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I really appreciate how giving Dom and Kat are as actors. Not many predominately straight (I’m going to assume here) actors who play gay characters are willing to go into full character. They’re usually hesitant in kisses and touching when it comes to same sex loving characters and it’s a shame cause that’s their job ya know? They took that role knowing that that was the responsibility that came with it and they don’t fulfill. Whereas Dom and Kat don’t hold back and they give everything to Waverly and Nicole. It makes it that much more amazing. And I, as a fan, am completely grateful for these two 💕

anonymous asked:

Office AU, Sid rushing to his office and calling Flower S: "holy shit!" F: "hello?" S: "remember the hook up i told you about?" F: "yeah?" S: "HE WORKS HERE!!!" F: *laughing his ass off* S: "shut up this is a problem!!" G:*still laughing*

And from another anon:

In the office AU! I love how Sidney would be a hardass and strict with his workers but then he’s sucking Geno’s dick in his office while he’s sitting in Sid’s chair. He’d make Sid take phone calls while he’s bent over his desk getting pounded, hands bound with Geno’s tie, barely keeping his moans under control and trying not to sound breathless on the phone