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So i decided to start commisions! Truth be told, im a little worried on how well this is gonna go. So i guess ill show off the price to commision me. For 20 smackaroos (20 dollars) you can get some art like such:

(now if you wanna add multiple people or a more detailed bg like that pic up there, thatll cost you more. depends on the amount of people/ complexity)

Now perhaps we should talk about the things im not very comfortable with drawing/ will not draw:


-super complex mecha (now certain mecha on the more simplistic side, i can do. i can also draw knights if that was somthing concerning you)

Take in note, i will only accept payment via paypal. When you message me, i will link you to the account so you may pay. the payment will be in two increments. first 15 dollars, then another 15 dollars when the drawing is complete.

If youre interested in commisioning me, just message me on tumblr!

"M’just jealous...”

🔥  ❄️  The one where she really shouldn’t have worn that OR the one where she should have worn nothing but that respectively. 🔥  ❄️  

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🔞 [ !!!MATURE!!!] 🔞

Word count: 16k 

Song: Moonzz - Satisfy

“I take a bite of you, come play with me.” 

Link to the original request *here  and thank you to those who requested some extra details. I hope you all like it! *a jealous dad Harry drabble is in the works as well. xxx

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Hey! I wanted to make a post about the (updated) commissions prices, as well as show off examples of some of my stuff.

Headshot(/Bust): $10

Waist-up: $15

Full-Body: $20

  • Each additional character in the image will be $5


(if you are using tumblr mobile you have to go to in your browser instead of in the app.)

Here are some examples of my work:

All prices are estimates, and depending on the detail (i.e. full shading/background) or simplicity (i.e. a sketch) of the piece the price is subject to change.

I will add more details as necessary, but yeah. Please commission me, I really need to save up some money.

How to analyze a POT. $$$

I read a lot of girls posting analysis of income, and tell if the guy can afford to have a sugar baby.
Here is my take:
Big city and single: 250k
Big city and married: 350k
Not big city and single: 150k
Not a big city and married: 250k
Net worth and income do not always have a direct relationship with each other.
Scenario 1: guy makes 50k and inherited 5 million
Scenario 2: guy makes 300k and spends it all.

I think you should use this for a basis of what you are looking for a pot to spend minimum: 3000/month big city and 2000/month not big city.

Now, I firmly believe that someone who is making more than 400k per year is smart enough not to reveal his true net worth. Why would someone smart enough to make that kind of money put himself at risk of blackmail by showing off? What girls should be more concerned about is how much he is willing to spend on you. I think anyone making 200k has the spending power (depending on circumstances) to afford at least 2000/month.

For my profile, I put an income and net worth to portray the type of allowance I want to spend. I don’t reveal my true income. I don’t reveal my true net worth.

How to tell if someone is rich AND willing to spend $:

Not by how he dresses. My father used to take me to clothing trade shows when I was young. He pointed out. See everyone in suits! They are not the rich guys. Look for the guys who are dressed casually in T-shirts ( Egyptian cotton), they are the ones who don’t have to look nice because they hire people for that.

Not by his car ( although there are minimum standards. An E class would be a minimum as well as A6, 5 series, etc “hybrids excluded”) anyone who drives anything less is either lying or cheap. If you make 200k and drive a civic, ur not gonna be spending thousands on an arrangement. Reason being, these cars are safer, more comfortable, and shows that a man is into luxury hence, able to afford a SB.

Drinks. Anybody making 50k can afford a restaurant bill. But they can’t afford good champagne. On your next pot date, tell them you like champagne and ask if they would like to “have champagne with you” ( never ask to share a bottle) In effect, what you have done is tactfully put them in a position to reveal what they are comfortable with or whether they are comfortable and accommodating. A man who is serious about impressing a girl will order a bottle whether they like it or not. Anyone who has money has had champagne and can tolerate it even if they don’t like it. If they tell you they will have something else, in effect they are forcing you to order by the glass (aka shitty stuff). ( this is my opinion and may not be correct for all guys) but one thing is true, if he orders a bottle of something nice, he is willing to spend money on you. You can’t get good champagne at a restaurant for under 150 dollars (small city prices) and 250 (big city). This, in my opinion is a good sign for a pot date. Lol. So many guys are gonna hate me for this but I’m tired of all these bullshit guys ruining it for real SD’s.

