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Weee~ done with those two! I’m actually pretty proud :3
They were commissiones by @azuranagomii, thank you so much!

Also, I’ll take a short break now, working on a new commissioning list, showing off more actual pictures and stuff, changing prices a Little, before I’ll have to fullfill a few promises. And after that I will FINALLY be able to open commissions xD

Also, if you’d like to Support me I would be very thankfull~

Billboard interview shipping moments
  • Namjin: saying they argue the most, then proceeding to argue over eating together.
  • <b> The great seafood vs meat debate</b>
  • Yoonseok: being Yoonseok, Hoseok being his bright bubbly self, making sure Yoongi is laughing at everything he does.
  • <b> I think Yoongi has a thing for Hobi's tiny feet</b>
  • Jikook: constantly glancing at each other and dancing together along with Hoseok. Jungkook exploding with feels when Jimin said the most expensive thing he bought was army's hearts.
  • <b> Mochi still destroying Nochu with his adorableness</b>
  • TaehyungXclothes: Tae excitedly showing off his high priced sunglasses and posing, getting approval from everyone.
  • <b> Slay Tae, Slay.</b>

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Hey.. Umm imma Indonesian too btw and wanna start up some commissions do u mind to tell me how? :)) lvysm

hiii!!! aaa ill try my best!

  • find an audience + set up some kind of portfolio to showcase ur art where ppl can….ykno…. view em :0
  • prepare a payment method (i use paypal!)
  • make a menu, show off ur best ‘dishes’! make the price clear & easy to read, along w the terms and conditions
  • price ur art!! there are lots of pricing guides out there + other artists commission prices to use as ref. my advice is to not be too focused on what ppl think is the…..reachable, purchasable (? is tht the right word) price is, price ur art based on how much effort u invest in each piece + how u think it should be priced
  • thats……all i think? best of luck friendo im rooting for u!!!!

Cordelia and Whizzer go shopping together and spend probably too much money and go home to show off what they bought to their partners

Charlotte thinks all the clothes are cute and she doesn’t ask the price until later. For the time being she just compliments Cordelia.

Marvin immediately asks the price and Whizzer tries shrugging it off and keeps showing him everything and Marvin’s nodding and humming and keeps asking after every article

I’m doing another summer commission sale, yay!! The amount of slots will vary each month, and these will first-come first-serve, so get ‘em while they’re hot! 

I’m offering 20% off commissions of canon characters from the following fandoms:

☆ The Flash (TV)
☆ Arrow (TV)
☆ Vocaloid

All other commissions are 10% off! (NOTE: prices on the order form show everyday rates, all discounts will be noted on the payment invoice). These discounts are good till the end of August!

Order form and details are here!

(To stay updated on availability, follow my tumblr or twitter (@tinymintywolf) or feel free to email me with any questions at!)

How to analyze a POT. $$$

I read a lot of girls posting analysis of income, and tell if the guy can afford to have a sugar baby.
Here is my take:
Big city and single: 250k
Big city and married: 350k
Not big city and single: 150k
Not a big city and married: 250k
Net worth and income do not always have a direct relationship with each other.
Scenario 1: guy makes 50k and inherited 5 million
Scenario 2: guy makes 300k and spends it all.

I think you should use this for a basis of what you are looking for a pot to spend minimum: 3000/month big city and 2000/month not big city.

Now, I firmly believe that someone who is making more than 400k per year is smart enough not to reveal his true net worth. Why would someone smart enough to make that kind of money put himself at risk of blackmail by showing off? What girls should be more concerned about is how much he is willing to spend on you. I think anyone making 200k has the spending power (depending on circumstances) to afford at least 2000/month.

For my profile, I put an income and net worth to portray the type of allowance I want to spend. I don’t reveal my true income. I don’t reveal my true net worth.

How to tell if someone is rich AND willing to spend $:

Not by how he dresses. My father used to take me to clothing trade shows when I was young. He pointed out. See everyone in suits! They are not the rich guys. Look for the guys who are dressed casually in T-shirts ( Egyptian cotton), they are the ones who don’t have to look nice because they hire people for that.

Not by his car ( although there are minimum standards. An E class would be a minimum as well as A6, 5 series, etc “hybrids excluded”) anyone who drives anything less is either lying or cheap. If you make 200k and drive a civic, ur not gonna be spending thousands on an arrangement. Reason being, these cars are safer, more comfortable, and shows that a man is into luxury hence, able to afford a SB.

Drinks. Anybody making 50k can afford a restaurant bill. But they can’t afford good champagne. On your next pot date, tell them you like champagne and ask if they would like to “have champagne with you” ( never ask to share a bottle) In effect, what you have done is tactfully put them in a position to reveal what they are comfortable with or whether they are comfortable and accommodating. A man who is serious about impressing a girl will order a bottle whether they like it or not. Anyone who has money has had champagne and can tolerate it even if they don’t like it. If they tell you they will have something else, in effect they are forcing you to order by the glass (aka shitty stuff). ( this is my opinion and may not be correct for all guys) but one thing is true, if he orders a bottle of something nice, he is willing to spend money on you. You can’t get good champagne at a restaurant for under 150 dollars (small city prices) and 250 (big city). This, in my opinion is a good sign for a pot date. Lol. So many guys are gonna hate me for this but I’m tired of all these bullshit guys ruining it for real SD’s.

