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Apollo: Percy, how come you never try to set me up?

Percy: Oh, I don’t really do that. Piper might have some friends, though.

Apollo: Women friends?

Percy: Yep.

Apollo: Not guy friends?

Percy: Are you… interested in her guy friends?

Apollo: No. I mean, for the record, I prefer women.

Percy: Okay.

Apollo: But off the record, I’m kinda confused.

Percy: Really?

Apollo: Yeah, the evidence is sort of stacked against me.


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He supposes it’s his fault really. He’d always been fond of the sweet condiment, ever since he was a child. Liam had favoured the lemon curd his mother would make, but he’d always preferred the marmalade. The two of them would always sneak a spoonful before dinner, believing they weren’t being watched. Thinking back now, he remembers his mother’s sly smile, clearly feigning ignorance to their thieving ways. 

He should have known.

Her first taste of it had been when she was barely eighteen months. Alice had been a fussy eater when it came to moving her onto solid meals. She’d pick and choose when she could stomach mashed potatoes, she despised soup, even a drop of honey on her oatmeal did little to appease her.

He’d been settled in his chair with a storybook, reading its adventures aloud while she played with the wooden animals and soft teddies before her. He found himself getting lost within the story, his concentration whisked away by the riveting tales upon the book’s pages, so much so that he hadn’t noticed her move from the little pay area he’d set upon the floor.

His eyes snapped to the empty cocoon of wool blankets upon the carpet, heart momentarily in his throat until he found her beside him. She stood at the small table beside his chair, little eyes staring right at him as she held a thick slice of bread in her pudgy hands, her mouth trying to devour all the marmalade off of one side of it. He chuckled at the sight of her, face covered in orange jelly and hands trying to stuff his stolen lunch into her mouth where she couldn’t get enough.

“You like that, do you?” 

An incoherent noise and a slight nod of her head told him she approved. He lifted her up and sat her on his lap as she worked on her snack, cradling the book as he continued the story. He let the feeling of pride wash over him. 

She was definitely his. 

His fussy, marmalade stealing little pirate. 

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Quick DRV3 edits of screencaps from The Office. It’s 2017 and I still can’t edit for shit. Spoiler free for your convenience! (I had another one that I wanted to do but it wasn’t the Office and had chapter 3 spoilers)

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