His watch. At some point, ask him the time and compliment him on his watch. Ask about it and take genuine interest. Google it later and if it’s worth 5k and up, he is a pot that will have money for a consistent arrangement. I know a lot of rich people and 98% of the ones making 300k+ have a watch worth 4-5k minimum. No exceptions. This shows he has disposable income to spend on himself and you. Nobody poor spends their tax return on a 5000 watch. 1000 maybe. Watches for men is the gift they treat themselves for being successful. They all do it. If you spend 1000 on a watch, you only have one. If you spend 5000 on a watch, chances are you have more than one. Also, anyone with a Rolex is a douche (opinion) because they just want to show off. For that price, there are so many other options that are far more satisfying than a Rolex. Now, if he says the watch has sentimental value (eg. his father gave it to him) then price is not important.

Travelling. (Note: this applies to 80% of pots) Anyone with money and who is willing to spend money on you (aka discretionary spending) will like to stay in nice hotels. This is not a maybe or an option because rich people (half have expense accounts) don’t stay in shitty hotels in big cities (does not apply to small cities due to lack of options) Talk about travel. Then mention ritz Carlton or trump hotels. Ask them if they have stayed in those chains. Ask them what hotel chains they like. You can read up on them online and pricing. When a man doesn’t cheap out on hotels, this is a big $$$ sign that they like luxury (aka:you) and will pay for it.

With these three things, you will be able to determine if he is willing to spend money on you. Being rich doesn’t matter if they are cheap. All that matters is if they are willing to part with their money.


So my vest for punk sailor moon came in!!~ It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ll be posting cosplay pics tomorrow.

Please check out glitterdickz, she’s the one who made this lovely vest!~ Shipping was fast, and the pricing is reasonable. Can’t wait to show this off at metrocon <3

"How to pose for magazine covers" NHL edition

Carey Price looking cool as usual…

Nick Lidstrom showing off his amazing physique…

Claude Giroux staring into the very middle of your soul…

Captain Serious looking more serious than ever…

…and then there’s Pekka Rinne :D :D

It became clear what Dylan was really like, when nobody else was around: pathetic, down, interested in nothing but his misery and his reunion in death with an imaginary soulmate — not even the shooting mattered to him. It is this side that he kept hidden from Eric. His monstrosity was an act — it was showing off, begging for acceptance, the price he had to pay for his ticket to the halcyon. He misled Eric. 
Eric and Dylan seem to have trusted one another until the very end. Nowhere in their journals do they have doubts about whether the other person will want to go through with it, or do they say something unfavourable about the other. But they were deceiving each other.
—  Tim Krabbe We Are But We Are Not Psycho

wow i guess when i said ‘price sheet with fic illustrations’ i meant ‘price sheet showing off the various ways i can draw wilson looking really upset’
Mattel’s $300 3D printer lets you design and create your own toys
In the 1960s, Mattel's ThingMaker let children create their own toys by pouring liquid plastic into metal molds. Now, Mattel has updated the idea for a new century using 3D printing. The reinvented ThingMaker is a $299.99 3D printer which works with an iOS and Android app to let children (and adults, of course) design new figurines and send them wirelessly from their phone or tablet straight to the printer. According to Toyland, the app comes with dozens of basic blueprints (including rings, necklaces, scorpions, dinosaurs, and skeletons), and users can customize toys by printing new parts that click into basic ball-and-socket joints.
By James Vincent

The printer itself is aimed at children aged 13 and up, reports USA Today, and has a few safety features to keep kids from 3D printing themselves any wounds. The device’s doors lock automatically when it’s in use, and Toyland notes that the printing head retracts when it’s not working, keeping curious kids from touching something that’s been heating PLA plastic filament into a soft goo. Mattel says the ThingMaker will work with any standard filament, and although it hasn’t announced colors or pricing for its own spools, the company was showing off plenty of variety at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. USA Today notes that using an average 1 kg spool of plastic, the ThingMaker should be able to create 20 figurines, 30 pieces of jewelry, or 100 rings.

