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Okay now that Julie came thru and truly #blessed us with both the slow-mo handholding AND the holy trinity at the long-awaited evak apartment, I’ve just got one more request for them before the show ends: imma need to hear them exchange “jeg elsker deg” audibly on screen. I know we got a hint of that at the end of their phone call today but I will NOT settle for any more of this off-screen affection anymore I NEED to hear my boys audibly affirming their love for each other Julie PLEASE I BEG OF Y


There were no recordings of the performance and no phones allowed. That made this experience just as remarkable and special. I’ll always remember what it felt like walking through the Guggenheim with all of the girls and how the crowd made us feel. It was thrilling and a very special moment. It felt like we were queens. Photos by @saintheron

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Hey Bug, How would you feel if the PowerPuff Girls made a guest appearance in Lauren Faust's upcoming DC Super Hero Girls? And were voiced by Catherine Cavadini, Tara Strong and E.G. Daily respectfully?

I would expect nothing but perfection. And would totally freak out.


This one scene in Hail, Caesar! is 10x better than all of La La Land.