the office gallery

where’s my The Office style batman rogues gallery tv show like they’re all in arkham and scarecrow is in the middle of a one-on-one interview with the staff recording just pinching his nose trying to get rid of a headache and in the far back you can see riddler shoving his entire arm up a snack dispenser to get a bag of peanuts


A mysterious story unfolds in the latest film by Patrick Bernatchez. Lost in Time (2014) traces the relationship between two protagonists – a rider and his horse. Both helmeted, we first see their black figures make their way through a blizzard in a glacial, desolate landscape. Woven within this narrative are other images showing the rider alone, sinking in the snow – his mount having collapsed from exhaustion, while a monumental block of ice thaws to reveal the horse. As the rider is irrevocably engulfed by his surroundings, his mount is unexpectedly coming back to life, showing their mutual dependence and highlighting the time loop Lost in Time constitutes. This wandering narrative refers to a perpetual renewal, and ultimately speaks of the ceaseless cycle of life and death.

The soundtrack, a collaboration between Bernatchez and Murcof (Fernando Corona), refers to elements of Murcof’s own composition Cosmos (2007) as well as Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a recurrent motif in the work of Bernatchez.

Self-taught, artist Patrick Bernatchez builds his work like a fractal objet – where each artwork refers to a whole. Over the past decade, the subject of time has been fundamental to Bernatchez’s practice. In Lost in Time (2009 – ) explores various dimensions of time: cosmic, performative, imaginary, distorted. The artist brings an omnivorous approach to media, making use of drawing, printmaking, painting, photography, film, installation, music and sound. His work has been widely exhibited in Europe and North America, in spaces such as Galerie West, (The Hague, Holland), Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (Tourcoing, France), Mass MOCA (North Adams, Massachussetts) and Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (Québec, Canada). In 2014 and 2015, his work was the subject of a major exhibition at Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg) and Centre Argos (Brussels, Belgium). Produced in collaboration with Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, who featured the exhibition in the fall of 2015, it traveled to The Power Plant (Toronto, Canada) in 2016. Bernatchez lives and works in Montreal.

Patrick Bernatchez is represented by Battat Contemporary (Montréal, Canada).

Screenings: April 10, May 10, June 8 2017 at 20:30
the Office, 32 Kleathi Christophides, 1011 Nicosia within the walls


17.3.16 Today was so busy! Went to a private art dealers’ exhibition of oil paintings of glaciers for my FMP with @mestudyblr, and then went on a stationary shop in Selfridges because she’d never been before! The gallery was in a house converted into an office, and I rang the doorbell and we went up this spiral staircase, the right picture, up to the room they were all kept. Went back to uni afterwards, and now I’m looking at the drawings I did at the gallery/office where they were selling these paintings, and about to do an idea page in my sketchbook.