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There are steady poundings on his door at midnight, so Cassian has every reason to put on his jacket and fixing his gesture when he stands to open it. It could be anyone from the High Command, requesting an emergency service.

(It’s way past Jyn’s sleepless hour, and she just return from a full week of Pathfinder’s mission. She also has a training schedule on the evening for new recruits and send her reports afterwards. Not that he’s been checking.)

And yet it’s her, wrapped tight in his blue parka that she ‘borrowed’ ever since the emergency relocation to Hoth 3 months and 13 days ago.

(Again, not that he’s been keeping track).

“Can I come in?” Jyn asks calmly. She was backing the source of light but Cassian thinks he can see her lips shivering.

“Sure,” he steps away from the door, and she literally hops in. It takes her less than 10 seconds to throw the parka onto his desk, kicking her boots away and bundled herself inside his blanket, curling like a sleeping tooka.

(He takes the time to properly hang the parka on the backrest of his chair, and he can smell her scent radiating out of it. It takes all of his self-control not to press the parka to his nose and breathe her in.)

“What are you doing up there? Please, make yourself comfortable in your own bed,” Jyn added with a shaky chuckle. Suspicious, Cassian kneels on the bed instead to hover above her and bring one of his hand to her forehead. She’s burning up.

“Force, Jyn, you caught a fever!”

“Yeah, I’m aware,” she moves away slowly from his touch and curls even more.

“You should go to med—“

“I have.”

“Did they give—“


“And have you drink—“

I have. Calm down, Cassian, I won’t purposely make this fever lasts longer.”

(Blaster burns, vibroblade cut, broken bones, concussion, that he knows how to take care of. But fever? Moreover, his small-but-strong Jyn who can take down 10 Troopers alone, now brought down by a fever? Not that he doesn’t think of wrapping his arms around her.)

“It’s so cold, I hate this planet.” She shivers visibly now, and Cassian let one of his self-restrain go. Tentatively he strips down and change into sleeping clothes before lowering himself to the bed in a safe distance. He takes another seconds to weigh on how it is best to keep her warm, should he just rub her back or hold her entirely—

“You really going to make me say it, don’t you?”

A chuckle escapes his mouth along with a breath he doesn’t realize he was holding. Shifting forward, Cassian finally let go of the last doubt he’s been carrying and let his instinct take over. Slipping inside Jyn’s bundle, he holds her body flush to his, letting himself overwhelmed by how they fit into each other before nuzzling his nose to her nape and breathe her in.

“I just want to make sure if I’m going to die because of this, at least someone will know promptly, not after I decomposed and—“

“You’re not going to die simply because of a fever, Jyn.”

(He nuzzles some more into her neck, and it’s either that or the cold, but she also shivers some more.)

“I’m kidding. Just—“

“You have me. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

They both know promises have no value there, but Jyn is too sick to think about the raging war and his words eventually make her body relaxes and stops her toes from fidgeting. Cassian takes the hint to tightens his arm around her torso and, with the same newfound bravery, plant a lingering kiss on her burning cheek—long enough he can feel it stir from her smile.

“I know.”

Nobody sane loves working in an office, It’s against human nature to be locked up in a cubicle all day long.

The Police Officers Who Returned 14-Year-Old Boy To Jeff Dahmer

“MILWAUKEE, Aug. 25 1991— A police officer suspended for returning a 14-year-old Laotian boy to Jeffrey L. Dahmer, who has since admitted killing 17 people, said he had agonized over how he might have prevented the boy’s death.

“God as my witness, I just didn’t dump a little boy in the hands of a murderer. That’s not what happened,” the officer, Joseph T. Gabrish, told The Milwaukee Journal in a story published today.

On May 27, neighbors called the police to report seeing a naked and bleeding boy run from Mr. Dahmer’s apartment building. After interviewing Mr. Dahmer, Officer Gabrish and two fellow officers accepted his explanation that the youth was an adult and his lover and that the boy was drunk. The officers went with Mr. Dahmer and the boy to Mr. Dahmer’s apartment. The other officers were also suspended. Incident Led to Protests

After Mr. Dahmer was arrested in July, he told the police that he strangled the boy, Konerak Sinthasomphone, soon after the officers left. He also said the body of another victim was in a bedroom during the officers’ visit.”

