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Who’s the Boss now? (ft. Jimin)
  • Word count: 2593


I changed the idea a bit, hope you’ll be satisfied anyway :)

“Mr. Park. We have to go.” You said out loud after peeking into your boss’ office.

He raised his head from the papers right away and nodded, gathering some important documents to put into his briefcase. In the meantime, you fixed your tight, black skirt to make sure that it covers a bigger part of your legs. With the corner of your eye you noticed your boss glancing at you, while you were busy trying to look decent enough for a business meeting.

An important conference was being held in the company you were a secretary in. Back a few days ago your boss, Mr. Park, asked you to reserve some time for today to keep him company and make a protocol at the meeting. Especially for this occasion, you picked your outfit very carefully. From what you’ve gotten to know, a few important personas were invited to attend the meeting, so you had no other choice, but to represent your company well along with your boss.

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KS chapter 18...
  • <p> <b>Ji Eun:</b> *Doesn't like Bum, finds him creepy, and is kinda mean to him for that. But other than being rude, has literally done nothing wrong.*<p/><b>Yoon Bum:</b> *is literally a stalker, that looks and acts extremely creepy, has committed actual crimes, even got restraining orders.*<p/><b>KS fandom:</b> OMG! Ji En is such a bitch! How dare you be mean to poor Bum uwu! He is so pure and innocent! Sangwoo better kill her, lol!<p/><b>me:</b> what the actual fuck<p/></p>

Chapter 18 got me..

// El capítulo 18 me tiene…

ID #64689

Name: Jess
Age: 18
Country: Australia

Hi, I’m Jess,
I finished high school last year and am taking a gap year, running the office for my parents’ business. I love learning, and am currently trying my hardest to learn German. Next year I start University, studying archaeology and marketing. I spend my time obsessing over my fish tanks, playing video games, cooking vegetarian recipes, and trying my hand at plenty of new things. I’d love a positive, friendly pen-pal, and it would be great if they spoke German, but that’s not a necessity. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Preferences: I’d prefer an age range of 16 - 25

Frank-Walter Steinmeier Next President of Germany

Today, February 12, 2017, Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected by the Federal Convention (Bundesversammlung) as the next president of Germany. He will assume office on March 18, 2017.

Steinmeier, member of the SPD, was the candidate of the Great Coalition consisting of CDU, CSU, and SPD currently governing Germany. He was also supported by the Green Party and the FDP.

Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier grew up in a carpenter’s family in the rural Lippe area in North-Rhine-Westphalia. He studied law and political sciences in Gießen and received a doctoral degree in law in 1991. He was hired at the office of the prime minister of the state of Lower Saxony, Gerhard Schröder, in Hannover, where he quickly advanced his career. He followed Gerhard Schröder after his appointment as chancellor to Berlin, where he soon became chief of the Chancellor’s Office. In this position, he was one of the driving forces of the Agenda 2010 reforms, which are generally said to be the foundations of Germany’s current economical success, but were (and still are) controversially discussed with regards to their impact on social affairs and the coherence of the German society.

After Angela Merkel assumed Chancellorship of a Great Coalition in 2005, Steinmeier was appointed as foreign minister. In 2007, he became vice-chancellor. He was appointed again as foreign minister in the third cabinet of Angela Merkel and resigned in January 2017 after he was nominated as the joint presidential candidate of the Great Coalition.

In 2010, Steinmeier donated a kidney to his wife, Elke Büdenbender, to save her life.

