the office through the seasons

Hockey is a sport about moving the puck and checking people into the boards, about power plays and penalty kills, faceoffs and stretch passes. But the game also comes down to the sheer will of the people involved, who remain human. That’s what stood out most in the aftermath of this Cup title; the Hawks aren’t hockey robots programmed to win, win and win some more. They are a team, from the front office through the fourth line, which overcame adversity this season by relying upon each other.

“We really love each other as brothers,"A Marian Hossa said. "I don’t think other teams have that feeling that you’ll do anything for anyone. I think that is something real different here.”

Something really is. Somehow, a connection exists between caring and winning, sincerity and success.

That unique family feel made every baby a Hawks dad placed in the silver chalice all the more poignant, every hug between teammates and coaches and executives last a little longer. That made Patrick Kane posing for pictures with the Reifs cooler than any assist or goal he produced in the playoffs. That made Toews handing the Cup first to Kimmo Timonen seem more sincere than staged.

That made this a rare group in the rarest of seasons.

–David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune