the office deleted scene


Jim showing off more of his impression skills in ep 220 “Drug Testing.”


Though they often partnered up to play pranks on their co-workers, we almost never saw Pam play a prank on Jim. For April Fools, here’s a deleted scene from ep 309 “The Convict” with Pam getting Jim back for his earlier prank on her.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I realized after watching Okja for the 100000th time that Silver was working undercover for the ALF at the Mirando Corporation. You can see him standing in front of a computer when Lucy's assistant, Jennifer, tells the other Mirando staffers their plan to get Mija to New York. Jennifer then says something to Silver like "Okja's bigger and she has a giant nipple." or something like that. I was curious to know what you think about that scene because it's really strange that no one mentions it.

Oh wow. I never noticed this!! But you’re right by God…

DEVON!! How did I miss him in this moment? I guess we’re just not expecting to see Silver in this context. Or in a shirt and tie with his hair slicked back. I’d guess the reason Bong Joonho didn’t make Silver infiltrating the Mirando offices more obvious is because of this deleted scene that I’ve already speculated will show the ALF formulating their plan for sabotaging the super pig parade. Without that set up just showing Silver randomly in the Mirando office could cause confusion. But it’s still there as a little Easter Egg. And hopefully there will be an extended cut or deleted scenes released on DVD at some point.