Be careful what you wish for

Desiree didn’t always wait for people to make wishes just like she didn’t always corrupt wishes, but sometimes there are special cases. Vlad Masters; the most powerful ghost in all of existence, to not mention the most cunning, was one of those cases. Vlad had enough money to finance WW3 entirely, he could snap his fingers and have any women he wanted at his beck and call… So what could he possibly have to wish for? She wanted nothing more than to find out.

For two years Desiree watched and waited for the impenetrable Vlad Masters to let down his guard just enough for a single slip of the tongue. She was beginning to believe it would never happen. Then one lonely summer night, it did.

Vlad had just downed his 9th shot of whiskey after re-reading a single letter on his desk for what seemed like the hundredth time. Desiree appeared before his desk, adorned in enough gaudy metal to impress even the most affluent king, and a king he was. He may have been a bit buzzed, but it would take a bottle or two before he started ignoring his ghost sense.

“Desiree, appearing in my office unannounced? One might believe you have a death wish.” He pushed the letter and its contents to an open corner of his desk, and his mind. He would need to be focused completely on this encounter to come out on top. Some ghosts were sly when it came to what is spoken and what is actually meant. He steepled his hands atop the now cleared mahogany surface.

Desiree slid a serene smile onto her face and tried her best to look at ease. Any sign of weakness, even in his compromised state of mind, would cause Masters to lash out.

“Vlad Masters, how pleasant it is to see you again.” She soothed. Vlad stood as she moved closer to him, but his legs gave a slight wobble at the sudden movement. It was enough of a distraction to give her leverage.

“No need for that now, dear. I’m only here to help, not hinder. Whatever your wish, it is my command.” Mouth pulled tight Vlad focused on the blurred figure whose silkened touch urged him back into his chair.

“What’s the price.” He bit out. Desiree allowed a small smirk to pull at her lips as she moved behind him, rubbing his shoulders reassuringly. He was interested.

“No price. Consider this me wanting to show off to the most influential being in the ghost zone; so you’ll know where to come next time you have a problem ordinary means won’t fix.” Vlad nodded. This was a game he could play: career advancement. She wasn’t the first to offer her unique talents to his disposal. Still he could have some fun with this.

“The one thing I would want is-”

“No, you have to wish it.” She cut him off. Vlad hummed, satisfied to have gotten under her skin.

“I wish there was another halfa, so I wouldn’t be so alone anymore.” He hadn’t mean to say that last part, but it was too late. Green swirled around her hands, and energy swept through the room. A letter from his high school in Wisconsin requesting to use his home as the location for their upcoming reunion flew from the corner of his desk.

“So you wished it, so it shall be.”

Hundreds of miles away a fourteen year old boy with sleek black hair, dazzling blue eyes suited himself in hazmat gear pushed a button.

Desiree didn’t always corrupt wishes, but sometimes she couldn’t help herself.

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for @damnslippyplanet who has skillfully learned my weakness and has offered a trade.

Sequel to this post where Hannibal is the sole survivor to a serial killer’s attack and Will is his FBI issued bodyguard

It is a little passed three in the morning, there are two police cruisers flashing their lights most likely disturbing all of Hannibal’s neighbors, and Will has spent the better part of the last five minutes not looking directly at Hannibal and fiddling with his phone, preparing to wake Jack on a lead. 

Hannibal’s chest hair is thick. Will bites his lip.

This is not the first time he has seen Hannibal out of his suits, but it is the first time Will has seen him shirtless. He thinks about telling Hannibal to get dressed, but the man seems disinclined to move from Will’s side, sleepy and unabashed. 

Hannibal doesn’t care, so Will tries to follow and copy his innate confidence that spills so easily from him. It’s annoyingly difficult. He looks to the side of Hannibal’s face at the antlers mounted on the far wall. 

“We found him digging through your trash cans,” Specifically Will had heard someone unlock the creaky side gate of Hannibal’s house and someone then knocking over a ceramic pot. He’d been quick to run out the side door and grab the man and subdue him, pushing him to the ground with more force than he needed and cuffing him before Zeller even made it to the driveway.