His watch. At some point, ask him the time and compliment him on his watch. Ask about it and take genuine interest. Google it later and if it’s worth 5k and up, he is a pot that will have money for a consistent arrangement. I know a lot of rich people and 98% of the ones making 300k+ have a watch worth 4-5k minimum. No exceptions. This shows he has disposable income to spend on himself and you. Nobody poor spends their tax return on a 5000 watch. 1000 maybe. Watches for men is the gift they treat themselves for being successful. They all do it. If you spend 1000 on a watch, you only have one. If you spend 5000 on a watch, chances are you have more than one. Also, anyone with a Rolex is a douche (opinion) because they just want to show off. For that price, there are so many other options that are far more satisfying than a Rolex. Now, if he says the watch has sentimental value (eg. his father gave it to him) then price is not important.

Travelling. (Note: this applies to 80% of pots) Anyone with money and who is willing to spend money on you (aka discretionary spending) will like to stay in nice hotels. This is not a maybe or an option because rich people (half have expense accounts) don’t stay in shitty hotels in big cities (does not apply to small cities due to lack of options) Talk about travel. Then mention ritz Carlton or trump hotels. Ask them if they have stayed in those chains. Ask them what hotel chains they like. You can read up on them online and pricing. When a man doesn’t cheap out on hotels, this is a big $$$ sign that they like luxury (aka:you) and will pay for it.

With these three things, you will be able to determine if he is willing to spend money on you. Being rich doesn’t matter if they are cheap. All that matters is if they are willing to part with their money.


So i decided to start commisions! Truth be told, im a little worried on how well this is gonna go. So i guess ill show off the price to commision me. For 20 smackaroos (20 dollars) you can get some art like such:

(now if you wanna add multiple people or a more detailed bg like that pic up there, thatll cost you more. depends on the amount of people/ complexity)

Now perhaps we should talk about the things im not very comfortable with drawing/ will not draw:


-super complex mecha (now certain mecha on the more simplistic side, i can do. i can also draw knights if that was somthing concerning you)

Take in note, i will only accept payment via paypal. When you message me, i will link you to the account so you may pay. the payment will be in two increments. first 15 dollars, then another 15 dollars when the drawing is complete.

If youre interested in commisioning me, just message me on tumblr!

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I'm ringing up a customer and she tells me that one of her items rang up for the wrong price, because the display said that it was 20% off. She shows me the sign and yes, it was supposed to be 20% off, so I apologize and tell her that I'll change the price manually. She says, "Oh, can you do that for all of them?" I laugh. She isn't joking. I tell her I can't do that. She says, "Yes, you can, just change it manually. I'd really appreciate it." She's still not joking. She gets angry with me.

I would have said, “Well, as much as you’d appreciate it, I still can’t do that. You can get mad at me, but I’m literally not allowed to. Thanks for thinking that you are more important than me keeping my job, though.”

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what's wrong with art world? genuine question

I had the naive idea that you could succeed with talent and hard work bc of “bootstrapping” or whatever fucking capitalist American ideology that has been planted in my head but actually you have to go to every opening (even if the art is terribly boring) and you have to schmooze w curators and all the while you have to produce and show your work constantly just hoping to make a name for yourself so that some idiot rich person who follows the tides of the art market looking for the next “hot artist” will see your work and have heard your name on the lips of enough society types that this idiot rich person decides to “invest” in your work with the express intent of keeping it in their home to show off to their friends until it’s price raises enough in the art market for them to make a profit or for them to at least claim it as an asset and pass it down as a family heirloom so their children can sell it when it skyrockets in value after the artist has died or maybe they’ll donate their collection to a museum so they can get a wing named after them

If BTS, EXO and GOT7 worked at Buzzfeed

Try Guys:

Jungkook, Chanyeol, Jaebum and Jackson try out everything there is to try. Jungkook is good at everything they do, Chanyeol and Jackson just have tons of fun, laughter is inevitable and Jaebum always tries to control the group but gives up halfway through each video and plays around with the others. Full of chaos, reactions from the Reaction King™, smiles for miles and absolute perfection.


Baekhyun, Sehun, Mark, BamBam, Taehyung and Jimin test out the latest Trends from Makeup to Styling (hair and wardrobe) to Lifestyle hacks. Sehun and BamBam will always try their best to look as glamorous as possible, Mark won’t put in much effort but will somehow still look breathtaking everytime, Baekhyun and Taehyung will be twinning, even if they take on different approaches, and Jimin, not very good at testing out products (especially Makeup), will always remain the cute mochi that he is. Also: if there’s glitter involved, there will be glitter fights.

