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Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy and that it meets your expectations. This is probably bad. I’m half asleep writing this because it’s like 2:00 am and I’ve been working all day and I was too stupid to check my plan and was writing the wrong imagine up for the whole of my writing time. So I hope you’ll forgive me for being late. Even though it’s still Tuesday in some places!) 

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

“Jameson!” You shouted sternly right behind Jamie’s back, intending to scare him.

You were successful. Obviously, that police academy training did nothing to help with how easy Jamie was to scare. You watched in delight as he jumped up slightly and spilling the coffee he was holding slightly down himself before realising and saving the majority from spilling. He turned to look at you and glared.

“Y/N,” He hissed, looking down at himself and assessing the caffeinated damage.

“You’re still so easy, Jamie.” You giggled profusely, bending over and clutching your stomach.

“Do you not having better to do than to annoy me, Detective?” He asked, sighing and shaking his head at you.  

“I’m only doing my job,” You shrugged with a grin.

“It’s your job to annoy me?” He questioned sceptically.

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Trump’s police executive order is based on a myth. America’s police are the safest they’ve been in decades.

  • Trump signed an executive order Thursday vowing to aggressively enforce existing laws and develop even harsher penalties for “crimes of violence” committed against law enforcement officers.
  • The executive order lends new credence to the false narrative of police officers under siege.
  • The order comes during the safest period for U.S. law enforcement in decades. 
  • Although officer fatalities in the line of duty rose to 135 in 2016 — compared with 123 in 2015 — those numbers don’t even come close to what they’ve been for most of the last 60 years.
  • Here are some figures: The average number of officer deaths since 2012 is 124 per year. From 1961 through 2011, it was 182, and peaked at 280 in 1974. Read more (2/9/17 3:31 PM)
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Name: Abigail
Age: 17 in June
Country: USA

Im Abigail! I turn 17 on June 3rd. Things im interested in are
1) psychology
2) criminal justice
3) animals
4) music
- i listen to rap, indie/ alt., and a lot of other things
- IE. lana del rey, childish gambino, russ, kendrick lamar, post malone, arctic monkeys, etc.
5) tv
- criminal minds, the office, parks and rec, law and order svu, shameless, gossip girl, any crime show really

Preferences: i dont care how old, what race, what gender, what sexuality, etc. Just as long as we have similar interests


Okay, but Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari as Muslim bash brothers is my new favorite thing, like the two of them communicate regularly on Twitter (Ali stans Ariya, Ariya teases Ali), and they’re perfect foils to one another. 
Ali’s the calm, collected former officer of the law who has his shit in order, calculates strategies and relies on kicks/his legs to get the job done.
Ariya’s the hotheaded, swaggering Prince Zuko sort who’s kind of a mess and raring to throw down with anyone who crosses him and relies a lot on brute strength/fists to wear an opponent down. 

Ali’s the moon to Ariya’s sun. 

Bonus edition headcanon: Ali’s nickname for Ariya is ‘Sher’ (Lion in Urdu) for obvious reasons, while Ariya’s for Ali is ‘Khargoosh/Khargush’ (Rabbit in Farsi) because Ali’s a bouncy, flippy little shit with bunny teeth. 
That’s right, they’re kindasorta Tiger and Bunny for anyone who watches the anime :’B 

Of course, being road wives with Ariya entails ensuring that he doesn’t launch himself into eight simultaneous fistfight without giving those eight the chance to run first. Ali’s diplomatic like that. 

Also the second piece is a little more peaceful and personal. 
I’ve never actually drawn people doing the Salah before, so I like to imagine these two finding a quiet spot backstage somewhere among the noise and the activity to lay their bearings down for ten minutes to talk to God before they suit up for work. 

Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

(A/N: For @samanthaofanarchy . I hope you enjoy this. Sorry, it took me so long but I made it extra long for you and for making everyone wait for so long. Expect a Sonny request in the next few days to make up for the all the long breaks. I hope you all enjoy!) 

Imagine not wanting to tell your fiancé Jamie that you were injured on the job

“Come here…” You shouted after your fleeing suspect.

Your suspect then quickly turned and slashed at you thoughtlessly.

You jumped back automatically and missed it by inches. You stumbled slightly on the rocky surface. You looked up after milliseconds of getting your bearings, you looked up only to find your knife wielding suspects coming for you once again. You delivered a swift punch that caused him to back up but it was momentary, he came at you again but you blocked his hand quickly holding it above your heads and struggled violently for a few seconds. He pushed hard and so did you in defence. He let out what sounded like a growl before kicking your legs causing you to stumble again.

