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Tropical hideaway from chapter 5 of “The Wildes of Zootopia” my in progress Fanfiction​

Special thanks to @feedthehungrykitty for doing this amazing commission. Really captured a sweet moment between Nick and Judy before the emergency call to return to Zootopia. I really appreciate all of you who follow the story and support me in writing the story and networking new Artists and beta readers. Thanks again @feedthehungrykitty for doing this. If you guys haven’t seen this blog go check it out and see about requesting a commission. I like using different artists because doing that brings a new visual element to the story. Also I will be narrowing it down to just a couple of main Artists that I will commission and @feedthehungrykitty is definitely on the list of must request again.

A ZOOTOPIA fancomic: Can You Feel The Fluff Tonight

Chapter 1: “SPY” – Page 01


Today is my birthday, but here’s something for you guys! :)