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Nobody sane loves working in an office, It’s against human nature to be locked up in a cubicle all day long.

The Police Officers Who Returned 14-Year-Old Boy To Jeff Dahmer

“MILWAUKEE, Aug. 25 1991— A police officer suspended for returning a 14-year-old Laotian boy to Jeffrey L. Dahmer, who has since admitted killing 17 people, said he had agonized over how he might have prevented the boy’s death.

“God as my witness, I just didn’t dump a little boy in the hands of a murderer. That’s not what happened,” the officer, Joseph T. Gabrish, told The Milwaukee Journal in a story published today.

On May 27, neighbors called the police to report seeing a naked and bleeding boy run from Mr. Dahmer’s apartment building. After interviewing Mr. Dahmer, Officer Gabrish and two fellow officers accepted his explanation that the youth was an adult and his lover and that the boy was drunk. The officers went with Mr. Dahmer and the boy to Mr. Dahmer’s apartment. The other officers were also suspended. Incident Led to Protests

After Mr. Dahmer was arrested in July, he told the police that he strangled the boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, soon after the officers left. He also said the body of another victim was in a bedroom during the officers’ visit.”

After the trial the officers were fired, but both were reinstated soon. With full back pay. And right after that Balcerzak and Gabrish were named “officers of the year” by their local union, the Milwaukee Police Association. 
In May 2005, Balcerzak was elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association

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Future Foundation Wants Their Underwear Back (from Naegi)

“Makoto Naegi, of Future Foundation Branch Office 14, you are under arrest on suspicion of treason.” Munakata announced. Naegi had expected this, handcuffs and all, what he didn’t expect were his next words. “As such, you are deemed unfit to carry responsibility and you now forfeit the right to possession of previous treasured garments. We expect you to return these post-haste.”

Naegi stared back, confused. He’s not exactly sure what he meant by that, there were a lot of technical terms in there that didn’t quite make sense to him. “Um, could you… repeat that?” He nervously asked.

“Return it.” Munakata coughed and then held out his hand, “My underwear.”

Naegi broke into cold sweat as his gaze sweeped across the room. Hell would soon freeze over.

“What the…? You gave him your underwear?” Sakakura looked over in disbelief. “I thought you said you only gave me and Yukizome yours?”

Munakata avoided his accusatory gaze. “I meant what I said. At the time it was only you two. But…”

“But Kyosuke found out that him and Naegi got along pretty well, right?” Yukizome smoothly interjected with an easygoing smile. “Don’t get too jealous of Naegi! After all, we also gave him ours don’t you remember?”

“Q-Quiet! This is a private matter!” Sakakura stammered in reply, his face was red in a mix of anger and embarrassment. Mostly anger. Misdirected anger at Naegi. “Whatever. You heard Munakata, give us back our underwears.”

“And don’t forget to return mine either! I don’t like the idea of it being in the hands of someone like you! You traitor!” Ruruka snarled menacingly. “You know what? I’m not even going to keep it. I’ll just go ahead and burn it after since you already touched it! Ugh!”

“I want mine returned too.” Izayoi seconded and even revealed a threatening weapon from his sleeve. “I’ll be sure to shred it like how Ruruka would have wished it was you getting ripped to pieces.”

“G-Give it back.” Seiko murmurred, her expression hurt. “I t-trusted you but in the end… you betrayed me. You’re just like them… a traitor!”

“A jumping cow knows no gold.” Bandai shook his head in disappointment. “I wanted you to have my underwear but now I want you to give it back.”

“While I don’t necessarily agree with what you did, it is still a bit upsetting. We worked hard to capture those Remnants of Despair after all.” Great Gozu said with his arms crossed. “I may need some more time to think over if you are worthy enough to bear my underwear.”

“Let’s not fight over this!” Gekkogahara said through Monomi. “I’m sure that Naegi is willing to return all of our underwear if we just ask nicely.”

“I don’t understand how you could choose them over us… All they have is despair but we… we have hope. And yet…” Mitarai tightly held his phone in frustration. “Please. If this is how you are then… just give me back my underwear.”

“I gotta hand it to ya, kid. Never figured you’d be quite the undergarment collector.” Kizakura tipped his hat towards him. “I just might want mine back since now I know I’m not that special.”

“Ah, youth. Had the circumstances been any different then I might have taken joy in this spectacle.” Tengan commented with his gravely voice. “But what you did is a serious crime against the beliefs of this organization and against humanity. And on a personal level, you have breached our bond of trust. Truly you have forfeited the right over the very symbol of our friendship.”

Naegi couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was called here… just so they’d demand their underwears back? In the first place, whose bright idea was it to give away underwears as a sign of true friendship? It definitely wasn’t his and yet everyone kept giving them to him. But as absurd as it was to give them away, it was even more ridiculous to ask them back. He flushed red at the prospect. This was certainly embarrassing if not humiliating.

“You’ve been awfully quiet to our demands.” Munakata pointed out as he slammed his palm against the table, immediately silencing the room. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Naegi opened his mouth to say something but no words came out.

After all, he couldn’t tell them that he left all of their underwears back at his quarters.



           ↳ “Nimed marmortahvlil” 2002 (Names in Marble)

“Nimed marmortahvlil” is an Estonian war drama about the Estonian War of Independence based on a novel of the same name. The events of the movie center around the coming-of-age story of the school boys who decided to fight for the independence of newly-created Republic of Estonia and the conflict between Estonian nationalism and communist ideology.  Will the payment for their bravery be love, fatherland, or will the only thing left behind by the boys be their names in the marble?

The movie premiered in Estonia on 1st of November 2002 and turned out to be extremely popular. All in all around 168 000 people went to see the movie - setting Estonian box office record for 14 years when it was beaten by “1944″.

Actors in the movie were Priit Võigemast (as Henn Ahas), Indrek Sammul (as Ants Ahas), Hele Kõre (as Marta), Alo Kõrve (as Käsper). Anti Reinthal (as Tääker), Ott Sepp (as Mugur), Karol Kuntsel (as Martinson), Ott Aardam (as Kohlapuu), Guido Kangur (as Karakull), Argo Aadli (as Konsap) and Peter Franzén (as Sulo Kallio.) Many of the young actors in this film solidified themselves in the hall of fame of Estonian actors thanks to this movie.

In American slang, the phrase “going postal” means flying into an uncontrollable rage at work. It’s likely many of us have had moments where we’ve felt like this, but the origins of this saying are a lot darker than you’d expect.

In 1986, a post office worker by the name of Patrick Sherrill shot 20 of his post office co-workers, killing 14 of them and drastically injuring the rest. He then ended the rampage by fatally shooting himself in the forehead. 

As is the norm with most rampages, the perpetrator’s motives are unclear and shrouded in rumour. Sherrill said he felt ridiculed and berated by the post office management. He was constantly being messed around and given less hours than his co-workers, which made him angry. Other sources claim that he was an irritable worker who was under performing due to his poor attitude. Records show that he was reprimanded by his supervisors on the day before the shooting, so it’s likely that the bitterness he felt over this caused him to ultimately snap and take so many lives with him.

So next time you’re mad at work and feel like “going postal”, just remember Sherrill’s massacre at the Edmond Post Office on the morning of August 20th, 1986, and take some relief in knowing that you won’t go that postal.

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