Hannibal had made his way outside to look, woken by the commotion. Will had shooed him inside with a wave of his hand.

The adrenaline is still rushing through Will. He’s covered in sweat, making his hair stick uncomfortably to the back of his neck. 

Will peels back the curtains just enough for Hannibal to peer out the window and see the back seat of the cruiser parked across the street. Zeller is leaning against the car door waiting for Will’s signal.

Hannibal spends a moment looking, before he sighs and his entire demeanor slumps.

“I’m afraid that isn’t the man who abducted me. That is Franklyn Froideveaux, one of my patients.”

Franklyn is crying, his cheeks puffy and the scrape along the side of his face–a result from Will pushing him against the stone walkway outside–is a bright red under the abysmal car light. Will wishes Zeller would hand the man a tissue.

“He’s obsessed with you,” Will says. Franklyn isn’t the killer, but he’s infatuated. Will dislikes him immediately. He can feel when Hannibal’s attention shifts and moves onto him.

Hannibal studies him. Will closes the curtain and looks again towards the antlers. Embarrassed of himself and what’s inside of him.

“He’s a lonely man who wants to be my friend.”

"And is he?”

Hannibal shakes his head. “No. Simply a patient.”

“Might want to think about referring him,” Will bites out as if Hannibal hasn’t already thought of this. He takes his glasses off, pinches the bridge of his nose. He looks up at Hannibal, finally allowing himself to catch his eye. They’re both tired it seems. “Sorry for the false alarm, you should go back to bed.”

“I doubt I’ll be able to sleep. Besides, it isn’t too far off from when I normally wake up,” Hannibal smiles at him, patient and cordial and nice as ever. His hair falls in front of his eyes. He looks delicate. 

Will wonders what he would look like angry, what the color of the rage inside of Hannibal would burn. If it even exists.

Will tightens his hold on his phone and shoves his other hand inside his pocket, stopping himself from doing something idiotic.

“I should go tell Zeller about Franklyn. Then call Jack,” Will turns to go to the foyer, leaving Hannibal to go about his routine–shower, coffee, making some variety of an amazing breakfast that he’ll insist on sharing with Will before Katz and Price begin their shifts. Hannibal’s hand lands heavy on his shoulder, turning him around.

His hand is big and digs into Will’s bones. Hannibal ducks his head until he has to look at him.

“You’ll find him, Will,” Hannibal says quietly. His thumb rubs circles into his clavicle. “Did you truly think he was the killer?”

Franklyn had been a terrified mess who hadn’t tried to fight back. The killer wouldn’t have even blinked before attacking.

“No, but I was hoping I was wrong,” Will says after a moment. “You deserve to have a normal life away from all this shit.”

Hannibal laughs, the sound jarring and pleasant. Will’s face warms. “Normal is subjective and often boring. I’m quite pleased to have met you and have you in my world.”

Me too, Will thinks. He keeps his mouth shut tight and nods instead. 

So Higjligjts of this past stream:

-The basement now contains a half-plant half-cow creature that eats people.
-Mercy got vored.
-Mei made contact with alien life, only to discover that they really had to pee. The chat dubs him “Piss Alien from Piss Land”
-Widowtracer got married.
-The wedding was a mess.
-Zarya immediately changed out of her formal
clothes to a tank top in order to show off her massive muscles.
-Chloe Price threw her drink on Lena’s wedding suit for some reason.
-Widow got vored.
-76 loudly and abrubdly announces that he has to use the bathroom in the middle of the ceremony.
-Junkrat shows up at the last moment in a clown costume.
-Widowmaker felt insecure about her performance in bed and gave herself a 9 hour pep talk in front of a mirror.
-People kept knocking over the trash bin so I had to buy a new one made of concrete.
-Mercy and Pharah had a nice cafe date. The game then declared the date to be mediocre. Mercy and Pharah then went skinny dipping on a remote island and had sex in a bush.
-Junkrat attempted to usurph Zarya as leader of Overwatch (don’t ask).
-Junkrat got beat up by both Zarya and Symmetra.
-Junkrat got kicked out of overwatch.
-Lucio’s NPC Boyfriend replaced Junkrat in Overwatch.
-Mercy, Pharah, and all participated in a fun family activity of building a fully functional rocket ship.
-Widowmaker gave herself another 14-hour pep talk.
-“Gays are flourishing thanks to our glorious leader Lena Oxton” - Max Caufield
-Mercy and Pharah had sex in space.