Unlike in many other states, the president of Germany, as the official head of the state, has a mostly ceremonial and representative role. The duties of the office involve:

  • to represent Germany in the world under international law (signing international contracts, accrediting German diplomats, receiving international leaders and letters of accreditation of foreign diplomats, etc.)
  • to propose a chancellor candidate to the German parliament
  • to appoint and dismiss the chancellor (after parliamental vote) and the ministers of the federal government; the president does not have the right to reject the resignation of a chancellor
  • to appoint and dismiss high federal officials and military (requiring counter-signature of chancellor or the relevant minister)
  • to regularly meet with the chancellor and the ministers for confidential consultations
  • to sign and promulgate the law, with the right to reject his signature (happened only eight times so far)
  • to dissolve the Federal Diet (Bundestag, German parliament) under certain circumstances
  • to declare war, after the the government has determined a state of defense
  • to exercise the power of pardon on the federal level (but he has no right to issue an amnesty)
  • to declare a state of legislative emergency by request of the cabinet if no chancellor could be elected. During this period, bills submitted by the government become law after his signature even if the federal diet rejects them, but the Federal Council (upper chamber of parliament representing the sixteen states) has to approve them. Legislative emergency does non suspend basic human rights, nor does it give the executive branch exceptional power. Legislative emergency has never been declared so far.
  • to assume the patronage over projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on the German society. He is the regular patron of the German red cross and the German maritime search and rescue sevice.
  • to decide upon the national symbols after counter-signature of the chancellor
  • to occasion state ceremonies
  • to confer the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and other minor decorations

The Federal President does not have the right to issue decrees without counter-signature of a member of the Federal Government; that means that he cannot execute political power against the will of the government, with the sole exception of the strictly regulated state of legislative emergency.

The Federal President, committed to political neutrality, usually acts by the power of the word. He is independent of daily politics and free to set his topics. This way, a number of presidents have by speeches initiated public debates that materialized in law some time later. Notable examples are the speech of Richard von Weizsäcker on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the end of world war II, and the “Ruck-Rede” (”Jerk Speech”) by Roman Herzog. The former speech substantially shaped Germany’s current culture of remembrance, the latter initiated the debate that eventually led to the Agenda 2010 reforms by the government of Gerhard Schröder.

In case the office of the president falls vacant, the president of the Federal Council (Bundesrat) temporarily assumes the duties of the office until a new president is elected, which should be done within 30 days.

The president enjoys immunity from prosecution and cannot be voted out of office. The Federal Diet can revoke the immunity in case the president is offended of willfully violating the law. The Federal constitutional court has then to determine whether the president is guilty of the offense and has the only authority to remove the president from the office.

The president resides in Bellevue Palace in Berlin and has a second office in Hammerschmidt Villa in Bonn. His car carries the number 0-1, and the aircraft carrying the president has the call sign German Air Force 001.

The president assumes a honorary godfathership for the seventh child of a family. He helps German artists in need by a single donation or by giving the a honorarium. He offers his congratulations for special anniversaries, such as the hundredth birthday of a German citizen.

So, I’ve never told anyone about this, ever in my life, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure it even happened. I want to be very clear, this is not a joke or a shitpost or anything like that. The details may not be exactly right, but I’m being 100% serious. It’s something kinda funny and weird that happened to me when I was 10, and for whatever reason it’s been on my mind lately and I think it’s time I shared it with the world.

So, I went to a Lutheran Elementary School, so, in addition to Math, English, Science, etc., Bible Studies was also part of my curriculum. When I was in fifth grade, when this story took place, a different teacher would come in once a week and teach us Bible Studies. He was a younger guy, at least, younger than the rest of my teachers at that point. Late twenties, early thirties, I would say. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this guy’s name was Jonathan. I kinda remember thinking it was kind of a funny coincidence that he had a vaguely Biblical name, like the gospel John.

Jonathan was kind of chubby, and he had spiky black hair and sunglasses, and I think he had tattoos. I might be wrong about the tattoos, but whether he had them or not, he was a cool guy. I remember thinking he seemed like the kind of guy that was in a band.

Even though he only came in once a week, he had an office adjacent to my fifth-grade classroom, and sometimes we’d get sent in there when my actual teacher wanted to grill a kid alone (which she did a lot, because she was a vile bully of a teacher that shouldn’t have been allowed to work with children).