And this time when you looked up you didn’t have time to dodge the knife. It slammed into your torso and ripped your skin.

“Son of a bitch,” You cried as you clutched your side as he retracted the knife.

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“In Republic City’s war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of Republic City Police Force. Chief Beifong; who found something new to be bitter about and Detective Mako; who definitely does not cry in the shower. These are their stories.”

Inspired by 0fficermako’s post (x)

Imagine yours and Jamie’s wedding day

Imagine yours and Jamie’s wedding day

You still couldn’t believe it was you. You knew it was. It was your face, it was you, of course, it was you but you still couldn’t believe it. It happened every time you put it on. It was like a different version of you was looking back at you. A better you, definitely a better you.

“Oh my god,” You breathed almost silently at the sight of your reflection in the mirror, turning slightly to see all sides.

“You look amazing!” Your soon to be sister in law, Erin, complimented who apparently was suddenly behind you.

You turned carefully to face her, still slightly cautious about it, “You think so?”

“You looked amazing in it when you first tried it on, you looked amazing at the two fittings you did after that and you definitely look amazing in it today. Even more so.” She reassured, instinctively fixing your dresses skirt while she spoke as well as stepping onto the podium to do that.

“You think he’ll like it?” You asked, looking back at the mirror again.

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The nation’s opioid epidemic is changing the way law enforcement does its job, with police officers acting as drug counselors and medical workers and shifting from law-and-order tactics to approaches more akin to social work.

Departments accustomed to arresting drug abusers are spearheading programs to get them into treatment, convinced that their old strategies weren’t working. They’re administering medication that reverses overdoses, allowing users to turn in drugs in exchange for treatment, and partnering with hospitals to intervene before abuse turns fatal.

“A lot of the officers are resistant to what we call social work. They want to go out and fight crime, put people in jail,” said Capt. Ron Meyers of the police department in Chillicothe, Ohio, a 21-year veteran who is convinced that punitive tactics no longer work against drugs. “We need to make sure the officers understand this is what is going to stop the epidemic.”

Read more here: “I never got into police work thinking I’d watch an entire generation die of drugs.”

“I’m watching the season finale of a show I started today” a novel by me

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

(A/N: I finally finished this! I know I haven’t written for Jamie in a while so I made this one extra long and cute. I hope you enjoy!) 

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

“Hey Y/N heads up,” Sonny said, jerking his body to gesture behind you before walking away hastily as if to get out of the way.

You spun around quickly and suspiciously to see your boyfriend Jamie walking up to, dressed up smartly but casually clutching a bunch of flowers. You shook your head at disbelief, crossing your arms in anguish, as he reached you with a triumphant smile on face.

“You tricked me,” You pointed out with fake menace.

“Guilty,” He smirked, handing you the flowers and kissing your cheek.

“How much did you pay him to distract me while you got changed?” You inquired, narrowing your eyes at him and flashing him a glare.

“Didn’t have to. Apparently tricking you was all the payment he needed,” Jamie informed, chuckling.

You leant to the side, looking past Jamie so you could glare at Sonny who was watching happily from his desk.

“We’re going talk about this tomorrow!” You warned.

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A Book of Modern Headcanons!

Seeing how successful the 1st book of headcannons for Jacob was, and how fun it was to come up with them, now I’m going to present to you what would a modern Jacob be like. Like last time, these are all coming from scenarios in my head so it might me that not all are as accurate to your perspective of him. Hope you enjoy this one too, everyone! Thank you so much for your support!

He wouldn’t stare or look up if he sees you walk by. The history videos on his phone will keep him busy.
At his job, everyone would be good buddies with him because he’s someone that’s nice, responsible, reliable, and a cool person to waste time with.

Originally posted by assassinscreedstuff

At the grocery store, anyone would get close to him just to see if he will look up, smile, and start small talk.
He won’t let you borrow his stuff.
Even if he doesn’t invite, he will insist on paying some of the bill.
Possible careers? Anything that makes him the leader, pays well, and has him busy all day.
He will suck at being creative. His potential lies in the ability to put together, not create.
He would be part of a lot of charities, especially animal-related ones.
If he had to choose a pet, it would be a small dog or a tank full of fishes.
He wouldn’t change his hairstyle at all.
Though he could easily become the light of the party, he prefers to stand back and have a good chat with his friends.
Don’t try to hit him up at the club.
He will see into a distant future.
His morals and values will get him far in life.
Can be found in a library passing by the History aisle and the Science-Fiction section.
His favorite radio station will be one…well…he will bring in his own music which will alternate between Rock, some Pop, and 80s Disco.
He has his own personal gym.
His diet is light but he won’t turn away a cupcake, a donut, or anything sweet.
CSI, Law and Order, Family Feud, The Office, History, and AFV are among his top favorite television shows, nothing that makes him have to remember what happened the episode before.
X-BOX fantatic. iPhone or Droid user.
No cheap clothes. He obviously deserves the good stuff!
Shoes without socks, model style. Probably Aldo or Burberry.
You will usually always see him dressed in a semi-professional attire most of the time since he will keep himself busy between his job, his friends, and some time to himself in the same outfit.
You can also catch him in a museum at an exclusive exhibit.
He takes a long, warm shower before he goes to sleep. (Gosh, the fantasies! Imagine rubbing his body full of foamy soap.)