After the trial the officers were fired, but both were reinstated soon. With full back pay. And right after that Balcerzak and Gabrish were named “officers of the year” by their local union, the Milwaukee Police Association. 
In May 2005, Balcerzak was elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association

ID #64499

Name: Olivia
Age: 13 going on 14
Country: USA

I like to learn about other peoples lives, and not because I like to invade peoples privacy, I just like learning about how others view the world, so, honestly, I would prefer pen palling (is that a real verb?) with someone much different than I. I am a teenage girl who lives on the west coast of the USA. I like to experiment with fashion (which means I dress like a clown 9 times out of 10.) I’m not really into makeup or super into hair, but I’m not really a ‘tom boy’ or anything like that 'cuz I like wearing dresses and I hate sports with a burning passion. I only speak English, but (and the rest of this sentence will be disappointing) I can speak (literally) two words of polish and like two sentences of french. My family’s culture is Polish, but I don’t really know much about it, since my great grandparents were the ones who immigrated from there, so my family is more American then Polish at this point. My parents are divorced since I was 3, so it would be cool if my pen pal had divorced parents too, because then we’d have something in common to talk about. I’m kind of a cynic. My favorite tv shows include: Stranger Things, This Is Us, Bill Nye Saves the Word, The Twilight Zone, The Office, Community, Parks and Recreation, Project Runway, The Middle, and The Guild. I don’t know what else to say. Don’t be a creep or an axe murderer I guess.

Preferences: I would prefer someone from ages 14-16, and possibly someone from a different country or coast as me, as I like to learn about other people’s cultures. If you come from another country that doesn’t speak English, and want to be my pen pal, you don’t have to speak perfect English either. I can always google translate or help you with your English.

            First, I’m truly sorry if this post is uploaded in the middle of your school year, but I guess it’s better than nothing right? Well, I would like to congratulate everyone for surviving the past school year and for those who are wondering what kind of post I’m writing today, it is going to be everything (or maybe) you need to know about school life. This is based on my experiences so, do feel free to use any of the tips in this post if you find it helpful.

1.     Sleep early

Holidays are over, time for a reality check, school is going to start soon. Start organizing your life by repairing your body clock back to school season. If you have been going to bed at 3 in the morning because you are playing Overwatch or binge watching your favorite series, I would suggest you try to sleep early (probably around 11 pm) to ensure that your body clock would be ready before school starts. Try to change your sleeping routine at least a week before your first day of school so that your body would be familiarised with the new routine.

2.     Buy your necessary things beforehand

Okay, probably people might go for a last-minute shopping trip to their stationery store because there would be a “Back to School” sale going on, but there are times when you try to find the things that you would need for school only to find out that it is out-of-stock? Well, list down things that you need for the school year such as stationery on your phone’s memo and make a trip to your stationery store a month before school starts to ensure that you have your items ready for school. Personally, I would go to Popular two months in advance to grab all my stationery that I need for the following school year.

3.     Start planning

School is where your brain runs all over the place if you are not ready. That’s me during my first week in Polytechnic (which is equivalent to junior college in the UK or community college in the US). So, I would suggest you start having a bullet journal or simply a small planner with you to school. You do not have to make fancy spreads on your bullet journal if you do not have time to do so. If it helps you with your planning, it is more than enough.

4.     Things to bring to school

You do not have to bring your entire stationery collection to school. Just bring a few black or blue pens (be it gel ink pens or ballpoint pens), two colors of highlighters, ruler, pencil and eraser and you are good to go! Do not forget about your scientific calculator and mathematic set if you need for class. Other than your textbooks or laptop, bring a small notebook (preferably A5 because I feel that it’s the perfect size to slide into your bag) to jot down information during lessons or lectures. Also, do not forget your planner. Other necessities you would need would be umbrella, packet of tissue paper, hand sanitizer, a small bag to keep your sanitary pads or plasters, laptop charger so that your laptop would not die on you during lectures, water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, a jacket so that you would still be comfortable despite the blasting aircon in the lecture theatre or classroom.

5.     Make sure to have your breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most crucial meal of the day because it is to kick start your day. Well, you do not need to have a full table meal for breakfast or you would end up sleeping in class due to overeating. At least you have something for your body to digest before starting your day in school.

6.     Forming good habits

It’s not too late to develop good habits. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”, try to slowly dispense old yet bad habits. Start early before your school year so that you would be familiarised with the new habits when school starts. Good habits include – packing your bag the day before, organizing your room/desk, planning, etc.

7.     What to wear for school

Every school have a dress code for the students to follow and with that, some students would treat their school’s corridor as their fashion runaway. Trust me, you do not need to dress fashionable well to go to school. Wear casually unless you have a presentation to go, dress smart and formal. Also, for makeup, you are already beautiful, you do not have to spend 1 hour on doing your makeup, that 1 hour can usually be used to calm yourself down (or sometimes, sleep in).

8.     Digital notes vs traditional notes

I guess there’s an ongoing debate on what type of notes should you use. Be it digital or paper, both serve the same purpose which is to help you with your academics. There are pros and cons in using either digital or paper which I would probably going to explain in another post. But, depending on your situation, if your lecture does not allow any form of digital notes, I guess handwritten notes would be the only choice, unless you transfer your handwritten notes to your laptop. But during fast-paced lecture, I personally prefer digital notes because I type faster than writing. The other reason why I personally choose digital notes is that I can use it during examinations easier.

9.     Few close friends are enough

You do not have to be friends with your entire cohort. Stick to a few, that will help you with your journey in the school year. It’s best to have at least two or three close friends in each class so that if you are absent for any of the lesson or lecture, you can go to them and ask for help. If you and your friends have the same mindset of achieving good grades for the school year, everything is going to be fine.

