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BBC confirms: Tom Hardy ‘arrests fleeing motorbike thief' 

“Actor Tom Hardy apprehended a man who had allegedly stolen a motorbike in London, police have said. The Hollywood star stepped in after two teenagers on the bike crashed into a car in Richmond, south-west London, on Sunday afternoon. They ran off before one was was grabbed by the Mad Max and Taboo star and the other was arrested by a police officer. Two 16-year-olds have been arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, police said.

A Richmond Police spokesman said: “We can confirm that there were two people on a stolen moped that went through a red light and crashed into another vehicle. The males ran off and one was detained by Tom Hardy.”

“Both suspects were initially taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman later clarified the stolen vehicle was a motorbike and one of the arrested teenagers was riding pillion.

Update: A spokesperson for Metropolitan police relayed the following statement to EW: “In an earlier Twitter ‘direct message’ reply to a BBC reporter, a local officer named an individual as having detained a male in connection with the below incident. The arresting officer has confirmed that a number of members of the public assisted police at the scene. We do not believe that it is correct to say that any one individual detained the suspect. We are not aware of any citizen’s arrest. It is, of course, Met policy not to name informants or witnesses. We regret that the name of any individual was released via a message to the BBC.”

Get your story straight, Met police… ;)

The final Dragoncon 2016 post!  Sunday afternoon was a vintage style themed outfit, much like my Star Wars Walkaway dress.  A Disney Princess Bleach Dress!  I was super proud of this one and it went over so well.  I had been planning to do a Disney version of the bleach dress ever since I made the Captain America one.  I think it turned out even better than the Cap dress.

I used Simplicity 1606 for the bodice, with straps from another pattern.  The skirt is a basic circle skirt.  The dress was assembled and finished minus the straps and bias tape before bleaching.  Then I arranged my princesses around the skirt and sprayed it with bleach, along with the cut strap and trim pieces.  I didn’t get a picture of the finished back on me, but I did remember to snap one when I finished the bleaching.  

The parameters of which princesses/heroines made it onto the dress fell under the category of “Cause I wanna.” In other words, I don’t care that some of them aren’t offical princesses.  The 16 ladies who appear, from back seam clockwise: Elsa, Kida, Esmeralda, Jasmine, Snow White, Pocahontas, Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, Aurora, Mulan, Cinderella, Meg, Merida, and Anna.  It took quite a few minutes for me to decide who went where.

I made the hat with extra fabric and gold sinamay.

Traveling Vocabulary

1. 비행기 = airplane
2. 기차 = train
3. 배 = ship
4. 버스 = bus
5. 지하철 = subway
6. 택시 = taxi
7. 공항 = airport
8. 국제 공항 = international airport
9. 버스 터미날 = bus terminal
10. 기차역 = train station
11. 지하철역 = subway station
12. 버스 정류장 = bus stop
13. 관세 = customs
14. 시설 = facilities
15. 출입국 관리소 = immigration office
16. 매표소 = ticket booth
17. 철도 = railway
18. 호텔 = hotel
19. 유스호스텔 = youth hostel
20. 입구 = entrance
21. 출구 = exit
22. 승치권 = ticket
23. 여권 = passport
24. 탑승권 = boarding pass
25. 출발지 = department point
26. 도착지 = destination
27. 환전소 = foreign exchange
28. 거스름돈 = change (money)
29. 미국 달라 = U.s dollar
30. 요금 = fare
31. 착륙 = landing
32. 이륙 = take off
33. 사업차 = on buiness
34. 휴가차 = on vacation
35. 짐 = luggage
36. 왕복으로 = round trip

37. 오다 = to come
38. 쇼핑하다 = to shop
39. 구경하다 = to sightsee
40. 날다 = to fly
41. 여행하다 = to travel

42. 한국 = Korea
43. 대한민국 = South Korea
44. 북한 = North Korea
45. 미국 = America/ U.S
46. 호주 = Australia
47. 캐나다 = Canada
48. 중국 = China
49. 프랑스 = France
50. 독일 = Germany
51. 인도 = India
52. 일본 = Japan
53. 멕시코 = Mexico
54. 태국 = Thailand
55. 러시아 = Russia
56. 영국 = England
57. 오스트리아 = Austria


From: Calissa Beach 
Subject: Post Office in Supai
Date: March 16, 2017 at 11:35:10 AM PDT

 So once upon a time I listened to your guy’s episode “The Revolutionary Post” and was fascinated by the remote post office  that still delivers it’s mail by mule… 

Fast forward a few weeks and I decided to go on a super spontaneous trip for my spring break. 

I actually didn’t know the reservation was next to an oasis and you have to get your permit like a year in advance, so we didn’t even go to the falls. I really just wanted to see this post office. So we drove four hours from Vegas (we’re from Utah and stayed with some friends there), hiked 8 miles in, mailed some letters, and then hiked 8 miles back out. And it was 100% worth it. We had to explain to a few fellow hikers that we weren’t  actually going to the falls, we just wanted see the post office. And then they would think we were weird and awesome at the same time.

 Anyhoo, it was a ton of fun and thought you guys might get a kick out of it. (I attached some pics too) Thanks, you beautiful nerds.

We have the best listeners in the world. The Supai post office is way, way cooler-looking than we even imagined! Thanks Calissa.