Worth It:

Kyungsoo and Seokjin travel around the world to find the best food for the right amount of money. Seokjin eats anything and everything that he sees and praises the chefs of every restaurant they go to. Kyungsoo is a more silent eater and enjoyer of food. Makes sincere comments of the food and atmosphere of the restaurant and does not sugar-coat anything, but also makes no rude remarks. Usually lets Seokjin do the talking.

Youngjae and Kai thought the series was a little one-sided so they made their own spin-off of the show by trying out different products of various price ranges. Most of the time, they don’t quite know what they are doing but they have tons of fun. Loud, joyful laughter is a guarantee, mostly coming from Youngjae but seeing as though his laughter is contagious, Kai quickly joins in. Almost every comment is about how much their sides are hurting. Reviews mainly based on looks because they forgot how good the products worked.

Buzzfeed Unsolved:

Hoseok and Yoongi discuss mysterious events and the supernatural while traveling to different places. Hoseok refers to themselves as ghost hunters while Yoongi just laughs at him getting scared by every little sound and shadow. He would literally walk into a house filled with ghosts and demons and be completely unfazed because “ghosts aren’t real”. Hoseok carries salt and holy water around with him everywhere they go. Best show ever because of Yoongi’s witty remarks and Hoseok’s constant screaming.

Wine Mom(s):

Seokjin, Junmyeon and Jinyoung sitting on a couch drinking wine, trying to give advice to the viewers but one of them always somehow brings up the members and they all start gossiping about their children, completely forgetting the video.


Namjoon as the host. Series starts off with normal questions such as White Rice vs. Fried Rice or Hot Dogs vs. Corndogs. Slowly turns into more philosophical questions about aliens and afterlife. The other Idols soon become too shocked to think of decent arguments and Namjoon then decides to hold conversations with himself for the rest of the videos. Lay feels bad that Namjoon is all alone and joins him in his videos, contributing as best as he can to the debated topics. They always turn into a pile of giggles halfway through the debate and the viewers are drowning in a sea of dimples.

Best Friend Short Videos:

Minseok and Jongdae try shooting a skit with a good plot but give up halfway through and decide to vlog their friendship. Their vlogs mainly consist of them taking roadtrips and goofing around on adventures. BamBam and Yugyeom decide to vlog their friendship too because they think they would get more views than Xiuchen. It turns into a war between Xiuchen and Bamyeom to get more views and become the ultimate best friend vloggers. Xiuchen go to more exciting places to show their viewers how much fun they’re having and Bamyeom in return vlog more about daily life and do a lot of haul videos. The war is put to an end by BTS after BamBam ends up in the hospital after dabbing so hard for more views. BTS is now writing scripts for them to act out in short videos.


Hey! I wanted to make a post about the (updated) commissions prices, as well as show off examples of some of my stuff.

Headshot(/Bust): $10

Waist-up: $15

Full-Body: $20

  • Each additional character in the image will be $5


(if you are using tumblr mobile you have to go to in your browser instead of in the app.)

Here are some examples of my work:

All prices are estimates, and depending on the detail (i.e. full shading/background) or simplicity (i.e. a sketch) of the piece the price is subject to change.

I will add more details as necessary, but yeah. Please commission me, I really need to save up some money.

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Hi! Sorry if this has been answered before (I cant find if it if was), but I was wondering what's the best way to show off your prices at your AA table? I was gonna buy those clear acrylic stand things that you can put letter sized paper in, but idk if that would be too much/too tacky for my display.

Kiriska: I think the clear acrylic stands for price sheets is perfectly fine. :O It’s a good way to display all your prices in one central location and a good opportunity for branding consistency as far as setting it up with the same colors/fonts/etc as your other signage.

However, I think it’s also a good idea to have individual labels on products when possible. A price tag on every print might be a bit excessive, but a price on a few of your hanging prints can only help. People miss price signs all the time, so I think it’s useful to put prices in as many places as possible without being overwhelming. There will always be customers that are too shy to ask about prices, and if they’re unable to find prices quickly/easily, you may lose a potential sale.

That said, you should be ready to answer pricing questions anyway. No matter how many signs you have, someone will always miss them. I know a lot of artists are annoyed by this, but I think customers asking about prices is a good opportunity to engage them about any promos/deals/etc you might have, so it’s all good to me. Just be informative and polite without putting too much pressure!

Nattosoup:  I have two types of signs- little laminated Kara (the adorable main character of my webcomic, 7″ Kara) signs that display prices, and then little cut out Kara signs for pricing originals.  Both work quite well- although people still ask prices, it happens far less than it used to, and the signs help promote the project I care most about.

"How to pose for magazine covers" NHL edition

Carey Price looking cool as usual…

Nick Lidstrom showing off his amazing physique…

Claude Giroux staring into the very middle of your soul…

Captain Serious looking more serious than ever…

…and then there’s Pekka Rinne :D :D


So my vest for punk sailor moon came in!!~ It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ll be posting cosplay pics tomorrow.

Please check out glitterdickz, she’s the one who made this lovely vest!~ Shipping was fast, and the pricing is reasonable. Can’t wait to show this off at metrocon <3