anonymous asked:

give me some hope please. the fan that was at the filiming location give some random tweets about lexa destiny, when we asked about it she said it was more complicated and that she didn't saw her dying but its not sure about lexa's mortality, also the vine about eliza and alicia huggin; eliza crying. what do you think of that? cloud lexa get trapped in the City of lights? thank you.

FIRST!!! Please don’t read if there is a chance I am right. I don’t want to spoil something on accident due to my over analyzing and theorizing. This would be spoiling season 3 and the storyline for season 4 (if it is rooted in some type of truth).

So, I looked over some stuff that was said about the ‘hug’ and a few vague things. Let me first start off with…what I am about to theorize might not be what you want to hear. HOWEVER, just a reminder that we have no clue what actually went down and I am by no means right. Do not take this as what is actually going to happen. Please don’t panic. I am just basing this off of future story telling possibilities, past seasons, parallels, and just a few leaked things. Lexa isn’t dead…it’s just…ummm…complicated. 

First, let me start off with a question I have been asking myself: what happens to the people IN The City of Light when they destroy the source that is creating it? If they destroy ALIE, are the people lost mentally on this other plane while their bodies are in the real reality? If this link to both realities is severed (ALIE killed) how will they find their people and this plane to bring them back? Well, ALIE isn’t the only link. Clarke and Lexa are another link. They are able to be connected between these two realities due to their ‘real human connection’. 

If this was indeed the ‘final scene’ we have to think about where they can go with story for a season 4. You also have to look back on the previous season to see what they could parallel in these last moments. One thing that they could parallel is that of choice and sacrifice. They could possibly have Lexa chose to sacrifice herself being the inside ‘link’ to the City of Light while Clarke is the outside ‘link’. So, in the finale the end could be nearing and the final moments are building up to killing ALIE; however, Abby, Kane and a few others that Clarke loves are still trapped in The City of Light. If Clarke is drawn back fully into the real reality they won’t be able to find this ‘virtual reALIty’ because there is no more link. Clarke wants to stay, “No, I have to save them” but Lexa sees that Clarke is too weak from a wound that she might have suffered. So, Lexa goes in her place. 

Lexa knows how much Clarke’s people mean to her. “Well, what do you want?” “Nothing. My people back. I can’t think past today.” If Abby is one of those people that are trapped inside The City of Light, Clarke will NOT leave her. Remember, Clarke ran back for Abby before the bombing of TonDC – she draws the line at Abby. We then see that Lexa draws the line at Clarke and that what she meant by “not everyone, not you.” So, Lexa goes in Clarke’s place to get “our people back”. Clarke is Lexa’s person and the Skaikru in turn are her people too. Maybe there was a scene in Vancouver of Clarke and Lexa being dragged away from each other or Lexa collapsing after she takes the ‘thing’ that takes her to The City of Light. At the end of season 2 Lexa left the Sky People to be slaughtered by the Mountain Men because she had no better option. She chose her head over her heart. This last moment Lexa is choosing her heart over her head. Will it be her undoing? or will it lead to rescuing the people trapped in The City of Light? “Salvation comes at a price” –Kane  

I think that starting season 3 off with showing the Dropship bracelet (on Niylah’s wrist) is going to foreshadow quite a few things. One, it will reference Clarke’s dialogue she said while painting in her prison cell about “The ground, that’s the dream. This is reality. Reality sucks.” This will be used to show how the real reality was Clarke’s prison but then she realizes that it is far from it. The City of Light is the new ‘prison cell’ that is disguised as a place of freedom and peace. The other parallel will be that the delinquents were ‘plugged into’ a computer system with the bracelets, just like how the people in The City of Light are ‘plugged into’ a virtual reality. Honestly, rewatch the Pilot and see JUST how many parallels you can draw. You can draw the parallels between Abby telling Clarke, “Your instincts will tell you to take care of everybody else first, just like your father, but be careful. I can’t lose you, too. I love you so much.” Think about this being the reason why Lexa decides to be the ‘inside link’ to The City of Light. Clarke is hurt and probably won’t survive if she stays. Lexa loves Clarke. She told Clarke “Love is weakness” and she was partly true. Love is what is making her sacrifice herself so that Clarke will survive, but love is also a strength; it is Clarke and Lexa’s love that is the link that will save the people lost in The City of Light. 

