door sobbing in the rain.

2x21 (Karakurt) (DAY 10) Liz meets Tom at the restaurant where he orders her breakfast.  She refers to the fact she came by “last night” but is not going to run away with him.  Tom talks about the boat and how he hopes they will take their clothes off at some point (it doesn’t sound like anything has happened between them) up to this point.  Ressler and Liz go to OREA.  Bomb goes off.  Later – Union Station.  End of episode, Tom leaves a voicemail asking Liz to join him tomorrow for dinner at a restaurant (DAY 11).  Another day passes?  (DAY 12) – Aram says college student death (Hawkins son) was “a few days ago.”  Memorial service for OREA bombing.  Red warns Liz to get out of post office.  

2x22 (Tom Connolly)  (DAY 12) Picks up same day as Memorial service.  Ressler lets her escape interrogation.  Liz goes to Tom for help and sleeps with him on boat.  Next day (DAY 13) she shoots Connolly.

3x01 (Troll Farmer) (DAY 13) picks up same day she shot Connolly.  

3x02 (Marvin Gerard) (DAY 13 or 14) appears to be same day she shot Connolly unless she is at the Russian Embassy overnight.

3x03 (Eli Matchett) (DAY 14 or 15) day after Marvin Gerard.

3x.04 (Djinn) (Unknown)

3x05 (Arioch Cain (Unknown – but TV news says she’s been on the run 37 days)

3x06 (Sir Crispin Crandall) (Unknown)

3x07 (Zal Bin Hasaan).  Ends with Ressler and Samaar sleeping together.

3x08 (Kings of the Highway).  Picks up morning after 3x07.  Liz apprehended in West Virginia.

3x09 (Director Part I) Same day as 3x08.  Liz returns to Post Office.  Ends with her headed to courthouse with Ressler to stay overnight.

3x.10 (Director Part II).  Day after 3x09.  Liz and Ressler spend night in courthouse.  Ends at night with her embracing Red.

3x.11 (Gregory Devry).  Liz tells Cooper in opening scene it has been “one week” since she was facing 16 counts of capital murder.  Later she and Red allude to the fact she has been a fugitive for a “few months” or “three months.”  Same clothes throughout episode.  Pregnancy news at end.  Unclear whether there’s been a time jump or this just refers to the timeline since Red was shot and she played the Fulcrum back in Season 2.

Bottom line:  There’s a lot going on with this timeline, and a lot of variables that the writers can work to their advantage, however they want the plot to develop. The 5-7 week plot line in 3x10-3x11 is NOT implausible.