10.  Never afraid to ask your lecturer for help

I used to be afraid of asking questions in class because I am afraid that the lecturer would find me someone who ask irrelevant questions in class. But trust me, it’s for your own benefit. Just ask them questions when in doubt. Raise your hands and ask your questions. If you are afraid to ask questions in class, ask after class. Tell them that you have some clarification to make and I am sure that they would be happy to help you.

11.  Attend class regularly

Even though there are schools that make classes optional (not the case for mine), try to at least attend 90% of your classes. That way, you would not have to miss out on lessons and you would not be a blur student who would be rushing for exam notes from your classmates. You would be prepared of what would be tested during the examinations. However, if you are really feeling unwell, please do not drag yourself to school. Instead, visit the doctor and get proper medication. Rest well because it’s an indication that your body is lethargic. Take some vitamins to keep your body healthy and full of nutrients.

12.  Take part in after school activities

There are more than just your academics my dear. Regularly check your school’s board or email for any activities that you can take part. Be it sports competition, maths or science competition or even volunteering work, you can use them for your application for your future’s academics. This not only boosts your certificate but it also gives you the experience that you might miss.

13.  Get used to your campus

If you are a freshman in school, make sure you try to locate your classes beforehand. You would not want to get lost on your first day of class and ended up late. I suggest you search up your classes first before your school’s office and the cafeterias.

14.  At the end of the day, grades do not define you

Listen here sweetheart, despite the grades that are reflected on your certificate at the end of the day, those As or Bs you have does not define who you truly are. What matter the most is your passion to learn. Because your future boss would not only look at your grades but also whether you are capable of working in the company.

At the Battle of Bunker Hill, there was only one person on the colonial side that was singled out and honored for his bravery and great deeds during the battle. Only one. His name was Salem Poor, a free person of color. Whatever he did at the battle was so mind-blowingly heroic that 14 white officers wrote letters of commendation about him, letting Massachusetts and Congress know of what he had done. Or at the very least…. letting everyone know that he had done something awesome.

Here’s the main problem, though. What exactly did he do? Well…. no one actually knows. Because apparently, what he did was such big news that everyone just assumed that everyone else would already know about it. The letter states that what he did was “common knowledge”, and that  “Wee Would Only begg leave to say in the Person of this said Negro Centers a brave and gallant soldier.”

Which of course means…. since no one bothered to write it down, we have no idea what it was he actually did. But whatever it was, it must have been quite something.

I just saw the video of the officer choking the 14 yr old and knocking out his front tooth. I’m so upset. I just cried. My kid is 10 and he is going to be a big boy like the child in the video.

My son is hearing and speech impaired.

What will they do to my baby if they don’t understand him? Or he doesn’t understand them?

I’m so sick of living in fear that something may happen to my child at the hands of someone else because of their ignorance.

I’m scared for my baby. I am tired!

The Office moments #3
  • Jim: Margaret?
  • Pam: I know.
  • Jim: YOU just got yourself kicked out of your apartment.
  • Pam: Oh, I don't care, I don't really like that place that much anyway. I'll just move.
  • Jim: Who's gonna take you in? You're messy, you're a klutz, you spill everything, and you leave the volume on the TV way too loud.
  • Pam: Yeah. Maybe I'll just move in with my boyfriend, cuz he's kind of a slob too.
  • Jim: Okay. Let's do it.
  • Pam: [laughing] Well, I... I'm not going to move in with someone unless I'm engaged.
  • Jim: Have I not proposed to you yet?
  • Pam: [showing her left hand] I don't... No?
  • Jim: Oh. Well, that's comin'.
  • Pam: Oh, right now?
  • Jim: No, I'm not going to do it here. That would be rather lame.
  • Pam: Okay, so then, when?
  • Jim: Pam, I'm not gonna tell you. Hate to break it to you but that's not how that works.
  • Pam: Oh, right.
  • Jim: Wait, I'm serious. It's happening.
  • Pam: Okay.
  • Jim: And when it's going to kick. your. ASS, Beesly. So, stay sharp.
  • Pam: I've been warned.
  • *cut to interview style shot*
  • Jim: I am not kidding. [shows pretty diamond ring] Got it a week after we started dating.
Dramas I've watched in April

Finished Dramas:

Beautiful Gong Shim (10/10)- I watched this after Chief Kim aired because I needed more Namgoong min in my life and it did not disappoint.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (6/10): only liked the main leads (and maybe the brother idk?) and the rest of the Drama was just a shit show with racism, sexism and just yuck. I won’t be coming back to watch this ever again as one time was enough for me. Unlike Weightlifting Fairy which was 1000x more better than this and I would actually watch that again.

The King of Romance (8/10): Started this a long time ago and managed to go around to finish it. It’s a pretty ok Chinese drama so if you like those give it a try.

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