So, why is Eliza wiping tears away after she is hugging Alycia? Well, because she probably just shot an emotional scene where Clarke was crying due to the woman she LOVES sacrificing herself to save THEIR people. Clarke might say “You could die, Lexa” and then Lexa could say “death is not the end”, trying to comfort Clarke in their last moments together…not knowing if they will see each other again. They might both exchange “May we meet again’s” and then BOOM! they are separated when ALIE is destroyed. Maybe Lexa’s body is crumpled on the ground in front of Clarke as her mind is trapped in The City of Light. Then, they called ‘cut’ and if this was a wrap for Alycia on season 3, that would explain everyone hugging. However, Lexa isn’t dead. She is in The City of Light and next season Clarke is going to try to figure out how to get everyone out of this virtual dimension. I theorized that Clarke was forced to go to The City of Light and that is why she is in her s1 outfit and not in ‘modern’ clothes. If Lexa goes to The City of Light willingly…does that change their ability to connect between realities? With this finale there will be so many question about season 4, Clexa, and Lexa. 

Additionally, you know how this show loves it’s ‘grander messages’? Season 4 could be about “what does it mean to be alive?” This season could address the issues surrounding life support, organ donations, etc. and when is a person really dead? Is it brain death? is it when the body stops functioning? If Lexa and the others that are lost in ‘The City of Light’’s bodies are still alive but their minds are not ‘here’…are they alive or dead? As mentioned, we would see the conflict of the grounder reincarnation traditions and them come into question about if the commander’s spirit has left Lexa’s body or if it is still there.

This ending would set up multiple things that could happen during season 4. You will have a scenario where Lexa is perceived as ‘dead’ but not ‘dead’ and you will see how the Trikru will chose a new leader. How will they navigate this ‘in between’ of Lexa not being dead but still have their beliefs of reincarnation? Will Clarke have to protect Lexa’s body that is on THIS plane from the Trikru who believe her body must die in order to have a new leader? Will conflict arise out of this? Clarke is protecting Lexa’s body to be the link and because she loves her. Lexa being “dead” would also set of the storyline of choosing a new Coalition Commander. I theorized that maybe Ontrai might be the new Ice Nation Queen if Nia dies in season 3…so, could the Ice Nation become the new Commander of the Coalition? Or some other clan leader could be? Is there even a Coalition anymore? There are countless other things that “Lexa’s death” would set up for some brilliant storytelling, without Lexa ACTUALLY being dead. Therefore, they could retain the audience members that only watch the show because of Clexa/Lexa while still having the ‘effects’ of her death creating HUGE ripples in the story. 

Let me just add on to this: The City of Light is A LIE. It is even in the name ‘The City of Lie-tuh’. It was created by ALIE who is ArtificiaL IntelligencE. The City of Light is an alternate reALIty that is disguised a place of real peace. A place that the Skaikru will “believe is real peace” (a quote from 3x01). But, it is not it is a City of Lies. It is a prison created by ALIE to control the human population so that they do not repeat history (this is my theory). The humans live in the real world but are in this digital reality that is on top of the real reality. What is real and what is not is symbolized by the light on top of the Polis tower. Light vs LIE-tuh. The Polis tower has a burning light that is REAL; Polis is a real place in the real REALity. 

Okay, let me reiterate that I HAVE no clue what is going to happen. Don’t base this theory off of my other ones being right. This is just a theory to show how you have to take into account what they could do for a 4th season with what happens in the finale. Additionally, you have to look at the themes of The 100 about saving your people, sacrifice, etc. that could be paralleled. Additionally, if Jason doesn’t know if they can get Alyica back for the majority of season 4, this would we a viable solution for her being alive off screen.