Originally posted by assassinscreedstuff

He’s a loud sneezer.
He could laugh easily at one’s clumsiness.
He’s not proud.
He might accidentally forget your birthday unless he puts a reminder on his phone.
He could either wear a thin gold chain or a thin leather bracelet.
Might fancy a small tattoo but will likely not have body art.
If he yells at you, he will make you feel very guilty.
He’s the type of friend that will stand up to you against any bully.
Navy blue, black, gold, maroon, gray, and beige are colors found anywhere in his place and outfits.
Race cars are for him; he’s a fast driver.
He loves plants.
DC over Marvel.
He enjoys horror movies but his favorite ones are definitely good action ones like John Wick or Taken.
While playing AC Syndicate: Hmm…that Frye fellow sure is a handsome bloke. Looks familiar too, hmmm…now where have I seen someone lik him at?
Unlike 1800s Jacob, this one will be far from feisty. He will be calm and to himself.
He sleeps with the television on.
On a king size bed.

Originally posted by llljacobfrye4lifelll

He likes to cook.
Don’t be surprised to find a mini bar in his home.
He doesn’t invite people often to his home.
He likes to save his money.
Doesn’t get sick often.
Plays mobile games where you make your own city, farm, and whatnot.
Doesn’t wear hats.
Star Trek over Star Wars.
Uses sunglasses.
Doesn’t chew gum that often.
He takes deep breaths with his eyes closed to calm himself down after an argument or uncomfortable situation.
For a gift, he will get a guy a gift card, and a girl a teddy bear with some chocolates attached or a small bouquet of flowers.
If he’s angry at you, he’ll let you know.
Don’t lie to him.
He loves making eye contact when making love. He wants to see how you react to his kissing, his caressing, and his thrusts inside of you.
He likes to have a good breakfast.
He doesn’t trust too easily.
He’s all about positive vibes!
When he’s down, it will show.
He could possibly have a model of a car or a tank someplace in his home.
He has big bookshelf visible for everyone visiting him to see.
He doesn’t really laugh at prank videos that much. His kind of humor is more a bit sarcastic one.
The day he has kids, he will like to see the toys everywhere.
He has goals he will fight for and achieve no matter what.
And lastly,
He will make sure to show everyone around him how much he appreciates them and live life content, getting through the rough times as best as he can, and being a man that everyone will want around!

Originally posted by the-crafty-assassins

I really do hope you enjoy this book of headcannons! If you want another one, do let me know in your replies! These are all original and some took me longer than others to come with so please make sure you give credit if you’re going to use them for your projects! Thanks again for your endless support and I’ll be back soon with authentic Jacob Frye writing! :D

anonymous asked:

top ten reasons to seduce men?

1) in order to distract an officer of the law
2) out of political principle
3) because you want a discount on an area rug
4) to entrap your friend’s boyfriend as a loyalty test
5) because he wore purple that day
6) to expiate your guilt about what happened in kraków
7) as an expression of twisted jealousy towards your dowager mother
8) to obtain one hundred and twenty eight individually wrapped fun size mars bars
9) as part of an assassination
10) simple zest for life

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

(A/N: This one is a bit longer than usual but I hope you enjoy this extra dose of Jamie! Hope you enjoy!)  

Imagine being in a relationship with Jamie

“Hey babe,” You heard Jamie’s voice say from behind you before you felt a hand rubbing your side, “How are you feeling?”

You let out an inaudible groan as you moved your head to look back at him so that you could actually see him and not have you voice muffled by the obscene amount of pillows that your face was buried in.

“I’ll take that as a not very good,” He chuckled, before repositioning himself, so he was lying next to your sprawled mess of a body.

“I hate being sick, hotstuff,” You whined sickly, coughing for good measure and reaching up to grab his face, “I can’t do anything, I feel awful and I can’t even remember what day it is,”

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