the odinson family

Adult Loki might be quite articulate, but what if he’s overcompensating for something? What if Loki had a stutter as a young child?

In public, little Loki would always stick to his brother like glue, because confident young Thor could speak for both of them.  He did his best to finish Loki’s sentences, though he didn’t always get it right.

When he was alone with Frigga, Loki felt he could speak more freely, because she let him take as much time as he needed, and never seemed to be in any hurry. He felt safe with her.

Sometimes Odin would get visibly frustrated at his youngest son’s inability to string a simple sentence together–it made no sense to him, because Loki had picked up speech so easily as a baby–but his impatience only made it harder for Loki not to stutter. 

Really, Odin was more frustrated with himself, for not being able to help his son, for not understanding what was wrong. But that’s not how Loki saw the situation.


Once the Avengers and friends took a road trip, doing the whole route 66 thing.
While passing through towns Darcy brings up Man vs Food, the competition begins, while going through Texas they hit up the Big Texan.
Thor eats three 72oz steaks while Bucky and Steve manage 2 apiece.
Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, and Sam manage 1 while the rest eat like normal people. Except Tony, he makes fun of everyone doing the challenge. In retaliation Pepper puts a jalapeno in his food.

Submitted By: serinsykes

i can’t help but feel like thor and jane’s kid would lift the hammer in the most anticlimactic way possible.

like thor’s been sending him on raids with the warriors three for months trying to get him to do something heroic.

(he’s ten, jane protests).

and then one day the kid gets up from bed, two days after his eleventh birthday (cause it’s his mom and dad’s anniversary, after all) to make some pancakes and poptarts for them.

but the hammer’s in front of the fridge.

so, in his sleep-fogged state, he picks up the hammer and kind of chucks it onto the counter.

and before he realizes what he’s just done his dad, pink-bathrobe clad, has lifted him him three feet into the air, screaming MY SON, MY SON IS WORTHY and he’s just like DAD, DAD, PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW-

meanwhile, jane puts the hammer back down to get her coffee.

Darcy and Thor being best friends, partly out of necessity. Jane is so in love with science that sometimes she doesn’t have time for either of them, so they start hanging out by default and then because they fucking love hanging out

Darcy teaches Thor Midgardian video games (he slays at Mario Kart and is absolute shit at Dance Dance Revolution, which is hysterical) and Thor introduces her to the Warriors Three and she geeks the fuck out about meeting Norse myths come to life. Not to mention that they swap ‘taking care of Jane tips’ on the daily because their precious little scientist is a full-time job.

And one day Jane comes home after almost 72 hours solid in the lab to find Darcy and Thor playing Mario Kart and screaming at the top of their lungs, both a little drunk. (Darcy is drinking beer; Thor won’t let her have Asgardian liquor, though not from lack of trying on her part). They both look at her, grin ear to ear, and without hesitation Jane declares: “I play winner!”

Family problems: Thor: loki please put down that phone a pay attention…. I knew that I shouldn’t give you midgardian technology Loki: I DO WHAT I WANT… drop the hammer off the table and i maybe pay attention to you. Thor: I’M YOUR BIG BROTHER!!! Loki: nope i’m adopted, remember? So… I Won BITCH! Thor:…. just eat your dinner Loki: Ok… but really drop the hammer off the table