I don’t remember why I ended up in that office, it has been 18 years, after all, but I remember sitting in there, alone, when I spotted an open notepad on the table next to me. Written on the notepad were the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. The song was new at the time; Shrek would not be out for two more years, and I had only heard it once or twice, and hadn’t learned the lyrics yet. I had heard it, though, I knew the song and was able to recognize that these were the lyrics to it. I distinctly remember that reading them on that notepad was how I learned the lyrics to All Star by Smash Mouth. I distinctly remember a time after that day, being in the car with my mom and dad when the song came on. I remember singing along, and they were impressed that I knew all the words. And I could swear that the lyrics written on the notepad weren’t perfect, like, there were some crossed out and some that weren’t in the actual song.

More than 15 years later, Smash Mouth tweets a viral photo of the"original lyrics" to All Star written on a notepad. And I can’t be 100% certain, because I mean, I was 10, but if you put a gun to my head I would say, yes, that is the exact same page of the exact same notepad I saw in 1999.

So my question for anyone reading this is: what actually happened here? Because it sounds like what happened is that Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth, while All Star was Number 4 on Billboard, used to moonlight as a Bible Studies teacher named Jonathan once a week to my 5th-grade class of 20 kids in a tiny elementary school in Burbank, California. But I know that can’t be what actually happened. So what actually happened?

ID #15016

Name: Alicia
Age: 18
Country: USA

Hi! My name is Alicia and having a pen pal is always something I’ve wanted to try. The idea of having friends all over the world is pretty cool.

I love reading and am currently working my way through Frank Tallis’ Vienna series. My favorite tv shows are Psych, the Office, Parks and Rec, and Bob’s Burgers, and right now I’m super into the new show Midnight, Texas. I love art and science (and listen to like a million podcasts on both those subjects) as well as things like skincare and beauty products. Animals and kids are my passions and I volunteer at hospitals and animal shelters regularly.

Im currently taking a gap year to be a nanny in Portland, Oregon, but plan on getting a doctorate in clinical psychology eventually. I love outdoors, especially the beach, and when I lived in California I went almost every day. I’m very outgoing and am super excited to make new friends!

Preferences: 17+ preferably, and no other preferences. LGBTQ and all race and religions welcome 💕

ID #60164

Name: Layton
Age: 17 (18 in 2 months)
Country: USA

virgo / enfp / female
★ avid watcher of the office, lost, gossip girl, jessica jones, arrested development, bojack horseman, bob’s burgers, steven universe, black mirror, htgawm, opm, portlandia, svtfoe, avatar the last airbender, the 100, and archer
★ cross country runner
★ painter
★ writer
★ atheist?? i guess??
★ part of the lgbt community
★ left leaning political views
★ half-korean (partially fluent in the language)
★ fan of blackbear, matd, p!atd, hey violet, mika, lorde, sia, carly rae jepsen, kesha, melanie martinez, jon bellion, and hayley kiyoko
★ i live in california
★ i love dogs. a lot. especially beagles and basset hounds and fat dogs. not a big fan of cats but i read warriors so does that count?
★ i’m really into astrology and i can probably read your natal chart for you if you’d like. it’s super interesting even if you’re not into that stuff.
★ i’m starting college this summer as an english major and i’m really hoping to transfer to my dream school USC
★ you should talk to me about thanatology!! it’s the study of death and being a mortician is my fall back career in case the english major thing doesn’t work out 👻
★ my favorite youtube channels are yuya, cinemasins, and comicsexplained
★ my favorite comic book characters are damian wayne, kamala khan, wade wilson, peter parker, harley quinn, and logan
★ i go to cons though not as often as i’d like to. also, my cosplays are cheap af
★ i’m a huge mythology enthusiast. norse, roman, egyptian and greek. 🔱
★ if you support trump there’s a 100% chance we won’t get along
★ that’s all i can think of so feel free to contact me. i have snapchat, email, tumblr, and instagram

Preferences: 16-21 and any race/gender is okay. If you are a fluent Spanish speaker that’d be amazing since I’m currently trying to learn the language.